Why do you dream of a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time: interpretation in dream books

According to dream books, meeting in a dream with a person with whom the dreamer has not communicated in real life for a long time personifies unrealized plans and ambitions. The dream also indicates an action of the sleeper in the past, which he deeply regrets, but is unable to change. Seeing an old acquaintance and feeling the joy of meeting him promises a pleasant pastime and a change in your usual way of life. In the near future, a person’s life can change greatly if he shows determination in achieving his goals and takes advantage of the prospects that open to him.

Who did the sleeper see in his dream?

When interpreting a dream, it is first of all recommended to pay attention to the personality of the person whom the sleeper saw in his dream:

  • Childhood friend. Meeting friends from childhood or youth is a reflection of the dreamer’s nostalgia for the past. He misses his comrades and fondly remembers the time they spent together. An alternative interpretation indicates that the sleeper feels guilty about an act committed in the past and sincerely repents of what he did.
  • A friend with whom the sleeping person has not communicated for a long time. Such a dream reflects the need for friendly support. A friend’s sick, haggard appearance is a sign that he is the one who needs help. A healthy and happy friend means good news or receiving a lucrative offer at work.
  • Girlfriend. Seeing a friend is a sign that in real life the dreamer lacks bright emotions. She dreams of a carefree pastime, long walks with friends and romantic dates with her beloved. The dream book advises taking a short vacation and spending it with loved ones.
  • The person with whom there was a quarrel. If you dream of a person whom the dreamer has not seen for a long time and does not think about meeting him due to mutual resentment, it means that the time has come to forget the old conflict and erase the negative memories associated with it from memory.
  • The guy I like. The dreamer should remember his feelings for her in a dream. If the guy showed sympathy for her, then the vision foreshadows changes in life. Indifference on the part of a young man, shown in the kingdom of dreams, is a sign that it is time to forget past relationships and learn to appreciate your present.

Interpretations of his mood and appearance

Before opening the interpreter, it is worth remembering in detail the behavior of the main character. Any nuance can affect the decoding.


Success in your personal life. The joyful appearance of the dreamer is a positive signal. Details:

  • smiles - to mutual sympathy;
  • laughs - to resolve a problematic situation;
  • jokes - the favor of fortune.

An acquaintance in a bow tie marks the acquisition of a high-ranking patron. A dark-colored accessory is patronage from management.


An irritated and tense young man portends unpleasant news. Perhaps he had difficulties. Your help is needed. Remember the appearance of the dreamer:

  • Beaten - to a conflict with a relative over a financial situation.
  • In torn clothes - there will be a chance to improve money matters.
  • Wounded - to material losses.
  • In the blood - to love disappointment.

An angry friend is a sign of an imminent mistake. Think through every step so you don’t suffer later.


Interpreters associate what they saw with an unpleasant meeting in reality. Someone close to you has problems or a minor illness.

Marital status adjusts the omen:

  • Young woman . Subconscious worries about reputation put pressure. Be more reserved. React less to the opinions of others.
  • Married - an unpleasant clash with a dreamed person. Refrain from criticizing this person.

Drinking together means insult, swearing, scandal. A quarrel can break out anywhere. Beware of inappropriate citizens!

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What was the plot of the dream?

Interpretation of the actions of the dreamer and the hero of his dream:

Meeting in an unusual placeIt promises success in business - luck will favor the dreamer in all endeavors
An old friend's visitTo achieve absolute harmony in relationships with your loved one. For lonely people, the dream foreshadows a meeting with their soulmate
Death of an old friendA favorable sign that prophesies to the sleeper valuable communication with people dear to his heart
Communication with a drunk personIn real life, the dreamer does not pay enough attention to his family members and friends. They need his care and want to spend more time in his company. People who have children should take this interpretation especially seriously - the attention of parents is very important for them
Hugs and kissesTo unusual adventures and vivid, memorable emotions that will leave a deep mark in the dreamer’s memory and make him take a fresh look at his life
ArgumentA harbinger of unexpected news and extraordinary events. Future events will sincerely surprise and delight the dreamer

Why do I dream about strangers?

