Why do you dream of fresh cucumbers: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Seeing cucumbers in a dream is always a positive sign. Almost all dream books correlate the dreamed vegetable with prosperity and excellent health, which will lead the dreamer to success in all endeavors. This could be love, success at work, your own business, health, and many other aspects of life.

In Miller's dream book, cucumbers in a dream foreshadow a speedy recovery, healing from an illness that the sleeping person has. If the sleeper is hopelessly in love with another person who does not show his feelings, these green vegetables in a dream will portend reciprocity.

It is important not only to remember which particular object or product you dreamed about, but also to know in what situation the cucumber was in your dream. If you dream of pickled cucumbers, it means that you are characterized by self-doubt, loneliness, and a desire to improve your position in society or family. Eating lightly salted cucumbers can portend unrequited love, which over time will turn out to be good luck for the lover. If the vegetables in the dream were large, strong and green, the dream may portend great success on the “love front”, as well as good health, financial gain and tangible energy potential.

If you want to know what cucumbers mean in dreams, the Modern Dream Book will definitely help you. According to the latter, the vegetable speaks of the frivolity of the sleeper, his frivolous character, which still portends success. If the sleeper has to salt a vegetable and place it in a jar, this means missed opportunities that pass the person by, as well as a situation in which the sleeper is wasting his talent. In this case, the dream speaks of the need to reconsider priorities.

It is much more pleasant to know what fresh cucumbers mean in dreams. They are a symbol of good health, energy and strength. For lovers, the dream will foreshadow a strong, cloudless relationship. If a lonely person ends up in the kingdom of Morpheus, meeting this vegetable can promise a romantic love adventure.

If an elderly person wants to know why a cucumber is dreamed of, he will be pleasantly surprised, because this portends an early expansion of the family circle with grandchildren or great-grandchildren, or a visit from relatives. If a vegetable in a garden was seen in a dream by a young man, he can count on career growth and financial stability.

Interpretation of actions in a dream

Rarely do people dream of cucumbers by themselves; more often they are just a detail of a more detailed dream. If you dream of pickles, you should definitely give up even minor debts to avoid financial difficulties. In rare cases, a cucumber in a dream may be a harbinger of an imminent loss of relationships with distant relatives.

There are a number of interpretations interpreting certain actions with cucumbers. Buy - the dreamer expects heavy workloads and certain difficulties in his professional activities. In ancient times, it was believed that purchasing green vegetables in a dream could portend receiving good news from old friends.

Cutting vegetables - the sleeper is worried about a competitor or about a rival on the love front. If the cucumbers are cut for cooking, all problems will be successfully solved. Planting - the birth of children and family well-being.

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Why do you dream of pickles on your plate? If you are lucky enough to eat cucumbers, it can mean adventures, acquaintances, as well as other types of pleasure awaiting you in the future. If during the dream you were pickling cucumbers, you may have troubles and serious conversations with relatives.

If you look in any dream book, fresh cucumbers on your dinner table portend recovery for the sick, as well as a lot of joys in life and escape from life’s difficulties. If you dreamed about planting green vegetables in a garden bed, you will face difficult challenges in life, and you will also have to work hard, which will bring your family a good income.

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Do you want to know why you dream about picking cucumbers? As a rule, this means that you will soon receive large incomes from sources that have not brought you profit for a long time. Sowing seeds in the beds is a symbol of unexpected but pleasant expenses.

Plant or buy

On the one hand, having such a dream where you have to plant vegetables before a planned event or project means doubts about its success. If you see problems and difficulties, you won’t be able to avoid them in real life. But some authors of dream books believe that sowing fruits means waste, financial problems and troubles.

Seeing even cucumber and tomato beds means harmony and mutual understanding in the family. It will be possible to establish good relationships with family and resolve existing conflicts. But picking cucumbers and tomatoes in a greenhouse means bringing the whole large family together at one table. It is possible that a new addition to the family is coming if children or grandchildren have long promised to continue the family line. Collecting strong, strong cucumbers leads to health and longevity.

Purchasing fruits at the market, among many traders, is a sign that in reality it is difficult to make a choice. Cheating when buying promises good luck and good health. If your wallet is stolen while purchasing cucumbers or tomatoes, it means illness, betrayal or separation. One of the reasons for such a future may be a person’s wrong attitude to what is happening: arrogance, pride.

