Talk to a cat in a dream. Why do you dream of a talking cat - interpretation of sleep from dream books. Who did you dream about with a cat?

Be careful: you are surrounded by treacherous people

A dream about a cat speaking in a pleasant voice symbolizes the deceit of a person pretending to be benevolent.

Seeing a talking cat in a dream means: you are surrounded by deceitful, unreliable people. You shouldn't plan anything serious until you figure out who is who.

Why does a man dream about a pet that suddenly speaks like a human? In the dreamer’s life there is a person who uses him for his own selfish purposes. It’s better to distance this acquaintance from yourself so as not to regret it later.

Why do you dream of a talking cat - interpretation of sleep from dream books

Miller's Dream Book

talking cat in a dream

The dream book warns that a dream about a cat brings troubles in reality. If a cat speaks or makes any sounds, then in reality you need to be wary of your own friends. Perhaps some of them are just pretending to be friendly, but are preparing a trap for you.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

dreamed of a talking cat

The cat symbolizes tears, loss or betrayal. A cat speaking in a beautiful voice personifies the cunning of a hidden envious person, a false friend.

Loff's Dream Book

The dream book says: hearing a cat talking or meowing in a dream means that a friend is plotting behind your back, wanting to cause harm.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

dream interpretation talking cat

In Meneghetti's dream book, a talking cat, which, according to the plot of the dream, lives in your home, reflects the presence of a female person in the male dreamer's life who uses him for her own purposes. In other words, this may mean that the woman living nearby feeds on the energy of the sleeping person.

Modern dream book

dreamed of a talking cat

If you heard a cat speak in a dream, a conspiracy may be being prepared against you, which will be very difficult to expose. Every effort must be made to prevent the results of these intrigues.

what does it mean if a talking cat is in a dream

People also dreamed about a talking cat

Sleeping from Sunday to Monday means renewal and the onset of a new stage in life.

Dream details

Remember the details of the vision. So this was:

  • your pet - someone close to you will cause some kind of trouble;
  • your own, who has already died - financial problems in the family;
  • a stranger - they can set up a dirty trick at work;
  • street - you will find out bad news;
  • kitten - minor annoying difficulties await.

Get rid of complexes, reconsider your attitude towards the opposite sex

A kitten in a dream, having started a conversation, suggests, according to the dream book: you want to do something that it is better to refrain from. Do not give in to these thoughts, avoid actions that you will later regret.

Why do you dream of a talking cat? Sometimes it indicates the sleeper’s inherent sexual complexes, fears, or mistrust of members of the opposite sex.

This vision, according to the dream book, suggests: a man needs to change his attitude towards women and become less obsessed with thoughts about failures in sexual terms. Then relationships with women will improve significantly.

Dream interpretation "cat" - the most frequent dreams

The cat hisses in his sleep

If a cat hisses, it is considered a warning of negative news or harm in general. Pay more attention to threats and dangers, especially those related to your work and personal life. Are there any problems at work or in relationships at the moment? Open conversation can help.

I dream of a cat that itches and bites

In a dream, it may happen that a cat itches and bites. This act is interpreted in a dream as a bad omen. An aggressive cat that bites and scratches is considered a possible sign of betrayal and quarrels, which are best avoided. If you see someone around you who seems irritated, you better voluntarily move out of their sight.

The cat licks and drinks in his sleep

Licking and drinking are two typical things a cat does. Seeing a cat licking itself or drinking is a symbol of intense melancholy or passion. Your heartfelt wishes may soon come true! Moreover, the cat’s tongue symbolizes that now it will be easier for you to establish contact with other people and the opposite sex.

A cat turns into a human: sleep analysis

Strange dream: suddenly a cat turns into a human in a dream! According to the dream book, the main thing you should pay attention to is what kind of person the cat has turned into. Was it a woman or a man? Did you know this person? It is also important what emotions you experienced at that moment.

The cat talks in his sleep

If you are talking to a cat, this indicates your need for the attention of others. Do you feel neglected or passed over? Is everyone against you? Also pay attention to the cat's words. They can be important for the correct interpretation of a dream.

The cat chases me or attacks me

Chasing a cat symbolizes escape from certain emotions or situations. Fight in the waking world and you will gain the wisdom and power of a cat. A cat attacking a cat symbolizes fear of a new beginning.

Dream about a peeing cat

The dream heralds imminent happiness and learning new skills.

