“Why do you dream about ears? If you see Ears in a dream, what does it mean?

If in a dream you suddenly saw dirty ears, then there is nothing particularly to be happy about, since they will try to deceive you, misinform you, or somehow harm you or interfere with the implementation of your plans. To understand what such a dream could mean, interpreters recommend trusting your intuition. There are chances that you are doing or seeing something wrong, which is constantly causing misunderstandings with other people.

Avoid Manipulators

If you believe the Women's Dream Book, then ear cleaning is often dreamed of by those who are under someone's influence. Most likely, among the dreamer’s acquaintances there is some cunning manipulator who manages to use a person for his own purposes.

A similar interpretation of what was seen in a dream is offered by the Modern Combined Dream Book. According to his version, in reality a person thinks too much about the opinions of others, including completely strangers.

Author's dream books

Gustov Miller

The interpreter is sure that earwax in a dream indicates difficult life circumstances that need to be eliminated immediately. But without your direct participation, these difficulties will not disappear. You will have to put in a lot of effort and not rely on the help of others.

Ears in dreams and their ability to hear reflect the adequacy of the perception of the surrounding world. Dirty ears in a dream are a sign of a negative attitude towards everything that happens around, a denial of ubiquitous ideals, principles, ideas, values. Before you can establish friendly connections with your close circle, you need to learn to be in harmony with yourself, to realize yourself and become happy.

To get dirty in your own ear secretion is to suffer in reality from your own selfishness and indifference. Any relationship should be comfortable and cozy. This will be helped by the ability to subtly feel the mood, be able to empathize, and see the beauty and uniqueness of this person. Then you will want to be loved and hugged.

For a business person, removing excess wax from the ear means rapid financial growth. Your unexpected income will significantly affect the financial situation of the family. That moment when investments and investments will be more than successful.

But if the yellow mass interferes with your hearing, the dream indicates rash actions that can lead to losses and ruin. Try to respond in a timely manner to all political and financial changes in the country. The economic crisis in this case can directly affect the profitability of your money sources.

Sigmund Freud

Earwax in a dream represents the consequences of your active sex life. This may indicate that you are oversaturated with a variety of sexual partners. It's time to stop and start restoring your strength and health.

A woman experiences such scenarios in her dreams as a sign of her dissatisfaction with her partner. It seems to you that a loved one does not hear your desires and is not able to give pleasure by fulfilling all your sexual fantasies. The reason for this is your own perception of intimacy. Be more flexible, more responsive and trust your lover more.


Such an unpleasant night story as earwax can become a harbinger of pleasant and successful events. You should clearly follow your own intuition and inner voice. Very soon your limitless possibilities will come into contact with your desires.

Something good will happen

What do unkempt baby ears mean in the dreams of women experiencing the third trimester of pregnancy? Pleasant worries and happy events await the dreamer ahead. For all other female representatives, the vision promises longing for someone who is very dear.

What does the Islamic dream book say about why you dream about dirty ears? If in your dreams you cleaned the sink itself, then in the near future you will be told good news. It is quite possible that family members will delight you with their achievements.

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, believed that in a dream, ears can be identified with female genitalia. Accordingly, dirty ears are a sign that you need to protect yourself. And if you dreamed of washing your ears, then soon the dreamer will have intimacy.

“Why do you dream about ears? If you see Ears in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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Ears - encourage you to listen to information that is useful to you.

Seeing huge ears means quarrel, gossip.

Sick, dirty ears mean receiving bad news.

Clean beautiful ears - friendship, good news.

Seeing the ears of an animal in yourself is a disease, the machinations of enemies.

American dream book

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Ears - the desire to hear the truth.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Fly into the ear”, “ears on top of the head” - attentiveness, vigilance; “by the ear and in the sun” - call to account; “it went into one ear and out of the other” - forgetfulness; “open your ears” - believe everything, listen with interest; “ears are withering” - stunning unpleasant information, gossip; “to drag or pull by the ears” - to forcefully attract somewhere, to something; “blink your ears” - miss; “buzz all your ears” - get bored; “hurts the ear” - what they don’t want to hear gets on the nerves; “and didn’t turn an ear” - excerpt; “tear off the ears” - punishment; “to blush up to your ears” is a strong shame.

Islamic dream book

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If a sleeping person sees in a dream an unfamiliar old man cutting off both his ears, he will have to pay twice with the price of his blood.

If he sees in a dream how he himself cuts off the ear of a man, he will betray him, causing harm to his family and his children. This dream also foreshadows the decline of his fame. Some claim that if a man whose wife is pregnant has a dream like this, she will die. If he is not married, a woman close to him will die.

