Why does a pregnant woman dream of snakes? All interpretations of dream books

During pregnancy, expectant mothers often note that dreams occur more often during this period, their plots are more vivid and realistic. A pregnant woman dreamed of snakes - what is this for?

  • If in a dream you are forced to step over a ball of snakes, then this is a warning about an existing threat to your health.
  • If a pregnant woman dreams that instead of hair she has snakes on her head, it is a sign that too much attention is being paid to trifles.
  • Was Morpheus bitten by a dead snake in his arms? There is danger from a person who is “masquerading” as a friend.
  • In a dream, did you hold snakes tightly in your hands and were not afraid of them at all? A clear sign that the right actions will bring victory over your enemies.
  • If in a dream you had to wade across a pond with many teeming snakes, be vigilant. Where you expect success, problems may await you.

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What does a dream about a snake mean?

If you constantly have dreams in which a large number of reptiles are present, this means that the time has come to realize your dreams in life. For a married woman, dreams with reptiles do not carry negative connotations. In Muslim countries, it is believed that if a representative of the fairer sex dreams of a reptile, then this speaks of power.

Note! The sleeping woman's opinion will be heard, and her advice will be followed.

However, it is worth remembering the details. If a reptile begins to crawl near a woman, then in real life you should be more careful with gypsies and fortune tellers, since they can deceive. In general, this animal is a sign of wisdom. She will tell you about some life turn that should teach the sleeping person something.

Vanga's Dream Book

The clairvoyant and healer from Bulgaria Vanga considered the appearance of snakes in a dream a bad omen:

  • A snake crawling on the ground predicts a fight with an enemy who at first plotted in secret, but now decided to openly declare his hostility. If you see a poisonous reptile, then it is unlikely that you will be able to defeat the spiteful critic, since he is very insidious. If you dreamed of a non-poisonous snake, then you can easily defeat your enemy by turning his dishonesty against him.
  • A ball of snakes in a dream is a bad sign. It indicates that there are envious and evil people around who wish you difficulties in life. Be more careful when communicating with others, since any unnecessary word can do a disservice.
  • Bitten by a snake - you will be disappointed in a loved one. For a long time you will wonder why life is filled with negativity, and even for a second it will not occur to you that the fault is the one you trust. Vanga believed that a loved one could even turn to black magic to ruin your life.
  • Did you dream of a snake that curled up into a ring? Ill-wishers are waiting for the right moment to deal the dreamer a strong blow that will unsettle him.
  • A large snake squeezing a person’s neck is a sign of misfortune. You will likely be the first person to learn about a loved one’s fatal illness. Try to pull yourself together to tell the bad news to relatives and be close to the patient, providing him with help and support.

What does it mean if you see a snake in a dream?

Depending on the color, size and age, the interpretation can also become more detailed. It is worth considering small details: a white and thick reptile, or a spotted small snake.

Color difference

The black serpent represents a life lesson destined by fate for wrong behavior. You need to learn a lesson from this and act according to your conscience in the future. It also means an important task that is worth fulfilling for your own good. This will require eliminating internal barriers and fears.

Important! Yellow reptile - problems in the family. Conflicts may end in divorce. It is recommended not to aggravate the situation in the near future. The green snake speaks of troubles in the financial sector. You should not exclude unforeseen expenses, theft, and you should not succumb to adventures. White reptiles are good luck.

Size difference

A large reptile portends disaster. For an unmarried woman - a large number of admirers, with none of whom it will be possible to organize a future together. If it falls from above, it means that there is a person surrounded who is soon ready to betray. A reptile in company with another animal speaks of the return of old enemies.

Small ones indicate minor troubles. Even if they sting and choke, you should not be too afraid of them, since they will not cause serious harm.

Age difference

Young, small animals indicate restless dreams, connections with the other world. The old are dangerous wisdom.

Other differences in dreams about snakes

A sleeping reptile speaks of danger. Just like an animal, enemies can wake up and attack at the most unexpected moment. Dead animals in a dream are a sign of desired events that the girl is afraid not to wait for.

How does Tsvetkova interpret the collection?