Dreaming that you were bitten by a cat

If you were bitten by a cat in a dream, it means there is a woman in your life who would like to harm you. When interpreting dreams, take into account the exact circumstances of the bite: what part of the body was affected? did you feel pain?

Seeing a cat vomiting in a dream

A cat vomits in the same way as a person if, for example, she ate something wrong or too much. If a cat vomits in a dream, it means that the dreamer can free himself from lies and deception. He manages to get rid of these qualities, and also avoids similar actions of others.

The cat jumps or falls from the window

Falling from a window in a dream undoubtedly causes shock at first. We have known since childhood that cats have the ability to almost always land on their feet. If the dream symbol of a cat jumping or falling out of a window appears in a dream, it should be seen as an encouragement to leave the past behind and dare to start something again on different levels.

In a dream, a cat falls from a roof or jumps from a balcony

Small and shy kittens often turn out to be real masters of rock climbing. However, they tend to overestimate themselves. If a fall occurs in a dream, it means that loss of protection and happiness is imminent. A cat jumps from a balcony in a dream - the dreamer will finally overcome his fears and insecurities.

In a dream, a cat runs up or returns

If a cat comes to a sleeping person in the dream world, the dream promises positive events in the waking world. In the case of the cat, luck is knocking on the dreamer's door in a symbolic sense. It seems that everything will go smoothly in the near future. If the cat returns, a meeting with a former friend is inevitable.

Dream interpretation cat: actions with a cat

Buying a cat

Whether it's from a pet store, an animal shelter, or a breeder, there are many ways to get a cat into your home. However, owning a cat comes with a lot of responsibility.

Buying a kitten in a dream - on the one hand, this may reflect a real desire to buy a cat. On the other hand, the dream symbol also indicates that you are currently in good hands when it comes to financial matters.

Hugging and petting a cat

Anyone who has ever petted a cat knows this feeling: warm, soft and affectionate, the cat presses against a person's feet. If the dreamer also experiences this feeling in the dream world, this symbolizes his need for female affection and intimacy. Pay special attention to the color of the animal: stroking a white cat indicates innocence and a desire for tenderness.

In a dream, feed a cat or forget to feed it

Although cats are often picky about what they eat, cat owners should remember to feed them regularly. In the dream world, feeding a cat means that the dreamer will lead a happy life due to his generosity and positive nature. If you forget to feed the cat, this means negligence and hiding typical female character traits.

Dream about finding a cat

Finding a cat is not an easy task because little hunters are masters at hiding. Perhaps in a dream you went in search of a cat? If so, then the quest in the dream world should be interpreted as a continuous pursuit of wisdom in the waking world. What matters is whether you found the cat or not.

Chase and catch the cat

When hunting for a cat, you need to act quickly and skillfully. This also applies to the dream world.

You are chasing a stray cat in a dream - running after unconscious desires and ideas, including those of a sexual nature. You must be aware of them in order to finally deal with them.

The cat being trapped in the dream world represents a state in which the dreamer is aware of his desires.

Worry about a cat in a dream

Saving a cat is a very positive feeling. Rescuing a cat, big or small, shows that you love animals and have a big heart. Saving a cat in a dream symbolizes hope and the desire for deep interpersonal relationships. Is there someone in your life that you want to get close to on a friendly or even deeper level?

Save a cat from drowning

Cats don't like water. Dreaming of rescuing a cat from water can symbolize a warning of impending danger, but also liberation from it.

Saving a cat from drowning may mean that you will soon go on a (sea) voyage with the woman who is next to you.

Torture or eat a cat

Tormenting or eating a cat in the world of dreams is neither beautiful nor appetizing. Luckily, cruelty to animals rarely appears in our dreams, but it can certainly have a shocking effect.

Tormenting a cat indicates aggression in the subconscious. It may be helpful to reduce aggression in a controlled manner through sports or something similar.

Eat a cat - the dreamer needs the properties of a cat. Does he lack personality or do you have secret sexual desires?

Places where a cat is in a dream

The cat sits on your hand or shoulder

A cat on your shoulder or arm is a clear sign of the affection cat lovers have for their pets. If in the dream world a cat sits on a hand or shoulder, the dream symbol means the dreamer’s ability to provide protection and safety to other people. They are the “anchor” of their surroundings because they always know what to do and remain calm even in difficult times.

Dreaming of a cat under water

To see a cat in water or even under water - a dream encourages the dreamer to sort out his feelings. Additionally, the dream can mean letting go of something in the waking world and saying goodbye to a certain thing, person, or stage of life. If the animal dives skillfully without drowning, the separation will work better than you previously thought.

