What does it mean if you dream about a broken leg: interpretations from dream books

In dreams, a person can see different scenes. Their interpretation directly depends on the details that were present in the dream. It is for this reason that it is recommended to remember as many little things as possible. After waking up, many are interested in what dream books say about a broken leg, because in real life this is not a very pleasant phenomenon.

Why do you dream about breaking a leg?

Breaking a leg in a dream means that in reality you will encounter obstacles that will slow down your progress.
They risk being the intrigues of colleagues, disagreements with the boss, serious injury, illness of a family member, financial troubles or the loss of an important document. Attentiveness, restraint and commitment will not allow you to suffer due to an absurd accident. If you break your left leg in a plot you saw in a dream, you will have a strong patron.

Breaking your right leg, according to the dream book, means upcoming problems.

Broken both legs - to other people's conversations about your personal life.

Breaking legs without pain in a dream means being accused of frivolity or treason.

Breaking a leg and lying in the hospital means making acquaintances or strengthening ties.

Breaking a leg in a fight means favorable changes in life.

Breaking a leg and moving on leads to love and harmony between lovers.

Breaking a knee in a dream means trouble and humiliation in love.

Breaking a toe means having to put up with failure.

Breaking your thumb means unexpected changes in your personal life.

Breaking your little finger in a dream means trouble and danger.

Fracture site

The main role in the interpretation is played by exactly where the lower limb was broken. Depending on this, the dream can be interpreted as follows:

  • Fingers are a sign of minor troubles of a material type. They may turn out to be a big hassle in the future.
  • The foot indicates that there is a risk of losing financial independence. Such a plot, as a rule, warns that the sleeper will soon lose his job or his salary will decrease. It is also possible to end the patronage of someone more influential.
  • The shin is a symbol of the fact that soon loved ones will no longer trust. This will happen due to the revelation of the dark secrets of the sleeper.
  • The kneecap warns of a transition to a new stage in life. This plot is usually dreamed of by those who are expecting important events that will affect their future life. The image does not bode well. He only talks about the nervous state of the sleeper.
  • The hip warns that it is necessary to prepare for a stage of passive inaction. In the coming period, the life of the sleeping person will directly depend both financially and morally on loved ones and relatives. He won't be able to do anything about it.

In the case when the dreamer remembers which leg was damaged, the plot can be interpreted in more detail.

If it is on the left, then it is recommended to listen to your own intuition, it is she who will tell you the right path. And if it’s on the right, the dreamer needs to think about the fact that he has taken on too much responsibility. It is better for him to mind his own affairs exclusively and vouch for others. The plot recommends not touching old cases and not starting new ones. This is the only way to minimize troubles.

Who broke their leg in a dream

A dream where you saw another person's broken leg has several meanings. If your relative appeared in the dream, you should be careful. You may receive a dubious offer, if you agree to it you will lose your job, reputation or freedom. You can earn the amount that they promise you without any document fraud or theft.

A stranger's broken leg warns of the activation of ill-wishers. They will begin to interfere in your affairs, direct threats towards you or provoke you into rash actions. By throwing emotions into the background, you will understand how to defeat them.

