Why do you dream if a cat fell - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, if a cat falls - make an important decision, find strength in yourself, be on the verge of an important choice. The main meaning is to be at a wedding ceremony, to celebrate the holidays, and to make family plans. But, it happens - to expect relatives to visit, to expect a big celebration, to make plans for the future. But sometimes, when relatives on the father’s side arrive, we gather in the family circle and plan our future lives.

If you compare different editions of dream books, you will certainly encounter differences in interpretations. To succinctly answer the question of why you dream about a cat falling, we took information from the most reliable dream books. Classic publications by Miller and Vanga will answer the question about the mystery of dreams. And the lunar dream book will give the answer in what lunar phases this will come true and with what chance.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing a cat fall in a dream means finding yourself at a wedding ceremony, a sign of festive troubles, and making family plans. Vanga described cats as a positive and happy element of dreams. Their frequent appearance is a harbinger of a very long love and passionate relationship. And the duration of sleep will indicate the duration of the celebration and celebration.

What can you do to make cats' dreams come true faster? Vanga said that the coming true of a good dream can be accelerated in a simple way. Firstly, it is important to remember well, and preferably write down, all the details of the dream. Then light any candle, preferably a church candle, and walk around the house with the burning candle.

Miller's dream book: if the cat fell

According to Miller, if you dream that a cat has fallen, it means that relatives on your father’s side will arrive, gather in the family circle, and plan your future life. It promises a warm family holiday, a meeting of relatives in a narrow family circle. But it could also be a visit from guests or very distant relatives from outside. Miller also gives advice: if you celebrate, try to abstain from alcohol.

Cats, Miller believed, have a fairly broad meaning. Appearing in a dream, they foreshadow many good changes on the path of life. Occasionally they promise the appearance of good business partners and even friends. At the same time, Miller strongly advised to remain reasonable and not make hasty decisions.

According to Miss Hasse's dream book

When asked why you dream about a cat falling, Miss Hasse answered - to see a magnificent wedding celebration, to see distant relatives, to plan family life. The abundance of details and dream elements speak of your own upcoming wedding. Obsessive but non-repetitive images are a sign of celebration for a friend or relative. Also, in some cases, this promises a new addition to the family and children.

With such dreams one should exercise caution and prudence. Cats certainly attract good luck and good changes into people's lives. Hasse assured that in such dreams an integrated approach is important and other dreams must be taken into account. In them you can find a symbol that will change the entire essence of the overall picture of interpretation.

Why do cats dream: options for dream interpretation from the most famous interpreters

A cat is an animal that has adapted to a comfortable life next to a person, but at the same time retained its independence. In addition to their independent nature, domestic felines are distinguished by their unpredictability and even mystery. Due to this feature of cats, dreams with fluffy purrs in the main role are interpreted ambiguously by dream books.

Why cats dream: interpretations from the most popular dream books

Most well-known dream books see a cat in a dream as a negative sign. Probably, this attitude towards dreams with mustachioed pets is motivated by the natural secrecy and willfulness of these animals.

Cat in Miller's dream book

Miller sees cats and cats as harbingers of bad news. If the dreamer managed to drive the animal away from him in his dreams, the bad news will bypass him or will not result in any undesirable consequences.

Seeing a cat attack in a dream means the emergence of a new enemy. It won't be possible to catch him right away. If a cat scratches you, be prepared for financial loss.

Hearing cats meowing in a dream, but not observing the animals themselves, is a warning about the appearance of fake people in your life who can harm your peace of mind.

Seeing a weak, thin, shabby and sick cat means someone in your circle will become seriously ill. It’s good if you managed to drive away the tailed one - in this case, the disease will end in recovery.

A woman’s dream about a small kitten warns that she will soon be involved in some unseemly matter.

If a male businessman sees a cat in a dream, such a dream warns of the emergence of an influential and strong competitor. You may need to concentrate all your efforts on your business.

A white cat symbolizes the emergence of doubts and anxieties in a new business. If you don't get rid of them, a poor existence may ensue.

What cats dream about: Vanga’s interpretation

The famous seer also gives negative symbolism to cats seen in dreams. She claims that these animals are always dreamed of before quarrels, conflicts and discord in any area of ​​everyday life.

