Why does a woman or man dream of a swallow - 65 interpretations from different dream books

The swallow is a nimble, fast bird, a symbol of change and renewal.
To understand why swallows dream, you need to recall in detail all the circumstances of the dream. There can be many meanings: from a simple change in the weather to the purchase of a new home. If you dreamed of a flock of swallows noisily flying overhead or circling above you, expect news that will greatly surprise you. If there was only one swallow in the dream, you will receive news from relatives. Seeing how a bird separates from the flock and flies towards you is a sign of meeting a friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

Who had the dream

To a woman

For a young girl to see a swallow in a dream - in real life it means doubt, the inability to make a choice between admirers.

For the bride, there is a risk of an old lover or a stranger appearing who could ruin the planned wedding.

For a married woman, the swallow promises flirtation or a fleeting affair on the side, which will lead nowhere, but will not have any unpleasant consequences.

To a man

For men, a swallow appearing in a dream foreshadows well-being in the family, a stable relationship with the woman they love, and complete understanding with relatives.


The swallow promises pregnant women an easy birth and a healthy baby. Most likely it will be a boy.

What kind of swallow did you dream about?

In order to correctly decipher the message that came in a dream, you need to carefully remember what exactly the bird looked like.


A large swallow seen in a dream promises help in everyday affairs from older, more experienced relatives. And it will not turn out to be superfluous, since circumstances will soon arise when good advice will save a certain amount.


A swallow of exorbitant size speaks of your self-confidence. How justified it is depends on the plot of the dream.


Pleasant home improvement tasks await those who saw a small bird. It is possible to prepare for a holiday, update the decor or redecorate.


The wounded swallow tells the dreamer that the time is coming to close the door to the past, leave behind quarrels, misunderstandings and start a new life. For a woman, the best solution would be to move to a new place, for a man to change jobs.


A sick swallow in a dream means that you will have to make a lot of effort to make your plans come true. If the bird has recovered, then the work will be rewarded as it deserves. If the dream ends sadly, everything will be in vain. The dream warns that the time for the fulfillment of desires has not yet come.


A dead swallow in a dream says that soon one of the closest relatives will leave this world. Most likely death will be sudden.


A wet swallow dreams of delays in the preparation of important documents. It is better to take care of this in advance if there is a risk of ruining an important deal.


A swallow frightened in a dream symbolizes the illness of the dreamer or someone in the family. The illness will be severe, but will pass without any consequences.

Without wings

Such a dream should not be ignored. It portends a real threat from a stranger. In the near future, you should not walk down the street late, you need to be more careful on the roads, not get into conflicts, and in every possible way avoid situations where physical violence may be used against you.

With a broken wing

Someone will try to deceive you. It won't be a white lie. The schemer will try to get benefits at your expense. Read documents carefully before signing, check receipts, and beware of telephone scammers. If possible, postpone all transactions to a later date.

With a broken paw

A swallow with a broken leg suggests that you are at risk of committing a rash act, the consequences of which can hardly be called pleasant. Therefore, think before you follow your immediate desires.


The barn swallow dreams of a quarrel in the family over a stranger. This could be one of your friends or relatives. The main thing is to set priorities in time and understand that by sacrificing family relationships today, you risk destroying your marriage.


The sea swallow dreams of success at work, an interesting career offer that will bring considerable benefits in the future.


Such a dream symbolizes an unexpected receipt of money. To a bonus, return of a forgotten debt, an expensive gift. These funds can be spent on pleasures for the whole family, which will strengthen the marriage.

