Why do you dream of hitting your opponent - 13 interpretations from different dream books

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Any person treats his soulmate with trepidation. Sometimes emotions go off scale, and night dreams become a reflection of reality or its distortion. Dreams where there is a homewrecker present, threatening your union, are quite unpleasant.

If you had such a dream, do not rush to get upset and try on what happened for a real situation. Dream books give several options for the meaning of the plot, where your opponent or competitor appears. It all depends on the correct interpretation of the details of the dream.

Causing physical injury

Beating your opponent in your dream means her victory. The modern dream book claims that the fight with a daring competitor will end in defeat. The lover will prefer another woman.

Did you dream of a fight? Fighting in a dream with a woman for whom you have negative feelings means problems in your relationship with your loved one. If you dreamed that you hit your rival on the head with all your fury with your fists, it means that in real life you feel a clear cooling on the part of your loved one. The women's dream book recommends not arranging noisy squabbles with your other half, but rather think about how to bring back the faded passion.

The interpreter Grishina explains in detail why such a dream occurs. According to this source, beating your opponent in your dreams means defeating her in real life. If in a dream you felt jubilation and joy that you inflicted injuries on a homewrecker, then in reality you will be able to enjoy the sweet feeling of your superiority over your rival. But Grishina’s dream book advises not to lose vigilance. The struggle will be long and difficult.

If you dreamed of a fight with a rival right during the wedding, you should reconsider your attitude towards this lady. Try to understand that the more importance you attach to the role of this woman in your personal life, the greater problems will arise in connection with this. The Eastern dream book strongly advises to forget about your competitor at least for a while and focus on your relationship with your lover. Remember - complete mutual understanding is the secret of a strong relationship.

Did you dream of a brutal beating? An explanation of why this plot is dreamed of is available in the English Interpreter. In real life, beating a vile homewrecker with a rod means erasing her from your life forever. If in a dream she was no longer able to get up, then in reality she will no longer be able to win the favor of your chosen one.

Hitting your opponent in the chest with a knife means committing an irreparable mistake. The Small Velesov dream book advises you to first think about your actions, and then only commit them.

If your hated rival beat you herself, then most likely your lover will stay with her. But don't worry too much. Very little time will pass, and you will easily remember this incident and perhaps even thank fate for the fact that this woman once caused the breakup.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman beats her rival in a dream, Krada Veles advises reconsidering your relationships with others. You need to become either tougher, or, conversely, take part in them. The nuances of sleep will help you understand the prediction more accurately.

To a man

According to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, you may encounter a powerful and cunning woman at work who will try to take the boss’s chair.


According to the dream book of Catherine the Great, for a pregnant woman, such a dream promises a calm period of life when everything will go smoothly.

Death of a competitor

Killing a rival in a dream is an extremely good sign. Did you dream that the insidious homewrecker died? Get ready to forget about all the troubles in reality. All problems can be resolved independently in a short time. All that remains is to enjoy happiness and carefreeness.

Miller’s interpreter also explains why one dreams of the death of a rival. This dream book says that such a plot promises an unusually successful period not only in your personal life, but also in your career. All efforts will be appreciated. Just try not to “lose your head” from the surging success, otherwise you will be left alone for a long time.

In a dream, strangling a woman who is trying to take your man away in real life means finding complete harmony in your relationship with your lover. The modern dream book reports that in the coming months you will forget about differences and be sincerely happy.

Aesop and Hasse

A beautiful and joyful rival in a dream is deciphered as a sign of failure and disappointment in reality. When another woman appears, the beloved man will give preference to the vile homewrecker rather than the dreamer with whom he is connected by many years of life together.

Such a plot may mean that the sleeping woman is incredibly afraid of losing her other half and constantly doubts herself. If this is really the case, then you need to stop doubting your own attractiveness and do everything possible so that your lover sees a brilliant and confident woman in front of him, and not a doubting person with low self-esteem and a bunch of complexes.

If a rival appears in torn or dirty clothes, according to Miss Hasse, such a plot means that it is difficult for a man to make a final choice. He rushes between two women and cannot decide who is dearer to him, since he has the same feelings for them. The rival can herself refuse such a partner and he will return to the family. A drunken homewrecker portends serious disagreements and conflicts in love relationships.

