Harbinger of death: people have the same dream

Since time immemorial, people have been trying to recognize what dreams they have before death. Often, after nightmares, a person anxiously looks into the dream book, fearing a terrible prediction. However, it would be an undoubted mistake to consider death in a dream as a harbinger of real death.

Almost all famous interpreters tell us about this. By the way, Miller’s dream book interprets one’s own death in a dream as confusion and uncertainty, awareness of the wrongness of one’s actions, and anxiety before an upcoming important event. Freud pointed to the fear of losing freedom of action, and Vanga even interpreted it as a sign of a long and prosperous life. Nostradamus and Miss Hasse gave similar predictions to Vangoy.

To see your own funeral in a dream, according to the dream book, it’s time to leave the negative in the past and direct all efforts to creating the future.

Dreams of one's own death

The approaching end of life is foreshadowed by completely different dreams, which are not nightmarish, but rather mythological in nature. Let's look at what dreams one has before death:

  • White color . Trying on white clothes or shoes, seeing a white vulture, talking to an interlocutor dressed in white with a blurry face are clear signs of imminent death.
  • Black color . Seeing a black animal in a dream also brings a bad omen.
  • Deceased relative . Any interactions or conversations with a deceased person mean the sleeping person’s approaching transition to another world. However, if the dreamer did not communicate with the deceased, the dream does not carry a terrible omen. If the deceased called you to follow him and you went, alas, the prognosis is also sad.
  • Cemetery . Looking at coffins, buying wreaths and carrying them with you, eating in a cemetery, falling into a freshly dug grave - these kinds of topics promise the near end of life's journey.
  • Church theme . Seeing your face on an icon, lighting funeral candles in a church, spilling lamp oil, talking with saints - these are the types of things you dream about before death.
  • Otherworldly forces . A wedding with a ghost or a dead person, reincarnation as an angel - portend an imminent departure from life.
  • Flights . Taking off from the ground with extraordinary ease and flying into unknown space is a bad sign that brings death.
  • Falls . Falling into a bottomless pit, a well, falling underground is also a black messenger.
  • Vivid pictures from the personal past , especially from childhood.
  • A celestial body falling from the night sky.
  • Swampy musty mud that sucks in the dreamer.
  • Other strange dreams in which seemingly ordinary events occur, but there is clearly a chilling sense of dramatic inevitability.

Hearing a cuckoo crow in a dream, despite the widespread stereotype, is not predictive of imminent death for the dreamer.

The phenomenon of death: what happens to the human soul and energy body

Religion and science are two sides, opposing one of the main questions of the universe: whether there is a soul, where it goes after death. Scientists cannot prove or disprove the existence of an incorruptible shell. But there is already some information:

  • after the death of a person, the angle of view changes, the person can see himself, which explains the stories of eyewitnesses who return to life after clinical death;
  • the soul is an information structure accumulated at the quantum level, after the death of a person it is not destroyed, does not disappear, but dissolves in the universe, in the human body such information is contained in the protein microtubules of the neural network of the brain, this phenomenon is called “quantum consciousness.”

Other opinions:

  • religious interpretations: a person is, first of all, a soul, but the body is secondary; after death, the incorruptible shell leaves the physical abode, passes from the earthly world to the afterlife, is subjected to torment, because it is responsible for sins, relatives should pray for the soul of the deceased;
  • teachings of esotericists: hypnotherapists, mediums and esotericists adhere to a point of view similar to the religious one, with the only difference being that they consider reincarnation possible, when an incorruptible shell passes from body to body, from a previous life to a new one under certain conditions;
  • folk signs, superstitions: people often make their assumptions based on fears, so it is still believed that the souls of the dead are near the grave, wander on the ground, can end up in the looking glass if traditions are not followed and the mirrors remain open.

Hand of a deceased person

Dreams predicting the death of loved ones

One of the most reliable signs predicting the death of relatives is a story about tooth loss. If a tooth falls out in a dream, with heavy bleeding, then one of your blood relatives will rest; if there is no blood, death awaits a loved one. The degree of closeness in this case is determined by your location towards him.

Gustav Miller's dream book, describing what dreams one has before the death of relatives, assigned the main role to a mirror broken into pieces. Mirror shards are one of the most trustworthy interpretations that have stood the test of time.

