Why does a person dream about honey mushrooms: interpretations of dream books

Why does a woman dream of mushrooms - general interpretations of sleep

For a woman to have a dream in which mushrooms are present is a more serious sign than for the opposite sex. And it’s even more significant if a woman is in a love relationship. In this case, the mushroom is a warning for her: she needs to rethink her behavior, in particular, her treatment of her partner. Everything makes more sense if you are currently having some kind of beef with him. Think about it, maybe you allow yourself more than is allowed, you forget about a sense of dignity and not only your own...

Picking mushrooms in a dream - your work will be rewarded. Quick small work is possible, but you will be rewarded for it too.

Buying mushrooms in a dream is a pursuit of money. This does not always end in success.

Eating them means you are drawn to shameful behavior: prohibited behavior, harsh behavior, etc.

Seeing a lot of mushrooms - according to Miller’s dream book, seeing a lot of mushrooms in a dream means a person’s passionate desire to earn as much money as possible.

Some interpreters agree that mushrooms in a dream predict pregnancy. Don’t take it to heart, especially if you are not yet ready for such a serious step.

Vanga's explanations

The fortuneteller claimed: if you dream of collecting honey mushrooms, the dream is considered a favorable symbol. The sleeper can hope for positive changes in his life. But if there are poisonous mushrooms in the basket along with edible mushrooms, in reality a person should exercise caution and not make any important decisions . If you start a business, it may turn out to be a failure. It is better to wait a little and observe the events taking place from the side. There will definitely come a time when you can begin to achieve your goal.

Otherwise, dreams with mushrooms, according to the dream book, do not foretell trouble, but only promise happiness and pleasant surprises. The main thing is to listen carefully to the clues of fate.

Type of mushroom

  • Honey mushrooms - portend small problems with someone from the environment. Collecting them means increasing wages.
  • White always means good things to happen. Collecting means success in business, material well-being. You need to make every effort to achieve the best result, apply perseverance and hard work. Eating porcini mushrooms means a long life and a happy old age.
  • Milk mushrooms - to meet future love. Eating milk mushrooms means longevity. Buying them means a successful purchase.
  • Chanterelles - to a fruitful moment in life, a promotion at work. Collecting such mushrooms means achieving your goals. A pregnant girl dreams of chanterelles for the birth of her daughter. In general, a girl who has a boyfriend dreams of foxes as a sign of harmony in relationships.
  • Ryzhiki - dream of excessive worries and anxieties. Collecting saffron milk caps means a long-awaited vacation with your family.
  • Boletus mushrooms - such a dream tells you: “Relax!” It's worth taking a vacation and relaxing. Just don't waste money on pointless things. Now is such a period in your life: you need to wisely distribute your wealth, especially if you go on vacation.
  • Boletus - to replenish the family, prosperity. Collecting them is a sign of outdoor recreation.
  • Fly agarics are the personification of something dangerous. If you dreamed about these mushrooms, you should prepare yourself for the worst events. If you collect these mushrooms, you have gone astray. Reconsider your actions and decisions. Consider them carefully. If in your dream you were poisoned by fly agaric, it means improved relationships with friends. It’s as if you poisoned someone with it - deterioration in communication with relatives.

Picking mushrooms with my husband

Such a dream symbolizes intimate relationships in your couple. If the mushrooms were fresh and smooth, you picked a full basket - it means that your intimate relationship with your husband is harmonious and makes you happy. If you and your husband picked rotten mushrooms, or didn’t collect anything, try to change your intimate relationships, add romance, spend more time together. If you dreamed that you and your husband picked poisonous mushrooms, such a dream indicates serious problems in your relationship that you need to pay attention to.

Your mood in a dream

No matter how strange it may sound, how you felt while picking mushrooms in a dream, buying or eating them directly affects the interpretation of the dream.

  • Having a dislike for mushrooms is a hint that you need to be vigilant and attentive. The people around you may turn out to be hypocrites and liars. If you make new acquaintances, carefully monitor people’s behavior.
  • Eating mushrooms with joy and treating others with them means you tend to lose your dignity. Don’t let others “wipe their feet on you,” humiliate, or insult you. At this period of life, such antics will have a stronger impact on you, affecting your self-esteem and perception of life.
  • An indifferent attitude towards mushrooms means a calm life, without incident. Only if you don't do anything stupid yourself.

What does a woman’s dream portend?

Many dream books interpret the meaning of such a dream as the imminent joy of motherhood. A dream is considered especially reliable when a woman puts the mushrooms she finds in a bucket or in her hem.

I found a very large mushroom - an acquaintance with a representative of the stronger sex is on the horizon, which can develop into a serious relationship.

If you come across an inedible specimen, you should check the integrity of your partner. A clearing filled with beautiful mushrooms means a peaceful and happy married life.

