Dream Interpretation The current is fast, strong and carries away in a dream to see why

A current is the rapid movement of water, or less often air, in one direction. The current is most pronounced in rivers, although sea and ocean currents are observed. In a figurative sense, this concept is applied to a person’s behavior, as well as to his position in life, when he can swim with the flow or against it.

The symbolism of flow is the flow of events, and in a broader sense, the flow of life. It is from this point of view that most interpreters approach deciphering dreams, where you interact with the flow in one way or another.

It can mean life changes that carry you along with you, and you submit to them or, on the contrary, try to resist. Sometimes the turbulence is related to emotions or is a symbol of a psychological barrier that you are overcoming.

Where to start decoding

As the dream book describes, flow is a very interesting symbol, and therefore it is so important to listen to it. .

I dreamed of a stormy stream

In which condition?

Dream interpreters often focus on the strength of the water current in a night dream, and therefore this part of the night plot cannot be ignored. . Clean


You may dream of a clear and fast current, predicting the onset of various changes that do not always turn out to be favorable. If you cannot change the situation, then you will have to change your attitude towards it.

According to another interpretation, a clean and transparent flow predicts happy experiences. However, the dreamer must understand that nothing in this life happens just like that; a lot of effort will have to be made to realize what is planned.


Seeing dirty muddy water in a dream

Watching a dirty and smelly current means difficult times that will bring a lot of troubles. It is important to remember the scale of the water flow:

  • wide - to unpleasant experiences and bitter tears;
  • narrow - to the appearance of minor incidents that can bring a lot of profit.

Seeing a stormy stream at sea with the inclusion of various debris means numerous losses. Dream interpreters write that the dreamer will have to reconsider his life strategy, since it no longer corresponds to modern realities. It is important not to despair in such a situation.

What actions?

It is possible to establish the exact cause of a night dream only after you are able to remember your own actions.

Fight the elements in a dream


Going against the flow means the beginning of a fierce struggle not only professionally, but also personally. Dream books report the appearance of uninvited guests who want to destroy the usual idyll. The main thing is not to succumb to provocations and continue on your way to the goal.

If in a dream you had to fight the current, but it carries you away, this means a serious struggle for a place in the sun. The subconscious has already given a small hint, and therefore all that remains is to use it. The more trump cards you have up your sleeve, the easier it is to achieve your goals.


Being carried away by the current in a night dream is a sign of senseless worries and excitement that have nothing to do with the dreamer. The interpreter advises you to relax and choose the role of an outside observer. This approach will allow you to maintain harmony in your soul.

If you are carried away at sea by a strong current, this will lead to serious financial problems that you will have to deal with. If a sleeping person does not resist, then in reality it is difficult for him to constantly pay attention to his goal.

Where was the water?

Water in a dream can appear in different guises and places, which significantly affects the interpretation:

  • Everywhere around you - if water completely surrounds the dreamer, then this indicates an upcoming period of luxury and prosperity;
  • Underfoot, on the floor, on the ground - such a dream promises poverty, difficult tasks that the dreamer can solve quickly enough if he pays due attention to them.
  • In an apartment, indoors, in a house - seeing how water fills the place of residence foreshadows the appearance of secret enemies and unforeseen circumstances.
  • In a glass, mug - water in such a container promises a quick monetary reward and a joyful event, but provided that it is clean.
  • On the street - seeing a small amount of water on the street, for example, a puddle, is a sign that the dreamer should trust his intuition more.
  • In the bath - a filled bath in a dream means changes in the family, new love affairs.
  • Flowing from a tap - such a dream foreshadows general weakness, problems with blood vessels and the heart. You should be especially careful if the water is cloudy or rusty.
  • In the pool - a filled pool foreshadows a successful solution to the issue. If the pool is not completely filled, or the water is dirty, this means trouble.
  • In a body of water: Sea, ocean - dreams of fulfillment of desires, great luck and luck. A river, a lake - if these reservoirs had clean and clear water, then this is a symbol of a major purchase and acquisition of real estate. A swamp is a dream of impending trouble and trouble; falling into it and drowning means it will be difficult to get out of problems. A picturesque reservoir means good events and accompanying luck. A gloomy pond - dreams of imminent illnesses and illnesses.
  • Above your head, on the ceiling, water pouring from the ceiling symbolizes the appearance of ill-wishers who will act brazenly and openly.
  • In a barrel - such a dream foreshadows the accumulation of wealth. The more water in the barrel, the easier it will be to accumulate.
  • In a well - clean and fresh water in a neat, well-maintained well promises monetary profit and well-being.
  • In a fountain - to see a fountain in a dream means a love affair, intrigue and seduction.
  • In a boat - if in a dream water fills and drowns the boat, then such a dream promises illness and difficult treatment.