Interpretation of sleep from other sources

Numerous sources help determine the exact meaning of a dream depending on the details. Why do swallows dream according to dream books:

  1. Dream book of animals. The swallow is a symbol of the arrival of spring, bringing good luck and hope. She personifies the care of a loving mother.
  2. Dream book of the 21st century. The swallow is alive and well - to the successful completion of affairs or to favorable news. The bird is dead - to troubles that will be difficult for the sleeper to cope with. Kissing a bird means complete understanding and agreement with your partner. A bird flies into the room - to good news from friends or relatives. The swallow sat on the shoulder or on the hand - for the arrival of an old friend. Ruining a nest means parting with a loved one and disappointment in your personal life.
  3. Interpretation according to Kananite. Seeing a swallow in a dream for a single man means that he will soon get married. Hearing a bird chirping is a sign of good news from relatives.
  4. Modern dream book. Watching a bird in a dream means an unexpected long-awaited gift or receiving a large inheritance. Sitting next to a bird means finding family happiness with your current partner.
  5. Veles's opinion. Seeing a swallow means joyful events related to your personal life, or an improvement in your financial situation. Most often, she is dreamed of by mothers who are waiting for their son to return from the army in the coming days. A bird builds a nest - to positive changes in reality. Seeing how a bird was killed is a bad sign, indicating the possible imminent death of one of the relatives.
  6. Esoteric dream book. Finding chirping chicks in a nest means the birth of children or grandchildren.
  7. Family dream book. The bird is building a home - a sign of changing its place of residence or arranging its own home. Dreaming of a destroyed bird's house is a warning; ill-wishers will soon try to destroy the dreamer's family. You cannot trust the rumors and gossip you hear. The bird flies away - to the illness of the sleeper. A similar vision occurred from Tuesday to Wednesday - to the great success of the business started, promotion on the career ladder.
  8. Oracle's opinion. The spring bird is considered a symbol of good news, bringing joy and good luck to the home on its wings. In family relationships, the swallow is a harbinger of harmony and mutual understanding, thanks to which there will be no conflicts or quarrels between spouses.
  9. Lunar dream book. A swallow in a dream means good luck; the dreamer is recommended to buy a lottery ticket. Seeing newborn chicks in a nest means the birth of a child.
  10. Women's dream book. Seeing a lively and cheerful bird is a good sign that speaks of harmony in family life. The swallow is a symbol of good luck in love: a dream will lead to mutual understanding with a partner and improved health of loved ones. In some cases, such a vision indicates pregnancy in the sleeping woman. A bird flew into the house - to good news. The bird is sick or injured - a warning; in the near future a dark streak may come in the dreamer’s life.

The interpretation of the dream varies depending on the chosen dream book.

Using it, you can correctly determine the meaning of a dream in which swallows are dreamed.

The dreamed details and understanding of the current situation will help you choose the right option and take the necessary actions, as a result of which the situation will stabilize and improve.

What color was the swallow in your dream?

The dream interpreter of Nostradamus attaches great importance to the color of a bird's plumage. The brighter it looks, the more positive the prediction.


A dream about a white swallow is interpreted as a sign of reconciliation with a loved one, relative or old friend. Be the first to extend your hand and they will shake it gratefully.


One of the deceased relatives protects you from the blows of fate and warns you to be careful.


Red plumage is a signal that soon an ill-wisher will appear in your life who will aggressively try to cause harm. For now, try not to be rude to anyone, not to offend people you know, and not to “boost your rights.” This, of course, will not save the situation, but at least it will soften it.


The green swallow foretells strange, sometimes mystical events. They will not lead to anything bad, but will remain in the memory for a long time.


Multi-colored feathered creatures dream of a happy marriage and finding peace of mind in the family.

Where was the swallow in the dream?

In the sky

A bird flying in the sky is a sign of urgent matters that will appear out of nowhere and pour in as if from a cornucopia. And everything needs to be done in time. One thing is reassuring: the reward will not be long in coming.

In the apartment

Someone dear to you now needs help and support. Your indifference offends them. Call older relatives, talk to your children. Find out what they care about.

In the nest

A swallow in a nest is a dream of unexpected joy, good news.

In a cage

Seeing a swallow in a cage means separation from a loved one or family member.

On the tree

If swallows were sitting on a tree in a dream, then such a dream symbolizes annoying minor troubles that will not bring much harm, but will nevertheless spoil the mood considerably. There is no need to worry about them, this period will end quickly.