Why do you dream about mushrooms according to Vanga’s dream book?

The fortuneteller believed that seeing mushrooms in a dream was a good sign. But she paid attention to a specific type, for example, porcini mushrooms in a dream - to joy in life. A pleasant surprise awaits you. If the sleeper dreams of poisonous mushrooms , such as toadstools, fly agaric mushrooms, the dream does not foretell anything pleasant: make decisions carefully, complete tasks - you have every chance of failure.

Did you dream about
dried mushrooms ? Consult a doctor, get examined - there may be health problems. Black mushrooms dream of betrayal.

Danilova's interpretation

Honey mushrooms in your dream are a pointer to the income part of your life, which will soon increase. And any investment of capital after such a dream will increase significantly and will bring you considerable profit. In the process of interpreting a dream, take into account who is dreaming of such a vision, a man or a woman.

For representatives of the fair half of humanity, such a vision marks the following changes in her life:

  1. For a lady in a barque, such a vision promises a strong and bright relationship with her husband and a stable financial situation.
  2. For a pregnant woman, such a dream promises an easy pregnancy, without any complications, and the baby himself will be born easily, strong and healthy.
  3. For a girl who just recently got married, this is a direct indication from above of an early and desired pregnancy.
  4. For an unmarried girl, she will have to choose her betrothed among a large number of fans. But she will still be able to make her right choice.

Honey mushrooms for a girl - a difficult choice among gentlemen

If a man sees a dream with honey mushrooms that he collects, in reality this promises him great benefits, the businessman will sign a lucrative deal, and simply career growth. Also take into account what actions he performs with mushrooms:

  1. If a man is an entrepreneur, has his own business, and in a dream he picked a basket full of mushrooms, this promises him a lucrative contract, reliable companions, and promising sponsors.
  2. When he has collected edible, strong and beautiful honey mushrooms into a basket, he is surrounded by trusted and reliable friends who will help him in difficult times.
  3. For a married man, such a night vision promises the birth of an heir.

Mushrooms according to Freud's dream book

The psychologist warned:

  • If you dreamed about mushrooms, expect unpleasant events.
  • A woman watches herself eat mushrooms - you should be wary of gossip and conspiracies in your direction.
  • If there were a lot of , then most likely you often change intimate partners. Consider looking for a permanent one.
  • Cooking them may indicate the presence of diseases.
  • picking mushrooms is an indicator of your sex life. If there are poisonous mushrooms among the harvested crop, your future sexual relations will lead to pregnancy.

General value

The traditional explanation for collecting young, large, clean ones is an improvement in financial situation. The worms were cut - losses, losses, tears. Specification:

  1. Walking through a light forest in search of the fruits of nature - you will receive a significant amount. For pine - earned, for birch - random, for mixed - you will inherit.
  2. Filling a basket to the top means having something in abundance. The resource itself describes the crop variety. Several types - the possibilities are multifaceted.
  3. Being nervous about a small amount is a tendency to get excited. A symbol of bad addictions and habits. You get so carried away that you stop distinguishing between the boundaries of the law.
  4. In winter, looking under the snow is a sign of betrayal. Someone close to you does not trust you.
  5. Refused the basket - an independent person. The main intention is to prove to the world self-sufficiency, to demonstrate individuality. Persistence will not lead to success.
  6. If you accidentally scatter the catch from a bucket or tueska, it’s time to give up pressure and a dominant position. Only weak, dependent individuals or obvious outright hypocrites welcome it. It's hard to rely on people like that.
  7. Leading a gathering but not participating yourself is a good sign. A potentially organized person who successfully divides responsibilities and structures activities. Apply problem-solving skills. The environment will not only support, but will also appreciate your efforts with respect.
  8. Control the plants, make them crawl to their own feet - with the censure of heaven. It means a tendency to escape reality. It's time to stop dreaming and start solving the accumulated problems.
  9. Small, bald - to change. An unsightly catch—the worst was left behind. Now it will be different. Not necessarily great, but no worse than before.
  10. Putting what you have collected in the hem is a sign of the obsessiveness of the character in love. Immediately push away the unpleasant gentleman. Otherwise, it is difficult to get rid of attention.
  11. Uprooting means trouble.
  12. Seeing a yard or vegetable garden filled with honey mushrooms and boletus is a chance to secretly earn extra money at home. But you can’t reveal the secret of filling your wallet to anyone.

During the forest “hunt” you constantly dropped what you collected - be on your guard. You will become dependent on circumstances, preventing you from managing your income independently. Someone will claim the funds. Options: loved ones, banks, law enforcement officers.