A black sign is a dream when a bird hits a window, or breaks glass by flying inside - bringing the death of one of your relatives closer. More negative symbols for tragic events:

  • A white owl hooting near a house, or flying into a room and landing on a patient’s bed.
  • A black raven sitting on the roof of his own house.
  • A black woodpecker pecking at a wall.
  • We saw mirrors hung with old rags.
  • A loved one was called, but he turned away and disappeared into the distance.

If in a dream a relative performed strange actions: got married to someone who was already deceased, flew through the air, had a bizarre glow, or took on an unfamiliar image, but the sleeper understood exactly who was in front of him - all this can dream of the death of relatives.

TOP 17 superstitions at funerals and up to 40 days after

When a relative dies, it means that the energy of death is now in the house. You need to behave carefully and perform rituals that will help eliminate it. But at the same time, they pay attention to signs and take into account superstitions in order to prevent other troubles in the house:

  • two deaths in a row are an unkind harbinger, there is a high probability that there will soon be a third death, the cause could be damage (before the funeral, you need to check whether anyone left a lining in the coffin of the second deceased);
  • death at sunset: death is associated with the end of daylight hours, so in the evening they are especially careful to ensure that no signs of death appear;
  • the coffin is not the size of the deceased: it is believed that the deceased was dissatisfied with the inconvenience (if the house is small or large) and may take someone else with him;
  • collapse of the grave: the side plays a role, if the southern edge collapsed - this is a harbinger of a person’s death;
  • opening the eyes of the deceased: if a relative dies with his eyes open or the eyelids rise before the funeral (due to natural processes developing after death - the result of the decomposition of the corpse), this means an imminent death, because “the deceased is looking out for someone else”;
  • the deceased has not cooled down: he may return for another person, to neutralize the omen, lightly salted bread is placed under his feet;
  • the deceased fell out of the coffin during preparation, farewell or funeral procession: in any of these cases it is necessary to prepare for the next death;
  • falling of the coffin: if you had to raise the house along with the body, you should expect many troubles and deaths over the next 3 years;
  • they forgot the lid of the coffin at home: it is usually carried at the end of the funeral procession, so sometimes they forget that it is a harbinger of the death of a loved one; a similar sign is that the lid is dropped;
  • funeral for the New Year: on the eve of the beginning of the next period of earthly life, organizing a burial is a bad omen, they fear that after this, loved ones will die every month;
  • funeral on Sunday: it is better to try to bury the deceased before the week or on Monday, since burial on Sunday is one of the harbingers of the triple death of loved ones, and all deaths will happen within 1 week;
  • postponing the funeral: it is better not to delay the burial, this is one of the signs about the imminent death of loved ones (carrying out the burial ceremony a few days later is considered dangerous);
  • what will happen if you stumble on a grave: a person who had the imprudence to walk discordantly next to the final resting place of the deceased will die;
  • that if you happened to fall into a grave - an even more terrible harbinger, it directly says that the person who fell will die;
  • is it dangerous to stumble while carrying the coffin: death will be very quick, and for the person who participated in the procession, directly supported the dominion on the way to the final refuge;
  • crossed the path of the funeral procession: the person thus interfered with the deceased, and also touched the energy of death (taking on the illness of the deceased or his sin, you can die the same death, for example, if the deceased was hit by a car);
  • signs up to 40 days after the death of a relative: a glass of water and bread are left at home; if one of the family members drinks/eats this meal intended for the deceased, he will soon die (if there is an alcoholic at home, you cannot leave an alcoholic drink in a glass, he will probably will be consumed within forty days).

If you meet a funeral procession or watch it from the side, this means finding happiness.

Soul of man

To the loss of a husband or loved one

People connected by fate and feelings have a close spiritual relationship. Therefore, prophecies about the loss of a loved one come to them much more often. They may be as follows:

  • Saw a solar eclipse.
  • They were anxiously looking for the horse.
  • The woman covered her head with a black scarf.
  • We watched the flaming gates.
  • The girl looked for shoes for a long time and could not find them. If you manage to find it, grief will pass it by.
  • The sleeping woman was cutting down a perennial oak tree.
  • Losing a ring given to a loved one.

What distinguishes these visions from ordinary dreams?

