Why do you dream if a child fell from a height - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, if a child falls from a height, expect relatives to visit, communicate on family topics, and rejoice at the meeting. According to the main interpreters, it is to overcome life’s hardships, find a way out of a difficult situation, and be filled with determination. Much less often - to the fulfillment of long-standing goals, the search for helpers and like-minded people, and the acquisition of long-awaited happiness. But sometimes - expect relatives to visit, discuss family problems, make joint plans.

If you compare different editions of dream books, you will certainly encounter differences in interpretations. For a detailed answer to the question of why you dream if a child falls from a height, we extracted information from all classic editions of dream books. The collections of Vanga and Miller will help you suggest what the images in your dreams promise. And the lunar dream book will indicate with what probability this will come true.

Do not stop!

Did you dream that you became small and managed to fall from a height? In reality, decide to take on something you don’t understand.

Did you happen to see that a person you knew was a baby and fell from somewhere? The dream book is sure: you will have to correct the mistakes and mistakes made by other people.

We must not forget that a child symbolically reflects a certain idea, idea, project. If he fell in a dream, then difficulties will arise in their implementation. Why do you dream about a boy standing up and smiling? After defeat, continue the struggle, and success will certainly come.

Dream Interpretation - Windows

Windows often show us the world as it could be, but do not allow us to experience it. Windows can be tricky and mislead us. This can mean disappointment, protection or illusion. In a dream of imprisonment, a window can symbolize a desired person or an environment in which you cannot currently find yourself. This is a common phenomenon in life. If the environment outside the window looks hostile, and you find yourself on the other side of the window to experience this, you discover that you have been deceived. Sometimes you can see in windows something that isn't really there. Perhaps it's time to overcome your UNCERTAINTY and feel the rhythm of life in your own skin, and not watch it pass by. If the opposite is true, and the pastoral scene outside your window turns out to be a disturbing reality, then you may feel that life is deceptive and does not always deliver on its promises. A window can be the beginning of a passage from this world to another. Dreams of this nature are common among those who engage in astral projection or develop a sense of detachment from the bustle of the world. These kinds of windows can open up realities that you can potentially immerse yourself into. Do you open a window in a dream, walk past it without even looking, or close it? Were the images on the other side of the window clear or blurry, as if in fog?



The dream book reminds us that a child is often identified in a dream with the dreamer’s soul. The following interpretation of the dream is based on this knowledge.

Did you dream about a child falling from a great height? This means that you are on the verge of spiritual destruction. In the real world, a dreamed incident can be expressed in a sharp decline in activity, total bad luck, a breakdown in relationships, or depression.

Why do you dream of an unfamiliar baby falling? This is an eloquent hint that your own recklessness and rashness will lead to trouble and even great disaster.

Dream Interpretation - Window

Symbolizes contact with the outside world. Most often, such dreams indicate that some extraneous events can distract your attention or even throw you off balance. Looking out of the window and observing some events or objects is a hint of circumstances that may interfere with you or force you to switch to other things. Bright light outside the windows in a dream: a sign of very bright events. Darkness outside the windows: usually suggests that you are too withdrawn into yourself and your problems. Seeing someone's gaze directed at you outside the windows: foreshadows someone's interference in your affairs, which can confuse your plans. Looking into other people's windows yourself: a sign of disappointment. Perhaps you will find yourself drawn into other people's problems, or your plans will lead to a completely different result than the one you expected. Climbing into someone else's window: means the opportunity to get involved in an unwanted story. Climbing out through a window in a dream: means that strangers events can completely confuse you, putting you in an extremely difficult and dangerous situation

Get your act together!

Did you dream that a small child fell from a height? Something strange is happening around you, and you are so worried that even in your dreams you manage to see bad events.

In your dreams, did the cub suddenly fall down? The dream book believes that the planned event will be disrupted by completely unexpected news or incident.

Why do you dream about a child climbing up and suddenly falling down? You have decided to implement a very difficult plan. Before you get down to work, be strong and take care of insurance.

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Don't relax!

Why do you dream if a child fell and died? Some conflict will inexorably develop into a real war. If your own child crashed in a dream, then the dream book is sure: you will get rid of unnecessary hassle and problems.

Did an unknown child crash before your eyes? An unexpected event coming from outside will disrupt the usual rhythm of life for a long time.

But to see that he landed successfully and remained intact is always good. In reality, solve problems and gain peace of mind.

My husband dreamed that he and our two-year-old daughter and his friend were climbing stairs up a mountain. I got a little distracted by my friend and the child flew down. When they went up, the daughter was in a dress, and when she flew down she was already wearing a leather jacket and pants, also leather. What could this mean?

I dreamed that my daughter fell from the bed onto the floor and lay motionless, but at the same time she was alive, and there was a blood scratch on the back.

I dreamed that I climbed a tree with my 9-month-old daughter and that she fell to the ground with a dull roar, I saw how she fell and fell, but nothing more, I woke up in horror.

In a dream, I saw how my two-year-old son climbed onto the roof of the house and when he wanted to go down the stairs he slipped and fell, while he died and his arm and head were torn off, like a doll. What does it mean?

The second time I dreamed that a little 2-year-old daughter was falling from a window on the 5th floor, I didn’t have time to catch the first dream, I woke up in great shock... the second time the same thing slips on the ledge and falls, but this time I manage to catch her and save her ... what is this for?

Today I dreamed that my baby was crawling along large steps and when I extended my hand to him, he stood up and his body outweighed him, and he fell from a great height onto his back, there was asphalt below

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