“Why do you see a needle in a dream? If you see a Needle in a dream, what does it mean?

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Dream books put quite unpleasant meanings into the interpretation of dreams in which needles are seen. This often promises unpleasant events for the sleeper in the near future.

However, depending on the details of the dream, dream books offer many interpretation solutions. This article is devoted to their consideration.

dream about needles in mouth

Maybe I bit my cheek or tongue in my sleep. Maybe she was lying uncomfortably, I don’t know. Yes, I just dreamed that a strange and incomprehensible sensation appeared in my mouth. It's like something is stabbing. I remember feeling a strong stabbing pain in my mouth. I open my mouth and try to feel everything there. And I take the needles out of my mouth! Real sewing needles! And there were so many of them, I got them all, but they didn’t think they would end! And once I didn't swallow those sharp needles, how did they get there in the first place?

I had a lot of questions in my dreams, but I didn’t have time to look for answers to them. There were a lot of deadly needles in my mouth and I urgently needed to remove them all. I carefully took them out one at a time and laid them out right in front of me. In the end, it seemed to me that I had pulled out all the needles. Then I tried to close my mouth and feel everything inside with my tongue. Yes, it looks like there are no needles. It was very scary and completely unclear why this happened. I woke up with an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t quite describe. Why did these needles in my dream scare me so much? What could this mean? Maybe I should be afraid of something?

See sewing needles

Sewing needles seen in dreams are a favorable sign. In the old days there was a saying - I saw a needle, sew, what you sew is what you get in life. This fully reflects the essence of the theme of night dreams under consideration. As a rule, such dreams come to people who expect family happiness, success at work, or who have entered a streak of luck and good fortune.

If you have quarreled with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then the sewing needle you see predicts a quick reconciliation. It is possible that the cause of your quarrel was omissions, carefully kept secrets, and now the time has come to open up and become closer to each other. Your relationship will become even stronger, but you should not continue to hide something from a close secret, since it will no longer be possible to “sew” a repeated separation.

A negative prognosis for the future is given to pregnant women who have seen the object in question in their dreams. A painful birth awaits them, and the possibility of complications cannot be ruled out. But this will happen in the future and now there is still time to try to avoid such a development of events. Remember that a person is given the right to build his own destiny, to change the lines of reality.

Often people in their night dreams see dull sewing supplies, and you should not think that such a dream predicts troubles, this is not so. In dream books you can find the following interpretations of visions associated with a blunt needle:

  • try to embroider, put some effort into it - to meet a reliable, pleasant person for whom love feelings will arise;
  • to be found in your own bed - to an interesting and, perhaps, romantic trip;
  • found in your pocket - to an unexpected, but not too large profit;
  • found in a wallet - to a meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • hold in your mouth - to a frank conversation with a person you care about;
  • trying to prick someone - to resolve current problems;
  • seeing a needle from a sewing machine is a pleasant surprise;
  • receive as a gift - you will be returned a debt that you have already forgotten about or that you did not hope to receive.
  • injecting yourself means success in financial matters; if a drop of blood appears at the same time, then you will owe this to your relatives.

Why do you dream of needles in your mouth?

I decided to find as much information as possible on this issue. I was able to find that:

Needles in the mouth can symbolize some harm to the dreamer’s health.

Moreover, this harm can be very diverse. It could also be a rapid illness for which a person might not be prepared. Particular attention should be paid to the cardiovascular system. It is necessary to eat properly and monitor normal fluid intake. Completely eliminate strong drinks and smoking.

If you saw needles in your mouth in a dream, you should be as attentive to your health as possible.

Also, don't be nervous. Try to avoid any situations where you will experience stress. Don’t take on a new business, don’t go on long business trips. Postpone making serious decisions and major purchases. Any experience and stress will affect your health too much in the near future. You will definitely have a good dream, then you will understand that the dangerous period for your health is over.

Also, needles in the mouth can mean some envy, gossip, slander and even damage to you.

Be sure to visit the article: What to do to prevent a dream from coming true? because it will help you avoid the negative consequences of sleep.

Someone may be trying to harm you. This could be a colleague who wants to take your place. Or an envious friend who cannot come to terms with her own failures. Someone is sending completely negative emotions, the evil eye, in your direction. All this can also harm your condition. What can be done in such a situation? Be joyful, whole. Don't pay attention or react to people's anger. Protect yourself and don't listen to anyone.

