What does the dream book tell us? Caves: interpretations of various dreams

The cave in which a person tries to hide in a dream represents his inner world. Dream books say: the more comfortable it was, the deeper the dreamer goes into his own illusions from real life. A grotto in a mountain or an icy dungeon is dreamed of by those who are currently shackled and limited in their capabilities. To understand why you dream of a cave with water, you should remember the details in detail and compare the sensations.


Seeing secret holes in the mountains or in the ground in your night dreams is not the best omen. Most dream books agree that the image of a cave is memories that rise from the depths of the subconscious, and a person experiences and rethinks them again. How to understand the image of a cave? The dream book says that you need to remember what you did in the cave and what feelings you experienced. If you felt good and comfortable, it means life will get better and you can find peace. If you were cold and unpleasant, then in the near future you will have to go through not the best moments. In order to successfully overcome the obstacles that stand in the way, the dreamer must apply the experience of past years. A person who will learn from mistakes made will not fall into the same rake again.

What did you dream about? Sitting in a cave with a friend and dreaming at night is better than being alone. Such a dream shows the dreamer that a good friend is now in a difficult situation. You must help the girl find the true path and make sure that she does not deviate from it.

“Why do you dream about a cave in a dream? If you see a Cave in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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The cave symbolizes our unconscious, where our fears and hidden strength hide.

In myths, the dragon guards the entrance to the cave where the treasure (valuable memories) is located.

Traveling through beautiful caves and grottoes means marriage.

Finding yourself in a dark, mysterious cave means accepting an inheritance, profit, happy changes in life.

American dream book

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Cave - unification and strengthening of your forces.

Children's dream book

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Cave - you cannot understand yourself and what your parents and elders want from you. You change, and your world changes with you. This makes you happy and a little creepy.

Intimate dream book

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If you dreamed about hiding in a cave, this means that in real life you are trying to isolate yourself from the sexual side of life by hook or by crook. The reason for this is your fear of repeating a mistake that you made in the distant past. You don't know what you're depriving yourself of. In addition, if you have a trusting relationship with your partner, he will not be able to hurt you.

Imperial dream book

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Climbing into a cave in a dream is a denial of the possibility of yang action and an attempt to limit oneself only to the internal yin state.

Burying yourself in the ground, climbing into a cave - reflects a state of fear of what is happening. The inability to make a decision during the day will evoke the image of a hole at night: security on all sides, a state of immobility, a forced position of the body in the shape of a hole. All this reflects a person’s state at the moment: depression by circumstances (the hole determines the possibility of movement), fear (the desire to hide from people, to literally burrow into the ground), anger at oneself for the inability to act (burrowing, going deep in a dream reflects self-digging during the day). The combination of these emotions and a feeling of hopelessness will lead to an inadequate assessment of a possible situation during the day; the desire to trust and relax will override a sober assessment of the likely consequences and provoke the commission of unpredictable actions, spontaneous contacts with strangers.

It is dark in the cave - this is a reflection of the dreamer’s complete inadequacy to the world. The world requires contacts with people, and those who do not distinguish between human faces will be deceived by words and will be deceived, or they will fall under the influence of bad company, since loneliness in the cave of their own fear will give rise to the desire to communicate with anyone at first. The dream is unfavorable and tells the dreamer that the time has come to realize the need for a healthy struggle in life. The benefit of sleep lies in the fact that the body still clearly gives signals about the distortion of energy flows in it due to an incorrect worldview. Everything can still be changed: personal behavior will make an unfavorable dream favorable.

Italian dream book

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The cave is a symbol of avoiding life's reality. The superego uses the image of a cave to designate a secret, inviolable area in the personality, the presence of which inhibits adequate comprehension of “in this.”

Maly Velesov dream book

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A cave is a road, a danger.

Newest dream book

What does the Cave mean in a dream?

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Cave - you will be hiding from an annoying boyfriend, a young lady.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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The cave is a recess of the mind: the unconscious. Location of the secret.

Visiting the cave and descending underground is a necessary descent from the elevated positions of the conscious into the depths of the unconscious.

Returning to the fold is the fear that the way back has not been found. Fear of madness. Entrance to the sphere of the past, buried underground and within ourselves. Primitive (primitive) caveman.

The cave is a female image and, therefore, batting and the womb, and perhaps therefore the primitive (primitive) man symbolically points to the Mother archetype.