Finding yourself scratched by a cat in a dream means a scandal caused by jealousy.

Chasing an animal means meeting a narcissistic and selfish person who will drink a lot of your blood.

If you dreamed of a black cat, beware of your enemies.

Being surrounded by many cats promises embarrassment and ending up in a humiliating situation.

Loff's interpretation

Loff considers representatives of the cat family to be magical creatures and attributes witchcraft powers to them.

Why do cats dream according to Loff? A cat or cat seen in a dream is a warning that you need to learn to trust your intuition and listen to it more often.

Sometimes such a dream can indicate the dreamer’s subconscious desire to learn magic and esotericism.

Cats in a dream: meaning according to Freud

In Freud's writings, everything somehow comes down to the sexual component of a person's life, and dreams involving cats and cats are no exception.

The psychologist is sure that cats dreamed about in night dreams indicate that the dreamer is overly excited in reality.

Did you dream that you were feeding or petting a small kitten? This indicates your attraction to people who are much younger than you in age.

Tormenting or killing a Murka in a dream is a symbol of sadistic tendencies regarding the intimate sphere of life.

Interpretation of sleep depending on the cat’s actions

When interpreting dreams with cats, the actions performed by the furry pet also play an important role. Try to remember the details of your night vision to get a more accurate forecast and prepare for possible troubles.

  1. Is the animal crossing your path or moving towards you? In reality, you will meet with an enemy, so excessive caution will not hurt.
  2. Did you see a loudly meowing cat in a dream? In real life, you will be asked to help solve a problem. This will take a lot of your strength and energy.
  3. To catch a mug is to expose a gossip who is spreading dirty rumors about you.
  4. Seeing a cat peacefully dozing means intrigues from ill-wishers. Someone will probably set you up. Be carefull!
  5. Did you dream about a tailed pet washing itself? It's time to clear up your affairs and put them in order.

Why do you dream about cats? Are there positive interpretations? A dream in which you saw a cat catching a mouse is considered favorable. Such a dream plot promises large monetary profits.

Paradoxically, a dream in which you saw an already dead representative of the cat family also has good symbolism. It promises a quick resolution to a long-standing conflict or victory over an ill-wisher who has been poisoning your life for a long time.

Did you dream about a cat? Decoding the dream:

The meaning of dreams with a mother cat and kittens

A dream about a pregnant cat signals that it is time for you to rest and relax. A more detailed interpretation of such a dream depends on the behavior of the future cat-mother:

  • Physical rest is necessary if you see a cat lying down. Same meaning if an animal rubs against your legs;
  • A pet that bites or scratches will tell you about the need for moral rest. Restore your strength, be alone, devote time to a hobby.

Avoid meeting with friends and strangers if you dreamed about a cat giving birth.


Have you seen a cat with kittens? Expect joy if the cubs were the same color as their mother. The color is different - get ready for changes in your personal life.

Active and restless kittens promise unexpected profits, and sleeping babies promise a meeting with friends. A meeting with old acquaintances is promised by a dream where a cat licks its cubs.

Kittens drink milk - a dream foreshadows pleasant chores.

Cats according to modern dream books

If you dream that a cat has fallen, it means making an important decision, finding strength in yourself, being on the verge of an important choice. Unfortunately, such a dream cannot indicate exactly what the choice will be. It is also indicated that there will not be much time to make a decision. Therefore, you will need experience and resourcefulness, your best personal qualities.

In the modern edition, some interpretations from old dream books have been corrected. The past time has had a strong influence on human perception and culture. The meaning of cats in a dream also did not escape this fate, having changed over the years. Also, it is modern publications that are able to answer the question about the latest symbols.

The cat jumped from the balcony

Dream Interpretation Cat jumped from the balcony dreamed of why in a dream the cat jumped from the balcony? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a cat jumping from a balcony in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

May mean an unexpected promotion.

The balcony of your own home means honor and respect from colleagues, successful completion of a project, an unexpected promotion.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see a cat fall in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means expecting relatives to visit, expecting a big celebration, making plans for the future. And at a family meeting, a very personal family issue may be raised. And this topic can develop into an open quarrel, and even a conflict. It would be a good option to simply not allow the topic to develop.