Dreaming of a cat in a bag or in the oven

Cat in a poke or cat in the oven? These are already two strange dream images. If a cat in a poke appears in the dream world, this indicates the dreamer's subconscious and his hidden instincts.

If you want to interpret the symbol of a cat sleeping in an oven, it is important to pay attention to exactly what the oven looked like. Maybe it's the oven? Was the cat on fire or in ashes?

Get off the pillow! Cat in bed or in the car

Many cat friends treat their loved ones like people, so they can let them into their bed or car.

Seeing a cat in bed is a healthy attitude towards your own sexuality.

The cat is sitting in the car - you have the opportunity to put forward your positive character traits in life.

The cat is in a cage

Keeping a cat in a cage is a very unusual practice that hardly suits our little furry friends' natural instinct to move. Seeing a locked cat in a dream indicates a high degree of sensitivity, which the dreamer shows only in very rare cases to the outside world. Don't be afraid to express your feelings more often!

When the cat is no longer in the dream

In a dream, the cat left, got lost or disappeared

Losing a cat can come as a shock or a relief, depending on how you feel about it.

If a cat disappears in a dream, perhaps the dreamer in the waking world is weakened by the influence of another person. The same thing happens if the cat disappears. Continue to look for what might weaken you in your life so that you can look to a positive future.

The cat ran away

Cats can sometimes be shy animals.

A cat ran away - detachment from a negative burden. The cat runs away - you can get rid of ballast, for example, caused by stress at work, without much effort.

Dream Interpretation about the Characteristics of a Cat

Seeing a cute and affectionate cat in a dream

A cute cat, also affectionate, pleases every friend of these little predators. If we see a cute, sweet and affectionate cat in a dream, it will simultaneously highlight our feminine side and express a desire for affection.

Angry and aggressive cat in a dream

Seeing an angry cat in a dream is an indication of a vile and false person whom you should beware of. An aggressive confrontation with a cat is a warning not to touch that person.

Seeing an emaciated or fat cat in a dream

Just like people, cats can have different weights depending on their health and diet. If an emaciated cat appears in a dream, then in its thinness one can see a harbinger that the dreamer will soon achieve financial well-being. True, well-being will come at the expense of another person.

Seeing a fat cat in a dream means pay more attention to your own health and the well-being of your female loved ones.

Dirty or wet cat in a dream

If a dirty cat appears in a dream, then the solution to the problem symbolizes dirt.

The cat is wet - this hides various sexual desires. Listen carefully and follow them!

Colors of a cat in a dream

In a dream, the cat is gray or black

In the waking world, a black cat is often considered a sign of bad luck. However, if you look into the dream world, you will see a different picture: if the cat is black or gray, it means ingenuity. However, the sleeper has a tendency towards melancholy.

White kitten

Was the cat in the dream white? If this was the case, the white animal symbolized your vulnerability, but at the same time your desire for security and physical and mental affection. Additionally, the event in the dream may indicate that your innocence is being exploited in a negative way.

Pink cat

The pink cat is a very powerful symbol for various aspirations and represents the desire for security and love.

Sick, injured and dead cats

The cat is not feeling well

It is important what disease the cat had in the dream. Were there any specific symptoms? If so, how did they put it? Basically, a sick cat indicates bad luck or ignorance in some matter.

The cat loses its teeth in its sleep

A cat losing teeth in a dream is bad news. It is important to consider whether it was just one tooth or all the teeth. Additionally, losing a cat tooth usually indicates bad luck. If only long fangs fall out, this situation often symbolizes the dreamer's poor health.

In a dream, a cat is wounded

An injured cat may reflect great disappointment. Probably, in reality someone treated the dreamer unfairly. Perhaps the dreamer gave up part of his freedom for the sake of a certain person and now understands that he endured too much. A wounded animal in a dream can be a symbol of the wounded soul of the sleeper. You may have to break up with your loved one in real life.

Bleeding cat

Dreams in which a cat is bleeding can make a person feel helpless. In such a situation in a dream, you probably wonder why the cat is bleeding? But blood is not a cause for concern. In this case, it symbolically denotes the dreamer’s vitality and imminent relief in the waking world.

Seeing an insulted cat in a dream

There is hardly anyone who would not be touched when they see an insulted cat in a dream. According to the dream book, this dream symbol means a great deal of care on the part of the dreamer. Also, when interpreting a dream, pay special attention to the sensations you experienced in the dream.

