Why do white geese dream: for a girl, a woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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A dream about white geese can have different interpretations. The dreamer's gender, day of the week, social and marital status, age and many other facts are taken into account. Birds may be of different sizes, friendly or aggressive. Let's figure out what white geese dream about , according to different dream books.

Seeing white geese in a dream

The dreamed symbol is a favorable sign. The person who sees such a dream should remember detailed details. A well-groomed, healthy-looking goose promises strong offspring and a happy family life. When the dreamer sees pathetic-looking white birds, this foreshadows conflicts with relatives and money problems.

Snow-white handsome men in a dream are a contradictory symbol. Dream books interpret dreams in different ways. Many people wonder what this sign means and whether it could portend danger for the dreamer. To correctly interpret a dream, you need to pay attention to the nuances.


The meaning of a dream about wild geese differs from the interpretation of a dream about their domestic relatives. To correctly interpret a dream about feathered creatures, remember in detail all the details of your night dreams.

To dream of a flock of birds flying to warm countries speaks of a person’s dream of having a prestigious, well-paid job. When you dream that a caravan of geese is flying in from the south, this indicates the envy of distant relatives.

Other dream options

Any development of events is possible in dreams:

  • Why do you dream of a goose without a head? If in a dream the dreamer had to behead a bird, it means that in reality he will be able to find peace of mind and peace.
  • Why do you dream of a wounded goose? The bird says that in reality a person lacks something. The dreamer may be sad due to the lack of personal life or career growth
  • Roast goose was included in the dream book as a good sign. In reality, the sleeper can expect prosperity in his personal life.
  • Geese swans in dreams say that it is difficult for the dreamer to understand himself and his feelings.
  • Domestic birds indicate that a person’s cherished dream will soon come true.

Why did you dream about white geese?

In most cases, the appearance of this symbol in a dream is considered a favorable sign. To correctly interpret a dream and determine its connection with real life, you should remember the detailed details of the dream.

White birds in a dream have varied meanings. They can symbolize family, different areas of life. Each dream is solved individually, according to information received from different dream books, details, and intuition. All this will indicate the connection between the dream and reality.

In the house

What does a flock of geese mean in your own home? The dream predicts an imminent period of prosperity and prosperity.

7 out of 10 dreams about white geese in a cage promise losses

Seeing birds in a cage means serious financial problems.

In the meadow

Do you dream of birds nibbling grass on a green lawn? Peace and mutual understanding will reign in the family. Seeing a whole goose family means honor and respect from the people around you. Dreaming of counting goslings means minor losses or receiving small news.


Geese plucking the dreamer in a dream mean ill-wishers who are trying to cause harm.


Do you dream that white birds attack the dreamer? The dream book warns of an approaching serious danger. Do not ignore this sign, refuse any risky ideas and activities.

Seeing a dream where geese attack and pinch the dreamer? In reality, he will find himself in an unpleasant society, which will cause frustration and worry.

The dreamer's actions

If a man happened to herd geese, according to the dream book, this is a sign that his future wife will be prone to gossip and scandals. There are other interpretations:

  1. To drive a bird into a meadow means to receive a lucrative offer from long-time business partners.
  2. Feeding geese from your hands is a fulfillment of an old dream. The dreamer will be able to afford to make a purchase that he has long dreamed of.
  3. Stroking the feathers of a bird means a calm and measured life. A sleeping person will be able to make peace with his enemies, improve family relationships, and achieve a high position and authority at work.
  4. Catching scattering birds means you will be late for an important meeting. You should be more organized so as not to miss the moment to radically change your destiny for the better.
  5. Deliberately scattering geese is a sign that the dreamer will be able to easily solve the problem thanks to his extraordinary type of thinking.
  6. Stealing a bird means making a very large profit, searching for it means a successful solution to a serious issue, saving geese in trouble means realizing a long-standing desire.
  7. Plucking a carcass means making a rash and expensive purchase.

An unusual dream in which the dreamer was flying astride a goose means incredible luck and success in all areas of life. The dream where the dreamer was hunting a bird has the same meaning.

If a person dreams of small yellow birds, this is a good sign. According to Nostradamus, in the near future there will be peace and wars will stop. Most dreams about little geese promise success for men. If a woman dreams of geese, an early pregnancy is possible.

Dream Interpretation: seeing white geese in a dream

According to the Big Dream Book

The appearance of this symbol in a dream is a favorable sign, especially if you dreamed of beautiful white feathered creatures. The snow-white bird promises a friendly meeting with an old friend or an appearance on the threshold of a guest’s house. When a goose begs for something, the dream warns of deception; beware of scammers.

Holding a white, healthy, well-groomed bird in your arms means good luck in business, financial stability and help from friends or relatives. An escaped goose means missed opportunities.

Dreaming of killing a bird means losses and losses. When a man dreams of a goose, the dream warns of the appearance of scammers and thieves. Caution must be exercised. For a woman, meeting this bird in a dream promises an acquaintance with an interesting man.

According to Mary's dream book

A well-fed white goose symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

85% of dreams about a caught goose portend good luck

If you catch a bird in a dream and hold it in your hands, then great luck and success are expected in life.