How to make cats from dreams bring good luck to real life? The interpreter recommended keeping the plans, goals and dreams in your thoughts. And this will allow you to be unconsciously on the path to achieving them. And when the opportunity arises, you will definitely make a decision that will bring you closer to your cherished goal.

The cat falls from the balcony

Dream Interpretation Cat falls from the balcony dreamed of why in a dream a cat falls from the balcony? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a cat falling from a balcony in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

May mean an unexpected promotion.

The balcony of your own home means honor and respect from colleagues, successful completion of a project, an unexpected promotion.

Someone else's balcony - dissatisfaction in love.

Many balconies are empty promises.

Being on the balcony means worries await you, perhaps in vain.

Standing high on the balcony means fear of responsibility, anxiety about the fragility of your position.

Climbing onto the balcony over the railing means you have an important test ahead of you.

Getting off the balcony is an unforeseen circumstance.

Jumping from a balcony is excessive self-confidence.

To dream of a long farewell on the balcony - for lovers it can foreshadow a final break in the relationship.

A balcony collapses - a dream predicts the instability of your position; many plans will remain pipe dreams.

Trying to reach the balcony means sexual attraction.

A house with a large number of balconies indicates a large number of sexual partners and indiscriminate choice in their choice.

A balcony decorated with flowers and plants speaks of your passion and love.

If you are renovating your balcony, then you continue to love and need your wife.

The same dream for a bachelor indicates the need to change his lifestyle.

If a woman dreams of renovating a balcony, this indicates that she is seriously concerned about her appearance.

Seeing a balcony in a dream is a sign that you are powerless over circumstances and may consider the situation in which you find yourself hopeless.

However, sometimes seeing a balcony in a dream is a harbinger of a quick strengthening of your position in society, which is associated with risk and danger. In addition, a dream about a balcony may portend receiving news about a friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

If in a dream you dream that you fell from a balcony, then your dreams will never come true.

If in a dream you are standing on a balcony, then your plans will encounter many obstacles, and you simply cannot imagine what you have gotten yourself into. The dream warns you of the futility of your efforts to accomplish something. The dream also predicts disappointments in love. You should not spend a lot of time and effort on your plan. You will soon see that this warning was not in vain. Think about more realistic things.

For lovers, being on the balcony or saying goodbye on the balcony is a sign of imminent separation. Perhaps your lover will become seriously ill, and for this reason you will not see him for a long time, or you will be tormented by jealous suspicions, which will turn out to be groundless and far-fetched.

If in a dream you try to cross the balcony from one room to another and you succeed, then success awaits you in a task that is not easy to accomplish. However, if you did not succeed because another door was closed or for another reason, then your business cannot be carried out for reasons that do not depend on you.

See interpretation: Door, Lock, Window.

Danger awaits you where you don't expect it. Possible betrayal of a loved one.

Feeling afraid of heights while standing on a balcony means that the responsibility you have to take on for the assigned task will become a difficult test for you.

Seeing a balcony falling portends the collapse of all your hopes. Many dreams will remain unfulfilled. Imagine that powerful columns have “grown” under the balcony (see Column).

Being on the balcony means joy from upcoming events. In your own home - well-deserved honors and respect await you at work. On someone else's balcony - the upcoming vacation promises a lot of pleasure, pleasant emotions and a carefree holiday. Mentally prolong your sleep and sit comfortably in a chair on the balcony (see Armchair).

The cat is one of the most difficult symbols that one has to deal with when deciphering dreams.

The thing is that the image of a cat can appear in a dream for many reasons, and it is almost never possible to determine exactly how our subconscious worked at the moment when we saw a small kitten, a Siamese cat or an affectionate cat.

Perhaps in reality we encountered an amazing person who, despite all the difficulties, managed to avoid a seemingly imminent danger. After all, looking at just such people, we remember the folk wisdom: “He’s like a cat, everything falls on his feet.”

The appearance of a cat in a dream can also be facilitated by meeting an independent, independent and slightly frivolous woman. And this is no coincidence, because in real life we ​​call such a woman “a cat that walks on its own.”

Or maybe the image of a cat in a dream arose as a result of the fact that memories of how the cat washed itself were deposited in our subconscious: the folk sign “The cat washes its face for guests” is no secret to anyone.

