Paint the ceiling with white paint in a dream. Ceiling interpretation of the dream book

According to the dream book, a ceiling in a dream often symbolizes the limit of possibilities. Appearance also helps to understand why this eternal antipode of gender is dreamed of. If it hangs so low that it creates a feeling of heaviness, the dream symbolizes the burden of problems pressing on you. Tall and aesthetically attractive, on the contrary, personifies emotional uplift.

A snow-white, flat and smooth surface in most cases is a harbinger of peace and tranquility. The cracks reflect the dreamer's repentance for previously committed offenses or mistakes. Accidents and destruction can have several interpretations: from an impending disaster to getting rid of restrictions that interfered with life. Sometimes the plot contains a hint whether to begin implementing plans immediately or to wait.

If you dream of a ceiling, pay attention to the appearance of its surface. The presence of fresh renovation and cleanliness means that what you saw in a dream is a good sign.

There is also this interpretation of the dream: a dream about a ceiling foreshadows the patronage of an influential person. In this case, the dream symbolizes reliable protection.


When you complain to someone that your ceiling is leaking, the dream warns of possible disagreements with this person or the authority if in a dream you contact public utilities.

If water is dripping from the ceiling, and the drops look cloudy, dirty or rusty, Nostradamus’s dream book believes that the dreamer is in danger of trouble, although he does not specify where the wind is blowing from and how quickly they can be neutralized.

Paradoxically, a dream in which water pours from the ceiling is often positive. The plot of the dream takes on good meaning provided that the water is clean.

When water flows from the ceiling directly onto the dreamer, the lonely person will have a chance to arrange a personal life and start a family. Those who are already in a permanent relationship are also unlikely to avoid changes for the better.

If you dreamed about how the ceiling leaked, the dream book reminds you that sometimes you just need to give vent to your emotions. A dream in this way lets you know that the dreamer simply vitally needs emotional release.

A dream about a wet ceiling indicates that the dreamer has a lot of envious people who are just waiting for an opportunity to do a minor dirty trick or start a bad rumor, in other words, to tarnish your reputation.

When you not only see how the ceiling was flooded in a dream, but also know exactly who did it, the dream book warns of a serious conversation with this person, despite the fact that he is not actually your upstairs neighbor. Knowing that you are right will help you negotiate brilliantly.

Interpreting why you dream of a flooded ceiling, the Modern Dream Book advises you to be careful with your money. The likelihood of large, expensive and unnecessary purchases during this period is especially high. This is a rather slippery period of empty promises and advertising gimmicks, try not to get hooked.

What a current ceiling means in a dream often turns out to be a harbinger of severe disappointment. The action or thoughtless statement of one of your friends will greatly upset you. It is possible that you yourself will become the cause of disappointment for the person you care about.

It happens that a leak from the ceiling in a dream can make the dreamer so happy that he starts dancing through the puddles barefoot, exposing his palms and face to the murmuring streams. In such cases, Hasse’s dream book states that a period has come when you can handle everything, so now is the time to act.

If you happen to see a leaking ceiling in a dream, the dream only warns of possible troubles, which does not mean that they cannot be avoided, especially if you listen to the recommendations of the dream book.

Place and setting

It is important to try to remember what the house in which you saw the ceiling was like:

  • Multi-storey (in an apartment)
    - to stagnation in business, internal conflict, inability to get out of some unpleasant situation.
  • Wooden
    - to troubles, disappointments, sorrows.
  • Cottage
    - you will be able to achieve great heights and overcome all difficulties.

A ceiling on the street (at a bus stop, the porch of a building, etc.) is a symbol of the fact that a sleeping person creates obstacles for himself on the path to his final goals and fulfillment of what he wants.

Emergency situations

If you dreamed that the ceiling had collapsed, cutting off all your paths to exit the room, shaft or any other room, the dream book warns of possible unforeseen circumstances that could significantly worsen your already precarious situation. If you fail to foresee troubles, try to at least mentally prepare for them.

