Why do you dream about buying bottled water - 70 interpretations from different dream books

Content as the definition of the future

The interpretation of the dream largely depends on what the bottle was filled with.

Mineral water or any other clear liquid that you are about to drink predicts an acquaintance with an honest and responsible person. But with water unsuitable for consumption, it means unpleasant encounters, as Pastor Loff’s dream book predicts.

Shtof with cognac or some other alcoholic drink symbolizes a pleasant pastime.

Wondering why you dream about a bottle of milk? Vanga's dream book gives an interpretation: good health and a cheerful mood await you.

A container with a wide neck filled with beer, kvass or mash promises the sleeping person some discontent that can be resolved very quickly.

Why do you dream depending on the day of the week?

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  1. On Monday, buying water means good luck and successful completion of a difficult task.
  2. On Tuesday - to unfair accusations from the ex-boyfriend.
  3. On Wednesday - to confusion due to the betrayal of a loved one.
  4. On Thursday - to reluctance to quarrel with an aggressive person.
  5. On Friday - the need to complete several complex tasks at the same time.
  6. On Saturday - to financial losses due to your own indecision.
  7. On Sunday - a request for help from one of the relatives.

Plastic or glass - from poverty to riches

Seeing a plastic bottle in a dream, for example, with alcohol, means poverty due to drunkenness, but with milk, your material future is in your hands.

A full glass container of alcohol, especially if it is a bottle of expensive alcohol in your dream, means a lot of money in your “pockets”. But if you dreamed that a bottle of elite cognac or whiskey was half empty, expect misunderstandings.

Medea's dream book says: a dream in which you pour something from a glass container into a plastic one, and the resulting foam bothers you - you will experience uncertainty when making decisions regarding other people's finances.

Dirty water in a dream

Dirty water is disgusting. In dreams it carries a negative meaning. Drinking cloudy and foul-smelling liquid in night vision is a harbinger of despondency. An unpleasant event will probably happen, due to which you will have to say goodbye to the calm and measured flow of life for some time. High risk of developing depression. A person who sees such a dream will need moral help from loved ones.

If you dream that dirty or rusty water is flowing from a tap, then in reality you should be wary of gossip. Envious people will spread false and unpleasant rumors about the dreamer in order to ruin his reputation.

Drinking dirty liquid from a glass or mug is a sign that the soul is restless. The dream predicts that a difficult period of life is beginning. The dreamer will have to spend a lot of time and effort fixing problems.

If you happen to drink an unpleasant-tasting liquid, in reality you should be extremely careful in all areas of life. Moreover, the more disgusting the taste of the drink, the more serious the impending danger.

Drinking dirty water from a puddle or other body of water in a dream means getting sick in reality.

Breaking glass means trouble

Drinking beer and breaking dishes means unpleasant moments.

Did you dream that a drunkard breaks a bottle on the head of his drinking companion? A bad vision that does not prophesy anything good: take care of yourself, it says!

Breaking a bottle caught from the sea to remove a note - according to the Lunar Dream Book, this is bad news.

Did you dream that shards of broken glass containers glitter in the sun and blind you? You have to face lies.

Breaking a bottle with a lot of oil in a dream and slipping on it means difficulties in communicating with friends.

Other interpretations

If you happen to drink holy water in a dream, then in reality you will be able to maintain excellent health for many years. Also, drinking holy water may mean that the dreamer has achieved harmony in the soul.

Quenching your thirst with sweet tea is a signal that the dreamer is squeezed by unpleasant circumstances and cannot find a way out. It will be possible to get out of an unpleasant situation, but it will not be easy.

Drinking a salty drink in a dream is a sign of chagrin and disappointment. Salt dissolved in water symbolizes tears.

Drinking hot tea or any warm drink means improving relationships with loved ones. The dreamer will have enough time to communicate with relatives. And relatives will have the opportunity to provide the dreamer with moral support.

Drinking soda or any other tasty drink is a sign of everyday joys.

Drinking clean water from your palms means meeting an interesting person. Most likely, the dreamer will enter into an intimate relationship with a new acquaintance.

Buying or selling as a symbol of gain and loss

Do you want to know why you have a dream in which you buy shampoo in a large bottle with a bright label? Take a look at the Spring Dream Book - you will find out that this is a dream about updating your image.

In a dream, sell to someone or give bottles of various colors and sizes filled with a wide variety of fillings, from milk to perfume? If you enjoy this, then pleasant finds await you.

In a dream, handing over newly purchased bottles to glass containers means the loss of something material. And if you previously poured their contents onto the ground, it means separation from a loved one.

Interpretation according to Freud's dream book

Dr. Freud claims that a bottle in a dream symbolizes a woman and her reproductive organs. Therefore, all interpretations are related to the intimate side of life.

Why do you dream, for example, of uncorking a full bottle? It reflects the loss of innocence for virgins and the sexual act itself for others. Did you dream of a bar filled with numerous bottles of alcohol? Your sex life is just as varied and rich.

If you couldn’t choose the right bottle in a store for a long time, then this is a sign of uncertainty and even fear of sex. Accidentally breaking a glass dish in a dream means an unsuccessful romance or difficulties in sex.

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