Why do you dream of planting potatoes: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

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Do you want to know why you dream about planting potatoes ? Most dream books claim that this is a good sign; it portends not only good income, but also good luck in the near future. But it is worth remembering that depending on various factors, the meaning of sleep can radically change.

Dream Interpretation: seeing potatoes in a dream

Miller's Dream Book

suggests that when you dream of potatoes, you can expect profit. Dig it out - achieve success.

If you see potatoes with sprouts that the dreamer plants in the ground, this is a good sign. In reality, all your dreams will soon come true.

According to Vanga's dream book

Towards the completion of a long-awaited event, I dream of potatoes. This could be receiving a marriage proposal or a salary increase.

There is a new acquaintance ahead - this is what potatoes mean in dreams, according to the Ukrainian dream book


But taking tubers out of a barn or cellar is a danger of getting sick. Azar's Dream Book

predicts that large potatoes on earth mean profit.

According to the eastern dream book

If you dream of potatoes in the ground, a difficult life stage lies ahead. However, thanks to the presence of spirit, you will be able to survive it.

Family dream book

warns that Colorado potato beetles on potatoes mean damage. This could be a loss or loss in business.

Dream meanings

Now there is quite a lot of information about the meaning of various night dreams. You can easily get confused among the abundance of different dream books. For the most reliable interpretation, you should remember all the details of the dream, collect them into a single image, and then look for interpretation.

According to the dream book “from A to Z,” planting potatoes in a dream is a quick fulfillment of the dreamer’s cherished dream . If the potato tubers have already sprouted and the dreamer plants them himself, then this predicts success in business or a profitable deal in the near future. Eating newly planted vegetables means that the sleeper is very impatient and is always in a hurry to see results in all matters. He also often worries and worries for no reason. To achieve success, such a person needs to learn to plan things and be more self-possessed.

Miller's dream book interprets such a dream as follows:

According to Velesov’s dream book, dreaming of planting potatoes in the ground means hard work , which will be very fruitful. The dreamer will have to work hard in order to receive material benefits in return. If loved ones help the sleeping person in a dream, then this indicates unexpected help in real life. Planting potatoes at night in a dream can be interpreted as follows: there will be gossip and gossip about the sleeping person. You should not communicate with strangers. Planting vegetables at home means long-held plans are finally being realized, but you will have to work hard for this.

According to the Wanderer’s dream book, planting potatoes in a field or in a garden means you will have the opportunity to start your own business, which will bring unprecedented profits. For women, such a dream promises a marriage proposal. The marriage will be strong.

Dreaming of planting potatoes represents hard work that does not bear fruit if the sleeper is very tired in the dream. The bosses will not notice his efforts, and his colleagues will begin to take credit for his successes.

Why does a woman dream about potatoes?

Potato unmarried

portends successful development in the business sphere for a woman. Very soon, the dreamer will expect recognition in her professional field.

Potato flowers dreamed by a girl

, are a harbinger of a romantic adventure. You may even receive a marriage proposal.

Married woman dreamed of small potatoes

The lady signals temporary financial problems. Large tubers promise a harmonious environment in the house and good security.

When a pregnant woman

a woman, she will have to go through a rather difficult process of childbirth. However, the dream is a positive omen - everything will be fine with the woman in labor and the baby.

Planting potatoes in a dream - interpretation of famous dream books

Miller's Dream Interpreter

If you happened to plant potatoes in a dream, then you should boldly carry out your plans. Everything will help you achieve your goals, and any, even the most difficult, problems can be easily overcome. Enemies and adversaries will be forced to admit defeat. This will be the reward for many years of hard work.

Decoding a dream according to Vanga's dream book

Planting potatoes in night dreams is a lucrative offer for the dreamer. You shouldn't give it up. If you accept it, then you will be able to significantly speed up the achievement of your plans and goals.

Interpretation according to Freud's dream book

Planting potatoes in a dream is a subconscious fear of having sexual intercourse. No matter how much you want it, you won’t be able to get rid of it completely. Sigmund Freud claims that this image is seen in dreams by people who have only recently reached puberty. That is why there is fear and anxiety.

Planting potatoes in a dream - interpretation according to Hasse’s dream book

You will soon receive a very profitable financial offer. Only you can decide whether to use it or not. It also depends only on you what changes in life this or that choice will bring.

Why do you dream of planting potatoes?

An interesting offer will soon come if you had to plant potatoes in the ground

. It can concern both personal life and business cooperation. It’s also worth remembering what color you planted potatoes in your dream. Pink tubers delight lonely dreamers with the news of a successful romance, and foretell a happy period of life together for families. Almost white planting material predicts the emergence of new prospects. Yellow tubers indicate unexpected support from friends. Connections will help you carry out your planned transaction very profitably.

Stable career growth is predicted by a dream in which you had to plant potatoes in pots

. The dreamer himself limits the possibilities of his own development.

Plant potatoes in winter

or burying obviously rotten tubers in the ground is a warning sign. You can lose part of your income if you act carelessly.

in someone else’s garden warns of a threat to one’s financial condition.

. Working in a good mood on your own site promises an inevitable reward for your work. If the landing was carried out through force and with reluctance, it is worth paying attention to other people’s claims. Someone decided to take away a tasty morsel, and you will have to make an effort to maintain your own income.

To dream that you are planting potatoes

Often, the interpretation of a dream is different for women and men, so first you need to clarify which gender representative had such a dream.

To the girl

Miller's dream book claims that such a dream has a romantic message. If a lonely girl dreams of him, this may mean that she may soon have a relationship.

