Why do you dream about sewers - 37 interpretations from different dream books

If you dreamed of a cesspool filled with sewage, shame awaits you. It is possible that you will be framed on an important issue, made the hero of offensive gossip, punished for someone else’s misdeeds, or caught in a lie or treason. It will take more than one day to clear your reputation.

A full cesspool in a dream means financial problems. Perhaps unpleasant events will push you to take out a large loan, which will take a long time to repay. Try to save money so you don't end up in debt.

An empty cesspool, according to the dream book, means recovery. Wait for good news. Your long-term and very ill relative is finally on the mend. Visit him, send him a postcard or congratulate him by phone, he will be very touched by your concern.

A large cesspool in a dream means a good mood. Everything will go well in the near future. This will charge you with optimism and positivity for a long time. Learn to take a break from problems, think less about the bad.

According to the dream book, a deep cesspool is a sign of fun. You will receive an invitation to a noisy party with your best friends or relatives. In reality you will not be sad.

The interpretation of the dream depends on what kind of cesspool you dreamed about:

  • Huge - to meet an old friend.
  • Little - to peace, love and harmony in the family.
  • Filled with water - to fatigue and bad mood.
  • Freshly dug up - they are collecting incriminating evidence on you.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If you dreamed about swimming in a sewer, you will find a way to realize your abilities or new talents will be discovered.

To a man

In a man’s dream, a sewer is a sign that you should not attach importance to fleeting feelings if you have a full-fledged relationship, since in the end you may greatly regret it.


For a pregnant girl, such a dream is a warning that she should take better care of her health.

What kind of sewer did you dream about?

With dirty water

If there is dirty water in the sewer, a new person may appear in your close circle, who will ultimately turn out to be two-faced, but before he is exposed, he will become the cause of many unpleasant moments in the team.

With clean water

When clean water flows in the sewer, all financial problems in life will be solved thanks to additional income or material support received from relatives.

With excrement

According to Miller's dream book, a sewer with excrement means that in the near future the dreamer will be overcome by sadness, he will be immersed in happy memories and will clearly miss those events. But instead of yearning for something that can no longer be returned, it is better to fill your present with bright emotions.


If the sewer is clogged in a dream, in reality you can unknowingly make various mistakes, the consequences of which will be too serious to ignore or put the decision aside.


According to Sigmund Freud's dream book, a faulty sewer system means that due to failure to fulfill your duties at work, you can receive a severe reprimand from your superiors and lose their trust.


If you dreamed about an overflowing sewer, get ready to become a listener for a close friend who needs to talk about his problems. Don't try to give advice or get a word in, just listen to what he says and stay focused.


The interpretation of the clairvoyant Vanga says: one of the relatives needs help, but he does not dare to report it, so he suffers with the problem alone. Take a closer look at your family and take the initiative, believe me, they will appreciate it and be sincerely grateful.


If you dream of an underground sewer, before an upcoming meeting, ask someone to wake you up or set many alarm clocks. There is a possibility that you will be late for work and let your management down.


When a storm drain appears in a dream, there will be an opportunity to think about a romantic trip with your partner. Dedicate time to personal relationships and spending time exclusively for two. This will be a great impetus to bring back your former passion and ardor in bed.