A cat can appear in a dream even when we are watching with pleasure how a young guy caresses and plays with a cat: after all, it’s rare that another folk wisdom does not come to mind at this moment: “He who loves cats will love his wife.”

What if we dreamed of a cat, as a warning of impending danger (after all, during the day we were very worried when a black cat crossed our path)?

As for those human qualities that characterize a cat, they are, without a doubt, known to everyone. This is cunning, deceit and malice.

But at the same time, we must not forget that in ancient times cats were deified and considered special animals. This means that any dream in which you saw a cat is prophetic. The most important thing is to be able to decipher it correctly.

Watching a cat wash itself in a dream means guests. It is possible that you will meet old good friends with whom you will have a great time.

Watching a dog hunt a cat in a dream is a warning that you should under no circumstances deceive your friends. Having learned about your deception, your friends will turn away from you forever.

Seeing in a dream a small kitten hiding in a tree from an angry dog ​​is a sign that in real life you should be very careful.

If you dreamed of a kitten who, having noticed a dog in the distance, immediately runs to hide on the roof, then you should beware of a danger that you have already managed to avoid once.

If in a dream you saw a cat hunting for mice, then in the near future your life will be hectic and not entirely joyful. Various problems will arise on your way due to the deceit and evil machinations of your secret enemy.

If a cat scratched you in a dream, then in reality big problems await you, about which you will be very worried.

If you dreamed that a cat drove its claws right into your chest, then emotional anguish, sadness and sorrow await you.

Watching a cat pretending to be dead and lying next to a mouse hole means that in the near future someone close to you will attempt to deceive you.

Watching in a dream how a cat caught a mouse and carried it off to show its prey to other cats is a sign that in real life you are a very vain person.

Perhaps such a dream indicates that there are vain people around you who will bring you great misfortune.

If in a dream a black cat crossed your path, then in reality you should beware of dangers. Such a dream also suggests that you overestimate your strength, and therefore you should not refuse the help of friends.

Seeing a cat with kittens in a dream means problems with children. Perhaps your child is deceiving you.

Petting a cat sitting on your lap in a dream is a sign that in your environment there is a not entirely decent, frivolous woman who will greatly let you down by taking advantage of your trust.

Watching a young guy or a single man stroke a cat in a dream means that when he gets married, he will love his wife very much.

Feeding a cat in a dream is a sign that it’s time to stop “soaring in the clouds” and mind your own business.

Watching several cats fighting in a dream is evidence that a streak of minor setbacks awaits you, so be patient and courageous.

If in a dream an unfamiliar cat caresses you, it means that one of your new acquaintances has decided to take advantage of your kindness and trust. Be careful.

Seeing a dead cat in a dream is a bad omen. Apparently, you will learn about the illness of someone close to you.

To see a balcony in a dream means that in reality you will not be able to restrain your emotions over a generally trivial matter, having received unpleasant news about your friends.

Standing on the balcony and looking down - the vacation you are planning will remain a vivid memory in your memory for a long time.

For lovers to dream that they spend long night hours on the balcony, unable to part, foreshadows a possible separation forever soon.

Seeing a collapsed balcony means be careful on the street.

Seeing cats in a dream means that you will be deceived by people you trusted.

Cats portend a scandal in the family, provoked by deceitful and cunning friends.

If cats attack you, scratch and bite you, in reality you will resist the rapists of hooligan youths.

Hissing cats with reared backs and tousled fur are a sign of theft and robbery.

Seeing cats or cats sleeping peacefully portends incomplete success in business.

Seeing yourself surrounded by many meowing cats means that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who are ready to commit any betrayal for the sake of profit.

Feeding or petting cats in a dream foretells ingratitude for a good deed.

If in a dream you beat a cat, in reality you will be held accountable for an offense.

Killing cats means betraying a loved one.

Eating cat meat means treachery and deception.

Seeing black cats in a dream is a harbinger of all sorts of misfortunes.

White cats portend that they will try to lure you into placed nets, but common sense and prudence will help you avoid serious danger.

A cat and a dog suddenly throwing themselves at each other portend failure in a love relationship.

Seeing a homeless kitten in a dream means your enemies, trying to do some dirty tricks on you, will ultimately harm themselves.

