Why does a woman or man dream about a bank - 48 interpretations from different dream books

In real life, a financial institution is associated with reliability and the ability to access your savings at any time; in a dream, it is an image of profit and material wealth. Dream Interpretations believe that the image speaks of the need to accumulate internal reserves, experience and knowledge.

According to Medea's dream book, a dreamed bank is positioned as a place where memories and life experiences are stored, and bankruptcy in a dream represents a depletion of resources, a loss of balance and vital energy.

Rob a bank

Rob a bank in a dream - in reality, place your boss against you. You will do an act that he will not appreciate or will dissuade him of your professionalism. Do not do anything without consulting management.

Robbery of a savings bank in a dream is considered an unfavorable symbol. It promises communication with people you don’t like. They may be childhood friends of your significant other or relatives of a friend.

If during a bank robbery you broke into a safe and took money out of it, circumstances will force you to resort to cunning. It is possible that in order to get help from a colleague or important information from a friend, you will have to threaten to reveal a secret or walk in front of him on your hind legs.

“Why do you dream about a bank in a dream? If you see a Bank in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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The bank represents the place where you store your personal experience and precious memories.

Bankruptcy is a depletion of resources and vital energy.

Working in a bank in a dream means your experience will bring success.

Being a bank client means taking into account past mistakes and being careful in business.

Eastern dream book

Why do you dream about the Bank in a dream according to the dream book?

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Seeing bank tellers who are not doing anything means business losses.

If you hand over gold bars to the bank, this indicates your frivolity.

If you receive them from a bank, expect profit.

Idiomatic dream book

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“Bet on the bank” - decide on something; “break the bank” - monetary success, money matters; “keep money in a glass jar” - greed, hoarding; “go all in” - take risks; “bank” - rule.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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Bank - emotional, intellectual capital and security. Possible collapse.

Family dream book

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If you dream of bank tellers who are not at all busy with business, losses and frustration in business await you.

If you deposit money in a bank in a dream, you are frivolous and careless.

If you receive money from the bank, expect huge profits and prosperity.

Seeing silver and banknotes collected in large quantities means respect and good luck. You will be treated with respect from all walks of life.

Combined dream book

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Seeing a bank building or bank employees in your dream is a bad sign, a sign of financial loss, loss.

Putting money in a bank or savings book indicates negligence, a frivolous act or decision.

Receiving money from a bank portends quick success in all areas, business, love.

Communication with a banker or bank employee is a likely danger of losing a large amount of money; you may be involved in some kind of conflict.

If you dreamed that you yourself were a banker or a bank manager, they are trying to deceive you or hide important information, someone is trying to take advantage of your gullibility.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about the Bank?

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Seeing a building or premises of a bank or bank employees in a dream is an unfavorable sign, a sign of damage, loss, material loss.

To hand over money to a bank or put it in a savings book means to show carelessness or frivolity in something.

Receiving money from the bank means achieving success in business, love, and the respect of others.

Communication with a banker means the danger of losing money or being involved in some kind of property conflict

If you dreamed that you were a banker or a bank manager, you are being deceived, someone is taking advantage of your gullibility for their own purposes, abusing your generosity.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Bank - the need to learn or accumulate internal resources and reserves. The need to use internal reserves. The need to find within yourself the reason for your poor financial situation. It is necessary to remember the tithe and show charity. The need to pay attention to the management of financial affairs.

Dream book of the 21st century

What did the Bank mean in a dream?

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A dream about a bank symbolizes a calm and measured life.

Being inside means you need to exercise caution and prudence so as not to become a victim of deception.

Savings bank in a dream - financial problems and quarrels in the family await you.

Seeing a large amount of silver and banknotes in a bank means respect from colleagues and recognition in society.

Seeing yourself as a banker in a dream means that someone is trying to take advantage of your gullibility or solve their personal problems with your help.

Working in a bank means success.

If in a dream you were offered a job at a bank and you accepted, you will experience an improvement not only in your material well-being, but also in your position in society.

To have a business conversation with a banker in a dream means beware of rash transactions and speculators.

Depositing money into the bank means your deepest desire will come true; gold money - means frivolity, carelessness, imprudence; withdraw money from the account - upcoming debts.

If you received money or other valuables from the bank, such a dream promises you huge profits and prosperity.

Azar's Dream Book

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Bank - unexpected loss.

Dream book of the future

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If you see cashiers at the bank who are not busy with business, this means losses and failures in business.

If you hand over money to the bank, this is a warning that you may be frivolous and careless.

If you receive money from the bank, this means profit and prosperity.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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A bank is a repository of financial resources. Invest more in yourself, use your inner resources. You may need to reconsider your financial habits by changing banks or putting more money into your bank account.

Dream book for a bitch

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The bank is a mess.

Taking money from the bank means benefits, profitable business and new offers.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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Receiving money from a bank in a dream is a sign that your affairs will soon improve.

A dream in which you deposit money into an account can only be favorable during periods of economic prosperity of the state. In this case, the dream suggests that you should temporarily reduce your spending and save funds for some important matters. During periods of economic crises, dreaming that you are putting money in a bank often symbolizes need and financial losses.

A line for money at the bank is a sign that success will not come to you too soon. Sometimes the image of a queue at a bank foreshadows a period of approaching crisis in the country.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Going to the bank means finding new worries; working in a bank is an unexpected loss; washing the floors in a bank means losing money; calling the bank means tears.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Being in a bank in a dream and withdrawing money from accounts means losing all deposits.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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To dream of a bank being robbed and being taken hostage means a loss of authority.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream about a Bank in a dream?

