Why do you dream of salted fish: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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On the pages of famous dream books you can find information about what salted fish means in dreams . The interpretation of a dream in most cases depends on the feelings experienced by the dreamer in his night dreams and the nuances of the dream. To find out the prediction of future events, let's see what the authors of popular textbooks about dreams say.

Seeing salted fish in a dream means meaning for a woman, girl and man

Why do you dream of eating salted fish?
Regarding conceiving a child, in some situations the presented interpretation of dreams about a fish may, in fact, take place. For example, Miller’s interpreter says that a young girl dreams of a fish product for her offspring. Why does a girl dream of salted fish? However, this is only in a situation where a woman who has never had a child dreamed of a fish. And similar significance is attributed to a dream when a fish product appears as an image, without being tied to anything.

Various dream books about “eating salted fish,” not only Miller’s dream book, will say that when a woman or girl holds it in her hands, especially a huge one, this is an excellent sign.

You need to expect success, income, pleasant relationships in terms of love, great happy love and attention in terms of the male sex. In general, seeing salted fish in a dream for a girl, woman, or man is a wonderful omen in any situation.

In general, a fish dream is an excellent sign for a man. They will be dreamed of as a sign of good, healthy offspring and love happiness.

Men dream about fish products less often, and such dreams have the same significance. In addition to bearing a child and approaching motherhood. But, in some situations, fresh, huge living creatures that come to the male sex in a dream can say that in the future he will become a father.

Profit or love

Fish generally shows subconscious processes that can occur in the life of any of us. This can be like enriching knowledge, spirituality and personal growth. The same person will look at many things differently and begin to feel happier. Sometimes the dream book writes that outwardly a person will experience prosperity and enrichment, receive an inheritance, or a one-time favorable turn of events.

A woman dreams of fish, even the simplest one, before pregnancy, sexual relations, or even the feeling of falling in love. Sometimes such a dream means joy, a lot of pleasant things and happiness, a romantic adventure that will be bright and memorable. For a married lady to see any fish in a dream - it means pregnancy. But it may result in great complications or stop altogether if the herring or haddock turns out to be dead or cooked.

To understand what exactly the fish meant in your dream, pay attention to the plot of the dream. If there is friction in it, the herring or pike perch swam in the water and moved its fins, and the woman and the man were preparing it - this is not a sign of profit, but of changes in personal life. Cooked fish in any way, especially valuable species, portends material enrichment and acquisition.

Meaning depending on the circumstances of the dream

For girls

There is a belief that a fish dreams of a quick conception. However, the appearance of such a symbol in a dream has several more interpretations:

  • date with a young guy;
  • pleasant meetings and conversations;
  • a quick wedding with your lover;
  • meeting your future lover.

For a mature woman:

  • disappointment and tears;
  • quarrels, scandals;
  • betrayal.

For a man:

  • a good rest or vacation is coming;
  • receiving a large sum of money;
  • the likelihood of meeting his beloved, thoughts about which haunt him;
  • spoiled fish means major losses and troubles due to a person you know well.

What she was like:

  • A large piece or several carcasses of fresh and delicious fish in a dream promise big profits.
  • Rotten, foul-smelling - to losses, broken contracts.
  • Dried salted fish has an ambiguous meaning. For example, touching it with your hands means that your current job is of no use. But for a person who is passionate about gambling, this is a sign that fortune has turned to face him.
  • The salted fish suddenly began to beat its tail - good luck.
  • Red salted fish is a bad sign, promising tears. If the delicacy is rotten, a difficult test lies ahead.

Actions with fish in a dream:

  • Fry salted fish in a dream for a holiday in the company of loved ones and family.
  • Salting fish means harmonious relationships in the family.
  • Salting smoked fish means failure in all endeavors.
  • Eating a piece of salted fish can cause health problems.
  • Eating salted fish greedily and suffering from thirst for worries that will overwhelm life.
  • Finding caviar inside salted fish means revealing mysteries and secrets that will significantly complicate the dreamer’s life.
  • Choosing salted fish in a store means a pleasant meeting in a noisy company of friends.
  • Touching salted fish means an unsuccessful completion of the business, which will entail significant losses.
  • Did the fish swim away, suddenly slipping out of your hands? The dream suggests the possibility of improving personal affairs, doubling your fortune, and getting lucky.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s dream book, a dream in which salted fish appears has a negative meaning. It foretells the appearance of financial losses. Fish also means betrayal by friends.