On the roof

A dream with a swallow sitting on the roof speaks of good news at work that will increase the well-being of the family.

What did the swallow do in the dream?

The interpretation according to Longo’s dream book depends on the plot of the dream.

Flying high in the sky

A swallow flying high in the sky indicates that your dreams have no basis in reality. It's better to get back to earth before it's too late.

Flew above the ground

A bird flying just above the ground predicts a quick divorce, a long quarrel, and complete disappointment in your spouse.

Swallows scurrying around very quickly

For events for which you will not be prepared. They will bring a lot of disappointment and trouble. This is the case about which they say: “If I had known where you would fall, I would have laid out straws.”

Flew into the house

A dream in which a swallow flew into the house symbolizes long-awaited news, a letter, or the receipt of news that you have been waiting for a long time.

Knocked on the window

The arrival of people dear to you is predicted by a dream where a swallow is knocking on the window.

Vila nest

A dream where a swallow makes a nest under the roof of a house suggests that in reality you lack family comfort, warmth, and mutual understanding with loved ones. The first step to changing this situation is up to you.

If the nest is in someone else's house - envy of someone, which deprives you of peace.


A bird attacking you predicts the loss of a significant amount of money. Do not take risks for two weeks, postpone concluding any transactions. Shopping during this period will be unsuccessful. Investing money in any project will not only not bring profit, but will also require additional investments.

To see a swallow attacking someone else is to lend a helping hand to a person in need of help. This gesture will not go unanswered and will come back to you a hundredfold.

Dead or injured bird

A wounded bird carries negativity

Since a swallow in dreams is considered one of the brightest symbols, any harm done to it can be interpreted in a negative way. Even a bird simply acting restless, screaming or flailing indicates serious problems or bad news.

If you dreamed of a swallow with a damaged wing or other wound, your life needs serious changes. You have grown out of your previous environment and are ready to move on. Moreover, right now you have enough moral and physical strength to decisively change your destiny. Don't miss the moment.

A dream in which you destroy a swallow's nest can be considered alarming. Such visions portend serious grief. If at the same time you kill the bird itself, a relative or death awaits.

What did you do with the swallow in your dream?


In such a dream, it is very important how the bird behaves after it has been offered food. The very attempt to feed a swallow indicates a desire to attract the attention of the person you like, to transform the relationship into a warmer one. If the bird took the food, then act boldly, everything will work out and happiness is just around the corner. But if the swallow flies away without trying the treat, then all efforts will be in vain.


Such a plot symbolizes meeting a person who will enter your life for a long time. This can be either a true friend or your soulmate.


Dreams where you stroke a swallow promise a calm, measured life.

  1. When a swallow is caressed by one of your family members, you will be proud of his success.
  2. If you see a stranger stroking the back of a bird, it means a gift that you will appreciate much later than it is presented. Don’t rush to get rid of what you think are useless gifts.


A dream where you kill a swallow foretells serious failures in all areas of life. A black streak is coming. Take this into account in your plans.