  • Grandmother - to the successful completion of immediate affairs.
  • Grandfather - for something good.
  • Mother - to spiritual and mental development.
  • Father - to unfavorable development of your business.
  • Daughter - to a nervous or mental breakdown.
  • Son - to improved health and wealth.
  • Brother - to loss or loss.
  • Sister - to prosperity, increased wealth.
  • Uncle - to a change of views, inconstancy.
  • Aunt - to the successful purchase of some thing.
  • Wife - to shame, dishonor, loss of authority.
  • Husband - to improved prospects in the near future.
  • A close person means quick promotion.
  • Relative - to joy.
  • Familiar - to healing from the most serious illnesses.
  • A child means an easy but low-paying job.
  • A girl means prosperity in the house.
  • A boy means changes in life, in behavior.
  • A woman is for love.
  • A man is for acquisitions and profit.
  • Friend - for an important meeting with influential people.
  • A friend - to a mild, transient illness.
  • Beloved - to a quick crisis and recovery.
  • Beloved - for the protection and help of a strong person.
  • The former - to a happy life for the peoples of the whole world.
  • The former - unfortunately, dangerous self-knowledge.
  • Father-in-law - to hear from distant relatives.
  • Mother-in-law - to troubles with the tax police.
  • Father-in-law - to a change in affairs for the worse.
  • Mother-in-law - to dark matters, unclear and confusing.
  • A dead person means stomach problems, possible diarrhea.
  • Cat - to make a profit, honors, awards.
  • Kitten - to a disease of the visual apparatus.
  • A dog means big money, an expensive gift.
  • Rabbit - to peace and prosperity in your home.
  • Chicken - to involvement in a scandalous case.
  • Horse - to a strong shock or betrayal.
  • A cow - for a long walk, a cheerful company.
  • Pig - to a possible disease, often infectious.

Dreamer's personality

Depending on the gender of the sleeper, the plot can be interpreted differently. If a girl who is not bound by marriage had a dream, then she will have a relationship with a flighty person. In a situation where a married lady had a vision, the lover will show himself as an immature and infantile person.

Such a dream does not predict anything good for a representative of the stronger sex. He should expect an unpleasant conversation with his chosen one, during which he will need to explain his past actions. If a person is going on a long journey, then perhaps an injury awaits him, for this reason it is better to change the route or postpone the trip altogether.

In addition, the plot can be interpreted as follows:

  • Seeing a friend's lower limb broken in a dream is a sign of an upcoming test of the relationship's strength.
  • With a colleague - you must expect a struggle for a more profitable position.
  • From a relative - which means he will ask for help in the near future. It is not recommended to refuse. But you also need to know the extent of responsibility that the sleeper will take upon himself in this situation.
  • For a loved one - to stagnation in his work and creativity. It is necessary to show maximum attention and patience. Any person can suffer from such apathy, but this should not be confused with infantilism and laziness.

When a dreamer accidentally or deliberately caused someone’s broken leg, it means that the dream must be interpreted as advice, thanks to which a way out of a difficult life situation will be found.

Here you need to remember who exactly the injured person was:

  • Stranger. The sleeper is too afraid of life changes. The dream recommends giving up old attachments and habits. They prevent a person from becoming a better person.
  • Relative. Celebrations and family gatherings should not be neglected. It is family ties that will be necessary and will help in a difficult period of life if you devote a small amount of time to them and try to strengthen the relationship.
  • Friend. It is worth completely reconsidering priorities. The sleeper does not compromise in relationships with friends, so he may lose them.
  • Darling. You need to be more responsible in relationships.
  • Colleague. You have to think about ways to achieve your career goals. Most likely, due to their unethical nature, they can have a detrimental effect on future activities.

Usually a broken leg in a dream is an alarming symbol . After such a plot, one must expect troubles and failures in life. Experts advise you to gather your strength and try to overcome all difficulties. The advice of interpreters and life experience will help with this.

Children according to modern dream books

If you dream of someone else’s sick child, it means improving your financial well-being, making plans for purchases, and achieving your goals. In this dream, it is very important to look closely at the details. A large number of clear and distinct elements indicate imminent enrichment. And a regular, recurring dream is about an upcoming successful decision.

Recent modern studies have discovered that some of the old interpretations are no longer accurate enough. The past centuries have greatly influenced the culture and perception of man. This was also reflected in the meaning of children in dreams - their descriptions in dream books constantly underwent changes. Also, it is modern publications that are able to answer the question about the latest symbols.

Miller's Dream Book: Sick Someone Else's Child

According to Miller, if you dream of someone else’s sick child, expect relatives on the occasion of a celebration, discuss family problems, make joint plans. To a quick warm family feast with relatives and friends. However, this may also be a sudden visit from guests. It would be a good idea to avoid alcohol and alcohol if you are planning a celebration.

