What does it mean if a guy or girl kisses feet in a dream?

The tradition of kissing feet appeared in ancient times. Only the highest ranks were worthy of such an honor: leaders, clergy, rulers. And it meant an extreme degree of respect, humility and submission. Now this gesture has lost its original purpose. He remained only in the love games of a man and a woman, when he kisses her feet, expressing his love and devotion.

A guy kisses my feet

If you saw your legs cut off in a dream, you will be the boss.
Seeing a burn on your leg means losing money due to your mistake.

Seeing your leg swollen means big debts.

Weak legs: This indicates a shaky base and a lack of centering.

Strong legs: evidence of strong support.

Do you feel like you're not on your feet enough? Do you want to take a step forward?

A handsome and slender messenger of heavenly prophetic powers;

Vital forces, active energy for a man, the dreamer himself (based on appearance and behavior).

See add. dictionary “mythological” (Demon, Demon, Angel of Death).

Kissing a pleasant and desirable person in a dream means sad thoughts and unspoken complaints.

For a woman to kiss a man - to sadness, anger, irritation.

For a man to kiss a young girl, it is a sign that dishonest gains await you.

A temperamental girl - for a wedding, a new relationship.

Kissing an old woman means sadness.

Kissing your sweetheart is the end of hostility.

Kissing an ugly woman means unpleasant news.

When greeting, kissing means infidelity.

Kiss your mother - you will be successful in your business ventures, your true friends will value and respect you.

Kissing a brother or sister predicts pleasures and good relationships with friends.

Kissing the executioner means you will receive a gift from a stranger.

Kissing someone's hands means matchmaking, a new pleasant acquaintance with a future relative.

They kiss your hands in a dream - you will be disappointed.

Seeing children kissing is a prediction of a happy family reunion and success in business.

Birds or animals kissing is a happy dream, foreshadowing honors, happiness, and a wedding.

Kissing the ground means separation.

If you kiss many different women and see yourself as a young man, you will make a friend.

If you dreamed about your left leg, now you have a very good chance of winning the lottery. To draw a lucky lottery ticket, rub your right hand with corn oil and do not wash it off.

If you dream about your right leg, you will have a broken arm. To avoid this, tie a small wooden stick to your hand.

Kissing is undoubtedly associated with young lovers. The imagination immediately draws images of two teenagers (not adults!) frantically kissing on a subway escalator.

You may be kissing someone, watching others kiss, or having a premonition that you are about to be kissed.

By kissing another in a dream, you can thus simply realize your sexual desire towards someone. Moreover, in this case, it is not a kiss for the sake of a kiss, but a kiss with the goal of feeling the energy of love.

What do you experience when kissing: pleasant feelings or threat?

Did you long for this kiss or was it forced?

What was your general feeling from the kiss: disgust, romantic feeling or passion?


What does it portend?

If a man kisses a girl, then he definitely likes someone from his environment. If a girl is healthy in a dream, then there will be good luck and success in business; if she is sick or not beautiful, then there will be problems and difficulties. Kissing an unfamiliar girl does not necessarily mean cheating; perhaps fate will appear soon.

Kissing the feet of an older person portends that you will soon ask for help from management or older comrades, or you will feel guilty before the person being kissed. If they kiss your feet, then there may be problems with the spine. For men, kissing the feet of the opposite sex promises a new romance. If a man kisses his wife’s feet, this indicates a strong marriage. A woman sees herself from the side of kissing someone’s feet - it means that they want to subjugate the woman. In general, kissing feet means submission and complete subjugation.

Interpretation of sleep according to Freud's dream book. If a woman kisses in a dream, then she will soon meet an attractive man who will eventually turn out to be a gigolo. If a man has such a dream, then he needs to be more gentle towards his beloved. If a man or woman sees someone kissing, they will be drawn into an unpleasant story.

Kissing in a dream is considered the norm and usually for women it means dissatisfaction with relationships and not only in sexual life. The dream reflects what a person is worried about, what makes him happy or sad. It’s just that sometimes in a dream you can find the answer, the key to the solution. The main thing is to be able to correctly interpret the pictures that you dream about. If interpreted incorrectly, a person takes it to heart and begins to believe in everything he reads. And everyone knows perfectly well that thoughts are material.

Kissing is always associated with pleasant sensations and is usually imagined by teenagers. But anything can happen in dreams, this is an unpredictable thing. After a person wakes up, you need to accurately remember and imagine the image you saw.

And then, slowly, find in the dream book what you are interested in, so to speak, the answer to the question. The wording must be clear. If the wording is clear, then it will be possible to guess everything correctly. By solving the dream correctly, you can understand what will happen.

