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Each person sees several thousand dreams in his entire life. Scientists have long established that they have a connection with the real life of an individual and, in some cases, can predict his future. So, if you managed to see a soaring bird in your dreams, this is a sign of change for the better, and seeing millet in a dream means the implementation of a profitable project.

What can millet mean in a dream?

Yellow cereal is a sign of wealth

A dream in which you feed millet to poultry means that the money invested will bring good dividends, the Ukrainian dream book promises.

If you dreamed of your own wedding, where you were sprinkled with millet, wheat and other grains, a big profit awaits you soon.

Feeding chickens with millet means the profit will not be large, but constant, the Lunar Dream Book pleases.

If you dream that the grains scattered for the chickens have sprouted, your income will grow day by day.

Buying millet in order to feed it to the birds - you will be able to benefit from even the most unsuccessful business.

General meaning of sleep

Dreams are a unique manifestation of the subconscious of a living organism; it reflects its internal state, anxieties and expectations.

Researchers of this phenomenon were able to establish a connection between dream objects and possible future events in a person’s life.

All these observations are collected in special collections - dream books. They provide explanations for specific objects and situations that the dreamer sees.

For correct interpretation it is necessary:

  • know the hidden meaning of the main detail of the dream;
  • pay attention to little things and nuances;
  • be able to build associative links;
  • have developed intuition.

When analyzing a dream, you need to understand that even the most ordinary household items can have their own symbolism for different people. Many dream books also take into account the gender, age and social status of the dreamer and form an interpretation based on this data.

So, seeing ordinary yellow millet is a sign of financial stability, an improvement in one’s financial situation, an unexpected inheritance or winning the lottery.

However, the meaning of millet in dreams will vary depending on the gender and age of the person.

  1. For a young girl, this is a warning about upcoming minor problems and worries.
  2. For a woman, such a dream promises good luck in her career and an improvement in her financial situation. She will soon gain financial independence and realize her cherished dreams.
  3. If a pregnant woman dreams of millet, this is a sign that she is not confident in her own abilities, and it is better to prepare more thoroughly for the upcoming birth.
  4. For a man, this is a symbol of big changes. Soon you will have a chance to radically change your life. It is also a harbinger of success in business and the implementation of a new promising project.
  5. Such a dream for a teenager indicates a successful resolution to a situation that was tormenting him.

Culinary treats or Stay healthy

Cooking millet porridge for a family dinner means good health awaits you, which will not be broken by any disease, the Slavic dream book pleases.

In a dream, you put millet cereal in the first dish - you will recover very quickly even after a complex illness.

Sweep the millet scattered on the table into a pan and cook a treat for guests from it - you will help your friend recover. Perhaps you will get the necessary medicines that are in short supply or become a blood donor.

Seeing that there are a lot of dark, unopened grains in the pan means that in real life you should control what you eat.

Feeding millet porridge to your household or guests means in reality you will go to visit a sick friend.

Actions in a dream

An important detail when deciphering a dream is also the actions that are performed on the main object or together with it.

  1. If a person sees in a dream how he is preparing cereal, then it is very important to understand what kind of dish it is. Cooking porridge is a sign of good health. For a sick person, this is a symbol of a quick recovery. Cooking soup also has a positive meaning for the dreamer, however, in this case you will need to be patient.
  2. Eating is the time to show all your capabilities and talents. The dreamer will be able to realize even the wildest dreams, you just need to believe in it.
  3. Scatter. This is a warning that a crisis is coming, so you need to be careful and reduce spending.
  4. Collecting scattered millet marks the beginning of life's journey. Such a dream speaks of the end of a protracted period of inactivity and the launch of a new project.
  5. Feed it to someone. Make successful investments that will fully pay off after a few years.
  6. Sweeping is a warning about the appearance of envious people and competitors. The dreamer has serious ill-wishers who will try to destroy his reputation.
  7. Sort through. This is a sign that a large amount of tedious and painstaking work is coming. However, the result will have a great impact on your future career. This is also a warning about impending conflicts and small quarrels.
  8. To sow means the implementation of plans that have been forgotten. It is also a sign of new things to come.

Harvesting as a symbol of good luck and fortune

To see that you are sowing millet in a field - in reality, you will be lucky in everything you undertake, Vanga’s dream book predicts.

You dream that you are harvesting and you already have whole mountains of this grain in your granary - what you start now will soon return to you with great luck.

A dream in which you scatter millet around your garden, hoping for sprouts and a rich harvest, means that a wish that you have already forgotten about will come true, the Lunar Dream Book promises.

If you dreamed that your job was to spray fertilizer from an airplane over fields with sown grain, your friends need you, and this can’t help but make you happy.

Dream Interpretation: I dreamed about millet

Let's consider popular interpretations of the symbol according to different dream books.

According to Miller's dream book

Interpretations of sleep, according to the book of interpretations by psychologist Miller:

  • Spilling millet on the floor means loss;
  • For a woman expecting a baby, scattered cereal can warn of premature birth;
  • If you dreamed of sorting grain, then the person cannot orient himself in what is happening and shows irritability;
  • Feeding birds with cereal in night dreams means attracting attention and gaining recognition from others in reality;
  • Finding a hole made by rodents in a bag of cereal means being disappointed in your ideals.

According to the Culinary Dream Book

A dream about millet may indicate infatuation and betrayal. A loved one tries in every possible way to hide this connection.

According to the Esoteric Dream Book

Sprinkling grain in a dream indicates pettiness that bothers a person.

Seeing millet in a dream is a sign of small joys that bring pleasure to the dreamer.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

According to the interpretation of this dream book, grain dreams of prosperity in the family. Imagine that there is a large supply of millet in the house and you need to cook porridge for the whole family. You need to sort out the cereal, rinse it, put it in a pan, and cook the porridge. Then put it on plates, call the family and feed them a hearty dish.

Dirty cereals - beware of evil tongues

If you dream that you are sweeping the floor to remove spilled millet - beware of envious people, they want to harm you and are plotting intrigues against you, warns the Eastern Dream Book.

Seeing dirty grains soaked in water - the interpretation of the dream is this: take care of your reputation, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of effort on restoring your reputation.

If you had a dream in which you had to sort through millet, separating it from other grains, it means that you may suffer from gossip. Your enemies will envy you for being able to handle any job.

Why do you dream about dirty millet?

The interpretation of the dream depends on the condition of the millet

The interpretation of a dream is also influenced by other factors - the appearance of the main object, its structure and quality.

  1. Wet millet with mold and debris indicates attempts by ill-wishers to influence the dreamer’s life. Such a dream warns of impending betrayal on the part of a close or well-known person.
  2. Cereals with worms or beetles, on the contrary, indicate an upcoming gift or pleasant surprise, often related to money.
  3. Cereals mixed with small debris indicate the need to increase efforts to achieve the desired result.
  4. If you dream of ground or crushed cereals, this means excessive worries. The dreamer suffers from unfounded suspicions and his own uncertainty.

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