If a person in a dream, while swimming across a river, got entangled in algae, but was able to get out of it, then he should not worry about his life. In the near future, luck will be on his side, and he will cope with any controversial or unpleasant situations.

If he swam at night, it means that in reality a situation will happen in which a person will feel truly helpless. And he will have to act blindly.

The main thing is not to swim down the river naked. Because this usually portends an awkward situation that could affect the dreamer's reputation.

As you can see, the same vision can have many interpretations

This is why it is so important to pay attention to details and not limit yourself to just one dream book.

What was the flow

  • If the current in a dream was swift and sharp, real life will present equally drastic changes. There is a high probability that they will be negative.
  • The interpretation will also depend on what the water was like. If it is as clean as a tear, it means you will be happy, but a dirty stream promises pain and suffering.
  • Was the stream wide in the dream? In reality, a danger awaits you that will make you shed bitter tears. A narrow stream promises minor troubles and spiritual anguish.
  • There is another interpretation of what dreams of a rapid flow of dirty water mean. In reality, you will have to go on a trip, which will be risky, but if successful, will bring good income.
  • Have you seen a pile of wood chips and debris carried by a strong current? The dream book says that you will suffer or have already suffered significant losses, and will be forced to start life from scratch.

Amount of water

If we consider the dream separately from other details, then the size and amount of water can be interpreted as follows:

  • Very little, a few drops - characterizes people who are unsure of themselves;
  • A small amount of water - dreams of recovery, restoration of health and state of mind;
  • A lot of water - portends the establishment of material issues, success in career and planned affairs;
  • A very large amount of water - dreams of great luck and unexpected luck.

If we consider the volume of water in a dream together with other circumstances, then the more water, the stronger the quality of the possible interpretation. For example, a spring with mineral water portends good luck in the near future, and the larger and stronger the flow of water in it, the greater the size of this luck.

Dream Interpretation - Boat

To a calm, prosperous, stable life. Overboard there is a quiet, calm surface of water - deep feelings, love. Clear water overboard means success in business and happiness in family life. Making a boat is something you started recently and will bring recognition from your colleagues. Crossing the river - in a dispute you will emerge victorious. Under sail - fulfillment of the plan. Sailing with someone means you will find yourself in a cheerful, friendly company. Winning boat competitions means overcoming financial problems. Getting on a boat means a series of successes awaits you. Walking in a boat with a company is a promotion. Set sail from the shore - to a long and interesting, possibly foreign trip or journey. Scooping water out of a boat means unexpected wealth. Rescue boat - you will avoid great misfortune. Mooring to the shore means a change of residence. A submarine means that a marriage agreement will soon be concluded. Imagine that your boat is large, strong, and roomy. You float on it along the calm waters of a large river.

Dream Interpretation - River

Seeing a large, full-flowing, smoothly flowing river means a long, happy, calm life. Sailing in a boat along the flow of a big river - luck will accompany you in everything, you will not have to make any efforts: you will achieve all your desired goals, and all things will be done by themselves. Swimming in shallow water, risking being stranded, means lack of money, financial losses. Imagine that you get out of shallow water into deep water and continue on your way. If you have to cross the river by swimming, this means that you will have to make a difficult decision, sacrifice something more to achieve your goal. If you dream that you are fording a river, the dream foreshadows changes in your personal life. For single people, such a dream can mean marriage. To see that you are being transported to the other side of the river - in reality your friends will solve all your problems for you. Swim against the current - on the way to your goal you will have to overcome obstacles, but everything will end well. A smooth and calm surface of the river will improve your well-being. The stormy but clear waters of a mountain river are a sign of joyful events that will affect not only you personally, but will have a relationship with your entire environment. A dry river means stagnation in business. Seeing individual puddles at the bottom of a dry river in which small fish are splashing - your business is unlikely to bring you much profit; most likely, you will have to be content with little. If you see a dry river, imagine that it started raining and the river quickly filled with water. If the river overflows and blocks your path - you face a difficult life choice. If in a dream you crossed a river safely, this means that in any situation you will behave correctly. If you dreamed of a river flood, imagine that you are crossing it on a boat and continuing on your way. A muddy river means big rumors, mostly false, in which, however, there will be some truth

If you can distinguish truth from lies, the information received can help you in an important matter. Imagine that the stormy waters calm down, the turbidity settles and you see a clean, quiet river.

Lunar dream book

According to the lunar dream book, being carried away by a river in a dream is most likely to come true during the first two lunar quarters of the cycle. This period corresponds to the entire time the Moon is in a state of growth, from new moon to full moon. It is noted that on other days the probability of sales becomes significantly lower. In the third quarter, the chance remains quite high, but in the last quarter it sharply drops to a minimum value.

You can find out the current moon phase and quarter in our lunar calendar.