Fluffy and playful kittens are a sign of impending success and prosperity, thin and sickly kittens are a sign of minor troubles and irritability.

- If in a dream you said goodbye to your lover on the balcony, you are destined to part. Moreover, this will happen very, very soon. However, do not despair, there are many men, just like balconies, in the world.


If a cat falls - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, if a cat falls, prepare for the arrival of distant relatives, gather in the family circle, and make plans for the future. To visit a large number of guests with gifts. Most often, this dream appears to people before major holidays. However, it is not necessary that guests come with a reason and an invitation.

Loff's unusual approach to interpretation was the absence of the habit of dividing dreams into positive and negative. According to his theory, any dream is a harbinger of positive changes, a happy symbol. The tendency of people to perceive the same signs in different ways also contributes. There is no need to worry if you meet cats in a dream - this is a very good sign.

my cat jumped out of the window dream book in a dream

Looking out the window means calm, peace, a safe situation.

Getting out of it or falling out of it means failure from a frivolous undertaking, a quarrel.

Getting into it means careless interference in other people's affairs, a secret that can easily be discovered. The desire to return “to yourself”, to become the same, to forget something. A secret from the family, incestuous attraction.

Breaking a window means trouble.

Looking out of the dormer window is hope.

Seeing bars on the window means separation.

To install bars is to deprive yourself of joys out of fear of life. Avoid interesting ventures.

To climb into a dark room through a window is to experience a passionate desire.

If you break a window outside in a dark room, you will lose your innocence, and for some reason you will have to remember this.

Inserting glass into a window means taking precautions.

Looking through the broken, cracked one, we must continue the fight, despite the failure.

Seeing an empty window frame is a mockery; your intimate life will become the subject of gossip.

The wind throws the window open during the day - something new comes into life, but you don’t notice.

It opens at night - something new and important is clearly entering your life, but the consequences of this are still unclear.

The wind blows something away - something new will invade your life and confuse all your plans.

And he extinguishes the candle - news of death, thoughts of suicide.

The wind throws open the window, and you try in vain to close it - you feel fear of the world.

Seeing a bright window with tulle curtains means harmony of the outside world in your spiritual life.

Hanging them means embellishing your ideas about the world for the sake of peace of mind.

The curtains on the window are burning - some rapid turn of events.

Sealing the window for the winter, drawing a thick curtain - a premonition of everyday storms, the need to take precautions.

The window in your room seems too big - to feel insecure, to be afraid of someone.

Too small - suffocation, heart attack, captivity.

There are pink glasses in the window - you are imposing on yourself someone else’s ideas about the world.

Green glass - something urgent and painful comes from outside into your soul.

With yellow glasses - irritation and envy prevent you from seeing things correctly.

With blue glasses - melancholy and sadness.

With red glasses - hatred and vindictiveness dangerously distort your ideas about the world.

Seeing stained glass in your windows means trying in vain to isolate yourself in the world of beauty or religion.

Close the window carefully - unclear fears, some damage.

To open is an expectation that seems hopeless.

To be near an open window in a room and be afraid that someone will break in is to experience fear of the future.

A thing, an animal or a flying bird thrown through your open window are messengers of the future, they speak about its character.

Someone climbs through the window - an important acquaintance for your future, dark forces awaken in you.

To watch for him and hit him is a sign of inner, hidden despair in relations with the world.

A woman climbs into a window - a new hobby.

Locking shutters in a dream is a futile precaution.

The window is in the cobwebs, in the cracks; Looking outside through the shutter means feeling spiritual stagnation due to a secluded lifestyle.

To be in a room without windows and doors means to look in vain for the way to people; you will have to grieve alone.

The window is the entire wall, behind it there is light and greenery - harmony of the external and internal world.

Behind it there is darkness and monsters - you live, turning your face exclusively to your inner world.

The view from the window, there is a snowstorm outside the window, to see a storm - the storms of life will pass by.

Heavy rain is something good and joyful.

Desert - taking an irreconcilable, uncompromising position in relation to the outside world, trying to subjugate it to your will and suffering from it.

Destruction, ruins outside the window - to destroy something in your relationships with people, to be left alone.

The sea is outside the window - you need to strictly control your actions.

If it is peaceful, it means great happiness and joy.