Vanga's interpretation

The Bulgarian seer believes that if a sleeping person dreamed of pulling out one foreign object, he should expect loneliness and separation from close friends. If there were several sharp instruments in the throat, he lacks personal space.

When the dreamer has not experienced pain, in real life he listens too closely to the symptoms of the disease. To get rid of suspiciousness, you need to consult a psychologist. Other interpretation options are also offered:

  1. A piercing structure that was easily pulled out is a prediction of easy money. It is possible to win money in the lottery. However, bankruptcy is to be expected soon.
  2. As the dream book says, a needle in the mouth that remains there for a long time promises a protracted illness. There is a possibility of serious complications if you do not consult a doctor in time and do not follow his instructions.
  3. Asking for help in getting rid of a sharp instrument from the enemy is a sign of quick reconciliation with him. After this, the conflict will be forgotten.

A plot in which the sleeper endured discomfort for a long time hints at the presence of chronic diseases. They will be discovered by chance.

(interpretation by day)

  • If you saw needles in your mouth on Monday night , then take a closer look at your close circle. A traitor has appeared among your friends.
  • On Tuesday, needles in the mouth can mean a strong scandal with one of your relatives.
  • On Wednesday, seeing needles in your dream indicates upcoming problems with your teeth. Don't delay your visit to the dentist. It is better to prevent severe diseases and cure everything on time.
  • On Thursday, needles in your mouth may mean words that you will regret for a long time later.
  • On Friday, needles in your mouth may portend you unpleasant news from afar.
  • On Saturday, to see that your mouth is full of needles - you will be much discussed. All conversations will be behind your back.
  • On Sunday, such a dream speaks of ill-wishers who do not like your appearance.
  • Be sure to look at the interpretation of the dream “needles in the mouth” according to the love dream book, because the information received will help you achieve your desired goal.

What kind of goals did you dream about?

A dream in which sewing needles predicts favorable changes in life.
They will sum up the dedication, hard work and determination shown in the recent past. Trying to rely on your luck can result in complete failure. Sewing needles seen in a dream characterize you as a persistent, hardworking and enterprising person. With the help of these qualities, you pave your way to success, without which you cannot imagine your life. Despite the lack of assistants, you will achieve your goal.

If you dreamed about a needle and thread - in reality you may suffer because of your reliability. Uncomplainingly fulfilling the requests of people around you will burden you with extra work, because of which your current affairs or love relationships will suffer. Say “no” more often to people who want to take advantage of you. When faced with your disagreement, they will stop bothering you with their problems.

A needle without thread promises offense. It will be caused by a person you care about with a harsh word or a rash act. The hatred you feel towards your best friend or sister-in-law will cut off your communication for a long time.

A big needle means a loud scandal that will break out over a trifle.

dreamed of needles in my mouth

Also, needles in the mouth can mean some kind of family troubles. Someone close to you is upset. But at the same time he is silent, does not want to burden anyone with his problems.

If you see needles in your mouth, then take a closer look at your household. It is likely that someone has changed in behavior and this can be easily seen. Or your significant other has long wanted to talk to you, tell you about worries or some problems. It may even be that the person has already made attempts to start an unpleasant conversation. But you didn't have the time or the inclination. Now it is necessary to immediately listen to everyone. And solve existing problems while it is still possible. Otherwise, you will not only not be able to help your loved ones in time, but also move away from them. It is very important to have a strong connection with your family, to feel the changes. Willingness to help is what should come first, after sleeping with needles in your mouth.

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Nuances of interpretation

Such a dream foreshadows health problems. It will be difficult to recover from the disease, even following the doctor’s instructions. One can explain what was foreseen as the progression of hypochondria.

If the doctor had to remove a foreign object from the throat, the person needs help in solving important issues . For a woman, a dream means uncertainty in choosing her other half. By turning to a close friend, she will receive the right advice.

A dream where a specialist was unable to remove a sharp instrument is a warning that you should not trust your acquaintances. They will envy the success and begin to plot, wanting to do harm.

When you dreamed that the sleeping person himself pulled out the needle, you need to think about the fight against high self-esteem. Another option for deciphering the plot is to reassess your capabilities.

You will overcome obstacles, but be careful!

Did you dream of taking needles out of your legs? The dream book explains: you will overcome the obstacles that hinder new achievements in life.

Why do you dream of pulling needles out of your body? In reality, you may get injured or get sick, but the illness will pass without complications.

Have you seen how you remove needles from your body in a dream? The dream book tells you: when trying to solve ordinary problems, you will find yourself in a difficult situation due to inattention. Pay more attention to the little things.