Lunar dream book

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To see big ears is a disease; handsome - praise; awkward - madness.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Ears - news / rumors; large - fame / illness; hurt - unpleasant news; beautiful - praise; long, awkward - troubles, illness; wounded - a friend will cheat; cut off - lose friends; to be earless is false rumors.

Muslim dream book

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If someone sees in a dream that his ear is separated, his daughter will die, or he will give a divorce to his wife.

If someone sees in a dream that he is cleaning his ear, it means that he will hear good news.

And if someone sees himself deaf in a dream, his significance in matters of faith and science will diminish.

If someone sees in a dream that a goosebump has entered his ear, this means death.

If anyone sees ears similar to the ears of predatory animals or cattle, he will hear amazing news, in accordance with the breed of that animal.

Newest dream book

In a dream, why do you dream about Ears?

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Ear - you will hear impartial criticism addressed to you; You will find yourself the instigator of a quarrel, scandal, conflict.

New dream book 1918

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Ear is news; to see clearly is good news; unusual - strange news, news.

Numerological dream book of Pythagoras

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Seeing someone's huge ears in a dream means unexpectedly finding yourself in the thick of things and witnessing amazing events.

If in your dream the ears belong to a pleasant person, you will receive the most joyful news, but if you find it unpleasant to look at the owner of such locators, then the news will enrage or puzzle you.

If in a dream big ears belong to you and you see them in the mirror, life circumstances will force you to change your principles.

Russian dream book

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Ears - do not loosen your tongue, this will not remain without consequences; long ears - to profit.

Russian folk dream book

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Ear - there are many associations. Can talk about feelings and attitudes: “a woman loves with her ears.” The desire to be alert and aware of “keep your ears open…”. It may be caused by the torment of your conscience, about some kind of offense, “punching your ears.”

Family dream book

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If you saw someone's ears in a dream, consider this a warning. Some of those people who are hostile to you will constantly find fault with you and try to offend you.

Dream Interpreter

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For a rich man or nobleman to have his ears plugged in a dream - foretells stubbornness, cruelty and misuse of power; if he is a poor man, this dream means his bad morals and bad behavior, which he must change; if a woman has such a dream, it marks her wastefulness; having an ear wounded or cut means betrayal of a friend who will use our power of attorney for evil, also marks the discovery of a secret; to have more than two ears is a sign of friends and faithful servants; losing ears in a dream - portends a quarrel with friends; having longer ears is a sign of illness.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Ears?

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Seeing ears in a dream is a sign that in reality an evil and treacherous person will overhear your conversations in order to carry out his base plans and harm you

Dream Interpretation 2012

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The ear is a reflection of feelings, sensuality (also the need for them). The need to listen to signs and omens; the need to listen to the voice of the soul, intuition, and feelings.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

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If in a dream you clean your ears, in reality it is difficult for you to find a common language with others, and although you blame others for this, deep down you understand that you yourself are to blame, and you will try to correct the situation in one way or another. Try to learn to listen and hear people - this is the first and absolutely necessary condition for mutual understanding. In addition, a good example is much more contagious than a bad one, contrary to popular belief, and if you practice paying attention to the problems of others, then those around you will treat you with more attention and respect.

If in a dream you have ears of simply incredible size, it means that in reality something out of the ordinary will happen to you, so extraordinary that you will radically change your outlook on life. Maybe you will even witness a true miracle.

If in a dream a woman gets her ears pierced, the dream means that she pays too much attention to appearance, completely forgetting about other virtues, for example, spiritual qualities that adorn a person much more than external beauty.

A woman who has such a dream should think about her life and take care of her soul; after all, beauty is short-lived, but spiritual beauty can add charm to even an ugly woman. If you never forget about this and try to harmonize your thoughts, feelings and appearance, then you can’t ask for anything better.

Well, if a man gets his ears pierced, it means that in reality this person will commit some extraordinary act that will shock those around him. It is difficult to say what consequences this step will lead to, but in any case you will not be bored.

If you are being pulled by the ears in a dream, it means that in reality someone will try to deal a serious blow to your pride. We advise you: do not react to the malicious attacks of ill-wishers - they are furious from powerlessness, so they try to annoy you with similar mosquito bites. If you do not react to a possible outburst on their part, then in the future you will completely protect yourself from such incidents. But as soon as you show the slightest confusion or resentment, your enemies will instantly mobilize and deliver a second, more tangible blow. You, in turn, try to prevent this, especially since you, no matter what, remain the master of the situation and will remain for quite a long time. Well, if you yourself have taken care of someone’s ears, then in the near future you will decide to knock down the arrogance of one of your acquaintances or friends. Of course, you need to open the eyes of arrogant people to the true state of things, but try to do this as tactfully and delicately as possible, so as not to offend the person and not turn a friend into a sworn enemy.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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The ears in a man’s dreams are his wife or unmarried daughter; everything that happens to his own ears concerns their health, honor and desires.