The authors of some dream books believe that buying vegetables predicts a quick resolution of an old problem. This is especially true when looking for a job or overcoming financial issues. If a girl buys ripe tomatoes and chooses the best of them, this means a successful marriage and resolution of issues of the heart.

Who had the dream?

The important thing is who dreamed of cucumbers, because this dream can be interpreted differently depending on the gender and social status of the sleeper. Cucumbers in a dream promise:

  • For a woman - the appearance of new boyfriends in reality, as well as increased attention from the stronger sex. Men will be attracted like a magnet, but you don’t need to lose your head.
  • For a man - a quick big profit. This could be a bonus, salary increase, debt repayment or winnings.
  • For a person in love - a successful relationship filled with light and joy.

Cucumbers lying in the snow may mean that someone is spreading rumors about you that are not true. Most likely, these rumors contain information about your partners, personal life and connections, so you need to be careful.

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Cucumbers in the beds are a very good sign. They symbolize family well-being and mutual understanding. As a rule, all quarrels go aside and relationships bring joy. A large number of cucumbers can mean the imminent arrival of guests or a noisy company, thanks to which the house will be filled with joy and positivity, and new colors and sensations will appear in your life.

Spoiled cucumbers hint that an affair that has recently begun or is about to take place may be unsuccessful and you are better off ending this relationship in favor of another person. Also, poor-quality vegetables can symbolize the insincerity of the person caring for you. At the same time, you should not worry - as a rule, such a dream indicates that you will make a timely decision to break off the relationship.

Dmitry Kogan - photo, biography, personal life, cause of death, violinist

24-12-2019 12:47

It became known that the overwhelming percentage of Uralsib Bank shares (more than 81%) is inherited by Lyudmila Kogan, the widow of Vladimir Kogan.

Let us recall that Vladimir died in June 2022 after a long illness - the financier was only 56 years old.

The media began to mention that Vladimir Kogan was seriously ill back in 2022, and in 2022 the public was shocked by the news of the death of one of the most famous financiers of the Russian Federation.

Kogan’s “successor” was his widow, Lyudmila Kogan. Now she is the main owner of the bank with 81.81% of shares. At the same time, Vladimir’s eldest son, Evgeniy, continues to manage the bank.

Thus, Lyudmila becomes the owner of the assets, and Evgeny Vladimirovich manages the bank and heads the supervisory board.

Let us note that Evgeniy is 31 years old, and he worked at Uralsib from the very first day of reorganization.

Biography of Vladimir Kogan

Vladimir Igorevich Kogan is a businessman, private investor, head of the Oil and Gas Industry group, ex-banker and statesman.

Previously, he was a co-owner of the St. Petersburg branch of Promstroybank, president of the St. Petersburg Banking House, director of the construction department of Gosstroy, deputy minister and head of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia.

According to his income declaration for 2010, published (for the first and last time), he turned out to be the richest Russian civil servant. His income for the year was more than 820 million rubles. He owned five apartments, two mansions - in Russia and Cyprus, an airplane, four cars and three yachts.

Kogan Vladimir Igorevich

Apart from his intelligence, the main secret of his financial success is considered to be his ability to establish close ties with politicians, deputy prime ministers, ministers, bankers and other wealthy people, whose names appear at the top of the Forbes list of the country's richest businessmen.

Childhood and youth of Vladimir Kogan

The future oligarch was born on April 27, 1963 in Northern Palmyra into a family of design engineers who worked at a secret defense enterprise. Volodya did not attend preschool institutions; he was raised by his grandmother, Stela Efimovna, a former accountant. She prepared him for school - she taught him to count, write, and read.

Vladimir Kogan's family lived in St. Petersburg

After 8th grade, he moved to the famous physics and mathematics school No. 239, from which Grigory Perelman, who proved the validity of the Poincaré conjecture, graduated.

Then Vladimir entered the Polytechnic Institute, but after the 1st year he was expelled. The reason for this was that he did not go to the construction team.

The young man preferred a trip with friends to Central Asia to the Pamirs over work.

He either wanted to engage in high-altitude mountaineering, or visit the Chui Valley, famous for the growth of large quantities of hemp there, it is not known exactly. Then the army was waiting for Kogan.

The beginning of the career of Vladimir Kogan

After serving in the Air Defense from 1983 to 1985, Volodya entered the Institute of Civil Engineering and successfully graduated. At the university he received the nickname “Great”.

Vladimir Kogan denies close ties with Vladimir Putin

Since 1989, he worked as a mechanical engineer in the Technical Control Department (QCD) at a motor depot. At the same time, he was engaged in business - first he opened the Magic store, later the Petrovsky Trade House joint venture and other companies.