Kill the dragon - achieving access to Anime. Desire for incest with mother. Hermitage. Ascetic isolation: a necessary period of incubation in preparation for rebirth.

Family dream book

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A dream about a cave opening before you in the mysterious moonlight means that you will have many difficulties, and your successes will be hindered by the machinations of your enemies.

If you were in a cave, changes are ahead. You may become distant from the people you care about.

A young woman who saw herself in a dream sitting in a cave alone with her lover may fall in love with a dishonest person and lose true friends.

Dream Interpreter

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Seeing a cave means a road or a journey by sea.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about a Cave?

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To dream that the opening of a cave gapes before you in the moonlight foretells that on the way to your goal you will encounter many difficulties, and enemies will hinder your progress. Your health and your business will be in danger.

Being in a cave means changes. Perhaps you will move away from those who are dear to you.

If a young woman dreams that she is walking through a cave with her lover or friend, in reality she will fall in love with an unworthy person and lose true friends.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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A cave is a reflection of a worldview or point of view. A reflection of the desire to hide something in the depths of the subconscious in order to make your life easier. Reflection of painful memories hidden in the subconscious.

Everything suppressed, hidden in the depths of the subconscious, will still be like a splinter in the skin, disturbing, and perhaps very painfully coming to the surface.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about the Cave in a dream?

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If someone is in the depths of a cave in a dream, this is a harbinger of changes in life or prolonged solitude.

Seeing the entrance to the cave means purchasing real estate. For a girl, such a dream may portend long-term loneliness; for a married woman, it may soon become a widow.

Dream book of the future

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Cave - to the acquisition of real estate and success; but if you see that you are in a cave in the dead of night, in darkness or in the mysterious moonlight, this means that you will have many difficulties and your success will be insignificant.

Dream book for lovers

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A dream in which you dream that you are in a cave foreshadows changes in your destiny. It is possible that your marriage will be unsuccessful and you will end it. A girl who sees herself in a cave with her lover will in reality fall in love with a bad person, because of which her friends will turn away from her.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Cave - this powerful symbol can indicate penetration into the subconscious, primal, inner realms of oneself. Mysterious depths await you here. Ancient wisdom is kept in the caves of the subconscious.

Hermits and ascetics isolate themselves from the world in caves - this is a place of solitude and rebirth. Does this sign tell you that it is time to go within to gain wisdom and insight?

Mythological dragons guarded a treasure hidden in the depths of a cave - the cave can symbolize your spiritual wealth.

Mythology is replete with tales of power dwelling in caves - the caves were the abode of oracles, sibyls and sages.

The Crystal Cave often symbolizes the highest levels of enlightenment in the depths of the subconscious. Escape into the inner world of magic.

The cave can also symbolize the safety of the womb, as it is the entrance leading to Mother Earth. It can symbolize the place of conception and rebirth. There you can come up with an idea of ​​what direction you should take in life.

The cave can also indicate your desire to find shelter from the difficulties of life.

Sometimes a cave is a symbol of painful memories that are ready to surface. However, you must become like a dragon slayer and bring these hidden memories into the light. Believe in yourself, believe in the process that must begin in you.

Dream book for the whole family

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Enter the cave - there is a black stripe ahead.

Leaving the cave means an improvement in current affairs.

To see a light in the opening of a cave while getting lost in it means to independently find a way out of the current situation.

Dream book for a bitch

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Cave - a difficult and long struggle lies ahead with obstacles and obstacles that arise on your way to your goal.

Entering the cave means changes; short separations from loved ones are possible.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

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A cave is a sign of deep thoughts and experiences that can completely absorb you.

A fairy-tale cave seen in a dream suggests that some dreams and fantasies can captivate you so much that you risk forgetting about everything in the world and completely breaking away from real life. Alas, in reality this will not lead to anything good.

A damp and cold cave means loneliness and immersion in sadness. It seems that you have focused too much on some of your difficult experiences, which is why you have distanced yourself from friends and family, but only they can help you cope with troubles.