  • Fish has a bad smell - this means problems at work . This period of life can become a time for the dreamer to save and reduce expenses.
  • Eating salted fish in a dream means changes in your environment . Take a closer look at your friends and acquaintances. Try to identify the person who has a negative influence on you. Remove him from your social circle as quickly as possible.
  • The dreamer holds delicious salted fish - a big profit . There may be income from an unexpected source in the future.

General interpretation of such a fish dream

  • Usually, fish in a dream is a good symbol, even salted. It can mean an improvement in your financial situation and even the birth of the baby you want.
  • From time to time, a similar dream (it doesn’t matter what type and size of fish you dreamed about) is also interpreted this way: you see your life as very monotonous, passionately dreaming of diluting it with colorful feelings.

What was she like?

  • Fresh, appetizing, and a large piece (or I dreamed of a lot of carcasses). This is for profit, and the more fish you see, the more crazy money will fall on you.
  • Putrid. Problems await you. Maybe these will be direct losses, or a seemingly successful agreement will suddenly become “rotten.”
  • Seeing salted fish, which was also dried, is a multifaceted dream. If you touched it, this is a “sentence” on your work today; it will be of no use. Well, if you are into gambling, the dream, on the contrary, is successful: it says that luck will eventually turn its face to you and smile broadly.
  • A salted-dried roach suddenly began to whip its tail? This dream also predicts good fortune.
  • Reddish (salmon, salmon). This is a bad symbol that promises a lot of tears. And if the delicacy turns out to be spoiled, in other words, rotten, a difficult test awaits you - in general, your friends will help you survive it.

Who is the dreamer?

Student. What did you do? If you fried salted fish, the dream may promise studying far away, it may very well be abroad. Man. In this case, salted fish in a dream means “profits.” At the same time, you yourself do not expect income from this source. Woman. Soon a very polite man will appear on the horizon of your personal life.

Be careful, you can fall in love with such a charismatic guy almost at first sight! Lady. The dream does not promise anything good: tears, disappointment await you... Emotions that are impossible to control will simply overwhelm you. If it was specifically a herring, the dream promises the lady dreamer a material loss

In general, after a while everything can be worked out. An old man. Soon sad news will come to you, which will raise forgotten pain from the depths of your soul.

What did you do in your dream?

  • They fried her. If you are not a student, the dream promises relaxation in the company of close relatives.
  • Salted raw fish: despite small disagreements, your “weather in the house” will be very harmonious.
  • Was it salted, but was the fish smoked? “In real life,” failure awaits you.
  • Did you eat this gift of rivers or seas? Soon you will be able to complain about feeling unwell. If only the big one got a piece for you, in real life you will be able to reveal the secret that your loved one is diligently hiding from you.
  • Why do you dream of salted fish, which you eat with extraordinary greed, and later suffer from thirst? The dream warns of worries that will fill your life.
  • Have you enjoyed the taste of reddish fish, and when you cut the carcass, you found caviar inside? You will learn something that you did not need to know. Because of the declassified facts, not only you, but also your loved ones will have a headache.
  • Did you choose or take such fish in a hypermarket or at the market? The dream promises a cheerful, noisy company in which you will relax. Was there a huge choice? You will meet a very interesting person there.
  • Just creating salted fish as a product will soon give you important information. If you use it correctly, you will win.
  • Holding or touching such a fish: the business you started will end, if not in failure, then it will go to zero, without bringing the desired profits.
  • Did a fish carcass suddenly whip its tail and run away from your palm into the river? You will be able to improve the situation of your own affairs, and also double your fortune, if you can catch the bird of fortune - fate will give you such a chance.

Why do you dream of dried, salted fish?

Maria Bychkova

If you dream of a fish in clear water, the dream foretells that fate will generously reward you.

Dead fish in a dream promises sorrow and foreshadows loss.

If a young lady dreams of a live fish, happy love awaits her.

Catching and catching fish foreshadows serious trials that you will endure, maintaining presence of mind.

If you walk on water with nonsense, then in reality you will soon be able to achieve prosperity, thanks to your enterprise.

Watching fishing promises you a surge of energy and skillful use of favorable circumstances.

If you see that you haven’t caught anything and leave the river empty-handed, the dream warns you about the vanity of your desires.

If you go to the fish market, then in reality prosperity and joy await you.