Seeing a big river outside the window means living away from the flow of life and yearning for the bustle and noise.

You can see the landscape open to the horizon from the window - its details symbolize your worldview.

Pitch darkness outside the window - an unknown future, an incomprehensible present, you are turned to the world of magic and dark forces.

The blank wall of another house outside the window - someone is influencing your destiny, trying to drive it into a certain framework.

The street outside the window - trouble hangs over you, seeing the world from the outside.

Garden, trees outside the window - living immersed in memories, perceiving the world through the eyes of another person, not having your own opinion.

Outside the window, to see a strange perspective of buildings directed directly at your window - to completely immerse yourself in the life of your body, to rob yourself spiritually.

To see demonic hari outside the window - your passions are blocking the world from you, you see only them.

Fixed faces - someone is watching you intently.

Teasing faces - someone wants to force you to act according to their will.

The unbearable light outside the window is an invasion of unknown forces into your life.

To see a window with an empty room outside means to experience a strong longing for another person.

With a room where people walk around - yearning for a person who doesn’t need you.

There is another room right outside the window - love and harmony will replace the entire outside world for you.

Seeing a staircase leading up from a window means hope for relief, deliverance, liberation.

In an apartment, having a window only between rooms means being locked in the world of your family and being burdened by this.

Outside the window, the road stretching beyond the horizon hangs in the air - one is burdened by oneself, striving to break away from everything familiar.

Outside the window there is a burning house - peace and happiness.

The skull looks out the window - to realize that in the outside world there are no people dear to you, to yearn for the deceased.

They knock on it, but it is not clear who it is - a warning of misfortune, an imperious demand to fulfill one’s duty, greetings from the afterlife.

Someone in the dark is knocking - an obligation that conscience does not allow to fulfill.

To look into a dark window from the street is in vain to try to understand someone else’s soul and someone else’s life.

Seeing your family sitting peacefully through the window is a premonition of separation.

If you are sitting there with them, leave it of your own free will.

Seeing someone else's family means yearning for peace and quiet.

To see scenes of love in the window is to feel the coldness of your soul and suffer from it.

Seeing a murder or a fight means discord within your “I”, misfortune in your environment.

Looking at an abandoned room through a window means feeling unnecessary.

To see a dead person in her is to live automatically, without putting inner fire into your actions.

Seeing animals instead of people means you are tormented by passions and will be led astray from the right path.

Seeing unusually illuminated windows, a ball outside the window - all sorts of things are going on, something is being planned against you.

Seeing dinner being prepared outside the window - depending on the circumstances: something pleasant or evil is being prepared for you.

A ghost sticks out in a white window - you can’t recognize yourself, you can’t be surprised at your thoughts or actions.

People are frightening you from behind the window; you should be interested in someone else's life.

They throw a net at you from the window - fear of addiction.

A pot is being poured out or slop is being poured on you - you are about to experience kindness from someone else’s family.

A person falls out of a window on you - to suffer for another, to be guilty without guilt.

A pole sticks out of the window - if you quarrel, you will be refused the house.

The pig's snout sticks out - this is your home and your image, you have to reproach yourself.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The highest chance of such a dream coming true is at the beginning of the lunar growth. The same high probability remains during the full moon. The rest of the time, the chance that it will come true if the cat falls is practically zero. It would be useful advice to avoid planning your future on the waning moon.

The publication of the lunar dream book is truly unique. It shows periods of time when a certain dream has a high chance of coming true. A huge amount of research into the influence of lunar phases on dreams made the existence of such a publication possible. But for the correct and full use of this publication, it is necessary to combine it with the lunar calendar.

Other dream plots

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The American psychologist became known to a wide audience thanks to his book “Dream Book or Interpretation of Dreams.”

Freud's Dream Interpreter differs from other dream books in its non-standard approach to deciphering dreams.

Vanga was not only involved in predictions and healing, she could also freely read dreams.

French physician, astrologer, alchemist of the 16th century. But first of all, he is a soothsayer, famous for his prophecies.

I had a dream “ The cat fell from the balcony”

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The probability that the dream will come true

The probability that the dream will come true

The probability that the dream will come true

If you have a person to whom you can tell your dreams, you have no right to consider yourself lonely.

In a dream you can experience the same pleasure from sex as in reality.


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