The cat burns in his sleep

Fire can harm or even kill any living creature. Our kitty's fur is highly flammable and can easily catch fire. If we see a burning cat in a dream, strong emotions and passion may be associated with it. This may also include a sexual aspect: the sleeper craves strong emotions and romance, hot as fire.

In a dream, a cat is mutilated

Mutilation often evokes feelings of disgust, but at the same time interest and compassion.

If you saw a mutilated cat in a dream, you should first ask yourself what kind of mutilation it is.

Was there a tail amputation or did the cat have an open belly?

The cat is poisoned in a dream

If a cat was poisoned in a dream, several interpretations are possible. Poison means cloudy as well as bad thoughts, which in this context can mean the end of a certain stage of life. Also, ask yourself who poisoned the cat.

In a dream I hit or ran over a cat

Tires squeak and crack—the cat has been hit. This situation is not pleasant for the car driver. “The cat got hit, is it still alive?” - you ask yourself a few seconds after the incident.

If someone sees this in a dream, the dream symbol should be understood as a warning to be more attentive and not constantly think about others.

Kill a cat in a dream

Dreams surrounding the death of a cat can have a variety of meanings, from suppressing various feelings to causing changes in the dreamer's life. A dead animal can be interpreted in different ways.

A cat dies in a dream

If you dream about the death of a cat in general, it makes sense to figure out why and how the cat died. Maybe someone shot at her? Did she die in an accident or from natural causes? A dead cat in a dream usually encourages you to act wisely and intelligently for the sake of your own development. The dream symbol warns against rash actions, otherwise the sleeper may experience misfortune.

If you feel disgust or fear at the sight of a dead animal, then you have a ban on personal development. Instead of trying something new, a person would rather stick to the tried and tested.

The cat is drowning

In your dream, did you see a dead cat or a drowning cat? The dream illustrates the emotional world of the dreamer. Water is a cleansing element. If there is a dead cat in it, it is advisable to deal with your own emotions. The water swallows the dead animal, so the feelings threaten to dissolve. If you are mourning a cat, it is a redemptive symbol. If someone loves, the dream speaks of possible separation.

Kill a cat

Killing a cat is an atrocity that constitutes a crime against a helpless creature. But how do you understand this if you kill the cat yourself? In this dream symbol one can recognize subconscious violent fantasies that make their way into consciousness in a dream.

Lethal injection: euthanize a cat in a dream

When illness or old age bothers a cat, there is often no other option but to decide to euthanize. If such an image appears in a dream, it is intended to show the dreamer that he is ready to take responsibility, make far-reaching decisions and has a strong character. If a veterinarian performs euthanasia and gives an injection to an animal in a dream, this could also mean the beginning of a new stage of life.

Strangle the cat

The thought of smothering a furry kitten is beyond disgusting. Nevertheless, it happens that such a dream overtakes us at night. To strangle a cat - the dream reflects a conflict with a woman, from which we finally want to escape. Is there currently a rift between you and another woman?

In a dream, a cat was strangled or hanged

In your dream, was the cat hanged or strangled? Maybe the cat actually hung on the gallows? Such a dream symbol means various kinds of self-doubt in the dreamer. Ask yourself if you need a little more self-esteem. If the kitten is hanging on a rope, the dreamer may suffer from dependence on a partner. This may be emotional or sexual in nature.

The color of a dead cat in a dream

Dead black cat appears in a dream

If you see in a dream a dead cat with black fur, then the process of developing your own creative abilities is taking place. Perhaps the dreamer discovers a new creative talent, has original ideas, draws well or composes music. A dead cat signifies a new beginning in the exploration of the entity.

Dead white cat

As with the cat, white also refers to the feminine principle. If a white cat is dead in a dream, it means that the person in the dream is working on inner clarity and purity (men also carry feminine aspects of their personality!). Intuition also plays an important role here. Additionally, a dead cat with white fur may indicate the dreamer's vulnerability.

The cat lives in a dream again

It sounds like a miracle, but it is possible in the world of dreams: you can see a dead cat alive again! The unexpected resurrection of a dead cat in a dream foreshadows changes in the dreamer's life. There will be many positive things associated with a new beginning. In turn, dreaming about the death of an animal is not a bad omen, but is a kind of preparation for what is about to happen.

