Prediction or bad dream? What do you dream about death? What do you dream about the death of your husband or loved ones?

The pictures that appear during a night's rest are often prophetic. Some prepare for joys, others for negative events, troubles, bitter disappointments and losses. People have long sought to find out what dreams mean about death. To date, considerable experience has been accumulated in this matter. Iconic visions can be general and individual. The first are images that prophesy the imminent death of the dreamer or his loved one. They are approximately the same. Individual ones have to be dealt with separately.

Attention: a terrible nightmare about someone now living in a coffin as a dead person should not cause bad thoughts. It is simply deciphered: what you see is destined for a long life as a healthy, happy person.

Sleep is an important process inherent in every person.

The main scientific definition that exists in the modern world: sleep is a special natural physiological process of being in a state with minimal brain activity and low reaction to the outside world.
It is not unique to humans. There are two main stages of sleep: REM sleep and slow-wave sleep. There’s no point in going into this, let’s leave it to the scientists. Every person goes to bed in order to rest; during sleep, almost everyone dreams. This applies to both people and animals. Dreams can carry both positive emotions (after such a dream a person wakes up rested, full of energy, joyful) and negative (after waking up a person feels excitement, nervousness and even fear).

A person spends one third of his life in a dream, so many people believe that sleep is simply another reality where ordinary life takes place.

Why does a girl or woman dream about her own death?

If you dream about your own death, it can have several meanings. Let's list the main ones:

  • Dreaming about your own death will make you think about life. Be careful about your own actions. Perhaps you are doing something wrong.
  • Vanga interprets the dream as follows: expect a long life, you will be a happy person. If you are a single girl, you will soon meet your loved one. But if your death was long and painful, then trouble awaits you.
  • According to Nostradamus: you will have a lot of happiness in life, you will rarely get sick.
  • Modern dream books: a dream wants to push you to reconsider your own position in life. Changes may occur to you. They will definitely be positive if you take advantage of the situation that arises correctly.
  • A dream can lead to bad changes - this can be read in the Islamic dream book. If you are a poor person, you will soon become rich.
  • According to Loff’s dream book, the vision can be deciphered as follows: you will get a new position and will be a successful businessman.
  • The seer Feodorovskaya deciphers the dream as follows: good events will begin in your life. The vision indicates that you will get married soon, you will have a good career, and a happy family life awaits you.

Dreams for a girl are often favorable

Origin of Dreams

Why do we dream about something, where do dreams come from, can dreams come true - no one has ever answered these and other questions. The origin of dreams is a curious phenomenon, a mystery for scientists that they are not yet able to solve. Just fifty-five years ago, the study of brain activity during sleep began, so we can conclude that scientists who study sleep and the body's activities during sleep still have a long way to go, and this mystery will soon be solved. In the meantime, we will have to rely on small discoveries in this area and use the interpretations of the dreams of our ancestors.

latest comments

  • 17-Apr-2021 Vakha And I dreamed in a dream that my sister told me that her husband had died, i.e. my son-in-law. I run into their house, not believing what happened, and start looking for him, but I don’t find him. And I hear her crying on the street, what would that mean, who knows?
  • 20-Mar-2021 Christina And in a dream I dreamed that all my brothers, sister, mother, father and grandmother died, although in fact my grandmother and father died three years ago, I talked to my grandmother in a dream and asked why this was so , everyone died one after another, she just looked at me and could not explain anything, in the end it dawned on me in a dream that it turned out that it was me who died, and not my relatives, I asked her that’s how it was? In response, she silently nodded her head and I understood everything... And I immediately woke up...
  • 4-Feb-2021 Vladimir A friend told me that I would die on Thursday.
  • 14-Jan-2021 Tatyana I dreamed today that a voice spoke in a week, then I dreamed of something, I don’t remember what the voice said again, and then death. And I woke up.
  • 8-Dec-2020 Victoria I had a dream today. In it, a month before the wedding, the phone rings me and they tell me that my fiancé has died, but then he comes up to me alive and asks what happened. And I'm sobbing bitterly.
  • 4-Aug-2020 Yana I separated from my husband when I was still young. Three years ago he died. And then I began to dream about him loving me very much, passionately hugging me, pressing me and kissing me, just like in his youth. I have such a dream before waking up in the morning, and most importantly, I feel everything as in life, almost real.
  • 16-May-2020 Olga I dreamed that someone’s voice said that Masha (my 10-year-old granddaughter) died.
  • Victoria In the end, everything is fine?
  • 13-Mar-2020
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