Why do you dream of baking pies: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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A favorable sign is a dream in which you baked pies. Joy and good income await the dreamer in the near future as a worthy reward for his efforts. However, in order to accurately answer the question – why do you dream about baking pies , you need to remember all the small details of the night’s plot.

There are fish pies

Dream Interpretation Eating pies with fish dreamed of why in a dream there are pies with fish?
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With sweet filling

When talking about why fried pies are dreamed of, one cannot help but mention baked goods with jam. This sweet treat is a good sign, as it promises the dreamer an acquaintance with a pleasant person of the opposite sex, which can develop into something more.

The man took a bite of the pie, but didn’t finish it? This means someone needs his help. You finished your meal, but you couldn’t satisfy your hunger? This indicates a lack of impressions and positive emotions in real life.

Pies with cottage cheese are considered a good sign. If a person received them as a gift, then very soon a new good friend will appear in his life. Did he treat anyone to such pastries? This means that in reality he will finally be able to get rid of the machinations of his ill-wishers.

Dream Interpretation - Pies

A symbol of hospitality, well-established economy, friendliness. Pies are made from dough, and not every housewife knows how to make good dough, so pies can be both good and bad, hence the meaning of the symbol.

To see in a dream many different pies that are laid out on beautiful dishes and smell delicious - this dream foreshadows a good meeting; fruitful acquaintance; to a trip to relatives; to pleasant chores.

Seeing a lopsided pie means failure, frustration; to waste of money; to empty efforts.

Seeing moldy pies in a dream means the return of old problems; to meet someone who has long wanted to see you; to problems with parents.

Seeing that the pies are burnt is a sign of inattention; to waste of other people's funds; to problems due to lack of time.

Receive a pie as a gift - you will have a caring friend; to meeting with godparents; to good news or monetary gain.

Description of the dreamed pies: fried, baked, rosy

A married woman dreams of hot pies, beautifully laid out on a platter, as a symbol of a pleasant trip. It is likely that the lady will go on a long-awaited trip, which will be very successful and will be remembered for a long time.

For a pregnant woman, pies in a dream foretell an imminent birth. If the baked goods were tasteless or looked unpresentable, the birth will be difficult.

For a man, pies in a dream are a good symbol:

  • if the dreamer was given them as a gift, in reality he will find a faithful friend who will help him in any difficult situation;
  • burnt pies - to unexpected expenses;
  • if the baked goods turn into coals, the dreamer will have to pay for his own inattention.

If a young guy dreams of pies with sweet filling, he has a chance to meet the girl he likes.

Fried pies in a dream - to guests. This visit will be of a business nature, but the dreamer’s cordiality and hospitality will significantly influence the course of the conversation and help turn the situation in a direction favorable to him.

If flour products looked repulsive or emitted an unpleasant odor, the dreamer should prepare himself for sad events. In most cases, this vision promises the death of one of the close relatives.

Pies piled on a platter in an original heap predict an invitation to a noisy party where the dreamer can meet people who are useful to him. Burnt pies dream of an acute lack of time or waste of other people's money.

The shape of the pies also matters:

  • if they are flat, in reality the dreamer will be able to earn a large sum, and he will not have to make any special efforts for this, everything will happen thanks to a successful coincidence of circumstances;
  • rosy and fluffy pies are a sign that the dreamer will be received as a dear guest.

Dream Interpretation - Pies

A dream in which you are rolling out pie dough is a sign of growing prosperity in deteriorating health. Making pie filling means that sex-related problems will arise in your married life. Baking a pie in the oven means you will not achieve success in reality if you do not get rid of your inherent shortcomings.

Pie with cabbage means that you will soon fully enjoy peace by sending your family to relatives in the village or in another city. A pie with meat filling means that your happiness will be somewhat overshadowed by the interference of envious friends in your private life.

