What does it mean to draw in a dream - features of interpretation according to dream books

Drawing is an important skill for personal development. This is an opportunity to visually and extremely clearly explain to any person what you want and how you see it. A good drawing makes everything clear.

Drawing in real life is trying to make the world understandable. Hence the pictograms and convenient hand-drawn icons that are understandable without words. Drawing in a dream means trying to explain this world to yourself or trying to understand yourself. Let's look at why you dream of drawing from dream books and how to understand the dream in which you are drawing.

Interpretation according to Freud's dream book

Why do you dream that someone is drawing you? This means that in your soul there is hidden a serious potential of unspent energies and desires, and you do not know where and where to apply them. The dream book is also sure that after such a plot there is a high probability of meeting your soul mate.

Did you dream that you yourself were drawing someone or something? In real life, you are often inclined to somewhat idealize your own merits, completely disregarding current circumstances. You try to convince yourself that everything is going exactly as it should, turning a blind eye to the fact that in reality things are much worse.

Create pictures on paper

Ordinary drawing, in which you create unusual color compositions, means that in reality the dreamer lacks emotions and impressions.
Drawing patterns in a dream with paints means that in reality the dreamer will strive to embellish reality. Seeing someone else doing this means that you may become a victim of deception or someone else's imagination. Especially if you believe in beautiful fairy tales and dream of quickly feeling on the wave of life.

In a dream, drawing portraits of people, houses and streets, or animals with a simple pencil is a release of emotions. It seems that you have been restraining yourself for a very long time and worried that you cannot sincerely express your own feelings, since the situation does not allow this.

If you had a dream in which you draw silhouettes of people, black and white pictures, then in life you cannot express your own emotions enough. Focus on what exactly you use to make the drawings and how professional they look.

If in a dream you draw scary pictures on paper, images of devils, predators, pictures of destruction, skeletons and blood, then such a dream means liberation from fears and worries.

Burning such drawings or throwing them away means that the dreamer will be able to get rid of and correctly evaluate his own experiences and fears.

The Islamic dream book writes that after this dream you will be happy. You will be able to say goodbye to many fears and complexes, gain self-confidence and become internally stronger.

If you draw such a terrible and unpredictable animal as a bull, then in life you can suffer greatly from someone’s aggressiveness.

A dream in which you paint pictures on canvas indicates failed episodes in your life, which you can now evaluate objectively. Pay attention to where exactly the drawing was and what was depicted on it.

If you dreamed of scraps of paper, torn portraits and drawings, the dream predicts illness and trouble. Drawing beautiful pictures indicates that you want to fill your life with emotions and bright colors.

If you used acrylic drawings for makeup or manicure design, then in reality you will want to change your usual image. Study color combinations and patterns to see how they created your mood.

Opinion of the dream book of D. and N. Zima

Why do you dream about what happened to draw? In dreams, this plot often comes to dreamers and dreamers. If you personally painted a certain picture, then you are clearly making impossible plans. The dream book believes that your dreams are far from being realized in real life.

If in a dream you happened to see a monochromatic picture and there was a clear desire to add bright colors to it, it means that you are bored with the gray everyday life, and you want to make them more rich and varied. The dream book advises you to find yourself an interesting activity or organize a small holiday with your own efforts.

Interpretation of sleep in popular dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

Why do you dream of painting with paints? As you can see, there are many interpretations of dreams, and in some places they even contradict each other. Therefore, for the sake of interest, let’s take a look at the most relevant dream books of our time and compare what it means to draw in a dream according to their authors. We have selected interpretations from the four most famous compilers of dream books for comparison.

Miller's Dream Book - be careful, you may be betrayed

According to Miller's dream book, drawing in a dream can mean the threat of betrayal.

As this dream book says, painting in a dream can predict betrayal on the part of a loved one or your partner. It is quite possible that his heart is no longer occupied by you. If you paint a picture with oil paints, then you will have the chance to take part in an event that will turn out to be very dubious.

Vanga's dream book - you will improve relationships with loved ones

Seeing a car portrait in a dream means improving relations with one of your family members or friends. Drawings of nature mean a successful purchase, a still life means popularity, and posing for an artist means pregnancy and new family members. You have to sort out a difficult relationship with a person in real life, whose portrait you draw in a dream.

Freud's Dream Book - you are prone to idealization

Drawing a self-portrait shows your willingness to share boundless love and attention. And for young unmarried ladies, this means soon finding a life partner or a strong attraction. If you see yourself drawing with your own hand, this dream speaks of your desire to idealize yourself and everything around you. A colorful picture is the personification of the feminine principle and a girl or woman who sees such a dream puts self-satisfaction first than heterosexual intercourse

Modern dream book - you have a difficult conversation ahead of you

Drawing a portrait symbolizes a serious and difficult conversation. According to this dream book, painting a picture with nature represents a profitable acquisition, and a still life represents your popularity in society. Your own portrait in a dream means changes in relationships with your family for the better.