Dream Book of David Loff

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The cave is an archetypal place of initiation (dedication). Caves were the first secret dwelling of man. Therefore, in our dreams we often experience a primal attraction to caves. Initiation is a term used by Jung to refer to the formation of the Self as we grow older and move into adulthood. Jung believed that in this case a person should go through a series of rituals, and they are performed in the cave. For centuries, caves have been considered a sacred refuge from the dangers of the outside world; a place where the power of the individual is strong in the face of uncertainty and impending danger. And although the cave has ceased to be the central image of human dreams, it still has its incarnations: small rooms with objects dear to our hearts from the past, cozy bedrooms or offices, basement workshops, other places of solitude and tranquility. In such a closed space you may encounter some obstacle, not necessarily threatening, but quite real. This imposed reality is created by the inner world of the cave.

To be at peace with the object of this reality is to perform an act of initiation. Do you dream about leaving a cave? You may immediately feel one with the world. The peace you experience comes from a feeling of complete participation in the mysteries of nature, of belonging to the cosmos.

Dream Interpretation of Love Relationships

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Cave - This dream means that you are trying to isolate yourself from sex. You are afraid of repeating a mistake that happened in the past. Trust your partner - he is a sensitive person, so he will definitely listen to your wishes.

Miller's Dream Book

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To dream of a cave opening up before you in the mysterious moonlight means that you will have many difficulties and your success will be insignificant due to interference caused by enemies. There will be a health threat.

Being in a cave portends changes. You may become distant from those who are very dear to you.

For a young woman to sit in a cave with her lover or friend means that she will fall in love with a dishonest person and lose true friends.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see the Cave in a dream?

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If in a dream you suddenly fall underground and find yourself in a gloomy, mysterious cave, such a dream foreshadows that a cultural event scheduled for the coming weekend will be disrupted due to your sudden illness.

Wandering through the dark labyrinths of a cave in a dream means that you will regret the unjust words that inadvertently escaped and were expressed in your hearts to your lover.

Digging a blocked way out in a cave is a sign of dissatisfaction with the family atmosphere in which you are forced to exist.

Finding a treasure with gold coins and other valuables in a cave foretells a future without worries and worries about your daily bread behind the back of a businesslike and resourceful husband.

Being walled up in a cave means that if you mind your own business, you will disgrace yourself and be ridiculed even by those colleagues whom you have always considered your true friends.

If you get out of the cave into the light of God after long ordeals in it, you will be easily accepted in a new society, where you will find yourself on the recommendation of your new friends.

To voluntarily imprison yourself in a cave foretells a deterioration in your health in the coming days, as well as a quarrel with friends.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Cave - purchasing property

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Finding yourself in a cave in a dream means changes in life, moving away from those who were very dear to you.

Being in a cave with your lover or friend portends love for an immoral person and the loss of true friends.

If the cave is flooded with mysterious moonlight, you will have many difficulties. Your successes will be insignificant due to obstacles caused by ill-wishers. You should pay attention to your health.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Cave according to the dream book?

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Cave - subconscious, past experiences, memories, mental trauma; mystery, secret knowledge; trap; wives

For a woman - personal, intimate life.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

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Cave - dangerous connections, you need to hide.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Seeing a cave in a dream means obstacles on the way.

You dreamed that you were inside a cave - changes are possible in your life, you will be disappointed in those who are dear to you.

Freud's Dream Book

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The cave is a symbol of the female genital organs.

If a man enters a cave or travels through it, this indicates his affection for his partner and harmony in their sexual relationship.

If there is water in the cave, the man wants to have children with it.

If a woman enters a cave, she wants to enter into loving contact with another woman.

If a woman pulls a man into a cave, she wants to have sex with him. A fire in a cave symbolizes sexual intercourse.

A river in a cave or a lake symbolizes pregnancy.

Ukrainian dream book

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Cave - beware: danger.

Universal dream book

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For some people, a cave is a repository of mysteries and adventures, for others it is a creepy and suffocating place. What are you doing in a cave in your sleep? How do you feel there? Is it a place of peace and protection, or do you feel trapped?

If the cave in your dream is a symbol of solitude, where you leave the old and begin the new, it means that in real life you are experiencing a period of rebirth.

If you feel trapped in a cave and cannot find a way out, it means that in real life you are captive of negative thoughts and emotions.

Is there anyone else in the cave with you? - How do you feel about the fact that this person is in a cave? What are you doing in the cave? Do you see your time there as an adventure or do you feel like you and these people are stuck in this cave and can't find your way out?

The cave is also a reflection of your subconscious. Whatever you do in the cave, it may be a kind of message from your subconscious. Something that is always hidden has now appeared before you.

Seeing a cave in a dream can also mean that you are giving up in the struggle for your development, relationships or the implementation of plans. Do you really want to hide away from everyone in your life?