What you dream of about a falling ceiling can seriously interfere with your plans and significantly complicate their implementation. Obstacles can be either an unfortunate combination of circumstances or the actions of ill-wishers who, as it turns out, have been waiting for an opportunity for a long time.

If a ceiling collapses in a dream, the dream often serves as a warning that in the near future you risk falling out of favor with your superiors. The dream book advises avoiding conflicts at work and refraining from initiatives until a more favorable period arrives.

When you see in a dream that the ceiling has collapsed, the dream book believes that at the moment you are not going through the most favorable period, which is best to wait out without taking active actions. You are not in the best shape right now, and a combination of circumstances threatens to work against you.

When interpreting what a collapsed ceiling means in a dream, the dream book also mentions positive meanings. For example, a family member who has long been considered missing may unexpectedly return home. It is also possible that another, no less incredible event will happen that will change life for the better.

A dream about a hole in the ceiling often reflects the dreamer’s regret for past misdeeds or, on the contrary, repentance for inaction, as a result of which wonderful opportunities were irretrievably lost.

A hole in the ceiling sometimes symbolizes the dreamer's secret fears, what he is most afraid of coming face to face. Often this is a reflection of some important matter, shelved, which sooner or later will certainly remind you of itself.

Why do you dream about the collapse of the ceiling, sometimes it serves as a warning about a serious danger threatening you. The dream book strongly recommends avoiding dangerous situations in the near future and not taking unnecessary risks.

What you dream of about a fallen ceiling may be in one way or another connected with the manifestation of envy. It is quite possible that there are many people around you who envy you, not daring to show their true colors. Maintaining external decency does not mean that you don’t need to beware of secret envious people.

If in a dream you look closely at the ceiling, a crack on it reflects a mistake or misdeed that you greatly regret in reality. Perhaps the memory is making itself felt because now is the time to correct the mistake.

The Ukrainian dream book gives the most pessimistic forecast, why dream that the ceiling fell in a dream, and at that time there were people in the room. Those caught in falling debris are not destined to survive.

What was the ceiling like?

You should try to remember what the ceiling was like and what it looked like. The following options are possible:

Characteristics and description of the ceilingInterpretation of sleep
Yellow, dirtyTo unexpected troubles, bad luck
Clean, plain, beautifulTo financial prosperity, fulfillment of what you want, achievement of goals
Black, burntTo trouble, a big problem, a hopeless situation
Concrete, unfinishedTo the start of a new business, possible prospects
Cracked, crumblingTo repentance and regret about the action committed the day before
Leaky, with holes in the materialTo a quarrel, problem, anxiety, sorrows and disappointments
WetTo conflicts, quarrels, disagreements with loved ones
DescendingCircumstances will not work out in the best way, you should hold off on things
Illuminated (with built-in lamps)To depression, self-doubt, self-doubt
Decorated, patterned, with stuccoTo joy, optimistic mood, contentment with your current situation
Transparent (glass)All the dreamer's plans will become public knowledge

Also a very important point is how high the ceiling was:

  • Very low
    - to disappointments, grief, empty hopes and vain expectations.
  • Average
    - what a person expects will come true.
  • High
    - you will be able to achieve what you want, to reach your goal.

A multi-layer ceiling is a symbol of difficulties and obstacles that will not be easy to overcome, including psychologically.

Repair, whitewashing and maintenance

A very favorable dream – ceiling repair. In a dream, this action symbolizes the expansion of your capabilities and spheres of influence, which you will soon be able to experience in reality.

When you have to repair a ceiling in a dream, the dream book reminds you that now is the time to take revenge and regain the positions you once lost.

If in a dream you had the opportunity to paint the ceiling with someone else’s hands, the dream book promises that in reality you will be able to shift the solution to your own problems onto someone else’s shoulders.

If you happened to whitewash the ceiling in a dream, the dream book warns that there will be lengthy paperwork ahead, the course of which you will only be able to influence to a small extent. The dream promises a lot of troubles, which you, however, will cope with very successfully.

