Why dream of talking to a dead person: interpretation of sleep from dream books

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  • Why do dead people dream about a living person?
  • Seeing your dead mother alive in a dream
  • Seeing your dead father alive in a dream
  • Seeing a dead grandmother in a dream
  • Seeing your dead husband in a dream
  • Dreams about a dead person are quite common. This person may act as if nothing had happened, and it may even seem to you that his death was not real.

    What does it mean when you see a deceased relative, friend or other person alive in a dream?


    You should not take such dreams as a bad sign. Often in such dreams there are other signs and symbols, so it is worth paying attention to the details.

    To understand such a dream, you need to take into account the following factors. What matters is whether the person actually died in real life or whether he is alive

    . The interpretation of such dreams will be different.

    What do dreams about a dead person mean?

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    According to the interpretation of the “Book of Dreams of the 21st Century”, death in a dream symbolizes the end of a certain stage of life


    In this way, your subconscious is trying to prepare you for changes. Soon you may receive news that will put everything in its place.

    In Chinese dream interpretation, seeing dead people in a dream who were highly respected and revered during their lifetime is a symbol of great success and happiness


    In some dream interpreters, plots with dead people mean that the one who sees the dream is dissatisfied with himself, feels guilty or regrets actions in the past that cannot be changed or corrected.

    If in a dream you are surrounded by
    many dead people
    , this means that in the near future you may encounter problems, or other people may express their rejection of you.

    Why do you dream about a dead person?

    In general, the deceased people in our dreams are part of our subconscious, which is trying to talk to us.

    Part of the deceased person lives inside us. After a loved one dies, we suffer from the fact that we may never see him again. Gradually the memory of him disappears.

    When we see a deceased person alive in a dream, it can cause both nostalgia and anxiety, due to the fact that perhaps you are doing something wrong, or there are some unfinished business.

    Do you miss the person

    One of the obvious reasons why you see a dead person alive in a dream is because you miss him. You miss his presence, support or advice. This is especially true for loved ones and loved ones.

    Your subconscious mind uses your thoughts and memories and creates memories with them. If you constantly think about your loved one, you are more likely to eventually dream about them.

    You need to listen

    Some mystics believe that the dead return in dreams to give advice or warn us about something. Sometimes in everyday life we ​​make mistakes that we do not realize, or, on the contrary, we are confident that we are doing everything right and do not listen to the advice of others.

    In fact, it is not a deceased friend or loved one who gives advice, but our subconscious. It understands that there is a problem and chooses a friendly person who advises you something in a dream.

    You don't accept the past

    Another common reason for a dead person to appear alive in a dream is the fact that you want to see him alive.

    Although you mentally understand that he has gone to another world, part of your psyche does not believe it. It seems to our subconscious that a loved one can come home or sit, as usual, at dinner next to you.

    Since part of you does not accept his death, you continue to have dreams where the person is alive.

    Other meanings

    In old dream books, dead people in a dream can be a sign of good events in the family, such as an engagement or wedding.

    In ancient cultures, such a dream meant that you should listen to the request of the deceased

    so as not to anger higher powers. There is also an opinion that the appearance of a deceased relative before the wedding warns that the marriage will not work out.

    There is no consensus on the meaning of such a dream, so it is best to analyze what is happening in your dream and find out the meaning that makes the most sense for your personal situation.

    Vanga's opinion

    A Bulgarian grandmother advised recognizing the topic of an interview with a dead person. Options:

    1. The girl is lectured about personal matters - the current guy is unreliable. He is walking with his rival and will soon leave the dreamer.
    2. He explains something to a woman about gambling, winnings, betting - a major nuisance due to excessive gullibility.
    3. A businessman's mother tells him to eat better - competitors will trick him, steal a lucrative contract, and chop off a tender.

    It’s bad if a dead person calls for you. Various misfortunes will follow if you do not protect yourself.

    What does it mean to see a dead person alive in a dream?

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    If you see a dream in which a long-dead person turns out to be alive, this can be interpreted as a radical change in life

    , change of relationships, work or views.

    Why does a dead person dream of coming back to life?

    If you dream about a dead person coming back to life, this is a fairly optimistic forecast. Successful resolution of long-standing problems and conflicts awaits you


    In Miller's dream book, a revived dead person is a symbol of the futility of efforts. However, if several people come to life, this can mean success and profit


    If the resurrected one is your relative

    , wait for news that will directly affect you. If you do not know the deceased person, you will indirectly participate in some events, although you may also benefit from them.

    Seeing a dead person in a dream and talking to him

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    The most common plot is a conversation with a person who has been dead for a long time. Any conversation, even a minor one, carries a hidden meaning that only the person seeing the dream can understand.