Necessary Cautions

If we are talking about a stormy stream, then it also happens at sea. The dream interpreter considers such a plot symbolic, since a difficult test will soon begin, which must be overcome with dignity. A strong current at sea also indicates an unpleasant dispute. The sleeper may have to give up being right while maintaining warm relations with his opponent.

The dreamer is sailing along the river on a boat - to the successful completion of some important matter. Extraordinary events occurring on the water will indicate problems with money, and therefore it is better to be patient

A not very strong stream, carrying a person along with it, will mark the receipt of help. I dreamed of a mountain current - to senseless debts. Dream books do not advise taking out loans if you are not sure of the successful implementation of your plans.

Dream Interpretation - Ship, shipwreck

Ships dream of honor and unexpected promotion. As they say, a big ship has a long voyage. A shipwreck promises a disastrous turn in business. Your enemies will probably deceive you. A ship sailing on a stormy sea means your loss to a business partner. A warship symbolizes a long separation from friends and homeland. A wrecked ship promises political intrigue. According to Nostradamus, a ship is a symbol of a new and happy era of life. This is how he interpreted dreams about a ship. Seeing a ship with golden sails or other decorations is fortunate for the country in which you live. If you dream of a ship in red, then there are bloody clashes and strife ahead in order to establish happiness and achieve prosperity. Old, destroyed a ship in a dream means that hopes for happiness are in vain. A dream about a burning ship symbolizes a sudden collapse of prosperity, a declaration of war or a powerful natural disaster. The explosion of a ship is a symbol of disaster. In D. Loff’s dream book it is written: “Boats can symbolize completely different things: wealth , travel, isolation, danger, romanticism and even complete disappointment and frustration. Boats and canoes generally only bob on the calm waters of lakes and rivers. Therefore, if in a dream you dream of a boat located far away on the open sea, then this implies a break in peaceful relations with someone. Analysis of the surrounding environment will help to obtain a more detailed interpretation. The meaning of the symbolism of the vessel depends on its type. The most likely interpretations are isolation, danger, escape from something. Sailing and rowing ships are often found in similar environments. Sailboats portend wealth or disappointment; they can symbolize prosperity or romanticism, but associated with a certain risk: after all, we are not always spoiled by a fair wind. A steamboat symbolizes strength, control, wealth, competition or travel. The likelihood of a dangerous situation is minimized - only an engine breakdown can interfere. A sinking ship means fear of water, fear of drowning or incompetence. But more often than not, a sinking ship is an allegorical image relating to some specific aspect of your life.”

Who performed the actions with water?

  • The dreamer himself - to resolve all issues and the ability to rely only on one’s own strengths;
  • Children - children playing in water in a dream are a sign that a person wants to rest and relax;
  • A close person, a friend - symbolizes the state of the relationship with this person, the result depends on the atmosphere of the dream;
  • Stranger person/people - such dreams symbolize long and fruitful work, the successful outcome of which is possible only with the reliability of partners;
  • Animal - the interpretation of sleep depends on the type of animal. Water striders signify avoidance of problems, fish symbolize happiness in the family, snake symbolizes naivety and stress, dolphins symbolize friendship, the turtle represents reliability, and the crocodile promises betrayal.

Universal book of interpretations

It also wouldn’t hurt to look into it if a person happened to sail on a boat in a dream along the river. The interpreter recommends remembering the weather conditions that prevailed during the boat trip. Was it sunny and calm? This is for success in enterprises, prosperity and joy. Was there a storm brewing and clouds were gathering in the sky? Then you should prepare for failure, poverty and grief.

Was the raging river so wide that no end was visible? This portends a long and interesting trip. If a person was in a boat with someone, then perhaps he will soon change his place of residence.

Another good sign is a vision in which one happened to cross a pond in the company of several rowers joyfully singing funny songs. Such a plot portends success in the business started. But if you happen to sail on a boat along a river in a dream, alone and in absolute silence, it means that a person will move away from the one he considered closest, which he will later regret.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

According to him, the river is the personification of a person’s vital and sexual energy, as well as his direction in life. This leads to interesting explanations for the vision.

A stormy river, for example, foreshadows a relationship with a person with whom the dreamer will have ideal sexual compatibility. In such a union there will be no place for boredom and monotony - only unbridled passion and ardor. But if the body of water was very calm, even seemingly motionless, a relationship will begin with someone who does not suit the dreamer’s temperament.

But that’s not all that such a dream can portend. The river, which seemed transparent and very picturesque, is considered the personification of independence and freedom. Dirty and muddy streams, in turn, promise troubles and quarrels. The shallows indicate a person’s lack of energy, a difficult period in his life and sexual problems.