Around the same time, an underground club of young economists, adherents of radical liberal views, operated in the Northern capital. It included such famous people as Anatoly Chubais, Pyotr Aven, Alexei Kudrin, Sergei Vasiliev, Ilya Yuzhanov and others. Funds for the existence of this elite institution came, in particular, from Kogan’s commercial activities.


In 1994, through Petrovsky Trade House, which specialized in selling computers, the entrepreneur became a shareholder of Promstroybank, which was actively buying up shares of the largest enterprises. Soon he became the head of the supervisory board of a credit institution and united several banks into the Banking House.

Vladimir Kogan - a major banker and entrepreneur

The vice-presidents of the organization were Tamara Stepashina, the wife of Sergei Stepashin, and Anna Makarova, a former candidate for governor. The structure was later transformed into a non-profit partnership of 20 companies. In addition to financial assets, it included others, including the Zenit Football Club, the Epos cinema chain, insurance and others.

Since mid-2003, Kogan decided to leave the banking business. In 2004, together with his partner David Traktovenko, he sold a controlling stake in PSB (Promsvyazbank) to VTB Bank and moved to government service.

Biography[ | ]

Vladimir Igorevich Kogan was born on April 27, 1963 in Leningrad.

Source: https://petr-zvezdochka6.ru/sonnik/chto-znachit-esli-prisnilis-ogurcy-kog-3392

Dream Interpretation - Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home in a dream means secret love, carefully hidden from envious rivals.

Caring for tomatoes in the garden foretells that overly curious people may find out and divulge your heartfelt secret.

Tomato seedlings mean confusion in business and an unexpected visit from an unwanted guest.

Watering tall, large tomato bushes in a dream, foreshadowing a bountiful harvest, means that you will soon learn about the existence of a rival living just next door to you.

Picking ripe red tomatoes is a sign of happiness and wealth; unripe, brown or green - to an unexpected and unwanted hitch in business at work.

Spoiled tomatoes, blackened by unexpectedly early fogs, are a bad sign, foreshadowing weakened vision or progressive eye disease.

Throwing away rotten tomatoes means failure due to your own carelessness; feeding them to livestock means illness or death of loved ones.

Canning salted or pickled tomatoes in a dream means a change in views on what seemed to you an unshakable axiom.

Cutting tomatoes for salad foreshadows a decline in business or a delay in salary, cooking borscht with tomatoes - love is ripening in the soul and will soon spill out with crazy passion.

Buying tomatoes in a dream foretells that you may suffer a serious defeat in the competition from your commercial rivals.

There are fresh tomatoes - carefully monitor your property, which you may lose; tomato dishes - you will reach a ripe old age.

Dream Interpretation - Cucumbers

A dream in which you grow cucumbers foreshadows a sharp deterioration in health as a result of stress and a call to the ambulance. Picking cucumbers from the garden means excellent health and family joys. Cutting cucumbers into salad means sharing the fate of the unemployed, having been laid off as a result of layoffs.

Salt or pickle cucumbers - you will be deceived when exchanging currency. Eating lightly salted cucumbers in a dream portends unrequited love. Prepare a pickled cucumber rassolnik - get a flattering review of your culinary abilities. Wash dirty cucumbers - gossip about your secret love affair.

Dream Interpretation - Cucumbers

Cucumbers are bad, someone will cause you trouble.

Green cucumber - relatives will arrive.

Cucumbers - success, profit.

Cucumbers are a nuisance, because of the consonance: cucumbers are bitter.

A girl dreams of cucumbers - meeting guys.

Home » Dream Interpretation » Food » Why do you dream of fresh cucumbers: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Vegetables are often symbols of fertility and prosperity when they appear in dreams. Cucumbers will be no exception, which almost all dream books regard as a positive symbol. However, the correct interpretation depends on the circumstances of the dream, since this vision, like other images, may portend some difficulties. This article talks about what fresh cucumbers mean in dreams .

Salted vegetables

A dream where you had to eat vegetables in this form can mean serious troubles that will appear out of nowhere. On the other hand, pickles and tomatoes can mean upcoming adventures, not necessarily with a bad ending. You need to treat such a dream with caution, analyze whether the dreamer is getting involved in a risky enterprise, or whether he has trusted dangerous people.

