Why do you dream of numbers in a dream - interpretations from various dream books

Seeing the number 4 in a dream is a sign of fulfillment of desires and significant life changes. Dream books warn: negative thoughts can also come true. Therefore, carefully monitor your intentions, whims, and most importantly, complaints about life. To find out what the “four” means in dreams, remember whether you saw it briefly, or specifically looked for it, wrote it, or made a wish.

Values ​​according to Miller's dream book

Psychologists are clear in their conclusions about what numbers mean in dreams. They claim: the dreamer’s body is overtired and does not have time to fully rest even in sleep. It's time to put things on hold, take a short vacation, go on a trip, and in no case get hung up on previous tasks.

If you dreamed about the number 4, remember the details and manipulations with it:

  • hear, see, count - to overwork at work;
  • make a wish - to financial stability;
  • write, carve - to making the right decisions;
  • highlight on the calendar - to an event tied to this date.

Ways of appearance of numbers

Numbers appear in dreams in different ways. They may appear in a dream in the form of sequences, numbers or series. Sometimes they are given an indirect indication in the plot of the dream. It could be:

  1. Age of the dreamer or dream character.
  2. House number, address.
  3. Significant dates of the past or future: anniversaries, birthdays.
  4. Memories of events that happened to the dreamer.
  5. A lucky number that many people have. His appearance foreshadows important events.

Dreamed sequences of numbers can mean a lot to the dreamer. They are analyzed as follows:

  1. Each number is studied separately. To get additional information, they are plused. So, if you dreamed about the number 36, study 3 and 6 separately, and then their sum is 9.
  2. Dreamed numbers can be interpreted as a prediction of important events in the dreamer’s life. So, the number 2 can mean the number of future children.

In numerology, it is believed that odd numbers are aggressive; they often contain negative information, while even numbers are calm and positive.

Listen to the clues

Seeing the number 4 in a dream means receiving a blessing from above. You can’t just dream about a number—if you’ve focused your attention on it, be prepared to receive an answer to a question that’s been bothering you for a long time. “Four” is considered a mystical number, is a symbol of the main elements, and signifies order in the Universe.

Traditional dream books are inclined to believe that the dreamer will be the winner in an important dispute. Finding a compromise, winning in court, universal respect - this is exactly what the number 4 dreams about. You can safely start moving in the chosen direction, promoting your own ideas.

Birth date digit 4

For example, you were born on 07/01/1970, your date of birth number is the sum of 0+1+0+7+1+9+7+ 6= 31= 3+1 = 4 – birth number.

A person born under the number 4 is an active person for whom it is important to create something. Such people are able-bodied, ready to work painstakingly all day long on any project.

People born under the number 4 have another advantage - they are careful and reliable. Such individuals will always avoid dangerous, risky situations. Four people are excellent business partners, reliable assistants, and excellent managers. They make reliable, loyal friends who are ready to lend their shoulder.

A number of four in the date of birth indicates extroversion. If life proceeds calmly and measuredly, such people will not be able to fully demonstrate their potential and abilities. Their positive qualities are honesty, openness, logical thinking, eloquence, and organizational skills. Such a person will always brighten up the loneliness of others and will not let others get bored in the company.

What to watch out for

First of all, it is worth paying attention to long-cherished plans and forecasts for the future. “Four”, according to all dream books, is a sign of the fulfillment of plans, no matter how absurdly it may appear in a dream. If, before going to bed, you were thinking about troubles, lack of funds, poor health, rest assured that in this way your wishes will come true.

Nostradamus's dream book reduces the interpretation of sleep to spiritual growth and self-improvement. He explains why he dreams of “four” as follows. Intellectual achievements, harmonious relationships with others, a high position in society are the lot of those who happened to see her in a dream. But the demand from such people will be twice as high as from others.

Dream Interpretation: why do you dream of 4 four. Number 4 (four)