    It may contain direct instructions for action, or the person may ask you for something.

    Dream interpreters advise fulfilling the request of the deceased, and you will be able to observe radical changes in your life.

    Sometimes a conversation with a deceased person occurs on the eve of an important event, and in a dream you receive advice on how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Seeing a deceased person crying in a dream

    The interpretation of dreams about a crying dead person has different meanings in different dream books. In Eastern interpreters, such a dream communicates forgiveness

    , and in Europeans it is believed that a crying person is
    a harbinger of drama

    • Crying dead mother

      may mean illness of a loved one.

    • Living mother appearing dead and crying

      , may mean the dreamer’s illness.

    • Crying Father

      - to the loss of money, you need to postpone all dubious matters.

    • Unfamiliar crying dead person

      - bad news

    • Distant relative, alive in reality
      upset in a dream - perhaps he will soon ask you for help.

      Deceased grandparent

      - expect news from distant relatives.

    • Dream about a crying brother who died in the present

      , encourages you to pay attention to his behavior.
      If he cries and hugs
      you in his sleep, your health may deteriorate. If the brother runs away, the dream says that everything will be fine.

    • If deceased sister who

      takes you by the hand and hugs you in your sleep, do not let others make decisions for you.

    If a person who is alive, but you see him dead in a dream, most often this promises longevity. However, if you see his tears, such a plot promises a quarrel caused by your selfishness.

    The dream interpreter also has an explanation for the dream where you hear a dead person crying, but do not see him. This is interpreted as a sign that you may become an object of intrigue. To prevent this from happening, try to stay alone for a while.

    Why do you dream about a dead person in a coffin?

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    If you see a deceased person in a coffin, you need to take care of your safety

    . Put off important tasks until better times, because at the moment you are unlikely to get good results.

    Also, a dream with a person who has died long ago in a coffin speaks of receiving news or a change in weather

    . In some sources, such a dream foreshadows the arrival of guests, but communication will be pleasant. This dream may promise the purchase of new equipment, a change of wardrobe, or a short trip.

    • If you are a pallbearer

      , it promises financial gain.
      If you see yourself in a coffin
      , this means that you will encounter some difficulties that will interfere with the implementation of your plans.

    • Burying a coffin with the deceased

      may mean trying to forget some event in the present in which you fail.

    • On the contrary, if you open the coffin

      , this suggests that some secret will be revealed.

    • Dream about a dead friend in a coffin

      portends success both in work and in personal life. He can promise young people a quick wedding.

    • Coffin surrounded by a lot of flowers

      , may promise problems in marriage.

    • If a dead person came to life in a coffin

      in a dream, you can expect the return of some problems or the arrival of guests from abroad.

    • A deceased person stretches out his hands to you from the coffin

      - this is a bad sign. You may become the target of revenge from the person you wronged, get sick, or even become a victim of attack.

    • If man crying in a coffin

      , a quarrel may await you.
      A deceased person lying in a coffin with his eyes open
      promises financial gain, and from a source that you do not expect.

    According to Tsvetkov

    The psychologist and esotericist concentrates on emotions after awakening. It is the subconscious response that provides the basis for the prophecy:

    • bitterness, tears - to longing for the past;
    • calm - to purification;
    • joy - to happiness;
    • indifference to punishment for sins.

    According to situational features:

    1. The interlocutor is dressed in a black suit - for a funeral. He also prophesies a plot with a sobbing dead man.
    2. Asks for money, things, bread - for enrichment.
    3. The stranger spoke, and you know that he has already died - to a change in weather conditions.

    An altercation with the dead in a cemetery is a bad omen. Reality will present an unpleasant surprise in the form of illness, injury, accident, accident. Be careful in the risky conditions of the modern world.

    Why do dead people dream about a living person?

    If you saw a living person dead in a dream, you should not worry about him. Such a dream is a classic example of a dream that needs to be interpreted in reverse.

    The man you saw dead will be quite successful

    , and it will somehow be connected to you.

    Also, a living person who died in a dream represents your inability to express yourself and your emotions to others.

    Why do we dream about family members if they are alive and well?

    • Death of a daughter or son

      means hidden fears, fear of loneliness.
      The death of a father or mother
      is often associated with concern for their well-being. Distance or inability to meet bothers you.

    • Great-grandmother's death

      often appears in a dream, which foreshadows a new addition to the family.

    • Last hours with my husband

      are a sign of forced separation for an indefinite period of time. This may be due to a business trip. If you sit on the deathbed of a loved one and cry, separation will be a serious test for the relationship.

    • If the bride sees death of the groom before the wedding

      , then her marriage will be unbreakable.
      If your husband or wife died in a dream
      , you will meet a person from the past who wants to talk to you.