Gypsy dream book

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Seeing a cave means that you will have the opportunity to correct something you did wrong.

Being in a cave means being safe, but only for a short time.

Erotic dream book

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If you dream that you are entering a dark cave with fear, the dream suggests that your partner will cause you a lot of trouble and trouble, which will lead to a complete break in the relationship. But this does not mean that you will be left alone, because in the very near future you will meet a person who will confess his long-standing and ardent love for you.

If you dream that you are leaving a cave, you will not reciprocate this person, although you will spend several memorable nights with him.

Lovers' Dream

Did you and your significant other get lost in a cave in a dream? The dream book interprets this dream as a bad omen. In the near future you will have misunderstandings in your relationship. Both you and your partner will begin to pull the blanket over yourself, and no one will want to give in. The subconscious mind warns that if you cannot slow down and insist on your way, the relationship will soon deteriorate. So learn to pacify your selfishness and from time to time give up your desires for the benefit of your partner. You need to perceive such sacrifices as an investment in your future. Love is never cloudless. But if you don’t try to understand your soulmate, you will soon notice that your loved one is gradually losing interest in you. A person who does not want to lose his beloved must make every effort to please the chosen one from time to time. In addition to taming selfishness, one should not forget about romance. Walking under the moonlight, going to the cinema and restaurants can significantly improve and enliven your relationship. The more time loving people spend together, the better.

I dreamed that I couldn’t breathe underwater

Why do you dream if you find yourself under water and suddenly realize that you can’t breathe? Fail in a well-thought-out and reliable business. Did you dream that you couldn’t breathe underwater? This is a sign of a lack of vital energy.

Have you ever seen someone go underwater and discover that you can’t breathe there? Your life has reached a dead end, you are not developing and will soon begin to degrade. The same interpretation is true in relation to some matter. Most likely, you overestimated your own abilities. Sometimes the inability to breathe underwater warns of drastic changes, not necessarily bad ones.

Alone in a cave

What were you doing in your dream? Walked alone in a cave? The dream book interprets such night dreams as loneliness in reality. A person cannot find like-minded people and therefore suffers. The person worries that no one loves or respects her. Similar attacks of self-flagellation occur in people suffering from low self-esteem. If you cannot understand that you are a unique person who can handle anything, then you will constantly lose strength. The laziness and apathy that will haunt you will not allow you to live a normal life. Has your subconscious shown you a cave? Think about what mistakes you have made and what you cannot forgive yourself for. Remember that it is impossible to change something in the past. So don't reproach yourself for past sins. If you want to improve your life, then live in the present. Draw conclusions from your mistakes and perceive mistakes as useful life experiences.

General interpretation for a woman

For ladies, Juno’s dream book gives the following predictions:

  1. Transparent in a natural “container” or bath - for pleasure.
  2. Swimming - successful progress, desired pregnancy (if relevant).
  3. Splashes hit - awakening passion.
  4. Looking at a pond, lake in the middle of a forest or field means loss. Floods the banks - a disease.
  5. Calm warm sea, endless ocean - peace, problems disappear. Young - pregnancy. Excellent prospects. Huge waves, storms, stormy whirlpools and black funnels - failures, harm from enemies, acute conflicts.
  6. Drinking crystal cold is a successful completion of what you started. If you greedily consume something that is cloudy or rotten, you will get sick.
  7. Mountain river - surprise. Darling will present an unexpected surprise. Fall into it - happiness will come and warm the soul.
  8. Flowing from a tap or hose - good health.
  9. Standing ankle-deep or knee-deep in an opaque, blooming flower is the cause of a terrible quarrel. If you fall into the dark, you yourself will start a conflict.
  10. Getting into a seething stream means dirty gossip.

The pipes burst and the apartment was flooded - the latent dissatisfaction of loved ones with your behavior, hidden until the village, will burst out. We'll have to sort things out.

To the girl

Muddy promises: something will happen that will make your heart cry:

  • failure caused by the slander of envious women;
  • quarrel over gossip;
  • doubts about the feelings of a lover;
  • lack of confidence in one's own charms.