Other dream plots about sewers

  1. If you happen to clean a sewer in a dream, life will soon begin to improve, and many problems will find their own solutions. But you shouldn’t relax, because if you lose vigilance and let everything take its course, new negative situations will appear on the doorstep again.
  2. According to Vanga’s dream book, smelling an unpleasant sewer smell means that the people around the dreamer may not be who he thought they were at the very beginning. Take a closer look at those around you and try to find out who is faking it and expose him to avoid a lot of problems.
  3. If a child is hiding in a sewer, it means that the dreamer will be too nervous in the near future due to minor things that will make him very worried and nervous. This may concern specifically the family and what is happening at home now. But you shouldn’t stress yourself out unnecessarily; it’s easier to call and personally find out if everything is fine with your relatives.
  4. Pumping dirt and sewage out of the sewer - such a plot promises a solution to a difficult financial situation that the dreamer could find himself in due to his own waste. But now everything will stabilize for him, he will become completely financially independent.
  5. According to Sigmund Freud’s dream book, if you bathe in a sewer, someone in the dreamer’s couple will try to hide the fact of betrayal, but any lie gives rise to a new one, so the relationship between lovers will become burdensome for them and they will have to separate.
  6. Repairing a sewer in a dream - in life it will seem that there is catastrophically little time, you need to solve everything at an accelerated pace, but in fact, the best thing to do is to exhale, rest, and only after a good night’s sleep begin solving the remaining problems.
  7. According to Sigmund Freud’s dream book, if you are floating in a sewer in a dream, your mood will be quite depressive in the near future, as you will engage in introspection and try to understand your own thoughts and feelings.
  8. Drowning in a sewer in a dream means a person will appear in life who will capture the dreamer’s attention and can awaken romantic attractions in him, but these feelings will not be mutual, which will lead to a melancholy state.
  9. The sewer is clogged with cement - the dreamer will drive himself into a hopeless situation, where he will reap the fruits of his carelessness and recklessness.
  10. The sewer is clogged, so that water flows from the toilet - the plot in the dream means that in the near future it will be difficult to get ready to do your usual work and duties due to fatigue from the same everyday life around you. Diversify your days and treat yourself to your favorite food or spend quality time just for yourself.
  11. According to Akulina’s dream book, living in a sewer means that the dreamer will be comfortable in the situation that currently surrounds him.
  12. Using a plunger to break through a clogged drain - such a dream promises problems due to excessive emotionality, because of which loved ones will suffer.
  13. If you happen to stand on a sewer hatch in a dream, there may be a dangerous person nearby who will harm you physically, not psychologically. Don't get into verbal altercations with anyone anytime soon.
  14. According to the Wanderer’s dream book, if a sewer was built in a dream, this is a sign that it’s time to devote time to yourself and finally figure out what exactly you want from life. Do you like working in that field of activity or do you want to find a new job? Dig into your head and find the right answers to these questions.
  15. When you get out of the sewer in a dream, in reality you will be able to catch your partner in deception and bring him to clean water. The truth is never happy, but both may want to try to improve their relationship and start over with a clean slate.
  16. According to Miller’s dream book, if you get lost in sewer labyrinths, you should turn off your emotions at this stage of life in order to assess the scale of the problem with a cool mind and try to quickly find a way out of the sad state of affairs.
  17. If in a dream you happened to lay pipes in the sewer system, this means searching for the right solution to the upcoming problem, where all areas of the dreamer’s life will be involved.

Under any circumstances, remain with a positive attitude and go to the very end, regardless of the opinions of others.

Where did the sewer system burst in a dream?

In the apartment

If the sewerage system breaks in the apartment, family conflicts can gain momentum and go beyond the bounds of reason. It will be extremely difficult for relatives to find a common language with each other, but a common misfortune can bring them back together.

In the house

According to the Wanderer’s dream book, if the sewer system in the house breaks, the management will be dissatisfied with the dreamer’s work and will demand much more than he can certainly do. But it’s better to take this as a reason to test your abilities.

On the street

Watching a sewer burst on the street means receiving increased attention from others. People will discuss the dreamer behind his back, avoiding personal conversations with him, which will put him in an awkward position.

In the shop

According to Miller's book of dreams, the sewer broke in the store - which means there is no need to rush in the near future. Solve all matters gradually and do not take on additional responsibilities; first deal with what you have.

Who fell into the sewer in a dream

You yourself

If you fall into the sewer yourself, your friends may not show their best side and refuse to help when a difficult period in life comes. But at this time, those people who the dreamer had not even thought of counting on before may show themselves, and this can be considered the beginning of a new friendship.


When a child falls into the sewer, the situation may turn in such a way that the dreamer will have to solve the problems of strangers and invest too much personal effort into them. No matter how much you lose in this situation, you will gain much more in the end.


According to the Wanderer’s dream book, if a relative falls, expect news from a close friend about his wedding or an imminent addition to the family.

Wife husband

If a wife falls into a sewer, this may mean that the dreamer will become interested in a new girl, but an affair with her will lead to the collapse of the marital relationship.

When you dreamed of a husband falling into a sewer, household chores will not only take too much physical strength, but will also depress you emotionally.


According to Longo’s dream book, if your brother falls in a dream, you can get the opportunity to improve your position at work and receive approval from management, but for this you will have to work overtime.

If you dreamed about your sister, meeting a stranger will have a positive impact on the future, since he may turn out to be an influential person and become a patron in the dreamer’s actions.


If a friend/friend falls into the sewer, unexpected expenses may arise that will go to help someone from a close circle of people.


When a colleague falls into the sewer, a gossip may appear in the work team and begin to turn people against each other. It is in your power to expose this person, but you should not humiliate him in public, do not stoop to such a level.