Actions of water

  • Water flows - to fun and profit;
  • The water is seething, boiling, a seething stream - symbolizes a favorable time for discoveries and gaining new knowledge;
  • It flows from the tap - a sign of problems with the dreamer’s vascular system;
  • The water overflowed its banks - a harbinger of the loss of family and loved ones;
  • Rising from the ground - the dreamer is dangerously gullible;
  • Water is rising (tide) - a symbol of love and violent emotions;
  • The water is receding (low tide) – cooling of relationships with a partner or in the family;
  • The water is burning - to the bright and violent consequences of the planned questions, not the most positive outcome;
  • Shoots from a geyser - symbolizes fullness of energy and vitality;
  • Flowing over stones - the boss and competitors will fight fiercely, the trial will be lost;
  • The water dries up - such a dream means the weather will change for the better;
  • Water floods a room, house, apartment - soon the dreamer will have to deal with obstacles;
  • Water dripping from the ceiling - gossip and intrigue behind your back;
  • Water turns into ice - such a dream promises serious troubles.

Dream Interpretation - Ship

See hopes, dreams, plans; parting; a child who has become an adult and leaves his mother. Swim with change, take a certain course in life, a strategic life plan, a career, arranging your personal life for a woman (negatives and obstacles to the implementation of such a plan can be indicated by: strong waves, muddy water, pitching, storm, breakdowns, etc.). Get off the ship marriage; pension, old age (idiom: “from the ship to the ball”). A ship sailing in the sky is happiness; death for the sick. A warship is an additional indication of some kind of statehood, the protection of some (vital) borders, trials, hardships, threat. The ship is sinking, sunken ships are the collapse of all plans and hopes. Ship loss see Incidents.

Not worth the risk

Are you being carried along by a fast current, in a river with pitfalls, and you don’t try to resist? Life is preparing a new turn - you will lose everything, having experienced all the hardships of extreme need. If you are trying to resist the flow, but you are not succeeding, it means that in reality you have lost control over what is happening, and this is taking you further and further from your goals.

The current is not so strong, but you still get carried away? You won't be left alone when times get tough - someone will lend a helping hand. What can waters of a mountain river mean in a dream? The dream book warns of a considerable risk - in case of failure, you will find yourself in debt and suffer a lot of grief.

Dream Interpretation - Water

Boundless streams of water - marriage. A large river with clean and clear water - a harbinger of great happiness. The water in the well is about to dry up - the family will soon fall apart, the family will die, fade away. A bucket without water - portends misfortune. A bucket full of water - portends great happiness. Seeing a coffin floating on the water promises great wealth. Water in the house - the death of a loved one. Water in a well gushes like a fountain, overflowing - portends material profit, wealth. The water in the well is about to dry up - family soon will fall apart, the family will fade away. The water in the well dries up to the last drop - there will be no material wealth in the family, poverty. Water in a boat, in a vessel - portends the acquisition of wealth. Muddy water - unfortunately. A wife gives her husband water - happiness. A snake moves under water , enters the water - relocation to a new home or promotion. Walking on water - portends great happiness. Catching fish with a fishing rod in the water - great happiness and good luck, benefit. A sword falls into the water - death of a spouse. Fire appears on the surface of the water - great happiness. You collect water from a well, but all you get is silt or dirt - portends an improvement in material well-being. Continuous streams of water surround the body - a business matter. Knives or a sword falling into the water - portends the death of a spouse. Fire appears on the surface of the water - great happiness. Drinking water - portends great benefits. Drinking water non-stop - great wealth. A school of fish swims on the water - portends wealth, profit. If you plunge into the water while sitting on a dragon - you will take a high position, you will become noble. If you sweep a house, splashing water at the same time, a person will come from afar. Water flows under the hearth, a stream flows - speaks of wealth that was acquired dishonestly. Frolic in the water - happiness and profit. Digging a well and seeing water - there will be a letter from afar. A fish flies over the water - all matters will be resolved. Catching fish with a fishing rod in the water - great happiness and luck, benefit. If you fall into the water - no trouble will happen. Sitting on a dragon, immersing yourself in the water - you will take a high position, you will become noble. A sleeping dragon in the water - you will achieve what you are striving for. Standing on the surface of the water - portends trouble. Dry fish immersed in water - again there will be good luck. A person gives you a big bucket - benefit. Drawing water from a well - If the water is clean, fortunately. Drawing water from a well is clean - fortunately, muddy - unlucky.

Who dreamed of water?

To a woman

  • Married - if a married woman’s pipes burst in a dream, then this means accumulated dissatisfaction on the part of the household. Clean and pleasant water means pleasure, falling into the water means making mistakes in your relationship with your husband, a snake in the water means independence.
  • Unmarried - if in a dream a young girl saw a snake in the water, this is a disappointment in the young man. But a large volume of rising water promises a quick successful marriage and the birth of a child.
  • For a pregnant woman, a good and calm pace of sleep promises relief from unnecessary worries, good news and good health for the unborn baby. But a ravine filled with water means trouble.