Positive scenes:

  1. Finding yourself on the beach, admiring the gentle surface of the sea - mutual attraction, pleasure from communicating with a guy.
  2. Diving headlong into the depths of a lake or river is a passion that makes you forget about everything.
  3. Swimming and experiencing pleasure is joy. If a seaweed is attached - intrigue, fatigue from the current partnership.
  4. Watching fish means enjoying the attention of the opposite sex. One big one - you will marry a widower.
  5. A waterfall is a sign of great love. Ties you forever with a good person.


  1. Drowning the phone: by accident - temporary separation from your betrothed, intentionally - you will refuse your boyfriend. Dropping it in the toilet means questionable behavior harms your reputation. Fell into an aquarium, vase, jug, bathtub, basin - minor losses.
  2. Drowning - fascination with an unsuitable object will break your fate. In the muddy swampy slurry with mud - a shameful connection.

Drinking from a well, collected and poured into a mug by your beloved - means receiving a proposal, a strong marriage. They themselves gave it to him - he was not yet ready for decisive changes.


Receiving news: a river is fast, a puddle is unpleasant, a lake is long-awaited. Seeing a filled pit or ravine is not good. Sign of the disease. Drops, rain - conversations. Drink an ice cold one - calm down, stop worrying about trivial matters.

Beast in the Cave

How does Loff's dream book interpret a cave? If you went into a cozy place where an animal was sleeping, it means that betrayal awaits you in reality. While the traitor is sleeping, this person can wake up at any moment. Think about who in your circle you don't trust. Find a person who seems suspicious to you and try to break off relations with her. Otherwise, the person will be able to ruin not only your reputation, but also your life. Do not listen to the advice given by a suspicious person, and also try to limit the person’s influence on your friends.

If a bear, wolf or fox did not sleep in a cave, then in reality a person should expect betrayal. Your significant other has cooled off lately, and it will be difficult to rekindle her feelings. A person will decide to cheat out of boredom and monotony. If you care about a loved one, then do not let him go. As long as the person hasn’t messed things up, he can be brought to his senses. Talk to your lover and find out how he would like to modernize your relationship. You can offer your ideas to improve your life together. By coming to a common opinion, you can adjust your life a little and make it happier.

Vanga's Dream Book

The prophetess welcomed dreams in which the woman sees the purest water. The sleeping person is protected by a loving person and God. An opaque liquid with clay means prosperity. To be caught in the rain that floods the street is to feel one with the cosmos. Someone is drowning - a futile struggle that cannot be won. Drink contaminated water - you will be able to resolve conflicts with kindness and understanding.

Circles or ripples spreading across the surface are difficult changes to bear, after going through which you will become stronger.

No exit

Did you dream of a cave from which there is no exit? Such a sign of the subconscious should be interpreted as an image of hopelessness. A person who cannot get out of the stone labyrinth has lost his life guidelines and now does not know where to go. How can you improve your life? A person should think about what went wrong and what happened to his goals. If now old desires have become irrelevant, then it is necessary to come up with new ideas for implementation. You need to start with small changes and gradually implement them.

If a person gets lost in a cave, but is not confused, but has arranged his new home well and feels great in it, it means that in reality the person has a very narrow circle of friends. The dreamer may be happy with this, but the subconscious mind rebels against this state of affairs. You should make new interesting acquaintances and generally diversify your existence. The dull everyday life that a person spends at work and at home can very quickly lead to depression, from which it will be difficult to find a way out.

Bad dream

The cave in Vanga’s dream book is associated with the dreamer’s state of mind. If a person saw a cave that frightened her, then she should be afraid of troubles that may happen in life. Moreover, the dreamer will be the cause of all his troubles. His bad character traits, as well as non-acceptance of certain situations, will greatly ruin his life. To avoid this, the person who dreamed of the cave must understand himself. A person should think about what makes her happy in this life and what annoys her. And if a person gets joy from gloating or from gossip, he should change his views on pleasure. It is impossible to live happily and harm other people at the same time. You cannot build your happiness on someone else's misfortune. Therefore, always choose the right path in life that will not lead you to mental anguish and suffering. Well, if you are already depressed, then look for a way out of it and don’t lose heart. Troubles are given to a person to become stronger and wiser. Remember this.

Cave in the mountains

Have you been climbing mountain ledges for a long time and then found a cave there? Did you dream of a cave in the rock that became your home? The subconscious assures a person that he lacks confidence in his abilities, he tries to run away from people. If you felt comfortable in the cave, then in reality you need to temporarily move away from your usual social circle and be alone for a while. Having gained strength and self-confidence, you can confidently act. But if you are unable to independently understand psychological problems that may have deep roots, then contact a competent specialist.