4 four. Number 4 (four) in a dream - Number “4” is a symbol of stability and strength, material wealth and satisfied pride, these are four vectors directed in different directions and four points of support. There are four natural elements: water and fire, air and earth - four cardinal directions and four seasons. This number brings confidence to a person’s life, allows him to soberly assess today and not be afraid of tomorrow, gives him peace and strength, makes him work hard and achieve financial well-being, not give up in the face of failures and not be afraid of mistakes. Any mistake is a small step towards the goal. Balance, perseverance, hard work, the desire for wealth and the ability to achieve it - all this is contained in the number “4”. Address - hearing in a dream how someone loudly and clearly pronounces an address in which fours prevail means that in reality you neglect your responsibilities and devote little time to current affairs. If the voice in your dream places special emphasis on the number “4”, then after 4 days you will be faced with a choice - either come to your senses, admit your mistakes and throw yourself into business, or completely abandon what has been entrusted to you , and leave everything in the hands of other people. But if you choose the second, then do not count on the fact that you can return to business at any moment - you cannot enter the same river twice. If in a dream a voice pronouncing an address with numerous fours is rude and unpleasant to hear, then your affairs are not in the best condition, after 4 weeks you will understand that you need urgent help from outside. But if the voice is melodic and gentle, especially tenderly pronounces the number “4” or other numbers, such as 13, 22, 31, 94 and others, the sum of the digits of which is equal to four, then in the next 13 days you will have a new job, which will in the future will become the main business of your life. A lisping or rasping voice pronouncing the address and emphasizing the four or other numbers from this series means that you have entrusted the matter to a person who is not able to complete what he started and is afraid of responsibility. If in the next 22 days you do not transfer the matter to other, more reliable hands, then get ready to suffer big losses. You may be surprised at how unwise you were in selecting your team. If in a dream you yourself tell someone your or someone else’s address and cannot pronounce the number “4” (or another number whose sum of digits is equal to four), then your problems related to real estate will be resolved in the very near future. If you need to make an important business date with someone, then schedule it on Thursday. In addition, April will be a good month for you, so when scheduling your actions, take into account this important point for you. To see the text of the address, full of fours and other numbers, the digits of which, when added, give the same number “4”, handwritten in clumsy and hooked handwriting on yellow paper - expect an exacerbation of chronic diseases, which, if you do not immediately consult a doctor, will put you to bed for 4 weeks. This dream is especially bad for pregnant women - it indicates that women are negligent about their health and do not take care of themselves or their unborn child. If the address is written neatly, in calligraphic handwriting on smooth and white paper, then in 4 days you will be able to sort out the most confusing matter and clarify your relationship with a person whose behavior has long seemed strange and incomprehensible to you. If the numbers in the text especially stand out, for example, outlined with a felt-tip pen or completely covered with curls, then your doubts about your loved one are groundless, you are needlessly tormenting yourself. If the numbers (4, 13, 22, 31 and others) have blots, dashes or ugly ticks, then you made a mistake by trusting someone from your circle, but you have a week left to correct the mistake. How to do this, you will understand for yourself - the best way out of the situation will come to your mind next Thursday at exactly 13:00.
If you see on a piece of paper only numbers whose digits add up to four, and apart from them there is no more text, then expect a visit from a person whom you respect with all your heart. If his arrival falls on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st, then you will receive good advice from him on how to resolve a conflict at work. If you use it, you will very soon force all your colleagues and bosses to reckon with you. If your respected friend comes to you on another day, then he will need your attention and understanding; Show sensitivity and listen to your friend, in the future he will help you more than once. Seeing the text of an address with numbers printed on a typewriter or computer means that you have reached a fairly high level of development and in 49 days you will be able to express yourself in the field of science or art. This dream is especially good for cultural figures and graduate students. If in a dream you wander along the street for a long time and cannot find a house with the number “4”, or any other whose numbers add up to four, then this is a clear symptom of your concern about the changes taking place around you. You are afraid of the future and try, like an ostrich, to hide your head in the sand. This is a wrong policy, for before you reach a safe haven you must experience a storm and emerge victorious. If in a dream you still find the house you need, then in reality you will have a strong ally who will give answers to at least four questions that concern you and help you choose the right course. But if you don’t find a home, then in reality you will have continuous defeats and suffering that will last from 4 weeks to 4 months, completely exhausting you and depriving you of strength. Seeing in a dream a street on which there are houses with numbers 4, 13, 22 and the rest of this row, means that the person who came to you 4 days ago will soon offer you an exciting business that promises to be not only interesting, but and profitable. If in a dream you walk down the street and add up all the house numbers, getting a four as a result, then in reality you will meet a representative of the opposite sex whom you have not seen for a very long time. If the meeting takes place on Thursday, then you will find yourself at the mercy of this person and will suffer from unrequited love. If the meeting takes place on the 4th or 31st, then you will cause pain to this person, making her suffer from unquenched passion and jealousy. But be careful if the date happens on the 22nd - most likely, you will not meet by chance, but by the will of your friend or acquaintance, who are planning to somehow force you to part with your money or do what they need. If in a dream you are surrounded by houses with the same number “4”, then in real life you will find yourself in serious trouble - one of your subordinates or household members will commit an offense, and the blame for it will fall on your shoulders. 4 four. Number 4 (four) Author of the article: astroson.com 2016-01-16

Compare times, dates, periods

People who know how to systematize their lives will be rewarded with stable income and timely bonuses. Dream books guarantee a brilliant career for those who dreamed of the number 4. Even and clear, it means professional growth and successful studies.

Try to pay close attention to dates and time periods that have this numerical value. Most often, clues come in a dream indicating the time of an important event for the dreamer.

Numerological interpretations

It is quite difficult to decipher the numbers that appear in a dream. To understand what they mean, the dreamer needs to remember what he was thinking about in the dream.

If a person has previously asked a question to higher powers using card fortune-telling, meditation or other methods, in night vision he can receive an answer. Such clues are rarely simple and understandable; you have to rack your brains over them and prove that the sleeper is worthy of them.

Therefore, if a person often sees numbers in a dream, predictors advise remembering them and even writing them down. In this way, you can find out the dates when important events will happen that will change the dreamer’s fate. Dreamed numbers may also contain a warning about upcoming trials , their duration, start or end date.

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