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Bank - a quiet life awaits you; deposit money - get carried away with savings.

Miller's Dream Book

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Seeing tellers at a bank who are not busy with business foreshadows losses and disruption in business.

Leaving gold money to the bank means frivolity, negligence, imprudence; receiving them means huge profits and prosperity.

Seeing silver and banknotes collected in large quantities means respect and good luck. You will enjoy the deepest respect in all sectors of society.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see the Bank in a dream?

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The outside of a bank building or its inside, seen in a dream, is a sign of impending material losses and failure in general.

However, if you receive money from the bank, it means, on the contrary, that your business will go uphill.

Seeing numerous bundles of banknotes in a bank seal means good luck and honor, perhaps even fame, will come to you.

Taking a large sum to the bank and handing it over is a warning not to be frivolous and imprudent.

Seeing and talking to bank employees - beware of scams from street vendors, remember: the stingy pays twice.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Seeing tellers at a bank who are not busy with business foreshadows losses and disruption in business.

Leaving gold money to the bank means frivolity, negligence, imprudence.

Receiving them means huge profits and prosperity.

Solomon's Dream Book

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Bank - damage.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Bank according to the dream book?

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Bank - energy, spiritual resources of the sleeper; profit or expenses (according to the context of the plot).

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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If you dreamed that you were in a bank, you could lose a large amount of money.

If you saw bank employees not busy with business, your business will soon go very badly.

You dreamed that you were in a bank and saw gold coins - be careful: you are too careless.

In a dream, you found yourself in a bank, and they paid you with gold coins - a big profit awaits you.

Ukrainian dream book

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If you dream about a bank, a calm life awaits you.

The bank is a disease.

Banker, have a relationship with him - beware of speculators.

Universal dream book

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What a bank symbolizes to you is as individual as your account number. For some, the bank is a symbol of security, safety, strength, for others it is a symbol of debt and cash payments. How do you feel about a bank in a dream? Are you prosperous, protected and safe, or are you depressed, vulnerable, unable to find a solution? Have you come to the bank to deposit or withdraw money? Are you robbing a bank or is the bank robbing you? Does anyone accompany you to the bank? Do you rely on these people, or do they rely on you?

If the bank you dreamed of is strong, reliable and ancient, it means that order, stability and respect are important to you in financial matters.

If this is an electronic system, it means that you prefer to control your financial affairs yourself.

Seeing a bank in a dream also means that you should put your accounts in order and pay more attention to financial affairs.

Also, a bank in a dream may indicate that you are giving credit to someone who does not deserve it.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of sleep: Bank according to the dream book?

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Bank - possible loss of money invested at interest.

Electronic dream book

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Bank - damage and loss.

Other dream images

  • To rob an ATM is to chagrin because of the ingratitude of friends.
  • Losing the key to a safe in a bank - a careless act will result in big troubles.
  • Using an ATM means the emergence of new subordinates or partners.
  • Changing national currency for foreign currency means successful employment or a promising destination.
  • If you counted dollars or euros in a bank, management will encourage you.
  • Watching cashiers means troubles and sadness.
  • Leaving gold coins to the bank is an unwise act.
  • Receiving money from a bank means increased financial opportunities.
  • Withdrawing money from a savings book at a bank - for the sake of prosperity, you need to draw conclusions from the past.
  • If you agree to work in a bank, others will have new reasons to respect you.
  • Standing in line at the bank is a sign of circumstances that will slow down your professional development.
  • They wanted to rob a bank, but changed their minds - to achievements and the discovery of talents in the younger generation.
  • The bank doors opened for me - to romantic victories.
  • The bank was robbed by your son or grandson - you will have nothing to repay for another debt or loan.

Just be a little careful and everything will be fine

Seeing a bank building in a dream along with the employees in it is considered an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing material losses or failure in a simple matter.

Putting money into your account or giving gold bars to the cashier in a dream means problems arise due to your carelessness and carelessness.

For women, such a dream promises thoughtless expenses that will affect the family budget and lead to quarrels with their beloved spouse.

Losing the key to a safe deposit box indicates the risk of finding yourself in a difficult financial situation due to your own frivolity.

Other dream images

  • Savings bank - to a lack of money or family troubles.
  • A bank with a huge amount of paper or silver money - earn a good reputation in the work team.
  • Bank employees who are idle mean temporary difficulties in business and losses.
  • A bank with closed doors means you will have to wait before love, wealth and luck enter your life.
  • A bank robbed by your father means fortune will be favorable to you in the near future.
  • Safe in a bank - you are haunted by a secret told to a friend or colleague.


Resources are usually placed in the bank, and it is also their source.

If you dream about this establishment, it means you should focus your attention on yourself, take a closer look at yourself and invest all the necessary resources in your own development.

It doesn’t hurt to hand over money - it won’t hurt to better monitor your actions and show less frivolity.

Get money - somewhere soon you will get a big profit, prosperity and wealth will soon happen.

Seeing the contents of the bank means respect from society, recognition, great success among others.

Idle workers in it mean problems with business, with money, financial losses.

Miller's Dream Book

A dream in which bankers are throwing their thumbs is a symbol of lost profits and unsuccessful business transactions. If in a dream you deposit gold coins, this is a sign of carelessness, a frivolous attitude towards serious things.

If a bank gives you gold money, it means that material profit and the success of the enterprise you have started await you.

A dream in which paper money and silver are collected in one place is a sign that you are respected in society. And all the things started will end in success.

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