Seeing a cave in a dream is a sign of self-knowledge. A person wants to understand himself and understand his true purpose. But if a person was uncomfortable being surrounded by mountains, and she suffered from claustrophobia, it means that in reality the person should think about the reasons for not loving himself. The person cannot and does not want to be alone with himself. A person is bored with his own company and wants to escape to the company of more interesting people. This situation needs to be changed urgently.


Seeing a cave in a dream, according to Freud, is a good omen for people who are going to engage in spiritual practices. If a person plans to become a monk or become the rector of a church, then he will definitely see a cave at night. Such an image should be interpreted as the help of the subconscious in finding peace of mind. The person managed to find a balance between soul and body, and now the person is in harmony with himself.

Similar dreams about a dungeon can be seen by people who go on a pilgrimage tour or are planning to visit places of power. If a person is firmly committed to traveling and has the most selfless and bright intentions, then the subconscious will fully support her. Intuition tells the individual that on such a trip enlightenment may descend on the person or perhaps awareness of some vital issues.

Beautiful cave

Have you ever been in a rock cave? The dream book interprets a beautiful place with stalactites and stalagmites as a symbol of imminent marriage. A similar dream comes to those people who have already found their soul mate. The subconscious assures a person that he made the right choice, and there is no need to worry about the fidelity of the chosen one. Intuition tells you that your other half loves you infinitely and trusts you. A sincere desire to live with one person all your life should serve as a signal to you that there is a faithful person nearby. Therefore, do not postpone the wedding for a long time. If you think for a long time, your significant other may doubt the sincerity of your feelings and go looking for a replacement for you. So you shouldn’t chase a crane; a simple tit will be enough for you to be happy.


Collecting crystal is a good financial situation. The fuller the bucket, the more satisfactory the material base. Filling a barrel to the top means accumulating a fortune.

A rusty, leaky, leaking container is a signal of some opposition to the implementation of the intended plan. Usually this is unnecessary spending, satisfying one’s own whims. An unsightly little bucket speaks of laziness, not using the allotted potential to the fullest.

Someone submitted a complete application - they will help with business. Patronage of a respectable and generous character.

Spring in a cave

What does Loff's dream book say? The cave, according to this interpreter, means life, which will soon be in full swing. The changes that occur will relate to personal life and spiritual enlightenment. A person will meet his soul mate and finally understand why he came into this world. But awareness will come to a person if the person makes efforts to find his destiny. And the search for a soul mate should not be left to chance. If a new attractive person has appeared in your environment, then you need to invite her on a date. If you cannot muster up the courage in time and take a step towards your dream, then you will miss the opportunity to change your life for the better.

According to Miller, a spring in a cave means financial enrichment. A person who finds water in a confined space in his night dreams will soon receive big money. A person may be surprised by the way in which fate decides to improve her financial condition. For example, an unknown relative will leave a good inheritance, or parents will decide to financially support their child’s endeavors.


Small, quiet signifies favorable changes. It is advisable to take advantage of a good period for beginnings. Drying out, overgrown with mud - disappointment, sadness. Deep, wide - career success. Fast-paced - Achieve high status through risk-taking.

Seeing streams flowing into the sea or river means salvation from traps set by enemies.


Did you dream about an ice cave? The dream book interprets a similar dream, in which a waterfall appeared in an enclosed space, as a person’s tendency to squander. But if the cave was icy, then the person spends money not thoughtlessly, but with cold calculation. From the outside it may seem that the person is wasting money, but in fact the dreamer subconsciously understands that he is making an investment in his future. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your financial situation. Intuition tells you that you know how to manage finances and always invest money wisely. Don't worry about what others say about you. People are simply jealous of your insight and ability to profit from even the most unprofitable enterprise.

But if you see a waterfall in an ordinary cave, it means it’s time to think about unnecessary squandering. You spend more than you receive, and this habit will soon backfire on you. The dreamer must find out the value of money, otherwise he will soon be left broke. Start counting your expenses and stop wasting money on all sorts of trinkets.

How does the place in which a person gets lost affect the interpretation of a dream?