According to Sigmund Freud's dream book, a stranger in a sewer promises problems in his personal life, where mistrust will arise between partners regarding the sincerity of feelings for each other.


If you dreamed of a dead person falling into a sewer, in the near future you should be as careful as possible and be wary of meeting unfamiliar people alone. Do not enter into conflict situations, as some people may behave inappropriately and harm your health.

Why do you dream of a cesspool full of sewage?

In dreams we can see many scenes that we do not expect at all. Sometimes, those things that we do not pay attention to in real life appear very clearly in our night visions. And if memories of a dream do not leave us even after waking up, then it is worth trying to decipher them.

After all, it is quite possible that our subconscious is reporting a problem that has arisen, or that higher powers are trying to warn us about something important. Many dream books will be able to help you figure out why you dream of a sewer, and what such a dream tells us, how it relates to real life. The main thing is to find the correct interpretation and take into account all the details of the plot seen in the night dreams.

Other interpretations

A breakdown of the water supply indicates the dreamer's unrestrained emotionality, and if he does not begin to control himself, then there is a high probability of offending someone without even realizing it. If pipes break in a public place according to the plot of night dreams, then in reality the dreamer annoys everyone with his presence. Feeling the unpleasant smell of sewage means returning to the past, shame and disappointment. Floating sewage means financial profit, and if the sleeper himself floats in this water, then this is news. I dream of trying to clean pipes before emergency work at work. Sometimes such a dream indicates that a person too often puts things off until later.

To correctly decipher a dream, you need to take into account all the details of the plot and your own feelings from the dream. Remember, not all dreams carry a secret meaning, sometimes the subconscious mind simply processes the information received. Therefore, if a person who works in this field had a similar dream or you planned to change pipes before going to bed, then you should not waste time deciphering it.

But, if you haven’t thought about anything like that, and the plot of the dream haunts you all day, then it’s better to delve into all the moments and try to understand what exactly the subconscious wants to convey and what it warns the sleeper about.

Dirty drains

A dream in which a person sees wastewater from a sewer pouring into the sea or river warns the dreamer that he should be more careful with his competitors. Most likely, your envious people decided to take credit for your achievements. But, if you listen to the dream book and correctly interpret what you dream of about a sewer with dirty water, then you will be able to stop any intrigues against you in a timely manner.

If, according to the plot, in addition to dirty water, various garbage spilled out of the pipe, for example, bags, bottles, etc., then perhaps soon you will have to devote time to cleaning the environment. This will be some kind of mass event like a cleanup day, where you will get a lot of positive emotions.

Dream Interpretation - School and sewer pipes

Hello. Your dream is about your health. Some kind of lingering illness, acquired long ago, due to your own carelessness (ignorance), at one time you were treated somehow and thought everything went away, but in the dream you see a teacher and a sheet with a picture (a river with a reef), this suggests that you have not yet learned your life lesson and you are trying in every possible way to postpone the solution to these problems. You try to plunge into current life problems, hoping that somehow the problem will dissolve by itself. The further I delve into your dream, the more it seems to me that this illness (if I may say so) is similar to pangs of conscience, there is more suffering from some kind of guilt that stretches from the past and prevents you from living normally further. I made the following conclusions, which is why you are not in physical pain throughout the dream, only fear and anxiety, but advice still slips through the dream, they suggest that you muster courage and take a decisive step, of course you will be a little shaken, but you will be able to get rid of problems .

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation of the House of the Sun

Sewerage is a symbol of the modern world. This technological structure has greatly simplified people's lives. Ridding houses of sewage is the main task that sewer pipes cope with. Therefore, this image is also associated with a symbol of uncleanness.

Dream Interpretation - Why dream about sewerage

A very good Dream, suggesting that it is time for the Dreamer to think about her Social life and clear the overcrowded and neglected Emotional sphere, since the latter is already pulling back and thereby harming the Social image of the Dreamer, which has nothing to do with the Mind (the Dreamer is clearing the Sewer, draining together with the Neighbor water, the Master with the Device, the collapsed Pit opposite, dousing the Dreamer with slop Water, the Dreamer is already Unpleasant). A brief conclusion from the dream - if you want to become a successful Person, turn to Reason and learn to tame your Emotions, otherwise the latter will ruin all your life prospects. Best regards, Livia.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation of the House of the Sun

Water masses according to modern dream books

If you dream of sewage water, it means improving your material well-being, buying a long-awaited item, and achieving your goals. In this dream, it is very important to look closely at the details. A great variety of clear images can promise very quick enrichment. And a regularly recurring dream indicates correct life decisions.