The ears in a woman’s dreams are her daughter and everything that happens to her.

Other people's ears, which you see obsessively from dream to dream, in men's and women's dreams, are the female organ of love, something is connected with it.

Having very small ears means true friendship.

Very big - joy and honor.

Having incredibly colossal ones is a disease.

Seeing long ears is something unpleasant, a shame.

Seeing someone else's head with big ears is a great glory.

Pinch your ears, wash your ears - loss, loss.

Seeing yourself earless in the mirror means perceiving the life of the cosmos, the other world / being satanically possessed, showing cruel selfishness towards others.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Ear - listen, try to “hear” the signs around you. Show a desire to know the truth. Or is there something you're afraid to hear?

Dream book for a bitch

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Ears - gossip, rumors.

Large, protruding ears - your enemies are trying to discredit your good name.

Beautiful, neat ears are good changes, good news.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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If in a dream you paid attention to your own or someone else’s ears, perhaps in the near future you will be embarrassed by some rumors or gossip.

Pain in the ears, if it is not caused by a real disease, suggests that soon some rumors may cause your indignation.

Funny ears in a dream foretell that empty talk can cause some stupid and ridiculous incident.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Ear - do not attach much importance to what they will soon say in your ear; not everything will be as bad as it seems.

Getting your ears pierced means discussing painful issues and having caustic conversations.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Ear - your secret will be revealed.

Piercing your ears in a dream means otitis media.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Ear - dreams of an angry conversation with a neighbor.

Having your ears pierced means unpleasant rumors about you.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

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Ears - such a dream warns that you should be careful in the company of people with whom you are unfamiliar and whom you do not know well. Don't talk to them about your personal life - it is quite possible that the next day everyone you know will know intimate details.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

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Big ears are a disgrace.

Miller's Dream Book

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Seeing someone's ears in a dream is a warning dream: someone who is hostile to you will meticulously listen to your every judgment, trying to find a reason to insult you.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Ears - prosperity and happiness.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Ears according to the dream book?

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Ears - news, sensation; rumors, dubious information; additionally for a woman - seduction.

Very large - joy.

Many ears - subordinates, assistants.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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If you dreamed of ears, you should know that an evil and insidious person is eavesdropping on all your conversations in order to harm you.

You dreamed that you had donkey ears - in the near future you will commit a very stupid act.

If you dreamed that one of your loved ones or acquaintances had donkey ears, you should know that through the fault of this person, trouble will fall on your head.

Meeting a stranger with donkey ears is a sign that among your acquaintances there is an ill-wisher who has been plotting against you for a long time.

If you dreamed that you were without ears, in the near future you will not listen to the smart advice of your loved ones.

Freud's Dream Book

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Ears are a symbol of the female genital organs with all the ensuing interpretations.

Washing or cleaning the ears symbolizes sexual intercourse. Clean, even ears indicate good health and harmonious sex.

Pinned and small ears symbolize coldness, but maybe only with you.

Protruding ears symbolize increased passion.

Hairy ears - speak of a desire for unbridled sexual pleasures, perhaps with elements of sadism.

Dirty ears should remind you of the existence of condoms.

Wounded ears portend the onset of menstruation.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Ear is news; to see clearly is good news; unusual - strange news, news.

Aesop's Dream Book

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There are many associations associated with the ear. There is a saying: “It goes in one ear, out the other,” which means that a person instantly forgets what he was asked to do. They say: “A woman loves with her ears,” that is, your subconscious can send you a signal through the “ear” symbol that there is a person next to you with whom you can have a love affair (in the good sense of the word).

“Keep your ears on top” (that is, to be on the alert, to eavesdrop, to strive to be aware of everything) is one of the common expressions, which can also be the source of the image of an ear for your dream. One of the forms of punishment has long been to rip out your ear, so a dream about your ear may be caused by the torment of your conscience due to some kind of offense. When you are deceived, convinced of something that is obviously false, you usually say: “Don’t fool me,” thus, the subconscious mind can signal you about the danger of being deceived or misled.

If your ears “burn” - they become red and hot, it means that at this time someone is talking or thinking about you. When you succumb to flattery, persuasion, or deception, someone who soberly assesses the situation tells you: “You’ve made a fool of yourself!”

If in a dream you carefully wash your ears, this dream suggests that you are tired of figuring out on your own what official information should be coming out about.