A person’s future depends on the terrain, weather and other nuances:

  1. If a person gets lost in the forest, then he can receive advantages or face certain difficulties.
  2. Getting lost in a field means gaining perspective in a love relationship.
  3. A person can wander for a long time even in his own home. In this case, trouble awaits him. Loss of orientation in mountainous areas indicates trials in life.
  4. A man who finds himself in the tundra has no chance of improving the situation.
  5. Getting lost in the fog portends the impossibility of making decisions.
  6. Swampy areas indicate difficulties in your personal life and various illnesses.
  7. Losing yourself in the dark can be a sign of boredom, danger and doubt.

People may try to navigate using a compass. In this case, they need help because they are unable to find a solution. Losing the compass indicates irrational behavior in the real world. A man risks being left alone and completely losing his purpose in life. People who are lost in the subway are on the verge of an important event.

Loss in mountainous areas predicts success in business. Dreams about finding a road in a populated area indicate remorse. It is difficult for a person to forgive himself for certain actions. In the dream book you can find the reason for the occurrence of such emotions.

Visions of a man getting lost at an airport indicate a journey ahead. You can also get lost in the corridor. This means that a person will face everyday difficulties and problems. Tests regarding family life await him.

Often people see themselves in the school corridor. Night dreams can be deciphered as the need to find a solution. You shouldn't go with the flow, but it's time to take action. A person will have to find a way out of this situation. Visions in which he finds his way mean the ability to overcome difficulties. However, to get results you will have to make every effort.

Get lost in a strange city

Decoding a dream depends on small details that influence upcoming events. Be sure to remember what you saw when you found yourself in an unfamiliar city. Perhaps your future is still unknown for sure.

Dreams in which a person tries to find the right street indicate an adventurous character. The adventure lover is not satisfied with a measured life. Such a man is under the negative influence of the city. The metropolis deprives him of freedom of action. In this case, you need to try to adapt to existing circumstances or find another place to live.

To get lost in the forest

Finding yourself in the thicket of a forest is a very alarming sign that indicates hopelessness. The storyline conveys internal uncertainty and fear of upcoming events. In dreams you can quickly find yourself a puppet in the wrong hands. The dream only indicates that it is urgently necessary to understand your own feelings and desires.

Get lost in a cemetery

Being in a cemetery warns a person about inevitable events. In the process of interpreting a dream, it is necessary to take into account the emotional component. The fear and horror that arises in a person literally pulls him back. A cemetery may indicate remorse, long-standing grievances or complexes. A man should try to free himself from negative emotions. Further events depend on the dreamer's willpower. Wandering around the places where ancestors were buried portends a lot of new worries and problems.

Swim in a cave

What did you do in your night dreams? Have you swam with your lover in a cave with water? The dream book interprets such an activity as evidence that in reality you are planning a fun and eventful romance. You will enjoy spending time with your loved one who appreciates and respects you. The subconscious mind tells you that you made the right choice, and there is no reason to doubt your soulmate. Such a dream does not portend you to get married soon. You may not even marry the person who appeared to you in your dreams. Nevertheless, this novel will be one of the most exciting in your life, and even after many years you will remember it with a smile.

Have you found yourself in a cave in the mountain? The dream book interprets the image of a man who swam alone in a cave as a sign of developing selfishness. There is no need to think that such an image is very bad. For a person with low self-esteem, such a dream is a blessing. The person begins to value, love and respect himself. And this is very good. The subconscious tells her that she should not deviate from her chosen path, she should continue to learn to defend her interests.

Go through the entire cave

Have you ever seen a cave with monsters in your dream? The dream book says that if you successfully passed all the villains and were able to find a way out of the confined space, then you will not have problems with your enemies. You will be able to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way and will be able to safely overcome any difficulties.

If the cave was without monsters, but it was still difficult for you to find a way out of it, then you should think about your subconscious. A person who walks through caves in his night dreams has access to his inner resources. A person can talk to his subconscious not only in his sleep, but also during the daytime. There is no need to be afraid of this discovery. Developed intuition will help you overcome many problems.



  1. A lot of water was coming towards the dreamer like a wall - get ready for rivers to overflow their banks, pipeline breaks and other disasters.
  2. Tsunami from the outside - you will learn about the raging elements. The foamy wave pulls you into the depths - beware of accidents.
  3. Huge flooding is a real disaster.
  4. Arriving fat - you will experience hardships.

The advancing water element means finding a sexual partner. Leaving - to a cooling of passion.