The main goal of the modern dream book is to correct old interpretations using recent research. This is also influenced by a person’s changeable perception. Even the meaning of water masses from dreams has changed several times over the years. And only in a modern dream book is it possible to find information on completely new symbols.

Clean effluent

A person will be able to get rid of his shortcomings and overcome his own complexes, this is what sewer water means in dreams. Clear water in such a dream may indicate that your work on yourself will finally give a positive result, you will become better and discover new opportunities in yourself. If, according to the plot, a very small amount of clean water spilled out of the sewer, then such a dream warns you of minor changes in plans in real life. But if the entire room is flooded, then dramatic changes are coming, and external circumstances will be to blame.

But don’t be upset, the dream book explains why you dream of a sewer, it’s a positive symbol. You will change your plans and get more benefits. Also, dreams with clean drains can indicate quick and easy advancement in the business sphere. The Dream Interpretation advises, whenever possible, to show your superiors that you are a capable worker and can nominate yourself for a more prestigious position. Don’t worry, after such a dream you will be able to cope with tasks of any complexity, and management will be able to appreciate your initiative and enthusiasm. Also, dreams where the sewage system is completely clean and washed can portend peace, prosperity, improvements in business and winnings.

Hidden secret

What does it mean to dream of watching someone clean out a broken sewer? Tsvetkov's dream book promises a sleeping person success in business, which he will achieve on his own. You will be able to make a breakthrough that will significantly move you forward, and this in turn will help you complete the project with high quality.

How does the dream book interpret cleaning a sewer in an unfamiliar house? Within a short time you will find yourself in a new company, where at first you will feel uncomfortable and even want to leave it. Listen to the following tips and you will quickly be able to adapt to the situation:

What does it mean to dream about how you happened to go down a sewer? Usually such dreams symbolize your inner world, which you want to hide from others. A new time is coming in your life when you will need to discuss any secrets with a loved one. If an unmarried girl had such a dream, she will have a fateful meeting with her future husband, who will be able to provide her with a comfortable existence.

A man’s dream of how he was repairing a sewer means that he may run into a conflict in the family on a domestic basis. You should be more attentive to your household, then you can easily avoid any disputes and discontent on their part.

According to a contemporary Dream Book, laying sewer pipes to a new home in a dream means that you will soon have a chance to earn a decent amount of money. You should take advantage of the opportunity and do not miss the opportunity to improve the well-being of your family.

If in a dream you wandered through the labyrinths of the sewer and could not find a way out, in reality you will have to make an important decision that will certainly affect your life. Ask your best friend or loved one for advice - together you can find a way out of a confusing situation.

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If you dream about Sewerage and you want to know what Sewerage is about in dreams, then first of all you need to turn to the meaning of the word Sewerage:

A complex of facilities for the reception, disposal and treatment of wastewater. Gorodskaya k. Livnevaya k. (for removal of rainwater).

SEWERAGE - 1) a system of pipes, underground channels and sanitary fixtures and structures for receiving wastewater, draining it from the territory of populated areas or industrial enterprises, treating it and discharging it into water bodies; 2) distribution of electrical energy between individual consumers; cable cable - a system of ceramic or concrete pipes laid underground; serves for laying cables for underground lines (telephone, telegraph).

Sewerage - dream interpretation

Dreaming of Sewerage means changes await you in your personal life. In a dream, Sewerage means that soon a person will appear in your life, a connection with whom will bring you many happy moments and fill your life with new meaning.

For a woman, a dream in which the Sewer is present means that she will be shown unambiguous signs of attention. For a man, this means that he will soon meet a girl who will be a good housewife, capable of creating comfort in the house.

If in a dream where there are people present in the Sewerage, then perhaps soon you will participate in a wedding celebration or a magnificent birthday party. If you dream of Sewerage together with animals, then you are promised a meeting with an old friend.

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on an individual basis. To do this, you need to describe your dream in as much detail as possible in the form below. Do not forget to indicate the smallest details of the dream - the extent and accuracy of the interpretation of what the Sewer is dreaming of depends on them. It is necessary to indicate your name and email address to which we will send the interpretation (your email is not used anywhere and is not displayed on the site). We will be happy to help you!