Other dream plots about a swallow

  1. Seeing many swallows at once in a dream is bad news. If one or more birds separate from the flock and fly towards you, this is a sign that friends will come to your aid in a difficult moment. Don't give up on her, despite the desire to be alone. It will be difficult to get out of depression on your own.
  2. A swallow lands on the head - to the recovery of the patient.
  3. A swallow sat on your shoulder - to changes in your personal life. Someone will find happiness, someone will part with their loved one. In any case, all these changes are the road to a happy future.
  4. Shooting a swallow with a gun is a warning that now any violations of the rules will not go unpunished. Being late for work can result in loss of bonus; crossing the road in the wrong direction can result in a fine. And more serious offenses are subject to criminal punishment.
  5. If you watched a swallow in a dream, it’s time to look inside yourself and sort out your thoughts and mood. Are worries and worries as significant as they sometimes seem?
  6. A dream where a swallow laid eggs is a dream about a new source of income. Perhaps they will offer you another job, a new project. Or your own business will get a second wind. Pay close attention to ideas and proposals from partners, they promise considerable benefits.
  7. Destroying a swallow's nest in a dream means bringing discord into the family with your own hands. Provoke a conflict that will lead to divorce. If such a development of events is undesirable for you, then think about your actions. The nest is destroyed by another person - someone is deliberately trying to destroy your family.
  8. Looking into the nest is an invitation to visit distant relatives. Don't refuse, the trip will be pleasant.
  9. If swallows hit the window in a dream, they are trying to convey important information to you, but you do not notice it. Don't brush off those who are trying to tell you something, even if they are talking nonsense. Somewhere in their words there is a pearl that will help you.
  10. Grabbing a swallow by the tail means someone will unexpectedly provide help at the moment when you have already given up. But do not forget that debt is worth paying. In the future, you will be required to return the favor.
  11. If in a dream a swallow shits on your head, you can soon forget about all financial problems. You, like the Phrygian king Midas, will turn everything you don’t touch into gold. True, this period will not last long, so take advantage of the bounty of fate.
  12. In a dream, a swallow pecked painfully - the dream warns against believing in promises. They will not be fulfilled, no matter what guarantees they are supported. Rely only on your own strength.
  13. Swallows fall to the ground - quarrels, misunderstandings, disagreements will haunt you in the near future. Resentments will arise out of nowhere, words will be interpreted incorrectly, attempts to explain will not be heard. It's nothing you can do. You have to grit your teeth and get through it.
  14. Throwing stones at a swallow in a dream means getting into an unpleasant situation, which you yourself provoke. The later you realize the error of your behavior, the more painful the consequences will be. Seeing in a dream how someone else throws stones at a bird means a scandal in the family that will arise due to the older generation.
  15. Hearing swallows chirping means that in the near future you will have to listen to a lot of teachings and reproaches. Listen to them, although it will not be very pleasant. Even if you are not going to follow everything you hear, then at least pretend that your interlocutor is right in everything. This is the only way to avoid quarrels and insults.
  16. Seeing a swallow peck food from your hands means making new reliable friends and like-minded people.
  17. Holding a swallow in your hands means fortune smiles on you. Everything is going well. For those not burdened with a family - to a quick and happy marriage. For a woman - strengthening family ties, attention from her husband. For a man - a large cash flow.
  18. A dream in which a swallow was released into freedom symbolizes an unexpected change in plans, disruption of agreements, or cancellation of a meeting. If a swallow sits nearby, then this is only a postponement of plans. But a bird that has flown away predicts financial losses.
  19. Seeing chicks hatching from an egg means an addition to the family or a new addition to close relatives. Learning to fly is a sign of success for children, which will bring many pleasant moments. They fly away from the nest - to move or change residence. For a long business trip.
  20. A dream in which a swallow is entangled in hair symbolizes a change in life priorities.
  21. Swallows sitting in a row on wires - order in affairs is very important now. Negligence is unacceptable. Try not to be late, don’t forget about calls, don’t miss deadlines for submitting reports or work.
  22. Swallows scurrying in and out of the nest dream of bustle in business. You will try to be on time everywhere, but it is unlikely to succeed. It's better to focus on what's important than to try to control everything.
  23. A dream where a swallow rushes about and chirps anxiously is a dream about some noisy gathering in your home. This event will require a lot of effort and time to prepare and receive guests, but it will not bring pleasure. Maybe relatives or friends will decide to stay with you for a week or two, which will disrupt all plans.
  24. If in a dream you saw a tattoo in the form of a swallow on yourself, you will feel healthy, full of strength and energy. On the other - envy someone else's youth and luck.

Events and consequences

When choosing the appropriate meaning, the dreamer should rely on several basic rules. For example, when analyzing symbolism, it is extremely important to remember all the details that can radically affect the overall picture.

As the dream book interprets, a swallow at home means a strong relationship, established trust, support between partners, but a bird knocking on a closed window has a completely opposite interpretation, leading to quarrels, scandals and even a break in relationships after sleep.