Apple pie warns that you should be more critical of your lifestyle. Viburnum pie foretells that in an attempt to gain authority and favor among new friends, you will make a mistake that will cost you dearly. Fish pie is a guarantee that you will not experience any special problems with how and what to feed your pets, including tailed pets.

With cabbage

They say that baked goods with this filling represent the lack of communication and attention experienced by a person. If the dreamer tried to treat someone with such a pie, then soon he will have to establish contact and develop relationships with someone who is not the most sociable person.

However, this is not all that cabbage pies are dreamed of. If they were in the oven, then the interpretation will be completely different. Such a dream suggests that a person will soon receive a worthy reward for his work. The main thing is not to drop the baked goods on the floor in the vision. Such an unpleasant turn of events promises significant expenses.

Were the cabbage pies half-baked? This vision personifies a task that has not been completed by man. But a burnt treat indicates that in reality the dreamer will be entrusted with a task to which he will have to devote a lot of time, effort and energy.

By the way, a single cabbage pie is a harbinger of short-term loneliness. During his stay in it, a person will rethink his priorities and, perhaps, take a fresh look at his life.

Dream Interpretation - Pies

Baking pies: a sign that your efforts will turn into joy.

If in reality you are haunted by troubles, then the dream calls on you to show care and warmth.

A big pie on the table: portends profit in your home.

Lots of little ruddy pies: a sign of good wealth and excellent family relationships.

Burnt pies: This suggests that you may be overdoing it in your zeal. After such a dream, you should control your emotions and not give free rein to negative feelings.

Stale pie: means that your rigidity in communicating with others can greatly harm you, including financially. Perhaps you should try to be more warm and open.

Why do you dream about pie?

Dream book of the 21st century

Why do you dream about Pie and what does it mean:

Pie - Eating a pie in a dream means joy, a sweet one means family happiness, a puff pie means fun. Seeing a lot of them means happiness will come to you. Baking pies is a sign of a happy event in the house. If you are given a pie in a dream, in reality you will receive a letter. Seeing pies but not eating them means need and loss.

Miller's Dream Book

Why do you dream about Pie in a dream?

Pie - If you saw in a dream that you were eating pies, watch out for your ill-wishers, because they are preparing to harm you.

If a girl cooks pies in a dream, it means that she will flirt with men for the sake of fun. This dream will serve as a warning to her.

Lunar dream book

What does pie in a dream mean:

There are pies - Well-being.

Tarot dream book

Pie: interpretation of the image

Pie - Brilliant prospects.

Intelligent dream book

Why do you dream about Pie?

There is a pie - Someone you know is sick.

Astrological dream book

Pie see what does it mean?

Pies are a health problem. Magnifying glass in Virgo.

Unique dream book of Tatyana Radchenko

Pie - Seeing or eating it is a good change in social status.

Simeon Prozorov's dream book

Why does the dreamer dream about pie?

The joy of profit. Imagine feeding pies to all your family.

The new and most complete dream book of 1918

Why do you dream about Pie?

There is a pie - visits; stove - an imminent crisis, a turning point in something; birthday - speak vulgarity.

Ukrainian dream book Dmitrienko

Why do you dream about Pie?

If you dreamed about pies, then this is a beautiful dream, everything will be fine. Pies in a dream are fun, as the dream book predictor reports.

Modern dream book for 365 days

Why do you dream about Pie by day of the week?

Pie - Eating a pie with mushrooms is a sign of joy. Eating a cabbage pie means good news. Eating a meat pie means money (for a vegetarian, falling into a cunning trap). Eating a pie with rice means delay in fulfilling your desire. Eating a pie with jam or marmalade means there is a danger of deception.

Feng Shui dream book

Pie: interpretation of the image

Pie - If a man eats a pie in a dream, it means joy for someone. If a woman - to a wedding invitation. The patient saw in a dream that he was eating a pie - to recovery. A stranger eats a pie - a dream foretells trouble. If enemies eat pie, this is a bad sign, foreshadowing major troubles.

Why do you dream of pies according to dream books?

