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Home → Dream Interpretation → C → ... People who happened to meet a sniper in a dream need to worry about their own safety, since the dreamed character warns of secret enemies. An improvement in material well-being, bypassing one’s conscience, is foreshadowed by the dream book, explaining what the shooter dreams about. Perhaps the time has come to hope for luck.

What does Mr. Miller say?

A sniper in a dream is identified by a psychologist as a person who skillfully manipulates your actions. Seeing yourself as a shooter in a dream means that in reality you will take a bold and decisive action.

Your unbridled desires can have disastrous consequences - Miller is sure, describing in his dream book why you dream of a sniper shooting. Did you see a red dot from the scope of a sniper rifle? Take a close look at your close circle; perhaps one of your trusted people is harming you.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman saw a shooter in a dream, G. Ivanov’s newest dream book predicts difficult tasks ahead, on the solution of which a lot depends. Therefore, you need to focus on them, pushing everything else aside.

To a man

According to Evgeniy Tsvetkov’s dream book, if a man dreams of a sniper, his friends and family will help him fulfill his childhood dream. This will once again emphasize their love for you. Joyful emotions will overwhelm you, and you will want to hug the whole world.


Try not to spend your savings just yet, no matter how much you want to buy something. Invested in a promising project, they can bring good profits.

Don't chop rashly!

The Modern Combined Dream Book warns about a rash act, explaining why you dream of being a sniper yourself. Words spoken in the heat of the moment or frivolous actions will come back to haunt you several times in the future - the dream interpreter is sure.

For a woman, such an episode predetermines bitter repentance from the offense inflicted on a loved one. The female dream interpreter advises not to give free rein to negative emotions.

Who was the sniper in the dream?

See what meaning the dream carries, taking into account this detail.

  • you yourself - dream of making a profit;
  • father - to reconciliation with loved ones;
  • deceased dad - to pleasant memories;
  • grandfather - to participate in a dubious project;
  • a deceased grandfather means there is a risk of getting into an accident;
  • brother - predicts a move or job search;
  • neighbor - promises an exciting journey;
  • colleague - portends sad memories;
  • friend - dreams of participating in an adventure;
  • enemy - to problems due to self-confidence;
  • a stranger - to the appearance of obstacles on the way to the goal.

Details: character behavior

The interpretation of a dream about a sniper, according to the modern dream book, depends on the actions of the dreaming character. So, if a shooter is in a dream:

  • missed - you will do a thankless task that will not be appreciated by management;
  • neutralized the enemy - get ready for a dangerous event;
  • takes aim - you will achieve success, but, alas, it will be short-lived;
  • hits the target - cope with a complex, almost impossible task;
  • shoots at point blank range - someone will try to seduce you.

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the day of the week

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  • on Monday the sniper dreams of a quarrel with a partner;
  • on Tuesday - problems in communicating with people around you;
  • on Wednesday - a pleasant time with your family;
  • on Thursday - a trip abroad in the company of a pleasant man;
  • on Friday - to receive financial assistance from parents;
  • on Saturday - to dismissal due to frequent conflicts with colleagues;
  • on Sunday - problems at work, gossip and envy of colleagues.

Dreams on the topic

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