Most often, such dreams have all the signs of prophetic dreams. They are so realistic that the dreamer can remember every detail of them, his emotions. After awakening, the patient could not for some time realize that everything he had just experienced had nothing to do with real life.

The recurrence of visions has its own periodicity. The first wave appears one and a half to two months before death. Then they disappear. But about two weeks before the sad event, they begin to dream with enviable regularity.

Child death

Nightmares associated with children do not always mean a terrible prognosis. But you should pay close attention to them. The following dreams occur about the death of a small child:

  • The disappearance of a child associated with the abduction or abduction by a deceased person.
  • Hearing a terrible diagnosis in a dream given to a baby in the hospital.
  • Dreams about morgues, children's coffins, people dressed in mourning clothes.
  • Seeing a child being put into a box and carried away.
  • Transformation of a child into an angel flying to heaven.
  • Transformation of a child into a sinister doll.

However, such pictures are not necessarily interpreted as the death of a baby; perhaps they symbolize difficult changes, possible threats standing in the way of life. Much more dangerous are visions in which, for example, a woman gave birth to a fish, or heard a clock striking while she saw it standing, or saw a child fall into a deep abyss.

Don't call

It happens that even the most careless actions can have fatal consequences. Common signs of approaching death:

  • to avoid trouble, you don’t need to sit on the table, you shouldn’t put a pillow on it: in the Russian tradition, using a table top as a seat is wrong, because many people associate it with death, an alternative interpretation is poverty, a pillow on the table is a sign, which may mean sudden death;
  • it is recommended to sow the entire field: the sign makes a lot of sense for farmers, because it is based on the relationship between sowing grain and the continuation of life; if in the spring at least one strip of the field is left empty, one should wait for the deceased at home;
  • prohibitions in a leap year: it is believed that clothes purchased in advance will become the last garment much earlier than possible;
  • on Sunday you should not beat out the feather bed or mattress: it is not customary to do physical work, because this is God's day when you are supposed to rest, in addition, if you beat up the feather bed on which a person sleeps, untimely work can become the basis for sudden death;
  • It is better not to prepare in advance for a funeral: any event for which a person is preparing can happen earlier, while a subconscious concentration occurs on it, which indicates complete readiness to face the inevitable.

Researchers' opinion

Having comprehensively analyzed what dreams they have before death, scientists conducted a series of experiments, interviewing terminally ill patients about their nightly dreams. Most patients noted the extraordinary sharpness and brightness of their visions; sometimes the realism bordered on reality. It is interesting that the most common plot was the call of a deceased loved one.

The researchers identified the following patterns:

  • More than half were preparing for a long journey, making careful preparations and saying goodbye to loved ones. The general mood in the dream was calm and was taken for granted by the sleeper.
  • In 30% of cases, they interacted closely with people whom they had not seen for a long time.
  • 40% of respondents observed clear pictures and felt emotional experiences from distant childhood.
  • Children more often dreamed of dead pets or adults, but the children were unable to recognize them.

In the course of systematizing the data, it was also found that dreams prophesying death begin to appear 2-3 months before death. When there are 15-20 days left before death, their intensity becomes almost nightly.

What do scientists think about this?

With the development of psychoanalysis and the study of human consciousness, the attitude towards dreams is gradually changing. Scientists have ceased to unequivocally refute the fact that some signs that appear in night visions can carry a special meaning and somehow predict the dreamer’s imminent death. Although large-scale studies have not been conducted on this topic.

One of the most famous experiments is a year and a half examination of hospice patients in the United States. Scientists not only recorded in detail the dreams of 66 people, but also compared them with popular beliefs. It turned out that 90% of respondents had prophetic dreams a few days before their death.


Information about what dreams one has before death has been accumulated by humanity for thousands of years. Having the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them, you have the choice of how to relate to them. In any case, you should not get hung up on a dark dream. It is likely that providence only indicates upcoming health complications. It would be a good idea to get tested and visit a doctor.

Also avoid misinterpreting any symbols. Take into account the details, for example, a bird in a dream may not act as a gloomy messenger, but as an image promising a new addition to the family. As they say, don’t look for a black cat in a dark room.

The most important thing to remember is that man is the creator of his own destiny. And terrible signs are often given as a persistent hint to correct the situation, as a reason to think about the serious consequences of certain steps.

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