Seeing a fishing net is a dream that promises acquisitions, but if the net is torn, then annoying disappointments are possible.

If in a dream you pick up fishhooks, then this dream reminds you that you have every reason to make your own destiny.

FISH LIVE for WOMEN = pregnancy, for MEN = profitable occupation, DEAD = powerlessness. (most likely option 3.)

If you dream that a fish is splashing in a clear pond, then you will soon be able to achieve prosperity and power. Seeing a dead fish means financial losses. If a young woman sees a fish in a dream, this promises her a handsome and talented groom. If you dreamed that you caught a fish, this means that, despite the machinations of ill-wishers, you have the wisdom to avoid trouble. If you fish while not on the shore, but in the water, then success and wealth will come to you only thanks to your talent and intelligence. In general, fishing is a symbol of energy. However, if you fail to catch a fish, then your lucky hour has not yet struck. If you eat fish, it promises tender and long-lasting love.

If in a dream you walk through rows of fish, prosperity and joy await you in reality. If you fish with nonsense, then your entrepreneurial spirit will help you achieve prosperity. But if you haven’t caught anything, it means that your desires are vain and shallow. A fishing net means profitable acquisitions, but if it is torn, then perhaps you will lose more than you gain.

Seeing a dead fish means financial losses.

If a young woman sees a fish in a dream, this promises her a handsome and talented groom.

If you dreamed that you caught a fish, this means that, despite the machinations of ill-wishers, you have the wisdom to avoid trouble.

If you fish while not on the shore, but in the water, then success and wealth will come to you only thanks to your talent and intelligence.

In general, fishing is a symbol of energy. However, if you fail to catch a fish, then your lucky hour has not yet struck.

If you eat fish, it promises tender and long-lasting love.

Other actions with fish

Buying an excellent product means moving. Cleaning in an open space, in the yard - means purchasing a home. Buy a whole cart - to emigrate abroad. Buy a spoiled one and miss out. What seems to be a success will end in failure.

Selling herring is a sign of rash actions. Give luck to someone with your own hands. Finding a fish means getting out of a difficult situation. Cleaning the catch on the seashore means victory in a difficult struggle.

Prepare mincemeat for everyday work. Cut into beautiful pieces, sprinkle with onions and herbs, sprinkle with vinegar - build your own well-being.

Cooking herring soup or frying fish is a sign of an amazing meeting. Carefully catch every word of your unexpected interlocutor. It will come in handy later.

Decoding for a woman

Most often, the interpretation may be the onset of tears and disappointments; they may be associated with an unpleasant and tragic event. A woman cannot influence this in any way, so having gained patience, she will just have to survive this time. If a married woman dreams of a herring, then expect severe financial losses. To restore financial well-being, you will have to devote yourself completely to work. But for a young lady, a similar dream can be interpreted successfully. Eg:

  • the appearance of a young man in her life;
  • pleasant emotions;
  • a dizzying novel.

A man's dream of salted fish predicts that he will receive monetary profit from an unexpected source in the near future. If in a dream he buys it, then in real life he will have to appear at an official event or a fun party. But salting a ram in a dream interprets harmony and support in family life. If there are disagreements the day before, you can quickly and easily solve all your problems; the wife, without a doubt, will support her husband’s position. After which they will be able to live in perfect harmony.

Just like for a woman, enjoying the taste of fish in a dream means an unplanned pleasant trip. But it could also be associated with some kind of training or it could be a trip to a scientific conference. The journey will be associated with the positive development of your destiny.

Depending on the size of the carcass, the further and for the longer amount of time you will have to go. The type of fish you see in your dream may determine how long your trip will be. A river product means a short, not far journey, but a sea product promises you a long trip, it is possible that it will take place in the company of friends and relatives. Your journey will bring a lot of bright emotions, will go quite well and complete it on time and successfully.

If you experience the unpleasant taste of fish in a dream, a trip may put you in minor difficulties and troubles, but you can easily cope with them and they will not entail any consequences.

Dried or dried fish may dream of minor delays and changes in planned activities. In order not to miss a favorable moment, it is necessary to carefully and carefully monitor the development of events. A man dreams of a red carcass in unfavorable situations and can mean minor regrets and disappointments. After waking up, you should not get hung up on this case; it is best to let go of this situation, pull yourself together and overcome the depression that is approaching you on your own.