To a man

For men, a dream about water predicts the resolution of family and financial issues, the outcome of which depends on the quality of the water.

  • For a single young guy, seeing clean and clear water in a dream promises a quick and pleasant marriage. Muddy water in this case symbolizes quick separation and resentment.
  • For a married person, a positive dream background foreshadows family well-being, improvement in financial matters and career advancement.
  • To a priest - if in a dream a priest sees clean and clear water and distributes it to people, it means that in life he is doing everything right. And if the water is cloudy and dirty, he is too keen on heretical teachings and confused in the faith.

To a sick person

For a sick person, clean, clear water, large bodies of water and a pleasant sleep background generally promise a quick recovery and relief from problems. But cloudy, dirty, rotten water or drying up springs indicate a deterioration in the condition.

Forewarned is forearmed

To understand what this vision is about, the dream book recommends recalling your actions. If you happen to go against the flow, then there will be a fierce struggle both in business and in love.

The dream book advises to take this dream literally. And if you had to fight in the night, then the same will happen in the real world. But don’t give up - you have been warned, which means it will be much easier to deal with difficulties.

Did you dream that you were swimming along its course? The dream promises worries and worries about events that will not affect you personally, but will become the subject of general discussion.

The dream book is carried away by the current of the river, what does it mean in a dream?

In the dream book, being carried away by the flow of a river means the need for rest, the desire for comfort and tranquility.
Also – to fulfill a dream, achieve goals. Sometimes it leads to a salary increase or bonus. This dream has various explanations of meanings from the authors of various editions of dream books. To interpret such a complex symbol and answer the question of what you dream about if you are carried away by the current of a river, we have provided you with information from well-known and reliable books. This includes editions of Miller and Vanga’s dream books, as well as lunar and modern collections.

Dream Interpretation - Swim against the tide

The Dreamer is floating along the River with some Person - this symbolizes universal human earthly goals, the course of life, which changes according to the Dreamer’s personal choice (finding her own independent path), and she now (!) has enough strength for this (The Dreamer is sailing on an inflatable Boat along river, against the flow - this is the Dreamer’s resilience in life and the ability to withstand the unfavorable circumstances of life).

Medicine for Toothache - symbolizes in reality all those conscious measures that the Dreamer takes to quickly improve her situation.

A clean and well-groomed Mouth symbolizes in reality the Dreamer’s Personal Space and her own personal needs (which are in agreement with her Soul).

The dream is very favorable! Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation of the House of the Sun

Miller's Interpreter

The first thing you should do is contact him. Have you ever sailed along the river? The dream book recommends remembering exactly what it was like. Quiet and calm? This suggests that soon a person will be able to enjoy intoxicating joys, and his well-being will become even better than before. It is possible that new opportunities will appear to realize your potential.

A muddy and restless river, unfortunately, is considered a harbinger of misunderstandings and squabbles. If it has also overflowed its banks, then you should expect troubles related to work. Perhaps something will happen that will damage your reputation. A dry reservoir promises approximately the same thing.

But the most important thing is that a person who happened to swim along a clear river in a dream does not see sunken corpses at its bottom. Since such a turn of events portends a loss of luck and joy.

Miller's Dream Book: carried away by the river current

According to Miller, being carried away by the flow of a river in a dream means fulfilling a dream, achieving goals. River water is assigned the meaning of a long-awaited goal and dream. If it was clean and warm - evidence of the imminent achievement of goals and dreams. And its rapid current or waves are a symbol of positive life changes.

What to do if the dream brought unpleasant emotions? Miller gave advice not to attach much importance to difficult dreams. Their interpretation does not coincide with the content, they do not come true directly. Bad and difficult images almost never foreshadow troubles and misfortune.

Dream Interpretation - Boat

A light boat in a dream: symbolizes not very big things and adventures, usually of a personal nature. Waves rocking the boat: mean your worries and experiences. Seeing a boat sailing in the distance: a sign that soon you may feel the need to somehow diversify or even change your life. Moreover, the farther the boat is, the stronger your desire may be. Sailing on a boat on calm, clear water: a sign of small but pleasant undertakings. At the same time, if the boat is leaking or you feel painful calluses on your hands : such a dream warns that your frivolous undertakings may backfire on you. A storm threatening your boat in a dream: indicates that you seem to have poorly thought out your affairs, and events may take you by surprise. It is easy to sail a boat with a fair sail wind: a harbinger of a successful course of your personal affairs. Submarine - deep self-knowledge; hidden danger.

What was the water like in the dream?