Scientists who study the nature of human dreams say that we cannot dream of strangers as such. In any case, we have seen this person at least once in our lives. The brain remembered the face and recreated it.

Dreams in which we see other people rarely mean anything specific. Personal psychology is more involved here. Thus, the subconscious tries to point out some problems, doubts or fears.

When did you have the dream?

In esotericism, the day of the week on which the sleeper had a dream is important.

The conversation in which the dreamer took part in the kingdom of Morpheus may contain answers to many questions. Therefore, it is important to remember the key phrases heard in the conversation and find the secret meaning in them.

Interpretation of night vision by day of the week:

Days of the weekThe meaning of dreams
From Monday to TuesdayThey contain a hidden message - instructions for the future. They promise the sleeper a struggle to achieve his goals. If in a dream a meeting with a person with whom the dreamer has not kept in touch for a long time was successful, then in real life it will be possible to safely overcome all the difficulties along the way
From Tuesday to WednesdayThey promise changes in life and new acquaintances. If the dreamer did not feel positive emotions, then in reality he experiences a lack of communication
From Wednesday to ThursdayMost often they relate to the professional activities of the sleeper. If he had a conversation with his old acquaintance, then he must try to remember it

Energy connection with a dreaming person

Esotericists and psychics are confident that if you dreamed about a former lover (or beloved), then this is nothing more than a binary channel that was laid between a couple in moments of their physical and spiritual intimacy. The energetic connection does not happen that quickly, but it is not as good as many people think.

The fact is that energy can “leak” through this channel: the donor will be the one of the two people who yearns for the ex-partner, thinks about him and continues to experience warm feelings. As soon as a person begins to cross out the ex (or ex) from his present, the channel will begin to narrow, and the “vampire”, accustomed to having constant replenishment, will begin to feel a lack of something vital. Most likely, he is not aware of what is happening, since everything happens at a “subtle” level, so his energy shell comes to the dreamer at night in a dream in order to refresh memories and again “connect” to the power source.

Interpretations of various dream books

Why dream of feeding a child in a dream:

Dream InterpretationInterpretation
Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus
  • Breastfeeding is for the well-being of the sleeping person and his family members. Such a plot symbolizes hope for a bright future, which will come true, and unshakable faith in oneself.
  • For a pregnant woman - to a successful birth and happy motherhood
Interpreter of Freud
  • For a girl, the dreamer is not yet ready for a serious relationship and is embarrassed about her body.
  • For a married woman, such a plot indicates her sensuality and receiving maximum pleasure from intimate caresses
Foreteller Tsvetkova
  • For a woman of childbearing age - the birth of a baby in real life.
  • For pregnant women - to an easy birth without pain and complications. For everyone else, you need to take measures to eradicate your own vices and bad habits, otherwise everything could end very badly
Longo's Dream Interpretation
  • Giving breast milk to a newborn does not threaten the health of a sleeping woman; to a family idyll and complete mutual understanding.
  • Bottle feeding someone else's boy - taking on someone else's responsibilities, but not getting any benefit or gratitude from it
Islamic interpreter
  • For a woman who is seriously ill, a dream about feeding a baby with breast milk means a speedy recovery and restoration of mental balance.
  • For married dreamers who are absolutely healthy, such a dream portends success in all endeavors and favorable life changes
Dream Interpretation of Smirnov
  • For a married woman - to add to the family of a sleeping person.
  • For a pregnant woman - to the birth of a healthy child.
  • Feeding a newborn with a bottle means meeting a man who will completely change the life of a sleeping woman
Interpreter Loffa
  • Breastfeeding a baby in a public place - the secrets of a sleeping person may become public knowledge.
  • For a pregnant woman, this is a sign of a painless and quick labor process.
  • For an unmarried woman - to worry about her loved one.
  • Feeding someone else's child from a bottle means deep disappointment in people from your close circle who will betray you at the most difficult moment in life.
Dream Interpretation of Astromeridiana
  • For an unmarried girl, a dream is a sign that she is ready to start a family and become a mother.
  • For married women, breastfeeding in a dream means a life full of love, abundance and all kinds of benefits.
  • For nursing mothers, a dream that her baby refuses breast milk and does not want to suckle—the dreamer is afraid that this could happen in real life and the lactation process will be interrupted.
  • Feeding someone else's boy from a bottle is a willingness to give your best and sacrifice your needs for the interests of your loved ones. A girl - to personal problems
Female interpreter
  • For a married woman, the dream of breastfeeding a newborn is a reflection of a person’s instincts and his real needs. Perhaps this is a sign that a baby will soon appear in the family.
  • For a woman whose children have already grown up, the dream means that the dreamer dreams of turning back time and again doing household chores and raising her children.
  • For young girls, breastfeeding in a dream means a very favorable period in life. Everything planned will definitely come true.
  • Feeding someone else's baby from a bottle is a troublesome undertaking.