Pickling cucumbers means difficult conversations within the family, possible troubles and misunderstandings. And if dishes break during work, in reality it will be impossible to avoid a quarrel with loved ones.

Seeing fresh cucumbers in a dream

A fresh and green representative of a vegetable crop is recognized as a particularly positive sign. For many, it is a symbol of excellent health and a large supply of energy. It’s not for nothing that there is a phrase “fresh as a cucumber”, which implies excellent physical condition and beautiful appearance.

In other words, a fresh, green and perfectly formed cucumber observed in the garden indicates a large supply of energy of a sleeping person, which needs to be directed in the right direction.

To the girl

Such a dream promises upcoming success with the opposite sex. You can expect a lot of compliments, bouquets of flowers and gifts. You just need to decide who to give preference to, with whom you want to create a serious relationship. You should not rush into making a choice, and then you can count on a happy outcome.

To a woman

Such a dream may represent an unexpected surprise. If a woman is married, she should wait for a happy event in the family: perhaps her husband will give her an expensive present, and she will be endlessly happy with him.


If a pregnant woman sees several fresh and juicy cucumbers in a dream, she will not be left without help, she will always be supported. She will give birth to a strong and healthy baby - this is how dream books interpret such night dreams.

Sleep of a woman, a man

For a woman to see a cucumber or tomato in a dream means not at all the same as for a man. A girl can expect gifts, attention and fans. If she happened to collect small fruits, then only small joys await her in life. A man gives a cucumber to a woman in a dream - passion, carnal pleasures and pleasure await him in reality.

If a girl receives a spoiled tomato or cucumber from her boyfriend, this indicates an impending quarrel and tense relationship. Gives a lot of good cucumbers - can mean an upcoming wedding or meeting your parents. A large number of fruits in any case indicates meetings and fun.

If a man grows a tomato at home in a dream, it means he cherishes unrequited love, which still haunts him. Perhaps it’s worth talking to the object of desire and either dotting the i’s or moving on with your life in peace.

If a woman waters tomato seedlings in a dream, she will soon encounter a rival who has been nearby all this time. The same thing means if in a dream a young man is fed fruits by another girl and he eats from her hands. If he refuses such a gift, he is a faithful and devoted person in life.

Dream Interpretation: dreamed of fresh cucumbers

You should resort to the interpretation of dreams by various dream books. Expert opinions will allow us to understand a more precise meaning of sleep and the impact it will have on a person’s life.

Miller's Dream Book

Fresh cucumbers, just taken from the garden, have a positive value for sick people. Soon they will become healthy again and everything will be fine on the family front.

If a sleeping person did not dare to confess his feelings to the object of love, then he doubted in vain, because these feelings are mutual. This refers to those dreams in which the fruits were large and beautiful.

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Modern dream book

Men dream of cucumbers as income, and women as big gifts. Fresh vegetables indicate the following: if they were in the snow, then there is gossip about a sleeping person about his love affairs, but cucumbers purchased at the market promise difficult times coming in a person’s life.

It is likely that he has forgotten what hard work is and thinks only of himself, so he needs to be useful and earn his money honestly, otherwise there will be punishment. If cucumbers were picked in a dream, then this promises a quick reward for the work done.

Freud's Dream Book

Such a dream in Freud’s dream book is interpreted as a woman’s desire to add variety to her own sex life. Cucumbers in the dream book represent masculinity. If a woman has a dream about how she herself grows cucumbers in the garden beds, in real life she will invest a lot of effort into the development of a romantic relationship. If you dreamed that she was canning fruits, she would remain with her old partner, although she would be permanently dissatisfied with him.

The reasons for dissatisfaction may lie in his inattention to her, in the lack of proper emotionality. He is most likely simply unable to express his own emotions, and the woman thinks that he is cold towards her.

If a man dreams of growing and picking cucumbers, he pays too much attention to his own appearance. This may not be beneficial in communicating with others. He must understand that it is not a person’s external appearance that is important, but his internal qualities.

If a representative of the stronger sex sees a woman treating him to cucumbers in a dream, he should diversify his own sex life. His energy level is stagnant, he needs to be excited. Such stagnation can cause nervousness and failure at work.

Family dream book

Eating cucumbers is a dubious symbol, since in reality a person will not be able to get the expected result for the work done. If in a dream fruits of gigantic size grew in a garden bed, then you should give up illusions. In real life there are problems that need to be solved immediately, night dreams only start from this.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Ripe and beautiful cucumbers promise success in life. And also that the person will have excellent health.

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