If your ear itches in a dream, expect news from distant relatives or old friends whom you have not seen for a long time.

To see a person with very large ears - you are in vain hoping that by lying a little or distorting the facts in your favor, you will be able to deceive your superiors; your maneuver will not succeed, and insincerity in communication with management will be remembered for a very long time.

Piercing your ears in a dream - you should work on your inner world, not your appearance, because with jewelry and beautiful clothes you will not achieve what you are striving for.

If you put earrings in your ears, this dream foretells you worries about being deceived by a person whom you have always trusted infinitely.

Hearing a noise or ringing in your ear is a good sign, promising you a quick end to your troubles and the onset of a calm period, during which you will rest and resume communication with people you like.

French dream book

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An ear or ears in a dream means that your worries and fears are unfounded and you can be calm about your future.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Ears according to the dream book?

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Ears of an unusual shape or size - you are being listened to by the relevant authorities or competitors: by telephone or by a listening device installed somewhere.

If your ears are yours, they are at home; if they are strangers, they are in the office building.

Sick - you “inherited” somewhere, and your data appears in unwanted questionnaires, in the fiscal authorities.

Online dream book

Meaning of sleep: Ears according to the dream book?

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Ears, according to the dream book, are a warning that someone will get wind of plans that are important to you.

More interpretations

They tapped you by the ear - a sign that they decided to seriously hurt you.

You have no ears - a reflection of the fact that you do not take into account enough what is advised to you.

According to the dream book, huge ears are a good sign that promises you prosperity, luck and universal recognition.

If someone else has them, thanks to some outstanding merit, your name will be heard by everyone, you will become a real celebrity.

If you dream that your ears are full of wax, your financial situation will improve thanks to unexpected, but very significant cash receipts.

You wash them - this is a reflection of the fact that you are doing serious psychological work on yourself, aimed at improving yourself, becoming more sociable and attractive to others.

Seeing injured ears in a dream denotes the grief you will experience due to the betrayal of a loved one to whom you told your deepest secrets.

If your ears are completely cut off, you will forever break off your relationship with a person who has been your close friend for a long time.

Dream details

To understand what this symbol may mean in a dream, the Newest Dream Book advises remembering who was their “lucky owner”:

  • child - most likely you are mistaken in some matter;
  • spouse - there is a conflict atmosphere in the family;
  • leader - ill-wishers are weaving intrigues, trying to denigrate you;
  • not a person - useless discussions.

It's time to get better

A lot of earwax indicates that you often think about bad things or wish harm on others. You should think more positively, do not forget that all our actions come back to us like a boomerang.

Another vision shows that you are often undeservedly offended and angry at the people around you.

Seeing a lot of sulfur in a dream

Cleaning your ears and eating wax is a great sign. Such a dream indicates that the dreamer is in good physical shape. His morale is also enviable. In addition, soon the dreamer will have a great opportunity to take a break from worries and have fun.

The dream interpreter believes that cleaning your ears in a dream is a sign that the dreamer does not want to be responsible, preferring to shift the blame to other people. The dream may also indicate that you have many complexes and set too high demands on yourself.


Seeing earrings in your ears in a dream. For a young woman, this is a sign that an attractive man is interested in communicating with her. The dream book allows, if the vision was in the summer, to receive an expensive present from a fan.

Why else do you dream of earrings inserted into your ears? Listen to the opinions of your loved ones. The dream book foresees that you are assessing the situation biasedly. And the words of uninvolved individuals can rip off the veil from your eyes, and you will understand the true state of affairs.

Gold earrings? According to the dream book, wealth itself floats into your hands. In order not to miss it, listen to the conversations, then you can take part in a very profitable business.

In a dream, a woman noticed an earring in a man’s ear. Dirty gossip will begin to circulate about her partner. This will cause cooling in relationships.

To pierce ears. Any violation of the integrity of the body is interpreted in a gloomy way by the dream book. If you feel severe pain during the procedure, irreparable losses await you in life.

But for a girl in a dream, ear piercings can be positive. This vision points to positive changes in the energy sector. Therefore, the dream book predicts that she will become extremely attractive to guys and will have many fans.

For a male entrepreneur, a pierced ear in a dream is a bad sign. Competitors are trying to destroy the business. And their attempt will be crowned with success if they do not begin to control all the information they receive.

Damage to the earlobe in a dream with a needle or other object foreshadows changes, most often negative. Be careful in the near future, be guided only by repeatedly verified information.

Big ears like mugs in a dream mean good news. The gray and monotonous life will end. There are new emotions, adventures, and fun ahead.

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