If a girl who is already in a relationship saw such a dream, it means that a happy future awaits her with this person.

To a woman

A middle-aged woman's dream in which she plants potatoes foreshadows changes in various aspects of her life. If in a dream she created neat potato beds, then this means that her life will soon change for the better.

Digging up mature tubers symbolizes receiving rewards for your labors. Perhaps the woman who had such a dream will soon be promoted at work, or her old dream will come true.


For pregnant women, such a dream is a clear sign that their birth will go well and the child will be born healthy.

Why do you dream about digging potatoes?

To correctly interpret what it means to dig potatoes out of the ground

in a dream, it is necessary to remember what tool was used. If it was a shovel, in reality you will find out information that has long been a secret to the sleeping person, but is crucial for his well-being. The use of a rake and pitchfork suggests the need to fight vanity. Digging potatoes with a toy scoop indicates ill-considered actions. Digging up root vegetables with your fingers symbolizes hard work, sticks or other improvised means, hints that it is time to compare your own desires with your capabilities, and adjust your aspirations.

It is also worth considering which one had to be collected

potatoes in a dream. Smooth, beautiful tubers portend an increase in strength and a successful solution to all assigned tasks. If the potatoes turn out to be rotten, the joyful period in reality is coming to an end, and you will have to postpone the implementation of your plans.

Why might you dream of planting potatoes?

After you have figured out what color and size the potatoes were, it is important to remember what actions were carried out with them: if fruits were planted in a dream, then it is important to clarify where they were planted, at what time of year, day, and so on.

into the ground

If the fruit was planted in the ground, it means that you have invested or will invest in a very successful business. This business will bring you not only income, but also fame, so do not be afraid to invest your finances, time and effort, everything will return to you in huge quantities.

In the garden

If you planted potatoes in some garden bed, then soon you will begin to reap the fruits of your labors. You will earn more and be more successful if you put a lot of effort into achieving your career goals.

85% of such dreams are positive

If you have been seeking the love of another person for a long time, then there is a chance that he will soon reciprocate your feelings, it is important not to miss this moment in order to find your happiness. Well, if you had to fight the disease for a long time, then your health will begin to improve.

Spoiled potato beds symbolize the efforts you have put into something that will not be appreciated, but it is important not to be upset about this: if you continue your endeavors, you will soon be able to get twice as much as you expected.

In your garden

If while planting potatoes in your garden your mood was neutral, then you should become more attentive to the people around you, they can influence you for their own benefit.

Were you in a good mood, and maybe even laughing or happily talking about something? Then a big income or a very joyful event awaits you. If you were in a bad mood - crying or angry - you should avoid big expenses.

In someone else's garden

If you planted or dug potatoes in someone else's garden, then this means that you are doing a lot for other people. You should become more selective about who you do a good deed for; perhaps someone is using you for their own purposes.

Interpretation of sleep by the type of potato

As a sign of pleasant troubles associated with acquiring significant capital, you dream of large

and smooth. Entrepreneurs can expect very lucrative contracts, and they should pay attention to all incoming offers.


potatoes symbolize excellent profits. Everything will work out soon.

If you dreamed of a small one

potatoes, small but empty troubles await ahead. This also reflects the sleeper’s dissatisfaction with the lack of attention to his person from others.

Receiving good news means pure

potatoes in a dream. We must rejoice.

On the contrary, dirty

potatoes foretell the onset of difficulties. There's trouble ahead.

a rotten woman also has a bad meaning.

potato. A difficult stage of life comes when you have to fight for your own happiness.

A new source of income portends for the young

potato. It’s worth looking around, and you’ll find benefits in something you never thought of.

For important events in dreams, an old

potato. Its quality will tell you whether they will be sad or favorable.

Excellent sign - raw

potato. It signals joyful events in reality.

If you dream of purified

potatoes - good. Such a vision promises good luck.

Fried food has positive symbolism

potatoes in a dream. You may receive a tempting offer for a new project or even a change of job.


potatoes in a dream warns that in reality the sleeper fulfills the wishes of others. We must devote time to our own life aspirations.

Dream Interpretation: I dreamed of planting potatoes

Often, the interpretations of different dream books may differ. For example, the esoteric dream book claims that such a dream means problems at work, and a culinary dream means a great reward for one’s efforts.

Tsvetkov's book of dreams says that planting potatoes in a dream promises unappreciated work; perhaps the dreamer will do a good deed for another person, but his action will not be appreciated.

Freud's dream book says that such a dream is dreamed by a person who will soon have an intimate relationship with a stranger. But Felomena’s dream book claims that this is a harbinger that the dreamer will soon be given a lucrative offer.

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Why do you dream about a lot of potatoes?


potatoes means successful completion of the task. The main thing is that the root vegetables are smooth and strong.


Excellent quality potatoes mean well-being. Spoiled or very small tubers warn of troubles with finances.

It's good when you dream about a vegetable garden

with potato. In reality, successful prospects will appear.

Even rows in the field

with weed-free potatoes portend the successful implementation of ideas. Projects will develop according to plan.

Lots of potatoes in the cellar

symbolically represents an attempt to hide a secret.

Other transcripts

Such a dream can also be interpreted based on the color of the tubers.

Therefore, it’s worth remembering exactly what potatoes looked like in your night dreams.:

If the dreamer experiences joy and lightness after waking up, then the dream predicts career advancement and material well-being. Unpleasant emotions lead to problems with money and at work.


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