Dreaming of a cat with other animals

A cat found a mouse in a dream

Cat and mouse are a pair of terms that are used in a variety of contexts. The very different symbols of these two animals can also appear in the dream world. If the image “a cat is chasing a mouse” or “a cat is catching a mouse” appears in a dream, then the dreamer avoids unpleasant situations. This also applies to cases where a cat is chasing several mice.

Dream images of “a cat kills a mouse” and “a cat eats a mouse” signal to the sleeper that minor problems will soon disappear. However, everything looks different when the dream image of “the cat brings the mouse” appears, because here long-forgotten fears come to the fore.

A cat kills and eats a rat in a dream

It makes sense that cats would consider rats as food along with mice. The killing and subsequent eating of the rat by the cat symbolizes one's own victory over betrayal and deceit, but there may be much more behind it.

Cat and dog

Cat and dog are often considered an opposite couple. If the dreamer sees a cat attacking a dog or a cat fighting with a dog, this should be understood as a victory of the sleeper’s feelings over control and reason.

If the image “a cat bites a dog” appears in a dream, then the sexual instinct is hidden behind this. The dream symbol of a dog chasing a cat signals to the dreamer that he should be a little less jealous.

Cat vs snake: a cat kills and eats a snake in a dream

If you dream of a cat and a snake, you can usually associate sexual aspects with them. Fighting a snake, when a cat kills a snake - a dream about an intimate situation between the dreamer and another person, it can be seen as symbolic. The same applies to the dream symbol “cat eats snake.” Here the snake represents the male sexual organ and is eaten by the cat, which symbolizes femininity. Therefore, sexual union is almost inevitable.

Spider as cat food

The cat and the spider are two animals that are partially associated with the world of witches. If you see a “cat eating a spider” symbol in your dream, it symbolizes the victory of luck over deception and lies in your life. You are on the right track and are being honest with yourself. Others notice this too.

A cat hunts and eats a bird in a dream

The symbols “cat chasing a bird” and “cat eating a bird” turn out to be rather negative. If a bird is hunted in a dream and even eaten as a symbol of freedom and carefreeness, then in reality serious problems arise that can affect both work and personal life. Be careful soon.

Dreaming of a cat and its parasites

If you dream of a cat with ticks, difficulties will arise in various areas, but there will be a warning about them. Seeing a cat with worms in a dream is an indication of people who are trying to get rich at the expense of the dreamer. A cat has fleas in a dream - there are minor inconveniences in the sleeping person’s life that he can cope with without unnecessary obstacles.

Dreaming about the birth of kittens

In a dream, a cat is pregnant

If you dreamed of a pregnant cat, this usually indicates that a new, carefree period in your life is about to begin.

Birth of a cat

If you dream about the birth of a cat, it means a new beginning and goodbye. Giving birth to a cat, even in a dream, seems quite strange. Behind this dream symbol lies a long and grueling path that the dreamer must go through in order to achieve satisfaction.

Newborn kittens

Young cats are born in a dream when changes are planned in the life of the sleeper. On the one hand, this may lead to increased conflicts with family and friends, on the other hand, there may come a time when tenderness and devotion will play a greater role.

The kitten indicates a possible new partnership or love.

Dreaming of kittens

There is no other way to say it: kittens are simply adorable! However, the dream about a cat with kittens is ambiguous. On the one hand, the symbol of a kitten is an indication of maternal feelings towards another person, on the other hand, it is also a warning sign of a quarrel in a relationship. If a cat and kitten appear in a dream, this means an offended (wounded) subconscious.

If a large number of kittens appear, this can be interpreted as an indication that the sleeper is consciously or unconsciously busy bringing different and sometimes opposing parts of his personality into harmony. He may also have a need for peace and quiet.

Young cats

The symbol of young cats is often interpreted as a warning, where the animals can represent a loved one. If the kitten scratches, hisses or even bites, this symbolizes possible problems in the relationship. If kittens are stolen, this may indicate deception in the real world. Maybe there are people around the dreamer whom he should not trust.

What happens to small cats in their sleep?

Kitten rescue

A dream about rescuing a young cat or a small kitten is closely related to a person's relationships. If a person is not yet together with another person, the desire for a relationship may be hidden behind the dream. If you are already in a partnership, then you may need more attention from your partner.

The kitten is dying

The death of a kitten can have both positive and negative meanings. In the first case, the death of the kitten means the possible exposure of fraud; The enemy's plan can be revealed in time. In the second case, the dream symbolizes disbelief in one’s own feelings.

Feed the kitten

If we feed kittens in a dream, it often symbolizes a new beginning, which can affect different areas of our lives. Moreover, we may well resolve the dispute in our partnership and thus restore peace.

