Why do you dream about buying seafood - 40 interpretations from different dream books

If you ask yourself why seafood is dreamed of, the dream book in most cases will answer that it is a symbol of joy. However, this is a superficial interpretation, based only on the primary image. Remember what exactly you dreamed about, in what form, what you did with seafood in your dream - and you will be surprised at how multifaceted the interpretations can be.

How to understand what seafood means in dreams

Once upon a time, their appearance symbolized luxury, elitism and a touch of wealth, beauty, as well as the dreamer’s broad capabilities.
However, the modern dream book interprets seafood somewhat differently. Yes, many of them can be called an indicator of elitism, especially if you see really beautiful and expensive products that are inaccessible to the general mass, for example, lobsters, expensive mussels and much more. But the usual seafood or its assortment symbolizes amazing events, unusual communication with a person who could have visited various countries, including abroad. There are many interpretations of dreams about the appearance of shrimp, mussels, scallops and oysters that you dreamed about.

To understand why you dream about seafood in your dream, pay attention to what exactly you dreamed about, how and where you saw it, and whether you liked the product or not. It is also worth interpreting them by their names. The assortment also deserves special consideration.

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  • 2-Dec-2021 Olga For half a year now I have been dreaming that I am getting mussels from the bottom and there are a lot of them. The water is clear, I see them very clearly.
  • 5-Jul-2020 Natalya I dreamed that I was at a market somewhere in China or Japan and there were small needles on a plate of seafood that looked like a hedgehog. Let me try it. It was delicious. And when I began to break off the pieces myself, it turned out to be alive with eyes that were looking at me. God this is so scary
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