Almost the entire basis of interpretation depends on the quality and condition of the water:

  • Pure is a good sign, a symbol of joyful prospects and prosperity;
  • Transparent - means getting rid of a serious illness, getting out of a difficult situation, completing a difficult stage;
  • Flowing - unexpected turns of events in life. Negative or not depends on the rest of the context of the dream;
  • Calm - to the accumulation of finances, strong connections, to success;
  • Seething - the current situation will be very difficult to control;
  • Crystal clear - to calm and regularity of life, healing;
  • Melted - faded passion in a relationship will be replaced by tenderness and trust in the near future;
  • Light - portends good company and the appearance of a true friend;
  • Boiling water - such water in a dream symbolizes joy and delight from upcoming plans, the main thing is not to get scalded;
  • Azure - azure sea water portends the fulfillment of desires;
  • Yellow - to betrayal of colleagues;
  • White - to serenity and harmony in the surrounding space;
  • Black - to danger and death;
  • Blue - unexpected achievements in business;
  • Green - portends career growth, promotion;
  • Red is a sign of strong and stormy love, dizzying passion;
  • Dirty - symbolizes illness, lack of profit, gossip and disappointment;
  • Rotten - dreams when the dreamer should be more careful;
  • Muddy is a harbinger of danger, despondency and problems in business;
  • Deep - refusal of an offered job because of the team, also a symbol of the subconscious;
  • Small - symbolizes the lack of energy and vitality to implement the plan;
  • Holy - such water promises quick success and good luck;
  • Alive - soon the dreamer will witness a real miracle, he will be visited by inspiration and a surge of energy;
  • Dead - promises depression and stress;
  • Hot, boiling water - to quarrels, worries and scandals;
  • Warm - symbolizes danger from old enemies;
  • Cold - the dreamer has loyal and reliable friends;
  • Icy - the dreamer will be able to cast aside doubts and a sober solution will quickly be found;
  • Salty - such water portends tears, losses, the onset of illness;
  • Sweet - wealth and increase in wealth;
  • Underground - symbolizes a conspiracy at work behind the dreamer’s back;
  • Water with blood - such water in a dream promises great joy and the appearance in the family of a person capable of achieving a lot;
  • Mineral - a harbinger of good luck and rewards for efforts made, satisfaction of desires;
  • Carbonated - a person will satisfy his curiosity;
  • Foamy - to the failure of all planned plans;
  • Tap water - the dreamer should take care of the condition of his blood vessels and heart;
  • Soapy - such water promises trouble in relationships with loved ones and colleagues;
  • Rusty - to scandals, quarrels.

What does a boat trip portend?

A modern dream book can tell you about this. If a person crossed the river not by himself, but in company with someone, it means that in real life he will be given a lot of joy by the company of people who adore entertainment. The only important thing is that the boat does not capsize. Because this vision promises financial ruin and warns a person about the risk of getting involved in a risky but tempting business.

Was the water calm? This means strong self-confidence that a person will not lose for a long time. And you need to follow this feeling, because it only adds to your luck.

Stormy waves, in turn, indicate that a person will have to go through a lot of obstacles before he achieves his happiness. But not when the reservoir is shallow. Crossing a stormy but shallow river warns of frivolous actions that will be regretted in the future.

If the dreamer was sailing in a boat with someone who is his “soul mate,” one can rejoice - such a vision is considered a harbinger of a happy personal life.

Other subjects related to water

  • A flood is not always a symbol of danger. If the water was clean and clear, then this promises only temporary difficulties that will quickly end. A flood can be a symbol that a person, through his carelessness, will end up in dubious adventures from which it will be difficult to get out.
  • Tidal Wave - Seeing a large tidal wave approaching the difficulties ahead. The larger and more powerful the wave, the greater the challenges await.
  • The water lily is a flower that symbolizes purity, innocence and love. Seeing a blooming and fragrant lily in a dream means happiness, virtue and a happy marriage. If a lily fades in a dream, the marriage will not last long.
  • A dry source of water - such a dream can be a harbinger of financial collapse, severe illness and death of loved ones.
  • Water carrier - seeing a water carrier in a dream means that in reality a person is engaged in useless work that will not bear fruit.
  • Waterfall – a beautiful and powerful waterfall symbolizes important and unexpected news.

Be on the lookout

To interpret the dream most accurately, remember how you behaved during it. If you wandered against the current, fighting the water flow, it means that in reality you will fight both for the right to be first and for your loved one. But, having seen this, you should not give up - otherwise, how will you be able to face difficulties? The dream book is encouraging - you have received a warning about upcoming hardships, which means you will be ready to face them.

Did you dream that you allowed yourself to be carried away by the current? Some events will become public, they will be discussed at every corner, but the problem will not affect you personally in any way.