Get dirty in the sewer

If you are looking for what it means to dream of a sewer with its contents spilling out over the top, and according to the plot you got dirty in it, then expect profit. Moreover, income will appear very soon after the dream and quite unexpectedly for the dreamer himself. Most likely, someone will make a generous gift or leave you an inheritance. Why do you dream of a sewer with dirty water that you fell into according to the plot of the dream? Such a vision warns you that you may find yourself in an awkward situation in reality.

If you can get out of there and your clothes remain clean, then in real life you can quickly solve the problems that have arisen. If you got out, but dirty, then solving the situations that have arisen will take more time than you expect. If in a dream you feel like you smell like a sewer, then in real life you will face the consequences of your actions. Most likely, you will be ashamed, and those around you will disapprove of your behavior.

Wastewater - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, wastewater means meeting a good friend, having an unforgettable time, restoring mental strength. This dream often visits people who lack communication and social activity in their lives. Water masses in the broad sense of the word symbolize the desire for communication. The author of the interpretation gave advice not to try to suppress the craving for acquaintances and communication with people.

Loff had an unusual attitude towards the interpretation of dreams, not dividing their images into good and bad. In his opinion, every dream portends something happy, but some interpretations may not be entirely accurate. At the same time, people treat similar signs differently. If you encounter water masses in a dream, there is no need to worry, this is a good harbinger.

Underground signs

Why do you dream about sewerage in your dreams? If in a dream you saw a sewer burst in the toilet and at the same time you got dirty in dirty water, dream books promise untold profits that will appear out of nowhere. Do not waste the funds received immediately, as unexpected expenses may appear, which will be covered by the income received. Some dream interpreters predict receiving a large inheritance, which will make you very happy.

If you dreamed that you smelled like sewage or fell into a sewer hatch, this is one of the positive signs. In real life, you will be rewarded for a bold and courageous act that you perform without any self-interest. You will rise sharply in the eyes of others, and many will consider you a person worthy of respect.

Seeing how you happened to clean the sewer in a dream is explained by Miller’s dream book as upcoming good news. In a couple of days, you will be surprised by the abundance of good news from friends and colleagues. But to see muddy water in such a dream means that you will be at risk of becoming a victim of the gossip of ill-wishers. Be above this and do not pay any attention to empty talk - they will soon disappear, as they will not find their confirmation.

We recommend: I dreamed of a well

Why dream of cleaning sewers on the street? In reality, you worry about what others think about you and your actions. The dream book advises you to switch your attention to more important topics - for example, to your personal relationships, and gradually caring about public opinion will cease to be the number one problem.

If you look in the dream book, a sewer that turns out to be completely clean when cleaned represents rapid promotion in a short period of time. You should not miss any chance to prove yourself to your superiors, so you need to propose your candidacy for any task. Don’t worry, you will be able to cope with any difficulty, and management will appreciate your aspirations.

Miller's Dream Book: wastewater

According to Miller, if you dream of sewage, you can receive relatives on your mother’s side, communicate on family topics, and make plans for the future. It may foreshadow both a meeting of relatives in a warm circle and a family feast. However, this may also be a sudden visit from guests. Miller also gives advice: if you celebrate, try to abstain from alcohol.

As Miller believed, water masses can take on a variety of values. Appearing in a dream, they foreshadow many good changes on the path of life. Sometimes they also represent the emergence of new partners and companions. With all this, Miller recommended being careful and not making hasty decisions.

A pipe burst

If in a dream you observe a sewer pipe bursting in an ordinary house, then in reality you will have the opportunity to get easy money. The moment comes when fortune smiles on you, so feel free to take on easy and profitable work, agree to play lotteries and so on. But the plot of the dream, in which you watch a pipe burst on the street, warns the dreamer that someone will criticize his actions in reality. But the interpreter advises not to pay special attention to this, because you will not be able to glean any constructive information from this criticism.

Most likely, someone simply wants to hurt your feelings, offend you, or harm you in some way. There is another interpretation of what dreams of a sewer break mean. Dream books say that faulty sewer collectors may portend an unexpected breakthrough in business. Moreover, you will be able to achieve success where it seemed that nothing but bankruptcy awaited you. If the dreamer saw the moment when the pipe burst, then in real life he needs to be more careful. Perhaps his impulsiveness and tactlessness will lead to negative consequences. Why do you dream that a sewer has burst and the sleeper can’t cope with the problem? The dream warns of a serious family scandal in reality.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

To see wastewater in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means a memorable trip, visiting new cities, communicating with new people. To many unusual acquaintances in other cities. In the near future, you will find yourself on a journey where you can make many new friends. And it is important to remain attentive - not every person will be friendly.