Interpreting what dreams of whitewashing a ceiling meant, the wise Mayans had no doubt that a new love awaited the dreamer. To ensure that the dream came true, the Indians advised touching the door frame with your lips every time you passed by.

What a white ceiling means in a dream may not make the dreamer very happy: someone will bring bad news to your house. At the same time, the dream book claims that you are the one who can fix everything.

Explaining why you dream of washing the ceiling, the dream book reminds you of the good old truth that there is no such thing as someone else’s misfortune. What is currently happening to someone around you may, to some extent, affect you.

Why do you dream about a ceiling in a dream?

Housewife's Dream Interpretation

Why do women dream about the Ceiling:

Limiting goals. A high ceiling means having great opportunities in life. Low ceiling - lack of knowledge and ambition. A ceiling with rich stucco molding - soon you will have envious people. A ceiling falling on you foretells that worries will fall on your head. Plaster, whitewash or paint the ceiling - friends will come to your aid in difficult times

Modern dream book

Why do you dream about the Ceiling according to the dream book?

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga interpreted dreams about the ceiling as follows: A smooth, white and high ceiling is a sign of well-being and prosperity, tranquility and a serene time. If you looked at a crack in the ceiling, you will regret what you did the night before, but you won’t be able to fix anything. If you dreamed that it seemed to you that the ceiling was falling on you and was about to crush you, this means that circumstances will not work out in the best way for you. Better wait with important matters - luck is not on your side now.

Spring Dream Interpreter

A hole in the ceiling means committing a sin, losing faith.

A cracked ceiling means death

Autumn Dream Interpreter

Cracked ceiling - Possible move to a new place of residence.

Summer Dream Interpreter

Cracked ceiling - You will quarrel for a long time with your spouse’s relatives.

Everyday dream book

Why do you dream about the Ceiling, interpretation:

What does it mean to see a Ceiling in a dream? Ceiling - Seeing the ceiling is a sign of prosperity and prosperity. If you dreamed of a ceiling on which in a dream you are trying to discern some defects, then in real life you will meet a person who will become your benefactor, and this meeting will be very unexpected.

Angelic dream book

Why do you dream of a Ceiling according to the dream book:

Ceiling - Seeing the ceiling is a sign of prosperity and prosperity. If you dreamed of a ceiling on which in a dream you are trying to discern some defects, then in real life you will meet a person who will become your benefactor, and this meeting will be very unexpected.

This dream can also be interpreted as the possibility of receiving an inheritance. Seeing a dream in which you are painting or whitewashing a ceiling means that in reality you may be drawn into some kind of risky adventure - try to avoid risky things, otherwise the consequences will be very dire.

If you dreamed that the ceiling in your dream was perfectly smooth and white, then a white streak is coming in your life - try to be as active as possible during this period - success awaits you in absolutely all your endeavors.

If you had a dream in which everything was upside down, and in the literal sense of this expression, and you dreamed that you were standing on the ceiling, then in reality you will face situations that can confuse you.

Try not to lose your bearings, because this is the only thing that can help you get out of a difficult situation with minimal losses.

A ceiling in a dream is a sign that in real life the dreamer will reach the limit of his capabilities. Some situation will happen in which a person will behave as actively and interestedly as possible, but he still won’t be able to get what he wants. Most often, such an image seen in a dream foreshadows disappointment, grief, sadness, but it also has positive meanings. It is worth paying attention to the following details of the dream: what the ceiling looked like, what happened to it, what actions were performed, how the storyline developed.

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Various interpretations

The height of a room in a dream represents your self-esteem. It is not surprising that everything about a high ceiling is associated with your position in society. This is how you see your rank and status.

If you dreamed of a house with high ceilings, which in the dream are even too high, the dream book explains that the dream is trying to open your eyes in this way. It turns out that in the real world you are capable of more and needlessly underestimate your capabilities.

You feel that you are unable to cope with the problems that have befallen you at the same time - this is why you dream of a low ceiling. In such cases, it is recommended to postpone solving important issues until more favorable times, since you are not in the best shape and mood right now.