When the feathered creature breaks out, luck will turn away from the dreamer.

When a goose attacks, the dream predicts hard work to achieve a goal. There will be no obstacles to realizing your plans, you just need to make an effort.

According to the Modern Dream Book

A snow white goose in night dreams promises an increase in wages or career advancement. Seeing a white bird in your own home predicts a meeting with an influential person who can help you find a good position. Catching a goose means chasing luck in life.

Holding a bird that behaves calmly in your arms means well-being and the resolution of all problems, receiving benefits. Hearing the cackling of geese in a dream, beware of false accusations in reality.

A bird attack in a dream promises obstacles in real life. If a goose plucks, expect unpleasant surprises from friends. This will not happen on purpose, but due to inattention or carelessness.

Varieties of poultry

You can clarify the interpretation of the plot you saw taking into account exactly which birds you saw in your dream:

  1. If you dream of white geese, it means the arrival of long-awaited guests or making a profit.
  2. Gray - apathy, bitch, state of depression. Perhaps the dreamer lacks impressions and vivid feelings. Everything can be corrected, since the situation depends on the person himself.
  3. Black - you should trust your intuition, it will not let you down. Very soon a person will be upset or disappointed with his surroundings, since there are many ill-wishers in it.
  4. Goose - to commit a rash and impulsive act.
  5. A nest with chicks - to the successful implementation of your plans.
  6. For an unmarried girl, light-colored geese symbolize meeting a pleasant young man. It is possible that the relationship will move to a more serious level and end with a wedding. Dark plumage indicates that the dreamer's hobby can become her main source of stable income.
  7. If you dreamed of a big goose, then in real life the dreamer will have communication with an important person who will help change his life for the better. Don't miss your chance.
  8. Poultry symbolizes career advancement. If the birds responded to the dreamer’s call, then the sleeping person will receive an offer for a new position.
  9. The wild goose indicates that the dreamer has many hidden talents that the dreamer may not be aware of.

Sometimes you may have a dream in which geese behave aggressively, they can pinch, attack and even bite a person:

  • a slight bite is a sign of the dreamer’s low self-esteem;
  • pinched until it bled - to a quarrel with relatives;
  • the part of the body where the bite occurred requires special attention and disease prevention;
  • could not bite - a loved one will upset you with his actions;
  • running away from an aggressive goose - to the machinations of enemies and ill-wishers;
  • birds attacked another person - the dreamer will have to solve a difficult issue on his own;
  • fighting with each other, hissing and strangling each other, grabbing each other by the neck - you will need to protect your property.

Geese-geese, ha-ha-ha...

goose cry

Dream Interpretation Kasse believes that goose cackling is a harbinger of litigation. If you cannot share something with a relative or neighbor, be prepared for this person to sue you.

Wild geese

If in a dream you, like Ivanushka in a fairy tale, fly on a wild goose, a rapid career take-off awaits you.

A woman who sees wild geese in a dream will marry successfully and thereby increase her status, and a man will meet a luxurious mistress. If everything is clear with the woman and there are no obstacles to marriage, then the man should think about whether he can meet the needs of his new passion. If not, don't start.

You were attacked by geese

Someone close to you will betray you. If you were pinched by a goose in a dream, in reality expect trouble from a high-ranking official. Or a serious illness awaits you. All the body’s defenses weaken – both physical and mental. Therefore, try to avoid noisy companies, do not argue over trifles and do not waste your energy on nonsense. You already have few of them. If there are several such aggressive geese, problems await you in the most unexpected situations.

Feed the geese

This is a good dream, which is recognized by many dream books. Miller's dream book predicts a profitable acquisition, and Hasse's dream book promises a fun party with friends.

With a certain amount of patience and perseverance, you will realize your old dream.

If until now you have not felt happy in the bark, the situation will soon change, and your spouse will show attention to your problem. You will finally know what a happy marriage is

You caught a goose

Expect to win soon. This could be a lottery, a profitable deal with partners, an unexpected find.

If you are single, you will soon meet your soulmate.

Dead goose

Miller's dream book is sure that you will lose someone close to you. There is a small nuance here: if you see a goose being killed, expect an inheritance. If you kill yourself, they will expect an inheritance from you. So draw your own conclusions about whether it’s worth showing aggressiveness even in your sleep.

The English dream book has its own point of view. A girl who sees such a dream will lose her lover, and a married lady risks cheating on her husband with his friend.

You are herding geese

If you herd geese in a dream, expect a promotion in reality. You may soon acquire some property, including real estate.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

In the minds of Nostradamus, the image symbolizes world harmony and tranquility. This primarily applies to those dreams in which a bird with snow-white plumage appears

Pay attention to its size. If it is small, then changes should be expected in family affairs

They will be positive and bring you many happy moments.

If a man dreams of goslings, then this predicts success in various areas of his life. If you have your own business, you will receive an increase in income. For a representative of the fair sex, the dream promises changes in her personal life.

Seeing that you are selling, giving or exchanging geese for something is a bad sign. You will face significant losses. To avoid them, think about all your actions.

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