Circumstances of the meeting

If in a dream the dreamer kissed a person who had stopped communicating, then in reality it is possible to fall in love with a person for whom there is sympathy . You should take action and invite the object of your adoration on a date. If there is already a relationship, then the dream can warn about the relationship of the other half to the dreamer. He can lie, and this lie will soon become known.

If there was a fight, then there will be serious life changes ahead. But what will change depends entirely on the dreamer. You should remember the dream in detail, as it will contain an important hint that will help you avoid various troubles. Such a quarrel warns that the time has come for change.

If you dreamed of a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time and entered into an intimate relationship with him, then in real life there is a person who is not indifferent to the dreamer. This person wants a closer relationship.

When the dreamer feels confident and at ease at the moment of such a meeting, then in real life he will be able to cope with any misfortunes and obstacles. There are reliable friends around who will always lend a helping hand.

Miller's Predictor

A dream about breastfeeding is deciphered as a unique opportunity to turn your plans and ideas into reality. Any business that a sleeping woman undertakes will be crowned with great success. If the dreamer’s family has money problems, then a constant source of income will appear and there will be enough money not only for the most necessary things, but also for entertainment and a good rest.

For a single woman, this is a signal that soon a reliable partner will appear in their life who will love and care for the dreamer. For a young girl - to incredible luck in all areas of life and to a carefree life.

Breastfeeding a newborn and experiencing great pleasure in a dream means the fulfillment of all your innermost desires.

Giving a bottle of breast milk to someone else's boy means painstaking and hard work that will bring neither moral satisfaction nor monetary reward.

General meaning of sleep

When in a dream the dreamer sees a person with whom communication has long ceased, then a new turn awaits ahead, which will be successful and will have an impact on his whole life. Perhaps there will be interesting meetings that will overwhelm you with positive emotions. If you have a business trip planned, then after such a dream you can safely go on it. However, the vision also warns of conflicts that are recommended to be avoided.

If a friend looks great and is happy, then the dreamer can improve his financial situation. He may begin to climb the career ladder or become the owner of an unexpected bonus. And if you dreamed that he was untidy, then you should look at life from a different angle. You should be careful with finances and envious people who will wait for failure.

Also, such a dream can warn of incorrect behavior. Don't act arrogantly and show selfishness.

According to Tsvetkov

Esoteric portends joy and pleasure for a woman. The male dreamer should aim to open a business; promotion of existing.

The girl is given a detailed explanation:

  • A fateful meeting is just around the corner, leading straight to the registry office (to marriage).
  • Broken heart, lack of reciprocity of feelings (if he kisses another).
  • A sudden turn if you wrote an SMS.

An unfamiliar boy dreamed of playing the role of an old friend - a good omen. The dreamer evokes sincere admiration, respect, and veneration from the opposite sex. With proper activity, you will be able to enlist the support of a variety of people. Just don't be modest.

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