I dreamed about several of my lover’s mistresses at once - a woman will be able to assess the situation from a different angle and find a solution to those problems that previously seemed insoluble to her. The dreamer will be able to find a true friend in the face of the enemy when he extends a helping hand to her in a difficult situation. A person who was deeply unpleasant to her before will help her cope with her troubles.

There is no need to be afraid of a dream in which a rival appeared. Such a plot means that a woman who has fallen asleep needs to pay more attention to her relationships. Jealousy and constant suspicions towards your other half can be destructive. You need to spend more time with your partner and trust him in everything.


Be friends with a homewrecker

Making friends with this special one in a dream means finding a reliable companion. A magical dream book predicts success in any endeavor and support from an experienced and competent business partner. Another option for why you dream about something like this is communicating with childhood friends.

If you dreamed of a good conversation, expect good events. Talking kindly to her means in real life receiving good news from the outside. Laughing while talking to her means meeting old friends.

Miller also explains why such a dream occurs. Friendship with a competitor in a dream promises success in your planned business. Miller's dream book advises fearlessly getting involved in a planned enterprise. You can rest assured that this endeavor will definitely bring the expected result.

What was used to beat the woman?


A recently committed rash and too rash act will be a topic for discussion. Most people around will begin to gossip and blame for what they have done, this will allow us to weed out unnecessary people from our social circle.


At the moment, the dreamer may be feeling vulnerable. He really lacks support from loved ones, their advice and approval. To feel comfortable, you should ask them for help openly, taking the cherished first step.

With your feet

According to Phoebe’s Big Dream Book, if you dreamed of kicking a girl, there will be a serious quarrel in the family, which will pull absolutely everyone in different directions for some time. You shouldn’t get hung up on this and stop the course of your life. The conflict will resolve itself after some time.

With a stick

Now the dreamer may feel helpless in comparison with other colleagues. His professional success is much lower; his superiors rarely praise him. If you wait and put in more effort, luck will definitely smile.

With a bat

Prophecy from the English dream book: if you dreamed of a woman being beaten with a bat, one of your friends may suggest running a business together or a deal that could bring in income. It’s worth agreeing, since the business will allow you not only to improve relations with your friend, but also to earn decent money.


According to interpreter Azar, if you dreamed of beating a girl with a pillow, a stable life every day turns into a test that may in the near future result in problems and conflicts. It is worth taking a vacation or a day off, relaxing and spending time somewhere outside your home.

With a rag

A situation may arise as a result of which the dreamer will experience great humiliation. The event will be a serious blow that will shake self-confidence. But you shouldn’t give up, you need to be patient and give the enemy a fight.

With a broom

Lately, less and less time has been devoted to family - this can lead to a loss of understanding and even a breakup. You need to take the situation into your own hands, spend more time with loved ones, share your news with them.


Ordinary and familiar life will soon turn into real chaos. People around you will betray and lie, colleagues will set you up, and loved ones will not always be able to be there. It’s worth taking what’s happening easier.

With a knife

The healer Evdokia believed that if you dreamed of an attack on a woman with a knife, your close circle of friends would greatly thin out. Many of them will turn out to be not at all what they initially seemed. Someone will leave the country, someone will get married. But there is no reason for despair - as time goes on, new replacements will appear in the company.

Win a victory

Seeing your rival as ugly and abandoned by everyone means excluding her in reality from the ranks of your competitors. She will no longer be able to harm you. You can only be afraid of her in a dream. She has lost all power over your chosen one. The modern dream book encourages you to relax and focus on more pressing problems.

Defeating a rival in love means spreading gossip concerning the life of this person. The summer dream book predicts that the situation will force you to play by unfair rules. Despite the plot you saw in your dream, try to fight honestly. A clear conscience is sometimes more important than love.

If your opponent leaves defeated, you can celebrate your victory in real life! This interpretation is especially relevant if the loser cried bitterly in a dream. The cry of a rival is evidence of complete triumph. The Eastern dream book advises not to stoop to humiliation. Behave with dignity even despite the burning desire to trample this woman.

