A date in a dream: why do you dream about a person with whom communication has long ceased?

Every time people painfully search for the answer to the question: “why did you have such a dream and what could it mean?” What seems especially strange is the appearance in a dream of a person with whom there has been no communication for a long time, who, it would seem, has long been erased from memory and does not bother the dreamer at all. Why does he appear, pulling out days long past from our storage of information?

Sleep is a completely unexplored state in which the human body recovers. While in this state, people dream. Some of them are not remembered at all, but there are also those that do not leave your head for a very long time after waking up or arise in your memory suddenly during the day because of some small detail - an image you saw, a smell or a phrase you heard.

The work of the subconscious

Memories of those people with whom communication was stopped for some reason (any information about them, their images and everything connected with it) do not disappear from memory without a trace, but are sent to the subcortex of the subconscious. And it happens that these people suddenly appear in dreams, which, in principle, can throw you out of your usual rut for some time. Why is this happening?

Perhaps the dreamer recently saw someone similar to an old acquaintance, or perhaps some detail or smell reminded him of him, and the brain has already created a thin thread of connection between the association and the image that was previously sent to the subconscious. For some time this image seemed to “come to light”, which was expressed in a dream.

There is another version: if this person is a former partner, whom it was difficult to stop loving even with all the desire and “pushing” him into the back of mind with incredible efforts, then the subconscious can sometimes give such “gifts” (we are talking about see and communicate in a dream with that person with whom there is no opportunity to meet in real life).

Why do you dream about a guy you don’t think about? Why are certain people filmed?

If a person is dreaming. General definition of the concept

What does it mean if a person dreams? It would seem, what’s unusual in such a dream. It would be much more illogical and scary if non-existent creatures or some unprecedented images and animals came to us at night in our dreams. What to do if nighttime phenomena recur? And if you dreamed about a person more than once, not twice, and his visits continue for several nights in a row? Perhaps in this way our subconscious wants to warn us about something or warn us? Let's try to figure it out. There is a fairly widespread belief that whoever we dream about, no matter whether it is a man, woman or child, is most likely thinking about us. This person purely emotionally sends us signals that, transformed on the astral level, are embodied in our dreams. Whether this is true or not is, of course, up to the sleeping person, or rather the awakened one, to decide. However, in the morning, still try to contact him or her by calling back, stopping by for a visit, or simply sending an SMS. It definitely won't get any worse. What if the person actually needs your help, support or care? If it is impossible to establish contact, our ancestors advised asking about the reason for the “arrival” of the night guest in a dream. Perhaps this way we can “talk” and clarify the situation. On the other hand, according to psychologists, we simply cannot help but dream about those about whom we ourselves constantly think or worry. They appear in dreams as a continuation of our daytime thoughts, plans and actions.

If a person is dreaming. Man

According to the ancient dream book of the Mayan people, this dream can have both positive and negative interpretation. It all depends on what kind of person he is and what he does. For example, if a man is naked, then the sleeping person will most likely receive an interesting offer. However, in order for this to actually happen, it is recommended to find, burn and scatter his photograph to the wind, or simply write his name on paper and carry out the same procedure. A dream in which a man is making or building something is considered bad. In this case, the sleeping person may be in danger: from a simple household injury to a car accident. To prevent this, you should wear a gold ring on any toe of your left foot for several days. A new modern dream book, intended for the whole family, insists that if we see a handsome and superbly built man in a dream, then this can only promise one thing: our future life will be filled with positive emotions, wealth and fame. But an ugly man or a gloomy old man will bring nothing but troubles, worries, difficulties and disappointments.

If a person is dreaming. Woman

Let's return again to the Mayan people. This time, his representatives say that if a woman has such a dream, it means that her man is faithful to her, and there is no reason to suspect cheating on his part. Although, to consolidate the sign, it is still recommended to drink a glass of warm melt water every day before bed for a week. But if a representative of the stronger half of humanity dreams of a woman, and the dream is intrusive, you should still listen to yourself. Perhaps there is a problem with potency. In general, the ancient people in this case advised eating as much parsley, horseradish, ginger and hot pepper as possible. In the modern Russian dream book, we managed to find information that everything depends on the appearance of the lady in the dream: a toothless old woman with a stick - to losses, a black-haired gypsy - to gossip, and good news will only be brought by a young lady with luxurious blond hair who appears in dreams.


Well, let's sum it up. So, if you dream about a person, be sure to pay attention to him and remember that this dream is significant. It is ready to change your life, and therefore it is definitely worth adopting.

The planet of dreams is inhabited by many people. Family, friends, casual acquaintances and strangers. What does their appearance in dreams mean?

To understand why that other person was dreaming, ask yourself: what kind of person is he, what connects you with him, what character traits does he have, what is going on or has recently happened in his life? It is not by chance that the psyche takes these images out of the storerooms of your subconscious. Perhaps the qualities of this person are most relevant to you at the moment or, or against, can significantly harm.

If you are starting a new business and your lucky friend appears to you in a dream, it means that the project will be successful. And on the contrary: if you dreamed of an unemployed person or a beggar, consider it a disaster, nothing will work out well. We urgently need to amend our plans and pay special attention to our companions.

Familiar faces. The dream can talk about relationships, emotions and experiences associated with these people (if you communicate regularly). But the hour denotes your own qualities (negative or positive), which are embodied by your dreamed acquaintances.

Friends, especially those with whom I have not spoken for a long time. Sometimes such dreams are prescient: you dream of a friend you miss, and a day later she unexpectedly appears in real life. The fact is that you and she often remember each other, your thoughts seem to be energetically attracted.

Parents are the most influential figures in our subconscious. We literally consist of those who gave birth to and raised us, we carry their program settings within us, even if we ourselves do not admit it. A dream involving a father or mother speaks of contradictions that arise in your inner world: your mother said one thing, but you want to live your own way. Dreams in which parents appear symbolize psychological dependence on them.

