Why do you dream about the ceiling leaking in the house? Why do you dream of a ceiling: dream book. The plot and one’s own actions in a dream

What if you dream of water from the ceiling?

If water pours from the ceiling onto the dreamer’s head, then serious troubles await him. They can happen not only at work, but also in the family, so more attention should be paid in order to somehow reduce the negative impact of this symbol. If clean water drips from the ceiling onto a person, this portends him a new love. He will fall in love so much that he will forget about everything and will think only about the object of his adoration. However, he should pull himself together, because his boss will not praise him for inattention, and his colleagues will put spokes in the wheel and enjoy their dirty tricks.

If in a dream water flows from the ceiling and instantly dries up, then the dreamer should at least sometimes give vent to his emotions. If he continued to hold them back, he would become seriously ill. It’s better in this case to tell your dissatisfaction, at least to a pillow.

If you dreamed that the neighbor upstairs flooded the entire apartment, then in reality you will have to have a serious conversation with him. However, you should not raise your voice at him, as the conversation may result in a real scandal with mutual insults. Seeing dirty water pouring from the ceiling means that in reality the person will be discussed by colleagues. They are very jealous of the dreamer, which is why they constantly make up gossip; it is better for him not to brag about his merits to them, and not to tell them about positive changes in life. Complaining to your spouse about water pouring from the ceiling is a sign of omissions with him, so it is better for the dreamer to remain silent than to express her complaints to him.

What does it portend?

When thinking about what dreams of water from the ceiling mean, it would be useful to find out the interpretation of this symbol in different dream books. For example, Nostradamus is of the opinion that the dreamer is in for trouble, especially if the water was dirty. According to Hasse's dream book, a person will be disappointed in a friend who will betray him for personal gain. Miller foretells the dreamer problems with colleagues who will spread unpleasant gossip about him. And if you believe the modern dream book, then the dreamer should be prepared for senseless spending.

If water from the ceiling floods the floor and a person walks on it barefoot, then in reality he will find the strength within himself to carry out his plans. After such a dream, you should not get lost; you need to take on even the most risky projects, as they will bring enormous benefits.

Water pouring from the ceiling in most cases promises problems and troubles. However, do not forget that a dream is only a warning, and anyone can change their future, the main thing is to act, then negative events will not become reality.

If you dreamed that your ceiling was leaking, do not rush to panic and despair. As dream books interpreting why such a nuisance dreams about, such a plot does not always symbolize problems. Remember what exactly dripped on your head in a dream, where and for what reason, and you will understand what you should prepare for.

Make connections

The Wanderer's Dream Book considers a dream in which the ceiling in your house is leaking as a harbinger of acquaintances, and very unexpected ones at that.

Did the bachelor dream that the leaking ceiling finally collapsed on his head? This is a sign of imminent marriage.

Dream books warn a girl who is interested in why she dreams of a leaking ceiling: you will meet an interesting man who, if he does not become your husband, will remain a faithful friend for many years.

The Slavic dream book gives the following interpretation of a dream about a leak in a house: if your roof is leaking from rain, this means finding new connections.

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  • 16-Jan-2021 Nikolay I dream that the ceiling is leaking and water is destroying the house.
  • 20-Dec-2020 Maffiya And I dreamed of my parents’ house, in which I no longer live. There are some flaws in the extension. And in the dream there was a heavy rainfall, the purest transparent water oozed from all the cracks, but did not penetrate into the house. From the walls of the hallway there was nothing to do but go. Two days have passed, I am not a prophet or an oracle. I don’t see prophetic dreams. But the relationship with my beloved was at its best. There was no more money. So pure water to pure feelings :)
  • 26-Apr-2020 Tatyana I dreamed about deceased relatives with whom I discussed a leaking roof.
  • 5-Apr-2020
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