Children occupy a special role in Miller's publications. Their appearance portends positive life changes. In some cases, they may mean the emergence of new business partners and partners. At the same time, Miller strongly advised to remain reasonable and not make hasty decisions.

“Someone else’s pain”: From quarrels to loss of reputation

Another thing worth paying attention to when interpreting why another person dreams of a broken leg is who exactly it belonged to.

If you dreamed of a broken leg or just a toe of a loved one: spouse, mother, child, then this is a warning that “boycotting” your responsibilities to family and friends will lead to a quarrel between you and them, the Italian dream book suggests. A broken limb or a finger on it in another, not so close, person is a sign of loss of reputation and authority.

But if you see a dog with a broken paw, then one of your friends will find himself in a difficult financial situation. It’s especially bad if you dream of a dog with broken toes - the problem will affect you too.

Broke your leg

If you dreamed of seeing your broken leg, it means respect and fame, recognition in society. In reality, you will experience confidence in your actions and satisfaction from completed tasks.

If you saw your leg in a cast - the dream warns of illness and other troubles in all areas of life. It’s worth taking care of your health and getting better sleep. Feeling good will help you successfully complete the work you have started.

I dreamed of driving a car and getting a leg injury - a prophetic dream that warns of an accident in reality. You should cancel your trip or use extreme caution while driving.

If you yourself were injured in an accident and saw such a dream on the eve of an important transaction, this means risky business and hidden dangers. Check the documents carefully again, listen to your intuition. If in doubt, postpone signing the contract

If you saw a dream about your broken leg on the eve of a trip, then you should, if possible, reschedule or cancel the trip. Instead of an amazing adventure, it will bring trouble and anxiety.

Having a dream with broken limbs on the eve of a business trip means a successful trip, signing a lucrative contract, and profit.

Location of injury

When interpreting what a broken leg means in a dream, it is worth clarifying in which part of the leg it happened, interpreters say. So:

  • fingers - feel financial difficulties;
  • foot - you should take a break in business to understand where you are going wrong;
  • shin - you are very afraid of something, and these fears bother you;
  • knee – predicts changes in life stages;
  • hip - some unpleasant events will “knock” you out of your rut.

Broken arm

Broken tooth

To break a leg

Broken jaw

broken ring

Broken nose

Other interpretations

And finally, a couple more explanations for such an unpleasant dream. Some claim that a broken leg tells a person that he is uncompromising. It is worth becoming more understanding and loyal. And owners of any business are not advised to enter into important transactions - most likely they will turn out to be unprofitable.

For unmarried girls, such a vision promises a wedding with an apathetic, lazy and very wasteful person. If she is dating one, then for the sake of her own prosperous future, it is worth considering whether to continue the relationship.

But seeing a child with a broken leg means illness for loved ones. But even if dreams play a big role for the dreamer, you should not worry too much about this. Sometimes our visions are just fantasies and pictures from the subconscious.

Painful nuisance is a sign of difficulties

Other dream books also agree with the previous interpreter, claiming that a broken leg belonging to the dreamer in a dream symbolizes the onset of a turning point, which will bring a lot of disappointment and grief.

The Eastern dream book, explaining why one dreams of a leg in a cast, prophesies the breakdown of plans and contracts, as well as the betrayal of comrades-in-arms and companions.

In the interpreter of the White Magician you can find the following interpretation of the dream: if you see your own leg and arm in a cast in a dream, then this indicates that the culprit of the problems will be your own greed and thirst for profit.

But the Gypsy Dream Book claims that the dream of the right lower limb in a cast is a symbol of an obstacle to the cherished goal.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s dream book, such a dream portends minor troubles.

Interpretations depending on who broke the leg:

  • child - for a long-awaited vacation;
  • friend - to betrayal on his part;
  • young man - to joy;
  • elderly - to overwork.

Depending on how many legs are broken:

  • one - to overcome difficulties;
  • two - to bankruptcy.