Dream Interpretation - Water

Trouble, illness, failure, misfortune, funeral, tears; pure - to goodness, prosperity, laughter, happiness, family joy, enjoy good luck, new acquaintances, health; Dirty, muddy - for the worse, trouble, they will scold, sadness, resentment, gossip, illness, death, quarrel, trouble; Washing with clean water, swimming, wading, drowning and choking means good health; In muddy water, drowning, swimming, crossing bridges - taking part in the misfortunes of loved ones, protecting them from failures; Drowning someone means making that person cry; to drink - to be among people; Drink spring water, cold - health, good // cry; cross the water - they talk about you, if there is a shallow ford - they don’t say anything bad, but if there is a deep ford - they scold you; If you cross the water, it’s good, but if you don’t, it’s bad, you won’t have bread; clean water in a cup means the husband will beat his wife, and dirty water means the husband will drive his wife away; If you fall into water, mud, or a swamp, disaster will certainly happen; if you walk on water and don’t drown, you will be healthy and joyful; Flows quickly - fun, profit; warm drink - one in sadness, danger; Cold - goodness, friends, health; scoop - acquisition; Murmurs - rumor about you; a waterfall, marveling at it is a terrible encounter; Hearing the sound of a waterfall is news; washing - joy, liberation; drops of water - money; swimming is good; Pouring water is a shame, a mistake; watering something - loss, loss; spill - trouble; Standing by the water means death; water arrives - guests; jump into the water - get into trouble; Boiling - quarrel; water flows quickly - a welcome guest; running water is the road // tears.

Interpretation from dream books

Miller's Dream Book

The interpretation of this dream book foretells success and prosperity, water is dreamed of a good period in life, and in the dream itself there is a clue that is the key to solving all problems.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud believed that water in a dream symbolizes popularity and attractiveness with the opposite sex. This dream book warns to refrain from fleeting romances in order to avoid illness.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Hasse's dream book advises you to be more careful in the near future, as intrigue and gossip behind your back are not excluded. If the water in the dream was clean, then all the consequences will be successfully overcome.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga, water in a dream symbolizes a reward for work and changes in life. This could be a bonus, a long-awaited gift, or even a meeting with a loved one.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

The interpretation of this dream book indicates that drinking water in a dream means absorbing the environment and atmosphere around you. Which side depends on the atmosphere of sleep.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

Water is a symbol of environment and setting. If in a dream the dreamer is comfortable in the water, then in life he feels at ease. If the water was dirty, cloudy or unpleasant, the person drowned - there is no balance and harmony in life.

Dream Interpretation Veles

According to the interpretation of this dream book, water is an indicator of human health and energy. The worse the quality of water in a dream, the worse these aspects are in reality.

Spring dream book

The spring dream book foretells pleasant changes and a blooming time in life.

Summer dream book

If in a dream the water was cloudy, according to the interpretation of this dream book, this is a sure sign of failure and impending troubles.

Autumn dream book

The autumn dream book deciphers dreams about water as a sign of trials that will have to be overcome in reality. And the easier and more pleasant the dream was, the easier the tests will be.

Esoteric dream book

Water is a reflection of human emotions and the quality of a person’s psychological state depends on the degree of its purity in a dream.

Modern dream book of N. Stepanova

This dream book advises seeking help from loved ones to solve existing problems and not taking failures to heart.

Dream Book of Schiller-Schoolboy

The interpretation of this dream book foretells success in all endeavors in the case of clean and clear water in a dream, or failure in the case of muddy water.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

Clean and bright water promises prosperity and wealth.

English dream book

This dream book tends to suggest that in real life a person has many difficulties that he has to cope with, and boiling water symbolizes this.

Dream book of lovers

A positive sleep atmosphere and good quality water promise a successful marriage and harmony in relationships. If the water was dirty, treason can be suspected.

Dream book for a bitch

If a woman dreamed of a snake swimming in the water, then we can talk about her self-sufficiency and deceit. This dream book also advises to beware of envious people and gossipers.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

Water symbolizes intuition and spiritual attunement. The cleaner and clearer the water, the brighter a person’s intuition works and the more stable the emotional background.

Italian psychoanalytic dream book by A. Roberti

According to the interpretation of this dream book, water is a symbol of the birth of a new life. Coming out of the water in a dream means leaving all adversities and problems in the past.

Dream book of a gypsy

In this interpretation, clean and cold water represents health, while cloudy and warm water represents illness. If in a dream a person pours water out of vessels, it means that in reality he will have stomach problems.

French dream book

Fresh water symbolizes recovery and the beginning of a new life, but stagnant, swampy water symbolizes impending danger.

Ukrainian dream book

Drowning or not being able to cope with water in a dream means trouble and the inability to cope with troubles in reality.

Chinese dream book of Zhou Gong

Water symbolizes upcoming events. A large pleasant body of water is of great benefit.