Salty foods

The dream book writes about why salted fish is most often dreamed of. A large individual of fatty varieties with valuable caviar and meat portends you joy, monetary reward and benefit. This means that you will unexpectedly receive large funds, a lot of material enrichment, or a very good gift.

However, if in the dream the salted fish was small in size or it turned out to be alive, despite the salt, the dream book writes that the woman will have an amorous acquaintance with an interesting and experienced man. He will be older than her, he will turn out to be the so-called “hardened type”, who not only knows how to make money out of thin air and live beautifully, but also knows all the keys to women’s hearts.

Why does a girl dream about salted fish? Soon she will have a fan who will arouse great love and sympathy. However, the dream book warns not in a dream, but in reality that he will play with her heart and the relationship is unlikely to be serious. And he will completely unexpectedly leave her and, even if he marries, living with him will not be sweet. A small salted fish portends a person who does not earn too much, but likes to waste money, a large and valuable one - a truly large person who knows how to live beautifully. But he may turn out to be very picky, cold and unavailable for communication and sympathy. Such a person loves selectively.

Seeing how others caught salted fish is a sign of envy or adding to the family of those who got it.

For a man, salted fish in a dream means profit, which he will most likely put aside for some time. It is possible that he will invest the money in long-term projects or simply deposit it in a bank or put it into business, which will then bring significant interest.

Sometimes for boys and men, a dream about acquiring a large and valuable fish foreshadows a woman’s pregnancy and the birth of a healthy and strong daughter.

However, we do not always want this turn of events, because mistresses may simply turn out to be blackmailers and behave in a way that benefits them. Therefore, even valuable salted fish may not always mean only profit and money.

Why does a child or toddler dream of salted fish? Most often, this dream means a harmless illness, because of which he will have to lie in bed for a long time and wait for recovery.

Hidden meaning of dreams

Each dream has its own meaning. It can not only predict the future, but also point out problems that already exist. That is why the interpretation of dreams is not always so easy. Salted fish in a dream can tell about what really worries and worries a person.

What are the features of such a dream? First of all, details are poorly remembered. The person seems to remember what he is dreaming about, even opens the interpretation of dreams to see what the fish (salted) is in the dream about, but then he realizes that he is unable to remember any other details of the dream. It is difficult for him to remember under what circumstances everything happened, what he did with the fish, etc. It is precisely this kind of dream that indicates a person’s problems hidden in his subconscious. This phenomenon is quite easy to explain. The subconscious simply erases from memory all unnecessary details and events of the dream, focusing attention on the most important. So why do you dream of fish (salted) and what does it symbolize?

Dream interpretation dreamed of salted fish

What do the authors of famous dream books say about the meaning of the salted fish symbol?

According to Vanga's dream book

According to the dream book of a Bulgarian clairvoyant, a dream about salted fish is considered an unfavorable sign, predicting adversity, financial losses, and dishonest people.

A dream about a salted fish product with poor presentation, unpleasant smell and taste promises the dreamer failure at work and low income. The time is coming for financial losses and saving on everything.

3 out of 5 dreams about salted fish - warnings

Eating a salty product in a dream is a warning sign. Take a closer look at your immediate environment and try to recognize the person causing harm. This is probably a relative, work colleague or close acquaintance.

According to Miller's dream book

When you dream of dried salted fish, fortune will show favor to the person. The dreamer expects profit or a rich harvest

Fried fish in night dreams promises the dreamer an important journey, a business trip. The larger the individual, the further away the travel destination is. Spoiled fish with an unpleasant odor symbolizes negative news or illness

A young lady's dream of salted fish promises entertainment and the guy's sympathy. For a girl, the dream predicts sadness in a love relationship without reciprocity. For a married woman - a new round of relationships with her husband.

For a middle-aged woman, eating a tasty fish product is considered a favorable sign, predicting the receipt of gratitude. When a dish turns out to be tasteless or spoiled, you should expect problems in reality.

According to Felomena's dream book

A dream about salted fish symbolizes large financial profits. This will turn out to be an unexpected cash receipt, which appeared on time and brought great joy to the dreamer in reality.

Why do you dream of eating fish?

After a dream with such a plot, individuals whose activities are related to finance (accountants, financiers, persons bearing financial responsibility) should make decisions based on trust and carefully check the facts. This will prevent mistakes.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

What does the story about salted fish mean according to Tsvetkov’s dream book? Holding an animal in your hands in a dream and experiencing unpleasant sensations or disgust means illness. Eating salted fish is an anxiety related to finances.