If a bird sits on your shoulder, then you should pay special attention to your surroundings, because one of the trusted persons is pursuing selfish goals, constantly trying to influence the choice of the sleeping person.

If the chick sings and chirps near you, then in reality you can relax and remove strict control, because everything is happening strictly according to plan.

Interpretation for women's dream book

For the fair half of humanity, swallows carry a special meaning.

  • Before pregnancy, you may dream of a singing baby.
  • Just as a thaw begins with the arrival of swallows, so relationships will improve after dreams with birds.
  • If the bird deliberately flew to the girl, the early news will be very upsetting, the news will be of a personal nature.
  • The dreamer who was able to catch the swallow by the tail will achieve recognition.

If a woman dreamed of a chick

According to Freud, visions of birds of this species promise romantic adventures, flirting, courtship from admirers, and the attention of the opposite sex.

Bird caught in your hands

Various dream books provide several options for a swallow caught by hand. In some cases, the vision hints at long-awaited changes, career advancement, while other plots symbolize frustrations and worries.

Catching a swallow in a dream means choosing the right path, sticking to it, despite the obstacles that arise from time to time, the machinations of enemies and envious people.

Forcibly holding a feathered creature in dreams means a person has to suffer from loneliness, he is sorely lacking support.

Happy future

Be happy if, according to the scenario of events, you had to catch the bird.

  • Do you have a swallow in your hands? Receive what you deserve, all good deeds will be rewarded according to their merits, for the evil deeds committed you will have to pay dearly.
  • Kissing a bird's beak while it was sitting on your hand is a sign of warm feelings that do not constrain the freedom of relationships.
  • They are always waiting at home, the spouse creates comfort if you manage to catch a bird with your bare hands.

If a bird is released, this is by no means a bad sign, because in reality you will finally be able to forget past grievances and let go of sadness.

Catch a bird with your hands in a dream

Misfortune never comes alone

A flock of swallows in a dream foreshadows turmoil about an important event, but excessive worry only traumatizes the psyche and heats up the situation to the limit.

According to the idiomatic dream book, if you happen to touch a swallow, then the dreamer himself initiates the breakup of the marriage.

The one who, in the story, released the bird into the wild, was too happy about the luck and accompanying good fortune.

Total bad luck is destined for the one who caught not the bird of happiness, but a wounded chick.

Other actions

Soaring in the sky with swallows is a dream.

The vision characterizes the sleeping person as a free, freedom-loving, honest person. What other actions does the dream book interpret?

  • If you happen to catch swallows, then the time has come to gather your strength and strike back at the offender.
  • A person whose dreams are haunted by the image of a frightened swallow stuck in her curls should understand herself.
  • Destroying nests in dreams means committing actions that will affect relatives and cohabitants.
  • The interpreter foretells many children to people when they dream of a family of swallows near their home.

Those who feed a swallow will not be able to avoid the attention of the opposite sex in reality.

Interpretations in popular dream books

  1. Miller's dream interpreter speaks of love and tranquility in the home and family
  2. G. Ivanov’s newest dream book promises changes for the better in personal relationships.
  3. A dream about a swallow, as Cleopatra’s dream book explains, indicates that the time has come to radically change your life, change your place of residence, change your job.
  4. Freud's dream book predicts a period of calm in intimate life and quiet family happiness.
  5. According to Vanga, dreams with swallows promise numerous offspring.

Freud's interpretation

The famous Austrian psychologist, Sigmund Freud, attached great importance to dreams. Dreams in which a swallow is present are no exception.

Most often, according to his dream book, such dreams are associated with changes in the dreamer’s personal life.

To see a swallow flying very low - most likely the relationship the dreamer is in has outlived its usefulness, and soon a new person will enter his life.

Serving a swallow food from the palm of your hand indicates the attention of the opposite sex; this can be used skillfully. But such popularity fades over time, so don’t play around with it.

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