    • Deceased work colleague or boss

      portends problems, stress and irritation. Attempts to impersonate someone else and win them over to your side will be unsuccessful.

    • See death of a stranger

      and trying to help him means that there are people around you who gossip about you. An accident in which an innocent person was injured suggests that envious people will interfere with your dreams.

    Experts say that when you die in your sleep

    , this means that a joyful event awaits you ahead, such as a wedding, and you will also enjoy good health and a long, eventful life.

    Day of the week meaning

    Astrologers claim that midnight visions are influenced by the planet that rules the day. Namely:

    1. For Monday - advice to moderate negative passions. You are unfair.
    2. On Tuesday - fight for yours, don’t give in.
    3. On Wednesday - we need savings in everything.
    4. On Thursday, prepare your pockets for money.
    5. On Friday - rest.
    6. On Saturday - an empty dream.
    7. On Sunday - the prophecy will be fulfilled within a week.

    The deceased on major church holidays (Christmas, Trinity, Intercession, Epiphany) predict the fulfillment of dreams.

    Why do you dream of seeing your dead mother alive in a dream?

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    Mom personifies care, mentoring and comfort

    . A dream in which you see your dead mother alive means that you miss her, or you miss her qualities that she possessed in real life.

    Actions and words spoken in a dream will tell you about the meaning of the dream if your mother has been dead for a long time.

    If you try to talk to her in a dream, this suggests that you need her advice.

    , faced with some difficulties in reality.

    It could also mean that your subconscious senses that your mother has an important message for you that needs to be heeded.

    A mother who stretches out her arms to you and asks you to follow her

    , is a warning of serious danger. According to Freud's interpretation, if a girl sees herself talking to her dead mother, this means that she still has a feeling of guilt associated with the fact that she paid little attention to communicating with her mother.

    Interpretation of a deceased mother's dream in a dream, if she is still alive

    , will not necessarily be negative.

    Mom's funeral in your dream

    - This is a positive sign, foreshadowing longevity and good health. If you see yourself at your mother's funeral, but you are more concerned about the process associated with the organization, this indicates that you are paying too much attention to trifles that bring neither profit nor satisfaction.

    A dream in which your mother died, but you did not see her

    , is a warning that you will find yourself in a confusing situation. You will need to find a suitable way out of the situation that was created artificially.

    Dreaming with a dead mother in a coffin

    is not necessarily a bad harbinger. A coffin in a dream represents the completion of a certain stage; it may foretell, for example, the end of financial debts.

    For a man to dream that his mother has drowned

    , - a warning about the deterioration of the business situation. He will need to make every effort to revive the business.

    Killing a mother in a dream

    has several meanings. Firstly, such a dream should be interpreted as a desire to get rid of certain frameworks and stereotypes, especially if you are a killer.

    If strangers kill your mother in your sleep

    , get ready for a rather turbulent period in life associated with deprivation or submission to those who are unpleasant to you.

    If you see a mother fall from a height but survives

    , is a symbol that you will be able to get out of a stalemate with dignity.

    Opinion of esotericists

    The connection between mother and child is never interrupted. Invisible threads connect people who exist even in different worlds. The native woman marks a radical change:

    • current circumstances;
    • place of residence or application of force;
    • partnerships;
    • worldview, religion.

    Usually the closest soul points out what is unfinished, incorrect, and tries to warn about future dangers. Based on the context, it is intuitively clear what exactly he wants to explain. Grieving - to trouble; laughs - fortunately; sad - to vanity; looks indifferently - to the fall.

    Why do you dream of seeing your dead father alive in a dream?

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    If you see your late father in a dream, such a dream speaks of your feelings regarding unfinished business with your dad. Perhaps it's something you did or didn't do, or started something with your dad but didn't finish because he left.

    Such a dream is a message from the subconscious that it is time to let go of the burden you are carrying, because the problems you are worried about will never be fully resolved.

    Accept the fact that your father is gone and you can move on.

    In general, seeing a departed dad in a dream means prosperity and a long life.

    However, the dream book advises to interpret such a dream with caution.

    The father personifies protection, strength and patronage. When he dies in a dream, this suggests that in real life there is a risk of losing protection, as well as feeling vulnerable.

    Seeing your father die in a dream

    , is a harbinger of major life changes. According to Miller, the death of a father promises difficulties in business and general despondency.

    A dream in which the father dies first and then the mother

    , often indicates some obstacles and difficulties. You may encounter unexpected changes in circumstances in your life and you will have to adapt quickly.

    Hearing about dad's death in a dream

    - a sign that grievances and conflicts with relatives will be forgotten. In addition, you may unexpectedly receive a valuable item or a large profit.