According to Miller's dream book, pies symbolize harmony and prosperity. Cooking them yourself means waiting for someone in real life. If in a dream you happened to bake pies for a girl, then this is a sure sign that pretty soon she will receive a large amount of male attention. However, it is also important what the result was and whether the baked goods turned out well. When the pie is a success and there is more than one, it means there will be enough fans. However, for a representative of the fair sex in a relationship, pastries that have come loose can spell trouble.

According to Miller's dream book, there is a directly opposite interpretation, which interprets pies as trouble. It's especially bad to eat them. If there were 2 pies in the dream, then you should expect success in your married life. A dream is especially negatively interpreted for a woman, where eating baked goods promises dangerous consequences after meeting a man.

Receiving a pie as a gift is interpreted as a positive deed that should be expected from one's neighbor. If baked goods were thrown under the door, you will have to face the consequences of your behavior. Both good and bad. Eating pies in a dream is interpreted with pleasure as an optimistic outlook on life. When baked goods, on the contrary, seem unappetizing, but everyone else eats them with great joy, it speaks of a person’s negative mood.

According to Vanga’s dream book, pies dream of prosperity and good relationships in the family. A vision in which the whole family is involved in baking is considered especially favorable. Or cooking is done with a loved one. This is an extremely favorable sign that promises well-being and preservation of family happiness.

According to the Islamic dream book, pies are a symbol of abundance and satiety. If the table is filled with this culinary masterpiece, then the dreamer will experience success in any event or undertaking. Moreover, abundance will concern all areas of life.

Pie in a dream as a symbol of abundance

Girl, woman or man

Seeing a pie for a girl and eating it with pleasure means that she will soon find her soulmate. Particularly important importance in interpretation should be given to the appearance of the culinary product. If the pie is beautiful, juicy and rosy, then the partner will be worthy. When you dream of unsightly baked goods, it means that the candidate will not be the best or you will have to continue the search.

There are pies

According to interpretations from Vesta’s dream book, this is a warning against excessive gullibility. There are envious people who want to ruin relationships in your family. Take a closer look at your immediate surroundings; perhaps someone is trying to take advantage of the situation and benefit.

This dream tells a woman about the possibility of flirting with men. But he warns about the need to control the situation. Otherwise, flirting may turn into a scandal.

Taking a bite of the pie and not finishing it means that in reality you have abandoned a profitable but risky business. Now you regret it.

Have you baked and eaten a variety of pies in a dream? Have you read the interpretations of various dream books? Now make the right decision, in your opinion, and act. The main thing is not to make a mistake.

What to do: bake, eat, buy, treat someone, etc.

If you bake a pie in the oven in a dream, then such an action may mean expecting a result from some of your investments or efforts. When the resulting baked goods are tasty and aromatic, then everything will be a success. Buying a product in a store promises unconsidered actions that can result in a waste of energy.

Eating pie with pleasure and in large quantities means sexual dissatisfaction. A good appetite in a dream is a sign of a lack of something in life. The subconscious directs a person to find his true purpose. Treating another person with your culinary masterpiece promises the help that the dreamer will provide to his neighbor. If a woman feeds her man a pie in a dream and he remains satisfied, it means there will be harmony in family life.

Cutting a pie means being in a quandary

Additional interpretations

If in a dream pie becomes the choice of treat in a cafe, then the person has high life goals and wants to make as much profit as possible. This is especially true when everyone else is eating other dishes. When a mother does the baking, it promises a good relationship and a sign that the person is highly valued by those around her.

Baking pies with your deceased mother can spell trouble. Or it means that a person cannot break ties with his past. A particularly unfavorable sign is when the deceased is cutting pies. Can be interpreted as serious problems in career, health or personal relationships.

When a deceased father brings baked goods in a dream, this is interpreted in most cases as a person’s need to receive outside support. This vision is not always interpreted negatively. Perhaps you should analyze your past mistakes and draw appropriate conclusions.

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