If you dreamed of a cobweb on the ceiling, the dream book does not recommend ignoring what you saw in the dream. The dream warns that in reality not everything is as smooth as it may seem at first glance.

If the dream of a spider on the ceiling did not frighten you at all in your dream, the dream book claims that the creative forces of the Universe are on your side. Therefore, happiness is just around the corner.

When you see mold on the ceiling in a dream, the dream book urges you to once again soberly assess your capabilities. It is possible that you overestimate your strengths, which is why you risk getting into an unpleasant situation or finding yourself in a stupid position.

Blood dripping from the ceiling is a very ambiguous subject. The dream book mentions in the interpretation the return home of someone close, whom they no longer hoped to ever see. A dream may be a harbinger of sudden and uncontrollable passion that can cause trouble.

According to Miller’s dream book, a ceiling that for some reason attracted your attention in a dream, in reality may turn out to be a harbinger of a strong patron or receiving unexpected, yet tangible and timely support.

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to not only see a ceiling in a dream, but also remember this detail of the dream without apparent reason. Without a doubt, this is a significant detail; the appearance of the surface may contain the necessary clues.

The Maya dream book claims that if you walk on the ceiling in a dream, then in reality everything will turn upside down. Shoes placed in the corners of the room will help neutralize the consequences of what you saw in your dream.

The dream book secretly tells the dreamer who is lucky enough to fly under the ceiling in a dream that a certain spiritual force is awakening in him, which will open up new opportunities for him and significantly expand his horizons.

The plot and one’s own actions in a dream

It is important to take into account the development of the storyline and the dreamer’s actions when interpreting a dream:

ActionDream interpretation
Seal a hole in the ceiling with tapeTo naivety, wasted efforts, empty hopes
WashTo preparation, troubles, a lot of things to do
Remove cobwebsTo illness and poor health, fatigue, exhaustion
Squashing insects on the ceilingTo minor troubles that will be very annoying
Whitewash, paintA waste of money on dubious pleasures
WallpaperTo loss of money, waste and subsequent regrets about it
RepairTrying to improve your personal life and career
Wipe away dripsYou will have to put up with someone, apologize, resolve the conflict
See the roof collapseTo great disappointment and disaster
See how the ceilings collapsedA problem will arise that will ruin all your plans.
Seeing the ceiling collapse in only one room, and not in the entire apartmentTo problems in one of the areas of life that will not give the dreamer peace
Seeing a ceiling fall on a sleeping person, but without injuryAs a result of unpleasant events, the sleeper will receive something pleasant for himself
Seeing the ceiling fall on a sleeping person who is injuredAs a result of unpleasant events, the sleeper will lose something important to himself
Remove the ceiling and live without itTowards honesty, openness, frankness on the part of a man or woman
Walk on the ceilingA person will achieve everything he wants in one area and find himself in something else, overcome the limit of his capabilities and achieve great heights

Seeing blood dripping and flowing from the ceiling is a sign of fear and worsening phobias, as well as big obstacles on the way to fulfilling your cherished dream. Tears are falling - you will have to calm down your loved one.

Stories about a leaking ceiling have a separate interpretation:

  • Rejoicing at the flood, dancing under a leak - to inner harmony, tranquility, despite external life circumstances.
  • Crying, running to neighbors, calling some services - means strong emotions, tears, anxiety, increased nervousness and excessive emotionality.
  • Not taking any action and minding your own business while watching the water flow - even an out-of-the-ordinary situation will not be able to unsettle the sleeper.
  • Watching rain from the ceiling means unexpected joys or troubles.
  • To deliberately cause a flood in your house - to an unconscious desire to get into some kind of trouble in order to receive help and compassion.
  • If you flood your neighbors below due to the fault of those who live above, you will have to answer for the actions of another person and make excuses.

If the water was clean, it is a sign of good luck in love, calm and peace in family relationships. Dirty, muddy, rusty water - to disasters, tears, disappointments and sorrows.

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