    Dad's funeral

    have different meanings depending on the weather. If it is sunny outside, it promises good health and a speedy celebration.

    Rain or cloudy weather during a funeral warns of difficulties in business, unpleasant news and serious illnesses. If you met many relatives and friends at the cemetery, then marriage will bring you wealth.

    It is worth remembering that the funeral of a deceased father in a dream is associated with personal rebirth. This speaks of the end of a certain stage of life and liberation from old habits, the past and way of thinking. You are promised wealth and prosperity in real life.

    Father's death from illness

    speaks of your enlightenment. If you saw that you had to kill your father in a dream, you must fulfill your duty to your mother and father.

    I dreamed that your father was killed

    ? You will live the same number of years.

    Miller's Dream Book

    Seeing a deceased friend or brother means someone will come for help. Don't refuse. The father says something - a sign of readiness to make a bad deal. There are enemies around. Beware.

    Mother or mother-in-law chirps - trouble due to excessive impressionability. Treat incidents judiciously and soberly.

    If some dead acquaintance is trying to snatch a promise from you, then there is a dark streak ahead. Find a wise advisor and listen to his tips.

    Why do you dream about seeing a dead grandmother in a dream?

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    Grandma represents warmth, good luck and support

    both material and psychological, as well as business success.

    For example, a dream in which you do not see your grandmother clearly, but are aware of her presence, is it a symbol of financial support? and help will most likely come from relatives.

    Grandmother also represents the wisdom and experience you will gain.

    Seeing a dead grandmother in a dream and talking to her

    - This is an indication of unresolved problems. Your subconscious is trying to find a solution to a difficult situation.

    In general, this is a good sign, indicating good luck and happiness, or receiving good news.

    Pay attention to the message that your grandmother leaves in your dream; it concerns your life and life circumstances. It is advisable to remember all the details of the dream and the words that were spoken. Often these are words of forgiveness for actions for which we still feel guilty.

    In this case, you need to let go of these feelings and get rid of anxiety.

    You may also expect serious changes in your life, which can be either good or bad, depending on the circumstances of the dream.

    Meet a dead grandmother in a cemetery

    - this is a good sign, personifying happy, quick changes.

    Talking to a dead grandmother in a dream

    - not a very good sign. Such a dream warns you to be careful in the coming days and avoid dangerous situations. You may encounter difficulties and need help and support in overcoming them

    Dead grandmother smiles at you

    - this speaks of good luck and meeting new people who will become your close friends. It can also indicate gatherings and pleasant meetings with friends and acquaintances. For lonely people, such a dream foreshadows the opportunity to meet a new lover through family.

    If you dreamed of hugging your dead grandmother

    , the dream may foretell failure in current projects, but encourages you to put in more effort to complete the project.

    If your grandmother asks you to go with her in a dream

    , this is not a good sign warning you of potential danger and accidents.

    Seeing a dead grandmother if she is actually alive

    , may indicate excessive emotionality or nervousness due to lack of sleep. You need more rest. The dream also promises improved relationships with family members.

    If the deceased grandmother cooks

    , the dream may indicate health problems related to digestion.

    If you see a dead grandmother at work

    , a dream may promise a job change or a move in the near future.

    Dream about deceased grandmother and other living members seven

    and may be a sign of some problems that you may soon encounter. This may also apply to a tense family situation.

    Dream about a quarrel with a dead grandmother

    often indicates that you are confused about what is important to you in life. This dream is a sign of internal conflict, and encourages you to begin to resolve them by setting your priorities correctly.

    Freud's Dream Book

    The psychoanalyst connects scenes about the dead with pressing issues. Details:

    1. The dreamer lies in the grave and answers as if alive - a sign of uncertainty in bed.
    2. An interview immediately after death indicates a disease similar to the one that the deceased suffered from.
    3. The grandfather explains about the danger - spiteful critics will do harm.
    4. Hugging grandma with tears and crying together is the entrance to a bright period in life. Dare to dream. It will come true.
    5. If you dreamed that several deceased people were having fun, work on your memories. Bitter thoughts hinder achievements and stop them.

    Frequent dreams of negotiations with the dead are a reminder of duty. Analyze the events of recent years. Have you deviated from moral principles? Punishment is not blowjob.

    What is the dream trying to warn about?

    Predictions of what the symbol means in dreams contain warnings about one or another danger. According to the Esoteric Dream Book, the deceased aunt is trying to point out a serious mistake that the sleeper is about to make. Haste threatens to harm business or interpersonal relationships.

    The appearance of an untimely departed aunt reminds you that you should be more attentive to your loved ones while they are around. The prediction for spring birthday people speaks of large-scale changes and the opportunity to start a new life.

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