Seeing a lot of needles in a dream

Revenge from people who harbor a grudge should be feared by those who in their night dreams saw a lot of needles scattered in disarray. Waiting for a blow that can crush your business reputation and disrupt your usual way of life is tiring. Therefore, find strength in yourself and go for reconciliation, a bad peace is always better than a furious quarrel, especially since if you ask for forgiveness sincerely, then the unpleasant period of life will be completely overcome.

If in your dreams you happened to collect a lot of small needles, then such a dream can be interpreted in two ways. Some dream books indicate that the dreamer may fall ill in the near future, and the illness will be accompanied by complications, which will require him to endure a long rehabilitation period. It is possible that you will undergo an operation that will take place in several stages. Another interpretation of the same dream says that the dreamer will face hard, tedious and painstaking work that will not bring the expected results. You will spend a lot of effort, you will probably receive a decent monetary reward, but it will not bring you joy.

Those who saw in their dreams a lot of needles scattered around the apartment should expect an influential person to visit. Please note, whether you collected them or not, in the first case you will be able to get what you had in mind from the guest, in the second case the visit will not bring the expected result. Finding a lot of items in question in clothes is a sign of deception, hypocritical behavior on the part of a close friend. This person is trying to achieve some of his goals at your expense and this cannot be allowed.

Attention! Needles can be not only sewing, but also plant or animal. The interpretation of dreams with such objects will have a slightly different meaning. For example, pricking yourself on a pine needle means meeting a person of the opposite sex, and if the needle was spruce, then expect a pleasant gift.

Tell me, I had a mouthful of needles, I pulled them out, but one got stuck in my throat, is that very bad?

I had a dream that I was pulling a lot of needles out of my mom's couch bed?

I see a house, an old house with old furniture, my friend and I, she says I rented a house for us, we will now live and there was a sewing machine, I started turning it, I wanted to try sewing on it. I started to twist it and see how it would sew; a lot of different needles stuck into my left hand, as if there were a lot of them under the skin. It hurt me when I started to take them out, I took out about 40 of them, maybe more. There are wounds on my hand, blood, I feel pain, I take them out, they appear in my hand in the palm of my hand, there were a lot of them.

Dreaming of needles in bed

Dream books do not give an unambiguous interpretation of the question of why needles are seen in bed. Some manuals predict a business or love date, others indicate a possible meeting with an influential person, which can end unpredictably and entail a lot of unpleasant consequences. Therefore, even if you are not planning any meetings, try to carefully select your words when communicating with people, and maintain a positive emotional attitude. In this case, you will not have to worry about careless statements; you will be able to create a positive impression of yourself.

If in your dreams you spent a long time sorting through your bed linen and ended up finding a needle, then in real life you will meet a person with whom you will begin a long-term friendship. Initially, you will not particularly trust this person, but after a while he will become almost a member of the family. Despite this, always remember that someone else’s soul is darkness and the best friends often become their worst enemies.

Advice! If a girl in her dream found a needle in her bed linen, then she will soon receive a marriage proposal. Pay attention to what emotions you experienced during your night dreams, in what mood you woke up. If your soul was filled with joy, then feel free to agree to get married, otherwise you should think ten times before making a final decision.

Pricking yourself with a needle in a dream: interpretation based on nuances

The most common dream is to be pricked with a thin iron “skewer.” This is a hassle that, under unfavorable circumstances, can turn into a serious conflict.

Injecting yourself and pulling the needle out of your arm means solving a conflict, if any. If there was a black thread in the needle, it means that problems will be associated with solving other people's problems.

Injecting yourself and pulling the needle out of your arm means resolving the conflict

Surprisingly, a white thread threaded into a needle indicates poor health that needs to be urgently restored. There are practically no mentions of other colors. Only Vanga, for some reason, talks about an injection with a needle and blue thread, as if it were a long road ahead, from which there is very little chance of returning to the return point.

The length of the thread means the duration of the dreamer’s participation in solving other people’s difficulties.

Difficulties will arise, get ready to solve them

Did you dream of driving needles under your skin and trying to pull them out? This is a warning about the onset of certain difficulties that will have to be overcome.

Did you dream about pulling out several sewing needles from yourself? The dream book states: several difficulties have already accumulated that need to be dealt with without delay.

Taking out the needles of plants (Christmas trees, pine trees) means: the dreamer subconsciously wants to get rid of problems. The dream signals: he will succeed if he shows determination.

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