Treasure in a cave

What does Miss Hasse’s dream book foretell for you? A cave with treasure is a pleasant omen for any woman. Soon the girl will find herself a man, behind whose back she will feel like behind a stone wall. The new boyfriend will not only be smart and handsome, but also incredibly rich. A lady should not indulge her gentleman and satisfy any of his desires at the first request. A girl must understand that only whims and extravagant behavior will help a lady attract a man to her. Guys don't like girls who are completely at their disposal. Men are impressed by “snow queens” whose love they have to constantly seek.

If a man dreams of treasure in a cave, then he will soon find a girl for whom he will be given a good dowry. But you should not marry a lady just because of her financial well-being. Otherwise, in a few years the guy may be left broke with an unloved wife.

Walled up in a cave

Have you found yourself in an unpleasant situation in a dream? The same is worth waiting for in reality. The uncomfortable situation will be a live broadcast of the real situation. The dreamer has taken on something other than his own business, so he is unable to achieve success in business. The subconscious mind tells a person that he needs to abandon a project as soon as possible that he does not understand anything about. Otherwise, the person will face not only disappointment in his own abilities, but also the grins of his colleagues, who will continue to laugh for a long time at the person who previously aroused their utmost respect. If you do not want to find yourself in an awkward situation, then only take on work that you know how to do and do not overestimate your abilities.

In an apartment, a house, on the floor

Sometimes in a nightmare you dream that the neighbors upstairs flooded and ruined the renovation. You need to decipher unpleasant pictures according to their nuances:

  1. Dripping from the ceiling - gossipers are annoying.
  2. Flowing along the walls is somewhat unclear - to quarrels, loss of mutual understanding in a couple.
  3. The entire room was flooded - trouble on a large scale. Likely to come true.
  4. Scooping, collecting with a rag, cleaning, wiping away the consequences of a flood - to unexpected visitors, vain, thieving guests.
  5. Spilled on the floor - someone close to you will start a new business. It will have an impact on everyone.
  6. Flooded bedroom - sexual dissatisfaction. Kitchen - to success. Bathhouse - to offensive words.
  7. If someone else’s house floods, take responsibility for others.

Flooded basement, underground - a precarious position. We have lost our footing in life.

In the bathroom

Ordinary everyday scenarios are interpreted if they evoke vivid associations. Values:

  1. Filled with the purest water - success; dirty - failure.
  2. It pours over the edge - you will lose due to a stupid mistake. The lovers will quarrel.
  3. Recruit - look for an application for your own talents and energy.
  4. Drain - rest, end of difficulties.
  5. Jumping into a crowded bath means succumbing to instantly flared passion.

Wetting your feet in a basin means giving up great prospects due to fear of life.

Leave the cave

What do you remember from your night dreams? Your main memory is leaving a stone cave? The dream book interprets such dreams as a person’s opportunity to enter a society whose doors were previously closed. In the near future, the person will have a chance to be where she has long wanted to go. Know how to take advantage of the chance and not miss it. New friends will invite you to a party or some social event, where you will make not only pleasant, but also useful acquaintances. Be sincere and friendly and try to charm the people around you. These connections will definitely come in handy in the future. Therefore, try to find common ground with people so that you have the opportunity to meet them again.

Sea ocean

Vast expanses of water cannot be quickly consigned to oblivion. They reflect the essence of what is happening now:

  1. Watching the waves calmly roll onto the sand means the absence of special worries and shocks.
  2. High tide - get even closer to your family. Low tide - cooling.
  3. Standing on the edge of a cliff over the ocean means taking a decisive step towards your dream.
  4. Raging waves overflowing stones and rocks - discord, disaster. Sailing among them on a ship is a difficult situation, a way out of which will be found.
  5. Death under powerful blows is rebirth in reality.

Melting ice floe - a transition from depression to inspiration.

Sea bathing

Water procedures are prophesied:

  1. Splashing, splashing - to exciting events.
  2. Riding a boat, catamaran, or other watercraft is a feast.
  3. To be afraid to enter the sea is immaturity. It’s too early to start an independent household.
  4. Finding gold and jewelry is a win.
  5. Running away from the rampart means anticipating attacks from enemies.
  6. To get away with it means to be able to justify yourself, to get rid of slander.
  7. Touching a cool woman means indifference to a guy in love.
  8. Breathing under the thickness like an amphibian is the ability to build relationships with any counterparty. Excellent quality that helps avoid a lot of problems.

Swim in the mud - you will find yourself defeated by your competitors.

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