Why does a woman or man dream of stroking a dolphin - 88 interpretations from different dream books

The dolphin is a symbol of the crystal purity of the inner world, endless fun and playfulness. A dream with the direct participation of this unusual creature is considered good news, since the dolphin is a symbol of independence, sovereignty and salvation.

There is a legend that a dolphin loves to come to people in their dreams with a clear mind and a crystal clear soul. But in order to clearly find out why dolphins dream, you should remember the dream again and clarify in what form the dolphin appeared and what it was doing there. The interpretation of the dream will be provided by the dream book.

There can be many different visions of dolphins, here are some of them:

  • In your dream you simply saw a dolphin as some kind of vision or sign.
  • You saw a dream in which dolphins play, frolic, but not in freedom, but in a pool.
  • You have spotted a magnificent dolphin in the open ocean.
  • In your dream you managed to pet a dolphin and play with it.
  • You followed a dolphin who performs various tricks and amuses the people.
  • In the dream, the dolphin stopped obeying the trainer and did not want to obey him.
  • You are feeding a dolphin.
  • You are swimming in the open ocean on the back of a dolphin.
  • You saw a family of dolphins.

Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman stroked a dolphin in the sea in a dream, the family dream book believes that you can improve your relationship with your loved one only by meeting each other halfway. A sincere, confidential conversation will help you see your actions through the eyes of another person. This will make it possible to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

To a man

According to I. Furtsev’s dream book, flirting with a colleague at work can lead to a romantic relationship, which, unfortunately, will quickly end. Dreams and reality do not always coincide. So this person will not turn out to be quite the same as he imagined.


The plot, in which a girl was stroking a dolphin in a position in the pool, suggests that problems may arise in the professional sphere. A quarrel with a colleague, on whom the result of your work depends, will lead to his “strike”. You will have to take it upon yourself to check all the materials provided to them.

A dolphin seen in a dream, what the dream book says

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If in a dream you saw a dolphin as a vision, this is a good sign, as numerous dream books say. A dolphin seen in the distance means the approach of good luck, happiness and family well-being.

If in a dream you saw a dolphin swimming in a pool, this means that you want freedom in life. Dream books advise you to abandon strict boundaries, try to show yourself, “open your wings”, in this you will be lucky.

If in a dream a girl saw a dolphin in the open ocean, this is a sign that you want freedom, new thrills. Try to diversify your intimate life, adding more “piquantness,” and also express your desires to your partner more freely.

Swimming on the back of a dolphin in the open ocean can promise bright and interesting adventures, something completely unknown and new.

Seeing dolphins as a family in a dream prepares you to interact with good people who are deeply developed spiritually. Perhaps you will learn something from them.

Which dolphin was petted?

The correct interpretation of the dream depends on the type and size of the dolphin.

  • stroking a large dolphin - dreams of danger;
  • huge - to mutual love;
  • small - to the opportunity to correct a mistake;
  • wounded - to recognition of the dreamer’s merits by his superiors;
  • for the patient - promises a slight malaise;
  • dead - predicts a quick solution to a complex problem;
  • without a tail - portends an improvement in financial situation;
  • with two tails - dreams of disappointment;
  • with two heads - to receive unexpected news;
  • joyful - to heavy competition;
  • black - to a decrease in social status;
  • white - to a happy resolution of your issue;
  • blue - to harmony in relationships with a sexual partner;
  • red - to the loss of a large amount.


According to Loff’s dream book, any dream with dolphins is dreamed by women who are tired of the monotonous pastime. A large animal portends nervous exhaustion and the onset of depression. If an animal is stuck in a net, it means you need to accept help from other people and not deal with troubles alone. In a dream, a dolphin covered him with his body, which means that the boss demands too much and overwhelms him with unnecessary work. Women dream of a multi-colored dolphin as a sign of a successful, happy marriage.

Who petted the dolphin

Before trying to understand the prediction, you need to remember who exactly stroked the dolphin in the dream.

  • mother - dreams of a period of conflicts;
  • deceased mother - to the return of a stolen item to the dreamer;
  • father - to unsuccessful attempts to realize his plans;
  • deceased father - to popularity;
  • grandmother - to misunderstandings in relations with family members;
  • deceased grandmother - to the realization of creative plans;
  • grandfather - to perform tedious work;
  • deceased grandfather - unfortunately;
  • brother - promises the implementation of plans;
  • sister - portends longing for the past;
  • daughter - dreams of making an important decision;
  • son - to reward for hard work;
  • husband - to health problems with a relative;
  • ex-husband - to troubles at work due to employee mistakes;
  • wife - for purchases that will bring joy for a long time;
  • ex-wife - to a deterioration in reputation due to a strange act;
  • stranger - drug or alcohol addiction;
  • boyfriend or girlfriend - to self-rejection;
  • colleague - to receive good news from distant relatives;
  • neighbor - to problems that the dreamer cannot cope with alone;
  • dead man - to intrigue on the part of ill-wishers.


The psychoanalyst believed that dreams in which dolphins appear indicate a lack of new sexual sensations. The partner is no longer happy, and the woman increasingly looks at other men and wants to try something unknown. Hugging a dolphin in a dream means having sexual intercourse in the water in reality. A wounded animal portends a venereal disease. The corpse of a dolphin indicates a decrease in sexual desire, which can lead to complete frigidity. If you dream that sea inhabitants are playing with each other in the sea, it means that in terms of sex, everything is fine with you.

