Why do you dream of a gold, silver or bronze medal - 37 interpretations from different dream books

A medal or other insignia in a dream symbolizes an understanding of one’s own merits, even if they are not yet recognized by society. Why you dream of becoming its owner or losing it is interpreted by dream books as the likelihood of assessing achievements. Sometimes there are paradoxical and intriguing interpretations - after all, there are no random details in dreams.

Long-awaited recognition

The modern dream book, summarizing the visionary experience of the past, predicts bonuses for old achievements in the near future. To experience the exciting moments of being awarded a medal, to feel the sweetness of triumph in a dream, means to receive in reality tangible signs of your authority - for example, a promotion or an invitation to participate in a share of the profits.

To dream of a ceremonial presentation of a gold medal may represent a temptation that will be impossible to fight. I dreamed of going through and examining my old orders - for those born in spring and summer, an increase in pension is expected, from January to March - to fame, bad or good - it depends on the person’s achievements.

What did you do with the medal in your dream?

held in hands

A new position, which will be offered soon, will strengthen the well-being of the family. But it will also require additional knowledge. Advanced training courses will not hurt you now.


By your behavior you will radically change the opinion of your superiors about yourself. Emotional incontinence and aggressive character demonstrated at work will make management think about dismissal. If this turn of events does not suit you, learn to control your behavior.


The transaction, which at first glance seemed ordinary, will bring much more profit than expected. This money can be spent on children. They could use a little pleasure now.


  1. For you, all the difficulties that you will encounter in resolving an important issue will be temporary. In ten days, everything will begin to move forward, although not at the pace we would like.
  2. If you stole it, you will be persuaded to participate in some kind of adventure. You won’t lose much, but a lot of adrenaline will be released into your blood.

Rewarding another

If you dreamed of a stranger with medals, then this is a symbol of a meeting with an interesting person, which will take place in the company of extraordinary, bright personalities. For a girl whose heart is free, the plot contains a hint of meeting an educated young man who will amaze her with good manners.

Why do you dream of seeing the award ceremony from the hall? If the rewards bypass the dreamer, he will have to fight for his success - one cannot rely on random luck. Rethink goals, develop a plan - and a person will not depend on the favor of fate, he will receive everything even despite the circumstances.

The dream book From “A” to “Z” says why a war veteran with awards on his chest dreams of - there is a meeting with a respected person. Finding an ancient gold medal foreshadows being awarded a high and not entirely deserved honor.

What kind of medal did you dream about?


Your achievements in the professional field will finally be appreciated. The bosses will notice your hard work and perseverance and will reward you with a bonus and take note for subsequent promotion.


If you dreamed of a small medal, an unsuccessful period awaits you ahead. Minor annoying misunderstandings will not allow you to finish previously started tasks. Transport will fail at the most inopportune moment. The necessary information will be lost in a heap of other documents. Try to put everything important aside for a couple of weeks. By then the situation will stabilize.


Everything planned will come true in the near future. Help from the patron will come in time. All issues will be resolved in your favor. It remains to make one last effort.


The time of stability is coming. Things will go on as usual. You can safely plan your working day. Nothing urgent will appear.


The payment for the work done will be significantly lower than you expected. Dont be upset. This is a good foundation for the future. The very next stage will bring profit.


Your health leaves much to be desired. Old diseases will make themselves felt. Don't neglect preventive measures. Now they will be just right.


Your extravagant actions will not meet with understanding either among your friends or colleagues. If reputation matters to you at all, try to either follow the moral standards accepted in these groups, or talk less about yourself.


Sad news about a serious illness of a relative will come this week. The warm attitude you have towards him will make you drop everything and rush to help. You will need money for medical procedures. So try not to waste it unnecessarily just yet.


Your desire to get rid of some bad habit will receive an additional boost. Circumstances will not allow you to indulge your vices. This is, despite everything, for the better. It would take you a long time to get ready.


You will be able to strengthen your authority in the professional circle through an extraordinary solution to a complex problem. This will raise your rating in the eyes of management, which will be reflected in your salary.


The changes that are already on the threshold can hardly be called favorable. Salary delays, the risk of being laid off, all this suggests that it’s time to look for a new path to apply one’s strength.

Warning from Above

A person who experiences the annoyance of losing a medal in a dream will encounter misunderstandings. According to the Eastern Dream Book, this symbolizes a lack of trust on the part of colleagues or other significant figures, which is why you will have to fail. In some interpretations, the dreamer will “lose face” and lose respect.

The general dream book urges you to beware of an accident if you had to see the presentation of a medal. If a person is given someone else’s orders in a dream, it would be better if he did not take them. But if they did give it as a gift, the dream books predict that he will find himself in a very awkward situation.

Where was the medal in the dream?

On the neck

Obstacles on the way to the goal will be difficult, but quite surmountable. You just need to postpone the rest until a later time, and direct all your efforts to accomplish what you have planned. The family will not like this very much, as they will feel neglected. But, if you outline the terms of employment for them, then mutual understanding will be achieved.

On the chest

A medal on the chest symbolizes victory over ill-wishers on all fronts. Time will show everyone in their true light. And all the intrigues of the intriguers will come to light.

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