Grandparents in a dream, on the one hand, mean wisdom, on the other, old age and decline. They are dreamed of in connection with the need to approach life more thoughtfully, fuss less and pay attention to health.

Brothers and sisters are dreams that take us back to childhood. They remind you of the competitive feeling you felt as a child.

Acquaintances from the past - a call from those years. Now something similar is happening: you behave the same way as then, you experience the same sensations. Perhaps it’s time to give up the complexes you got at school, or remember the victories of your university years.

Actors, singers, celebrities - you appear before people in some role. Having determined the image of a star, you can understand what kind of play you are playing at this moment in your life.

Strangers come in dreams at times when we need to realize new facets of our own personality. These characters are endowed with the most contradictory traits. You may discover a “ruthless tyrant” in yourself, which coexists with “Miss Perfection”, and from time to time an “inner critic” comes into the arena. Having determined who visited you this time, try to understand where in life in relation to yourself or others you behave like this incognito from the world of dreams.

Pay attention to the gender of the dream hero. Each of us has two halves: male and female. If a man dreams of a beautiful stranger (however, it could also be a terrible witch), his inner feminine part is undergoing changes. Meeting her is the discovery of new sensations, emotions, feelings, everything connected with feminine nature. Physical intimacy with a stranger in a dream indicates that in reality the man has become softer and more gentle.

The same goes for women. The dreaming man symbolizes her spirit, the active qualities of her character - determination, will, aggression. It is not surprising that in prophetic dreams images of future life partners appear to us: in fact, they already exist in us in the form of the second half of our nature. Most often, these characters are collective in nature: they consist of traits that we accept or reject in representatives of the opposite sex.

Energy connection with a dreaming person

Esotericists and psychics are confident that if you dreamed about a former lover (or beloved), then this is nothing more than a binary channel that was laid between a couple in moments of their physical and spiritual intimacy. The energetic connection does not happen that quickly, but it is not as good as many people think.

The fact is that energy can “leak” through this channel: the donor will be the one of the two people who yearns for the ex-partner, thinks about him and continues to experience warm feelings. As soon as a person begins to cross out the ex (or ex) from his present, the channel will begin to narrow, and the “vampire”, accustomed to having constant replenishment, will begin to feel a lack of something vital. Most likely, he is not aware of what is happening, since everything happens at a “subtle” level, so his energy shell comes to the dreamer at night in a dream in order to refresh memories and again “connect” to the power source.

What to do after such a dream

According to experts in the field of dreams and extrasensory perception, after a person appears in a dream with whom the dreamer has not communicated for a long time, but such a dream brought back his past experiences, one should thank the Universe for the dream shown and mentally wish the dreamed person all the best.

As Julia Roberts said in one of the popular films: “every time you remember your ex, you need to mentally send him a warm ray of light and goodness.” But after this, you need to imagine your distance from him, imagining his image as faded, and feel the absence of any feelings towards this person. This is a kind of visualization, and the brighter it passes, the more tightly the energy channel will be blocked.

What if you dream about a girl you know?

The image of a girl you know in a dream is a positive image, promising the dreamer many pleasant emotions, success in business and positive news. However, there are other interpretations of such a dream, signaling troubles and problems, so for a more accurate interpretation, try to remember as many details of this very dream as possible to display the most accurate picture of your future.

For example, the color of the clothes you see your friend in will be of great importance. If she is wearing clothes of light shades, this is a favorable sign, notifying the dreamer that he will be lucky in all his endeavors. If a girl appeared in a dream in dark-colored clothes, this is also a good sign, promising the dreamer support in life from otherworldly forces.

Also try to remember the emotional component of the dream, that is, what emotions you experienced when meeting this girl. If you met very warmly, you were pleased to see each other and communicate - this is a positive sign that your business will soon go uphill. However, if this meeting was a burden to you, this is a sign that someone is constantly trying to harm you, to interfere with the implementation of your plans.

If a woman sees a girl she knows in a dream, this is a harbinger that they will meet very soon in real life. By how the girl from the dream behaves, you can determine what news you should expect after such a meeting. If a girl looks cheerful, healthy and smiling, this is a sign of good news, but if she looks sad, sad and haggard, this is a bad sign, promising big problems or serious illnesses for you or someone in your family.

How do dream interpreters explain such dreams?

Following the interpretations of many dream books, we can identify the general characteristics of this dream. It can warn about conflict situations and troubles with relatives of the older generation, about the presence of some problem that concerns both the dreamer and them. To avoid negative consequences, this issue should be resolved quickly and efficiently. Also, such a dream can predict a quick separation from a loved one in real life.

If a woman dreams of an ex-girlfriend who is no longer even around, and a man dreams of a former friend, then such dreams symbolize the likelihood of receiving important news soon.

But it is also important what the content of the dream was, because the dreamer, in addition to the image of a given person, sees and remembers other details, experiences certain emotions, and receives information from what was said by the friend who came into the dream. The vector of interpretation depends on this - whether the dream predicts bad events or, on the contrary, promises something positive. And it is also possible that a long-time friend or girlfriend needs help or has an insoluble problem - you can understand this by their appearance, facial expressions, gestures and speech.

It is important to pay attention to the weather during a meeting in a dream - it can also indicate whether the clouds will thicken or the sun will appear in the dreamer’s near future.


If a stranger in a dream gave you information about something, you should remember at least part of the information. Such dreams are messengers and warn of fundamental changes in life or give advice for action.

If the same image comes into your dream and it is impossible to get rid of it, it means that the universe is transmitting important information through your subconscious. You are fixated on a dilemma that it is time to forget about. Break out of the circle of thoughts, become a free person.

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