Dream Interpretation of Evgeniy Tsvetkov

This dream book believes that large and stormy bodies of water like a waterfall foreshadow an impending threat and trouble.

Islamic dream book

A lot of clean and fresh water portends a good harvest and financial well-being; hot and warm water symbolizes disruptions of plans and illness. If the dreamer sees black water in a dream, he should be wary of blindness.

Pastor Loff's Dream Book

Water in a dream is a symbol of the highest point of feelings, a reflection of a person’s experience and knowledge, his attitude to life. Thus, a raging ocean symbolizes fears, and the inability to control the flow of water symbolizes problems with willpower.

Idiomatic dream book

This dream book examines dream symbols from the perspective of proverbs. So, to pour water is to talk in vain, but to stay afloat is to maintain dignity.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

If you had to drink dirty water in a dream, you can expect imminent illnesses and after sleep it is better to consult a doctor in order to identify symptoms at an early stage. Dirty water may also indicate a betrayal of a spouse or unreliability of business partners.

Dream Interpretation of Cleopatra

Taking care of plants in a dream indicates that a person has a loving family and true friends. Drinking water and swimming in it promises quick news and unexpected surprises.

Medieval dream book of Daniel

Any dirty water in a dream and a negative atmosphere promise immediate accusations of something the dreamer did not do.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

According to the interpretation of this dream book, the unexpected appearance of oozing water foreshadows secret enemies and intrigue behind one’s back.

Family dream book

Drinking mineral or sweet water in a dream foretells the satisfaction of desires and harmony within a person.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Falling into dirty water portends careless mistakes. In general, clean water is a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

Azar's Dream Book

Hot water is a harbinger of shame, and sitting waist-deep in water speaks of gossip behind your back.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

Water personifies the human soul and his thoughts. The purer the water in a dream, the purer the state of the dreamer’s soul.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

In a favorable sleep atmosphere, drinking water indicates imminent happiness. The more water you manage to drink, the greater your joy.

Dream Interpretation of Shuvalova

Water in a dream symbolizes renewal, purification and the solution to life's troubles.

Old Russian dream book

Wash your face with cold water for a successful day and liberation from the hardships of recent days.

Egyptian dream book of pharaohs

According to this dream book, water symbolizes the future. The cleaner and more transparent the water, the more confident you can feel.

Solomon's Dream Book

Water symbolizes feminine energy and women's health. The quality of life energy in a person depends on the quality of sleep.

Assyrian dream book

According to this dream book, the larger the body of water, the greater financial income the dreamer expects.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

This dream book foretells the occurrence of miracles in real life if in a dream the dreamer walked on water.

Dream book of the 21st century

The dream book foretells possible problems in real life if in a dream you had to come into contact with muddy water.

Slavic dream book

This dream book warns that drinking water in a dream means danger.

Dream Interpretation 2012

Water is a reflection of love and feelings. The muddier and dirtier the water, the more deception and understatement there is in the relationship.

ABC of dream interpretation

Water represents human sexuality and libido.

Vedic dream book of Sivananda

Water symbolizes rebirth.

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

Clean and fresh water symbolizes good health and longevity.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

Any spilling of water in a dream means trouble from the most unexpected direction.

Dream book of healer Akulina

Water symbolizes sorrows and mental hardships.

Dream Interpretation of Otavalos Indians

Water is a symbol of the future, intuition and predictions. The clearer the dream and the clearer the details, the clearer the intuition will work.

Psychological dream book

According to this dream book, water symbolizes the state of a person’s emotions. The more turbulent the water in a dream, the worse the internal balance.

Phoebe's Great Dream Book

Clean and fresh water is a sign of a speedy recovery.

Home dream book

The quality of water symbolizes the state of family relationships.

Russian dream book

Drinking cool water in a dream means healing; cloudy and warm water promises imminent illness.

Magic dream book

Water symbolizes the dreamer’s energy content and the flow of his energy.

Dream Interpretation of Dashka

Pouring water means failure, seeing a muddy and overgrown well in a dream means financial losses.

Dream book for the whole family

The calmer and smoother the surface of the water, the stronger the marriage and the more reliable the spouse.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

Hearing the sound of water in a dream means finding a mysterious enemy.

Dream Interpretation of the Yellow Emperor

Water is the primary element of the creation of the world and represents life and health. The lower the water level around a person, the lower it is worth looking for a diseased organ.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

If the dreamer sees water in a huge ball, this is a harbinger of good weather. Clean and fresh water symbolizes good health.

Aesop's Dream Book

Pleasant interaction with water in different forms promises good news and successful events.

Children's dream book

If the dreamer is frolicking in the water or relaxing on the seashore, this indicates that he is tired and very busy in real life.

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