According to Miller's dream book

If a girl dreams of picking mushrooms , Miller interprets this as a sign. Soon life will bring you together with an interesting person. The development of your relationship can lead to a happy marriage. Everything depends on you. Eating mushrooms means there is a chance that you will have an illegal relationship; ones that will make you feel ashamed. In general, according to Miller, mushrooms in a dream are not a sign of the best events. You strive for the highest position, high salary at work so hard that you are even ready to break the law. To avoid a dangerous situation, try not to take on large transactions or make important decisions in the near future. Tasting mushrooms - you are drawn to the forbidden, secret, mysticism. In any case, pay attention to your mood and emotions at the time of sleep: if you were happy with the mushrooms , you are losing your pride. If, on the contrary, you were disgusted by them , you are trying to resist dark instincts, you want to take the light side.

From a modern point of view

Modern interpreters believe that if you dream of collecting forest gifts, the dream is a warning symbol. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to which mushrooms, along with honey mushrooms, ended up in the basket. The correct interpretation depends on this.

For example:

  • there are champignons in the basket - to success in real affairs and a favorable period in life;
  • when the dreamer sees honey mushrooms and waves, the dream foretells receiving additional money in reality and gaining financial stability.

But if a person collects honey mushrooms in a dream and sees porcini mushrooms, one should soon expect new opportunities for generating income.

The dream also foretells that the sleeper in the real world will find several additional sources of income.

Family dream book

According to this dream book, mushrooms in a dream are an unreasonable rush to increase capital. You are ready to go over your head. Make sure this doesn't end up in court! Frying mushrooms in a dream means improved health. It is this dream book that says that it is possible to enhance the meaning of a dream and bring it to life. How to do it? Imagine in your head how you collect mushrooms, bring them home, fry or cook mushroom soup. The power of thoughts works, and very powerfully. You just need to believe.


The environment and atmosphere correct the forecast. Naturally, if you were able to remember it exactly.

In the forest

Wandering through the thicket in the hope of filling the baskets means entering a white streak. Plans are implemented easily and simply, and the heart will rejoice in love and reciprocity. Feel free to imagine the most incredible achievements. What if it works?

At the cemetery

The graveyard symbolizes the connection between generations. Looking for edible caps here and cutting off the stems is a sign of the correctness of the position. They are able to admit mistakes, learn lessons, apply knowledge, accumulate wisdom, and learn from their elders.

Looking out at the churchyard at night means getting carried away by secret sciences.

In the clearing

“Silent hunting” in open areas is a sign of treachery. If you walked around a clearing, a forest edge, or a field in search, you will encounter ingratitude. A good deed will be responded to with terrible anger. And the reason is simple: envy. When you move away from the blow, you will be surprised that you allowed such treatment. After all, the envious person was visible before, but they did not attach any importance.

Treat any proposals for cooperation with rational suspicion.

Adjustment according to the personality of the sleeper

Professionals necessarily associate prognostication with personalities. Without taking into account personal characteristics, it is impossible to understand anything.


The following shots are negative:

  1. Collecting poisonous toadstools - personal problems, troubles, humiliation.
  2. Fly agaric - beware of random courtship.
  3. Edible cut off - men see you as frivolous, worthy only of light flirting.

Planting mycelium means having a well-deserved success.


The symbolism lies in the resilience of plants, the ability to withstand negative natural factors. Don't worry. You and your baby will go through the pregnancy period calmly. Give birth without complications.


A young woman can conceive, but an old lady does not need to worry about her health. Red hats - you will enjoy the party.

Young woman

Wide selection of gentlemen. Poisonous, bright - thoughtless statements will turn away the only one to whom the heart lies.



  1. The implementation of the project will result in the planned benefits.
  2. Enter into a forward-looking agreement.
  3. Successful launch of a long-standing plan.
  4. Attracting a generous investor.

Decoding characters

It is impossible to predict correctly if you do not take into account who was nearby during the walk.


The need for rest. Collecting with the deceased means tedious worries, continuous troubles that can exhaust the nervous system. Delegate part of the load.


The recently deceased is a series of difficulties. You will have to stand alone. Friends will not be able to lend a shoulder. Maybe just a vest to cry on.

A deceased acquaintance will share his experience. You will get something useful if you remember the skills of this person.

Husband, beloved

A virtual story about your intimate relationships. Explanation:

  1. Young, straight honey mushrooms - mutual joy, harmony.
  2. Dried, withered - a lack of romance.
  3. If you find “stumps” from the cut ones, beware of treason.

The spouse picked the poisonous ones - the partnership is no longer satisfied. Look within yourself for the reason.


Recommendation: spend more time with your missus. She is sad. And imbalance will push you towards frivolity.


News is determined by the relative’s mood:

  • blooming appearance - beautiful;
  • unhealthy - sad.

Relationships with the dreamer in reality are not going well - serious worries.

Other relatives

Loved ones in an exciting hunt for the gifts of the taiga - devotion, desire and ability to support. Don't be afraid of anything. There is a “strong rear”.

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