Interpretation of sleep, depending on the day of the week

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  • on Monday, stroking a dolphin - dreams of a creative crisis;
  • on Tuesday - to show care from a loved one;
  • on Wednesday - good luck in business and sexual success;
  • on Thursday - good luck and winning the lottery;
  • on Friday - predicts a strengthening of the financial situation;
  • on Saturday - warns of the revelation of the dreamer’s secrets;
  • on Sunday - promises a period of failures and troubles.

Why do women and girls dream about dolphins?

For a girl who sees a dolphin, the dream is a sign.
Soon she will meet a young man who will become her life partner. And he will also have such qualities as loyalty, devotion, sincerity. Also read: Why do you dream about money: is it really wealth?

If she is in an interesting position, this means that the birth will be successful, easy and without complications. The baby will be born healthy and smart.

If a dolphin appeared in a dream to a married girl, it means that in reality she will have a pregnancy, which will also be successful, it will go easily, and the child will be born healthy.

For a girl who sees a dolphin, a dream is a sign.
A dream about a dolphin can give a sign to a jealous girl that her suspicions are unjustified. The man is faithful and loves her very much, so there is no point in worrying.

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Dream book by numbers: interpretation table

Day of the monthInterpretations
1to expand your circle of friends
2to illness
3to make your dreams come true
4to good luck in love or business
5to participate in the adventure
6to joy
7to loneliness
8to recovery
9to communicate for profit
10at risk of injury
11to career failure
12to trouble
13to a minor illness
14to wealth
15to getting the desired position
16to happiness and peace
17to travel in pleasant company
18to unpleasant troubles
19to difficulties at work
20to breaking up a relationship with a partner
21to the emergence of a creative idea
22to health problems
23to financial problems
24to the appearance of household troubles
25to minor troubles
26to a quick breakup
27to caring for family members
28to receive positive emotions
29for a long-awaited vacation
30to purchase a car
31to the opportunity to start your favorite business

Negative dreams

Seeing dead dolphins in a dirty river means a friend will become ill. A close friend needs help, you need to take an interest in his problems and lend a shoulder. Depending on various nuances, sick or injured animals can have the following meanings:

  • A harbinger of real danger.
  • A signal of deteriorating health, a warning of a serious illness.

An attack by a pack in a dream indicates an incorrect manner of communicating with others. A sleeping person often offends loved ones with her straightforwardness and excessive frankness, and does not choose phrases and expressions to communicate her indignation. In some cases, the truth can hurt and cause irreparable harm, so it is better to remain silent .

Swim with a dolphin in the sea

Dreams in which we see vivid scenes reflect our inner mood and what we think about the surrounding reality.

Swimming with a dolphin predicts the opening of new horizons and opportunities for you. As you cut through the calm surface of the sea, be sure that complete harmony now reigns in your soul. If you are sailing during a storm, you are overcome by doubts and difficult experiences.

The storm has just ended, but because of the high waves it is difficult for you to stay afloat - a sign of disharmony and contradictions, which is the primary source of conflict situations and indicates a desire to find balance and calm in life.

If you are swimming with an animal, and it is constantly trying to move away from you as far as possible, then you suffer from loneliness and in life you behave as a passive participant in events - it’s time to be active and take the initiative into your own hands.

The water is dark and muddy

– there are too many hypocrites and gossipers around, try not to inform them about your plans for life.

Swimming with a dolphin in the pool - there are obstacles that prevent you from developing normally. Perhaps you don't allow yourself to talk openly about your feelings, you feel distrustful of people and are in doubt about the correctness of your decisions. It is worth thinking about getting rid of what is stopping you from moving forward.

While swimming with an animal, you play with it - you have enough strength and vital energy, and your state is relaxed.

in front of you - use them right now.

Who is the dreamer?

The meaning of a dream largely depends on who the dreamer is.

For a girl, swimming with a dolphin means the beginning of a romantic, sincere and tender relationship. She is about to meet a pleasant young man who will bring a lot of positive emotions into her life.

For a woman, swimming with this animal is an opportunity to experience the warmth of love, the care of her beloved man and attract his attention. Spiritual intimacy with your chosen one awaits you

If you are filled with positivity, the relationship will move to a new, higher level.

For a man to see himself swimming with a dolphin - to gain power, self-confidence and a sense of security. You have loyal allies and faithful comrades. If you frolic together and laugh at the same time, there will be success in business, there will be a chance to do something grandiose.

If you are sailing over long distances, a safe and successful journey or an unexpected adventure awaits you.

For older people, swimming with him means being under the auspices of Higher powers, who will provide assistance with the help of certain situations or people. An unexpected increase in income is also expected.

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Interpretation of a dream with a dolphin

Interpretation of a dream begins with recording it. This means that upon waking up, you need to immediately record the dream in all its details on paper. You can also use a voice recorder or a special application on your phone for this.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is where the dolphin was, in the water or on land, and what happened to it. What actually happens to a person sleeping in reality means a dream in which a dolphin swims, plays and frolics with a person

Such actions indicate the playful nature of the sleeper, which he tries to control in reality. A dream in which a person is trying to save a dolphin means that in reality he is trying with all his might to preserve the relationship.

A dream in which he swims with dolphins can be important for every person, regardless of gender and age. But if in real life swimming with these animals evokes only positive emotions, then in our subconscious everything happens the other way around

Swimming with a dolphin in a dream means a change in your usual environment. Perhaps a person will have to change jobs, and the new team will not treat him as kindly as he would like. The same dream can mean that a person, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, has a large number of rivals who want to take away his partner.

If you dream that a person is simultaneously swimming and stroking a dolphin, this also means possible fuss associated with a change of scenery. This could be moving to a new place of residence, changing jobs, or renovations. A lot of effort will be spent on their implementation, but the result is unlikely to satisfy the sleeper.

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