A sleeping person will have numerous worries and responsibilities in reality. What does the dream of a rotten fish falling apart promise to the dreamer?

Surprisingly, the dream predicts receiving unexpected wealth and income. The larger the fish, the greater the cash flow.

Watch the video. A simple technique: how to unravel the meaning of dreams.

The meaning of sleep according to Miller's dream book

In accordance with Miller's dream book, this symbol - salted fish - has several interpretations.

  • Salted fish, in accordance with Miller’s interpretation, signifies profit and the larger the size of the carcass, the greater the income.
  • Frying it in a dream promises a business trip, and if it was a big one, then everything will go smoothly, or the road will be long.
  • In a young girl’s dream, such a vision indicates a fun party or a guy in love with her. But for an older lady, the dream is a bad omen, predicting misfortune in love.
  • When a girl eats it and experiences pleasure at the same time, this means an unexpected pregnancy, which will end in a happy marriage.

But if an older lady consumed the purchased salted fish and found it delicious, she will soon receive warm gratitude. But when its taste is disgusting, the fish is spoiled - this is an indication of imminent problems.

Eating a herring - what does it mean?

Here we need to remember the impression of the food. It is emotions that play a dominant role in decoding:

  • eat with pleasure - to joy;
  • eat with bread, potatoes, cabbage - to gain experience;
  • treat someone, share - learn from a friend;
  • swallow raw - catch a cold, become ill in reality.

Cutting before serving is a sign of respect. Picking up a piece and putting it in your mouth means praise. Treat yourself at home - to success; visiting - you will be happy for your friend; in a restaurant - for a date.

Another is Iwashi at a festival - luck will temporarily turn away. Eating raw herring is a sign of a failure due to your greed. And eating a salty cake means winning.

Seeing salted fish in a dream

Dreams about salted fish are usually interpreted by dream books as an auspicious sign

Such a symbol is important for the fairer sex; age and social status are especially taken into account

To the girl

For young ladies, such a plot promises an acquaintance with a young man, for whom the girl will begin to experience her first crush. The dream predicts a fun meeting with friends.

For an unmarried girl, a dream is considered a not very favorable symbol, predicting grief, tears, and sadness. Perhaps the experiences will be associated with falling in love.

To a woman

According to popular beliefs, it is believed that fish in night dreams predicts motherhood. However, salted fish in a dream has a different interpretation. For middle-aged ladies, the dream promises frustration and tears, especially if there was a large amount of catch. An event that is difficult to prevent is likely to happen soon.

Eating a salted fish dish in night vision is a good sign for women, meaning a successful trip and a joyful leisure time. Feel free to hit the road, the journey will be calm and will bring a lot of impressions. For young ladies, such a dream promises meeting a young man, pleasant conversations and dates.

Receiving such a gift as a gift in a dream predicts a lady's imminent marriage or meeting a loved one. Forecasters advise a mother who dreamed of a large number of small salted fish to be attentive to such a plot. The dream warns a woman that her children need help and support.


Seeing such a plot for a woman expecting a child means a favorable prediction. When the expectant mother ate salted fish in her night dreams, the woman will have an easy birth.

To a man

A dream in which a lot of salted fish appears, which the guys dreamed about, predicts them a holiday in good company. Overwork is probably taking its toll, and you need to take a vacation. Such a plot may indicate the receipt of a large sum of money. When a man eats a salted fish dish in his night dreams, it means that he is constantly thinking about some woman. Probably, soon there will be a meeting with this person or the dreamer will receive news about her.

Why do you dream about smoked fish?

For a man, spoiled, unpleasant-smelling fish in a dream means significant financial losses and hardships. Often the source of trouble is a familiar person from the dreamer’s close circle. You should take a closer look at the people around you; perhaps there is an envious person and an ill-wisher nearby.

Interpretation for men

For guys, a dream in which there is a lot of salted fish promises a good time and relaxation. Perhaps you are overworked and need a vacation. In addition, such a dream can also mean receiving a large amount of money. If a man eats salted fish in a dream, it means that thoughts about some girl haunt him. Perhaps he will soon see or hear this person.

If the fish in a dream is missing and smells unpleasant, then such a dream for a man means major financial losses and troubles. Moreover, most often the source of such troubles is a person who is well known. You need to reconsider your surroundings; perhaps someone is very jealous of you.

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