Young cats swimming

Although kittens do not like water at all, it happens that someone sees them swimming in a dream. Such an event in a dream shows the dreamer that there is harmony between him and his loved one.

Young cats and puppies

If young cats and puppies appear at the same time in a dream, this can be taken as a warning. The dreamer is likely to often help and worry about other people. It is possible that others could use this to their advantage. We have to be careful.

Dreaming about cat's eyes

Cat's eye in a dream

The eyes are an important sensory organ. If the dream symbol “cat’s eye” appears in a dream, then the dream speaks of a reasonable approach to the dreamer’s affairs. Use this trait to open the eyes of others too!

In a dream the cat has blue eyes

There are different cat breeds, such as Javanese or Siamese, which have blue eyes. If the dreamer sees blue eyes in a dream, the image indicates a woman who has deep (love) feelings for him. Maybe someone is secretly in love with the dreamer.

A cat with 3 eyes appears in a dream

Dreams in which you see a kitten with 3 eyes are certainly very rare. If you saw such a symbol in a dream, then you should ask the question, how did you feel in this situation?

A positive feeling indicates a good ability to build relationships with other people, a negative feeling is a warning against people’s machinations.

Blind cat, no eyes

From the point of view of dream interpretation, the symbol signifies the fact that the other person is shutting himself off from the dreamer. At the same time, the sleeper is given a signal that the other person needs his help.

Unusual cats in a dream

Giant cat

In the dream world, it may happen that instead of a small kitten, a giant cat appears, such as a big cat or the now extinct saber-toothed tiger. This image in a dream warns of impending danger. The giant cat also represents aggressive and passionate personality traits. The sleeper is probably a person who expresses his feelings very clearly.

Cat on 3 legs

Several different interpretive approaches can be used here. So the absence of a leg may be a sign of loss of stability in life. At the same time, three paws on a cat may indicate a high level of ambition.

Cat without a head

It must seem comparatively strange to a sleeper when he sees a cat with a severed head in the world of dreams. This dream symbol makes it clear that one should be careful; You should often think first before you act.

Wings on a cat

A cat with wings is symbolically associated with the combination of freedom and happiness. In the waking world, the dreamer encounters events that have a positive impact on his future life. He does not need to limit himself, he can act as he sees fit.

Several cats in a dream

Dream about 2 and 3 cats

If you want to interpret such a dream, you should consider the exact circumstances of the dream. Were cats peaceful? Then there's a hint of your sensual side behind it. If the cats have quarreled with each other, this can be interpreted as a warning.

5 or 7 cats appear in a dream

5 cats is quite a lot. In this case, numerical symbolism plays a special role. The number 5 in a dream represents, among other things, curiosity, courage and a thirst for adventure, and the number 7 sometimes represents perfection and integrity.

Other dreams about cats

A cat as a pet is interpreted in a dream as a sign of special care for a person.

In a dream, a cat shows its claws

Sharp claws are hidden under the cat's velvety paw. If in a dream a cat shows its claws, in the waking world you may experience a conflict with a special female person.

Dream about cat urine and feces

Feces and urine are excrement that, although natural, is disgusting to most people. Have you seen the image of “cat urine”, “cat feces” or “cat feces” in your dreams? In this case, you will soon feel relief in the waking world or may even gain money and wealth.

Toilet tray

Cat litter is a call to be honest with your feelings. Focus solely on yourself and listen deeply within yourself to learn more about your current emotional state. You need to let go of stressful experiences.

Be a cat yourself

If you turn into a cat in a dream, you simultaneously acquire its characteristics and, therefore, can be both shy and daredevil. Notice how you felt and what new traits the animal gave you. Would you like some of these to be present in your waking world as well?

Try to check the information

Why do you dream of a black talking cat? The dream book recommends being careful: an accident may occur or an illness may suddenly begin.

A black cat having a conversation with a sleeping person in a dream acts as a warning: do not believe everything they say, check the information.

Seeing him also means: you will soon meet an insidious person who will try to divert your attention and get some benefit for himself, says the dream book.

What will the details tell you?

Dream Interpretations recommend remembering what kind of cat it was:

  • your cat spoke - a relative or friend will plant a pig;
  • the dreamer’s deceased cat spoke - material difficulties;
  • there was someone else’s cat in the dream - colleagues want to frame the dreamer;
  • stray cat - bad news;
  • kitten - minor but annoying problems.

Dreams on the topic

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