Depending on how you break your leg:

  • falling down the stairs - to the successful completion of an important matter;
  • having an accident - to increase income;
  • playing sports - to a favorable combination of circumstances;
  • jumping from a height - to obtain a leadership position;
  • slipping - a reward for hard work.

Depending on the type of fracture:

  • closed - to an exciting adventure;
  • open - to reconciliation with the enemy;
  • fragmentation - to the disruption of plans;
  • compression - to exacerbation of a chronic disease.

Depending on the action:

  • breaking a leg and not feeling pain means a visit from distant relatives;
  • and applying plaster - to good luck in business;
  • and setting the fracture will lead to improved well-being.

For men:

  • a young married man dreams of a broken leg as a sign of a serious quarrel with his wife;
  • for the elderly - to vain worries;
  • for a divorced person - to unexpected expenses;
  • for a single guy - to steal a valuable item from the dreamer;
  • for the groom - an interesting find.

For women:

  • a dream in which you break your leg, but can still walk, promises the fulfillment of a wish;
  • Dreaming of falling from a height and injuring your knees means disappointment in life.

The meaning of sleep by day of the week

The meaning of a dream about a broken leg is influenced by the day of the week:

  • Sleeping on Monday means happiness, love affairs and health.
  • Sleeping on Tuesday means business activity and luck in love.
  • Sleeping on Wednesday marks the beginning of successful business endeavors.
  • A dream on Thursday means an unpleasant explanation with loved ones.
  • Sleeping on Friday means prosperity and profit.
  • Sleep on Saturday - to a peaceful life, peace and contentment.
  • Sleeping on Sunday means a dangerous illness of a loved one.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second phase of the lunar cycle has the highest probability of this dream coming true. The entire ascending week of lunar growth and transition to the full moon is also considered good. All other phases, the chance of someone else’s sick child coming true is practically insignificant. It will also be very wise to plan your future at the time of the lunar waxing.

The lunar dream book is rightfully considered a very special tool. It shows the most favorable time at which a dream can come true in different lunar phases. It is based on the study of the dependence and influence of lunar phases on the course of human dreams. And to use it correctly, you need to have the skills to read the lunar calendar.

What does it mean if you dream about a broken leg, according to Freud’s dream book?

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream promises a deterioration in relationships with a partner.

Interpretations depending on who has a broken leg:

  • at home - to minor troubles at work;
  • for another person - to the need to pay attention to family.

Depending on which leg is broken:

  • left - to reluctance to take responsibility;
  • right - to obtain useful information;
  • both lead to loss of reputation.

Depending on what to damage:

  • foot - to a deterioration in financial situation;
  • shin - to mistrust on the part of loved ones;
  • knee - to the beginning of a new stage in life;
  • hip - to the need to make a difficult choice.

Depending on the action:

  • breaking a leg and feeling pain means a serious illness of a loved one;
  • and continue to walk - to increased attention from the opposite sex.
  • a guy who is married dreams of his broken leg as a sign of betrayal on the part of his wife;
  • an injured knee in a familiar person means the appearance of an opponent.
  • if you dreamed that you broke your leg and continued to walk, then this means financial problems;
  • and cried in pain - to loneliness;
  • and went to the emergency room to provide assistance to a stranger;
  • and walking on crutches - to legal proceedings.

Dream interpretations for women and men

Dream books make a division according to the gender of the dreamer. Thus, for an unmarried woman, a broken leg predicts a relationship with a flighty and unreliable person. If the dreamer is already married, then in reality her husband will demonstrate himself as an infantile and immature person.

For men, such a dream also does not predict anything good. Miller's dream book states that the dreamer will have a difficult and unpleasant conversation with his significant other - he will have to explain some of his past actions. Often such a dream also prophesies real trauma - this applies to men who are going on a long journey. If you have planned a trip, it is better to reschedule it or change the route - the dream warns of possible traumatic situations along the way.

Dreams about accidents with injuries usually turn out to be prophetic

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