Is it necessary to do something special to make the water masses from the dream come true? The interpreter advised keeping more records of your plans, keeping thoughts in your head about your desired goals. This allows you to constantly and unconsciously search for a way to achieve them. This will allow you to make intuitively correct choices in difficult and difficult situations.

Why do you dream about a pit according to English, Chinese and French dream books?

Why you dream of digging a hole is explained by Freud. Most likely in real life you are hiding some truth from others. Unfortunately, despite all your efforts, this secret will soon become known to everyone, and you will have to seriously pay for hiding information. The consequences of disclosing hidden information can be truly fatal.

If you fall into a hole in a dream, then in reality you will commit an immoral act. Such actions include, for example, intimate relationships with married people or with members of the same sex. It is possible that right now you are faced with temptation and are considering whether to cheat on your regular partner or spouse or remain faithful. Before succumbing to temptation, as the dream book advises, think about the consequences that will definitely occur.

According to Freud's dream book, jumping over a hole in a dream means a problem in your intimate life. Moreover, you are not trying to solve it in any way, probably due to natural awkwardness in front of such topics. But you shouldn’t delay resolving this issue. Most likely, this will only aggravate existing problems in your intimate life. The solution should only be sought together with your partner or at an appointment with a professional sexologist.

Did you have a dream? Why do you dream about your former boss?

According to the Esoteric Dream Book, if you dreamed of a hole in the ground, then most likely you cannot resolve pressing issues for a long time. It is better to postpone searching for a solution until later. Life itself can suggest the most correct way out of the situation. This dream book also explains why you dream of digging a hole.

Jumping into a hole according to the esoteric dream book means failure in the current business. You shouldn’t get involved in a business that is only superficially familiar to you. Failure in this case is a completely expected outcome. Moreover, the more afraid you were while falling into the hole, the louder the failure will be and the stronger the experiences associated with it.

According to the English dream book, seeing a deep hole in a dream means need and poverty. Current affairs will lead to this outcome. If a woman sees a similar plot with a pit in her night dreams, then in reality she will feel the alienation of her beloved man and no tricks will help change the situation and return his interest. Another interpretation of what a hole means in a dream is suffering and disappointment in love.

The English interpreter also explains why one dreams of falling into a hole. Seeing something like this in a dream is a bad sign. A dark streak in life will come, during which you will have to experience fatal misfortunes and sorrowful losses. You can be betrayed and driven into a hole by the person whom you currently trust infinitely.

The French dream book also explains why you dream of falling into a hole. This plot, seen in a dream, predicts an unforgettable love adventure. A passionate and memorable romance or even a long-term marital relationship is possible. What exactly this love adventure will lead to depends directly on you.

Jump over a sewer pit or simply cross it along a bridge to a small skirmish with either a representative of a certain government agency or an official. To avoid negative consequences for yourself, as the dream book advises, you should try to prevent a quarrel or, if this is impossible, behave as restrained and cautious as possible. The deeper the hole, the stronger the conflict.

An explanation of why you dream of falling into a hole is available in the Chinese dream book. This night vision foreshadows a great misfortune that will happen in the family in the near future. If in a dream a car fell into a hole or even a house, then in reality someone will die. This could be a close relative, or just a colleague or friend. A hole in the garden predicts failure in business.

Sewer schemes

According to dream books, it is considered a very favorable sign to see new pipes in a dream and calculate where and how they will be located. Such a dream means that the dreamer’s financial situation will soon change significantly.

But if you get lost in a sewer in a dream, why do you dream about such a plot? In real life, all your love affairs will become public knowledge. Therefore, the interpreter recommends preventing or at least reducing the consequences of future publicity by telling your partners about other exploits, or minimizing the information coming from you.

According to Vanga's dream book

Seeing sewage in a dream means expecting a new acquaintance with a person, a chance to relax together, and being charged with new emotions. Water masses promise a meeting with a new group of people, getting to know the team. And the brighter and more memorable the dream, the more important role these people will play in your life. And other details of the dream will be suggested by the personal characteristics of future acquaintances.

Is there a way to speed up the occurrence of water masses in a dream? There are certain recommendations from Vanga that help achieve this. Firstly, it is important to remember well, and preferably write down, all the details of the dream. Then light a church candle and go around the corners of your room with these memories.

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