Dream Interpretation - Blood

“Bleed” means to suffer greatly.

“Blood enemy”, “blood brother”; “You drank, drank, sucked a lot of my blood” - caused a lot of suffering. “Let the blood flow” - treatment or damage.

“Shedding blood”, “to the last drop of blood”, “blood feud” (enmity), “blood and milk” - health.

“Sea of ​​Blood” - very strong emotions, experiences, disasters.

“Hot blood” is heroism, “blue blood” is high birth, “the blood runs cold” is horror, “the heart bleeds” is a strong experience.

“Bleeding from the nose” - try hard.

“Shedding blood” means suffering, fighting, performing a feat.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Book of Idioms

Various interpretations

What a pregnant rival dreams about is explained in the Women's Interpreter. To see such a plot in a dream means to experience a severe shock in reality. An event will change your life forever. The female interpreter argues that you should not try to prepare yourself for a blow. You won't be able to do this. The only thing you can do is mentally prepare yourself to overcome all the hardships of life.

If you dreamed of a rival in a wedding dress, then most likely she will be able to take your man away from the family. Seeing yourself at their wedding in a dream means accepting defeat.

The autumn interpreter explains what the dream in which you saw your lover’s ex-wife naked promises. This dream book claims that in reality you will be able to humiliate your rival in front of your friends, thereby ruining her reputation forever.

Cutting the hair of your rival in love means gaining strong patrons. They will help you win the fight for love.

The interpreter of wanderers explains why you dream of sending your rival out of your home. To kick your rival out of your home means to promptly find out what nasty things she is up to against you and take a number of measures to neutralize them.

In a dream, kissing this insidious representative of the fair sex means friendship. Especially if you dreamed of sincere friendly kisses. Vanga's dream book interprets this dream as a symbol of finding a new faithful friend. Pretty soon you will change your opinion about your rival and even feel a sincere affection for her.

Dream Interpretation - Blood

Blood is your mental and vital forces/wealth, money.

Swollen veins, overflowing with blood - happiness, money, wealth.

Scooping or drinking blood - happiness, money/dishonest profit/experience longing for a certain person/need spiritual support.

To drink your own blood is to love yourself more than anyone else.

Seeing yourself bleeding means leading a normal, healthy, reasonable lifestyle/well-being/justified, reasonable spending.

Blood flowing from the head - an increase in property.

From the nose - happiness.

Bleeding only from the arms or legs is a nuisance or sadness.

The blood gushing out of you like a fountain is unusually strong - illness, loss of strength.

Bleeding completely means preparing yourself for illness/spending beyond your means.

Coughing and spitting blood is a disease.

Cutting a body and admiring your blood means being burdened by secrets/burdened by well-being.

Letting one drink one’s blood means growing, creating something evil.

Bleeding from a friend - to feel guilty towards him / successfully borrow money from him.

For a symbolic personality, there is harm from the shortcoming that it personifies, or damage to dignity.

Seeing a lot of blood is a dream come true/dangerous outbursts of feelings.

To drown in blood means to experience a transformation, to be “born again.”

Drops of blood on the ground are satisfaction.

Follow the blood - sow good or evil (depending on other details); shedding tears of blood - getting into a situation that is painful for your conscience.

To have water instead of blood is to live unfairly, to play a role in life that you have invented.

Someone is engorged with blood - magical activity in your environment.

To smear him with blood means to be in a family relationship with him.

Man is a spiritual kinship.

Interpretation of dreams from the Noble Dream Book

What does it mean to have a dream in which you won a fight with a girl?

If a person fought and defeated a girl in a dream, it is possible that your hostility towards some person is so strong that you can no longer keep it to yourself. As a result, a conflict may arise that will develop into a scandal.

  • If one of the fighting parties was the dreamer, and it was he who won, he has the opportunity to get out of the current conflict situation with dignity, defeating his opponents.
  • If, in order to gain the upper hand in a brawl, you had to make considerable efforts, most likely, victory will not lead to the desired results, but the dream may warn of an unexpected turn in your affairs.
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