Walking barefoot in the snow in a dream

- symbolizes the dreamer’s burning desire to work actively, as well as his initiative and enterprise. However, he will have to face certain difficulties: his superiors will harass him with nagging, and unfriendly colleagues will “put a spoke in his wheels.”

If you had to walk through the snow barefoot because something was stolen, this indicates losses in reality. Perhaps the dreamer will become a victim of scammers and lose a large sum of money


However, maybe this dream is not so scary. It is possible that the person is simply thinking about starting to harden himself. Therefore, the dream should not be given much importance.

Origin of the tradition

Kissing feet is a very intimate gesture . Usually men do this to express the highest degree of love and gratitude . Maybe girls do this too, but they don’t admit it... History is silent.

A survey conducted among the stronger half of humanity showed that they are not against such caresses towards their partner. But on the condition that this woman is truly loved, and not a one-night stand, or it is simply convenient to live and spend time with her.

Indeed, a man in love, in a fit of emotion, is ready to cover his beloved with kisses to the very tips of his fingers.

Representatives of the fair sex are not at all against such manifestations of love from their partner.
And this is not perceived as a sign of a man’s submission .
On the contrary, women believe that in this way a loved one shows how important she is to him, and he is ready to do anything to please the girl. However, it is worth noting that such intimate gestures are appropriate for experienced couples, when there are real feelings between lovers , and they have been time-tested. If two people have been dating for a short time, kissing feet may not be perceived as such. For a lady, this may be too frank, and she may be afraid of such pressure from a man. And not every young man wants to kiss the feet of a girl they recently met.

But in Eastern countries, it is customary among Muslims for women to kiss the feet of men, or rather, their husbands. This gesture shows how grateful and submissive the wife is to her master. In general, it is customary there to kiss feet as a sign of submission and reverence.

Men's dreams about kissing feet

The stronger half of humanity perceives women’s legs in a completely different way. For them they symbolize pleasure:

  • If a man dreams of covering his wife’s feet with kisses, this is a sign that their marriage is very strong.
  • If you dream that he caresses the legs of someone else’s woman with his lips, a lady will appear who wants a close relationship with him in reality. Only the man himself can decide whether or not to have an affair.
  • Kissing a man - the dream does not promise anything like that, you will just have to bend in life to an unpleasant person. But you will need to do this to achieve your own goals.
  • If a guy kisses a girl's feet, perhaps he wants power over her, for example, to marry.
  • Dreams about how a woman kisses his feet is a sign that this person wants male submission over herself, and she secretly dreams of getting married.
  • A guy kissing the feet of a girl who is unfamiliar to him means that he will soon have a pleasant acquaintance that can develop into a serious relationship.

Why dream of kissing a man - interpretation of sleep

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Did you dream about a Kiss on the feet, but the necessary interpretation of the dream is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream about Kissing your feet in a dream, just write your dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Good afternoon! I dreamed of a man (familiar, tall, handsome)... In the dream there was also a certain lady who showed attention to this man, called him affectionate words, but he leaned towards me... hugged, kissed my legs, stroked... showed every possible attention to me... dream left a very pleasant feeling... In real life, everything is different, rare correspondence on Viber... avoids meetings...

Hello! I had a dream that my husband, with whom we had been quarreling for two months, was kissing my right leg and toes. We had a big fight with him and he left home. He and I are divorced, but we continued to live together.

I was lying on the bed, the guy was sitting on a chair opposite, we were talking, then he took my legs and started kissing them. I liked it and so did he. What could this mean?

I had a dream in which my current husband kissed the hairy feet of his ex-wife. And her feet were still kind of sore and dry. I felt very unpleasant in my dream, unexpectedly for me. But my husband and ex-wife didn’t understand why I was offended

In blood

Bloody marks on bare feet

in a dream - they promise troubles and misfortunes in real life. Such a vision predicts the appearance of enemies, which the dreamer will be able to make through his own fault. It may also be that enemies will appear among your close circle or even among your relatives. And again, the culprit of damaged relationships and mutual hostility will be the sleeper himself, namely, his rash actions or harsh statements.

Still, you shouldn’t fall into despair, but rather try to prevent conflict

. First of all, you need to treat your loved ones with respect and refrain from harsh words and actions. Goodwill and lack of aggression on both sides will help establish harmony and mutual understanding in the relationship.

Dream Interpretation - Man

Seeing a handsome, well-built and dexterous man in a dream means that you will fully enjoy life and take possession of your fortune.

If the man you see in a dream is ugly and gloomy, you will encounter disappointments and many difficulties that will torment you.

If a woman dreams of a very handsome man, she will gain fame and she will like it.

If in a dream she is frightened by his repulsive appearance, then she will have unpleasant experiences because of the person whom she considered her friend.

New friends and more...

Have you seen in a dream how an elderly stranger touches your hand with his lips? Excellent, Pastor Loff comments on such a vision as an omen of a meeting with an important person who will help him take a position in society.