Draw in a dream - according to the White Magician's dream book

Why do you dream about drawing according to this dream book? He claims that you like solitude, and you become tense when something violates your voluntary solitude.

Those who are prone to excessive daydreaming and impressionability can also draw in a dream. Such people understand art and retain vivid impressions in their souls for a long time. However, the dream book suspects that your life has another, not so positive side. Sometimes you simply lack communication with the outside world, which leaves an unpleasant imprint on life.

Did you dream that you were watching another character draw? You often feel pangs of envy towards those who, in your opinion, do everything better and more correctly. The dream book advises learning to either not notice this, realizing for yourself that all people are different, or to rejoice for others with all your heart.

Why do you dream of painting with paints or pencils?

Did you dream that you drew with pencils? You are destined for a happy future in love and peace. Did you happen to draw with pencils in a dream? Receive very important news about someone who is far away. At the same time, sharply sharpened pencils convey attentiveness and good memory. The vision also calls for a closer look at what has happened recently.

Colored pencils in a dream mark a particularly vivid and memorable event, which will attract all your thoughts for a certain period. Did you dream about a broken or dull pencil? The image hints that you have missed a very important fact.

Why do you dream that you had a chance to paint? This means that it’s time to add a fresh twist to a monotonous life or relationship. Seeing yourself painting with paints means the satisfaction that will come after completing the current work.

Drawings with pencil, paints and pastels

Colorful and bright images, even if just abstractions, indicate that in reality there is a lack of emotions and positive impressions.

Miller writes that you make up for the lack of beauty in your life, but sometimes dreams indicate illusions and inaccurate aspirations.

If you were simply drawing for yourself, and not in order to create a masterpiece, then the dream means that your efforts will not lead to anything good.

If someone paints with rich colors and shows off their work, then you may become a victim of deception or a skilled swindler. Especially if the girl sees dreams, and the guy draws vivid pictures.

Holding a brush and learning to paint in a dream means that you will show your creative abilities. However, gloomy, black and white drawings that frighten rather than please the eye, dream of troubles, illnesses or grief.

But if you yourself are depressed and begin to pour out negativity on paper, this is a sign that your worries will soon dissipate. True, for optimists and those who are truly happy, such a dream predicts gloomy events and unpleasant impressions.

Painting on canvas, preparing for a personal exhibition is an illusion. For professional artists, such a dream means that they will be very worried that their work will not remain in people’s memory. Most likely, they are unlikely to understand these creations and enjoy them.

If you see your drawings at an exhibition and are embarrassed by some of your works, the dream book writes that the secret of your heart will soon become known to everyone.

If water or a waterfall washes away the colors and the pictures become blurry, then your plans for the future will not come true.

Unclear plots of paintings dream of uncertain perspectives, blurry plans, imprecise goals. Please note what or who was depicted on them.

Creativity for yourself, self-expression in which you use paints, drawings and paper indicates an outburst of emotions, an unclear strategy in life, the fact that you are thinking about plans, actions and decisions, but lack the courage to bring them to life.

If you draw a specific person, then in reality you will try to understand and feel him. Drawing for some purpose, in public, means that you need to benefit from some event or enjoy life, to express yourself, as you are claiming love and recognition.

If a girl dreams that she is drawing inscriptions and drawings on the walls or on the asphalt with chalk, then in reality she wants to be understood and heard. The content will tell you what emotions you are getting rid of.

If you want to apply makeup on your face, body or nails, then you lack confidence in life. Perhaps you want to create an image to direct attention to yourself. Painting your face means illness or hiding your true intentions.

Doing acrylic manicure on your nails is an attempt to protect yourself from enemies. Painting a wall signifies a strong desire to be heard.

What does it mean to draw arrows and eyebrows on the face?

Why do you dream that you are drawing eyebrows or arrows on your own face? In real life, you are destined for difficulties in amorous relationships. If the drawn eyebrows are thick, then there will be success and joy; if they are too black, then you will be healthy.

Did you dream that you drew arrows or eyebrows longer than usual? Earn respect and also gain wealth.

According to the symbolic interpretation of the dream, drawing eyebrows or arrows means that you have a strong desire to attract someone’s attention and sometimes resort to the most risky techniques.

Other meanings

Why do you dream about using yellow gouache? This means: in reality you are ready to share your strength, enthusiasm, and energy with everyone.

Did you dream of painting beautifully with paints? The dream book promises: for work of average complexity you will receive a very good reward.

Have you seen in a dream how you paint a black and white drawing with watercolors, making it colorful? Soon you will be able to change something for the better, although the efforts at first glance seemed in vain.

For a woman to draw patterns on dishes means: she will create comfort in her home, and it will be filled with prosperity. Drawing flowers on the service is a harbinger of love.

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