And if a young suitor touched your hand in a midnight slumber with his lips, then in reality you can only expect light, non-binding courtship and flirting.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with: Dream Interpretation of a family, why do you dream of a family in a dream?

Why do you dream that a man kisses your neck? But this is a sign that you will not resist an experienced womanizer, will experience passion, and will become the heroine of a whirlwind romance. Did a boy touch your neck? Such a dream prophesies a new sexual experience. Sometimes in a dream such a fleeting kiss is given to you by someone you know. In this case, it is likely that upon awakening you will feel slight sadness and melancholy and remember the past.

Caring for a loved one - You need to fight for happiness

If you dreamed that your husband hugs and kisses you on the cheek, on the chest, kisses your feet, in a word, shows you his feelings in every possible way, then remember - he is trying to hide something from you. Does your husband just hug you in your sleep without touching your lips? This vision prophesies the sincerity of his feelings, the Lunar Dream Book pleases.

An interesting interpretation of what a spouse’s care means in dreams is offered by the Eastern Dream Book. His versions are as follows: covers the chest or stomach with kisses - wants to achieve something from you; kissed his feet - he is not inclined to “walk to the left”; hugs and kisses you on the cheek in a friendly way - he respects and appreciates you.

Dream Interpretation - Kissing someone

Dreams about kissing are quite common. The oral erogenous zone is the main active zone that first appears in a person. It is involved in the first years after birth, when the child receives food from the mother's breast.

In cases of normal mental development, the activity of the oral zone is replaced by the activity of the anal zone, but in case of failures in it, traces of the activity of the first remain for life. They are the ones who manifest themselves in dreams.

Thus, if you dream of a kiss, this is a sign that the person you are kissing or who is kissing you is subconsciously represented by you as a deeply infantile object, that is, you do not perceive him as a real lover.

They're walking along the road

The interpretation of this dream depends on the details of the dream.

If you walk barefoot on the road next to your chosen one

, means that success awaits you in real life. Moreover, the beloved will be a good assistant in solving problems, who will assist both in word and deed.

But if another person becomes your companion on a walk, and who, moreover, will be wearing the dreamer’s shoes, a rival will appear in reality

who will try to do everything to get the position of the sleeping person or take his place in the heart of a loved one.

Based on remembered fragments

What if, when you wake up in the morning, it is impossible to recall the development of the plot of the dream in your memory? It doesn’t matter, the secret of the night’s message can be deciphered even in fragments. Suppose you remember that in a dream your loved one kissed you on the forehead, then know that soon you will have a difficult conversation with him, a showdown. Longing for a person dear to her heart, this is why the elderly lady dreamed that she was being kissed by a wise gentleman.

A vision of an unpleasant mustachioed guy trying to kiss her predicts trouble. And if a handsome young man willingly kissed all the girls present in the night phantasmagoria, keep in mind that the essence of things and events is sometimes difficult to discern at first glance. Learn to reason soberly, analyze, the dream book advises.

You, like Archimedes, exclaim: Eureka! Having made a grandiose and useful discovery, this is what you dreamed about being unexpectedly kissed on the top of your head by a complete stranger.

Walking through the mud

Dream books clearly interpret this vision in a negative way. In real life, you will have to deal with intrigue and gossip, and people from your close circle will try to do everything to humiliate the dreamer and destroy his positive reputation


Another meaning of sleep predicts illness and problems in the family. Moreover, the sleeper himself will be the culprit of these troubles. It is necessary to listen to the interpretation of the dream and not succumb to provocations from spiteful critics. And increased attention and care for loved ones will be the key to good family relationships.

Why dream of kissing a man - interpretation of sleep

Dream Interpretation of G. Rasputin

Kissing a pig in a dream - despite the fact that pressure will be put on you, you will not give up your principles. You may even have to resort to trickery for this.

Dream Interpretation of D. Mendeleev

Kissing a young man in a dream is a warning that the love affair in which you are completely absorbed at the present time will be scandalous and will soon end in a complete break in the relationship. Therefore, do not rush to rush headlong into the pool for the sake of a feeling that you are not yet completely sure of.

The meaning of kissing in different places

Of course, no one will argue that kissing is an important part of sexual play. They can express the most different shades of our feelings. And they are just nice.

What is the meaning of kissing in different places?

As for the kiss on the temple, the meaning is not so obvious. There is no doubt that it also means tenderness and care. But usually such a kiss is considered sexier than a forehead kiss.

Of course, you can kiss the lips in different ways. For example, if a man lightly bites his lips while kissing, this means that he wants to dominate the couple. But a kiss on the corner of the mouth has a different meaning. It means tenderness, the desire to be with your beloved, but also some uncertainty.

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