This dream book also deciphers the symbol ambiguously. A pregnant woman may dream of a snake both as a sign of an imminent illness and as a sign of the discovery of betrayal. For an accurate, correct interpretation, the nuances of relationships in the family, the details of the dream itself and other little things are important, which only the woman herself can know about.

If there are several snakes and they stay at a distance in the dream, then we are talking about betrayal of loved ones. For example, family members may hide something from a pregnant woman or make important decisions regarding her future without the participation of the woman herself. If you dream of a lonely snake trying to crawl as close as possible, then this is a sign of an upcoming illness. Considering the woman’s condition, the dream can also predict problems in pregnancy.

Actions with a snake

Depending on what the snake does in a dream and how it behaves towards a person, the predictions vary.

Note! Most often, one is usually interested in the moment why a married woman dreams of a snake when it attacks and bites. In most dream books, this means one thing - the husband has a mistress or simply a rival.


A reptile attack must be viewed from different angles. Every little thing that happens in a dream will be important. If a reptile bites, then this indicates deception of loved ones. It is recommended to take a closer look at your surroundings; some of your friends and relatives are plotting.

Decodings of famous predictors

Why a pregnant woman dreams of a snake is explained by many interpreters and parapsychologists. They interpret the visions differently, emphasizing individual details:

If you see a lot of snakes, one of which is larger than the rest, this is the machinations of an ill-wisher. If reptiles surround a pregnant woman, in reality a situation will arise where only envious people will remain around.

Location of the snake

The location of the reptile is also important for interpretation. If a snake swims in the water, then this indicates some important event in life. This may indicate a move from one home to another, or a promotion at work. A swimming reptile means something good is happening in life.

If a snake began to crawl around the apartment in a dream, this means that if the woman leaves the house, bad things will happen there.

Reptile color and its meanings

Sleepers may dream of visions in which characters come in different colors, sometimes even unnatural, unusual for them in reality. The type of reptile also indicates future circumstances and differs in meaning:

Whatever meanings a pregnant woman receives, you should not be upset or upset, because higher powers send dreams to people so that they can prepare for future events in their lives and pass all the tests with dignity.


Briefly different interpretations of a dream about a snake in dream books

Dreams can warn of an important event that is about to happen in a person's life. But a large number of interpreters promote their points of view about why a married woman might dream of a snake.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller is sure that the vipers portend something ominous. If they attack a person in the water, then this indicates remorse tormenting the sleeping person. And if the viper tries to bite, this will warn of imminent bad influence from the outside. In any case, the question is why a married woman dreams of a snake that attacks and bites, in this dream book it is considered exclusively in a negative way.

Vanga's Dream Book

An asp squeezing the neck warns of imminent news of the death of a loved one. A large number of vipers should be associated with the presence of insidious people in life. The bite speaks only of disappointments and intrigues in real life.

Freud's Dream Book

A girl's vision of a snake's head indicates something good that is going to happen in the future. For example, a vacation with your loved one. It is also worth paying attention to the words spoken in a dream, as they may mean something in real life.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

A dream about reptiles speaks of the presence of evil people in the immediate environment who bring suffering. If an animal was killed in a dream, this is a good sign - it means that in real life everything will go smoothly.

Aesop's Dream Book

The snake is a life lesson that should be remembered and learned from. It is worth rethinking your subsequent life, understanding how to act correctly so that everything turns out well.

Russian and the Wanderer's Dream Book

The white snake is a sign of dangerous knowledge. In reality, you should be careful when using the services and knowledge of other people, even friends.

Dream book of the 21st century

If a snake threatens with its tongue, this means the imminent arrival of a serious illness. Small reptiles are a sign of vile people trying to leave the sleeping woman without a future. Hearing a snake hiss behind your back means people will try to leave you without what is rightfully theirs.

General interpretations

The subconscious often gives signals to a person with the help of dreams, remembering which you can avoid various failures, troubles, or be ready to accept pleasant surprises and inevitable changes in your life.

Although dreams about reptiles have a negative connotation, it all depends on how you dream about them. For example, if snakes cause disgust and hostility in a woman, then night dreams will hint at something bad in reality. But if in India a snake is considered a sign of wisdom, then pregnant women in this country are more likely to receive a positive message from such a vision.

If a snake bites, it means disappointment and the fact that the sleeper’s words can be used against her. The enemy will be an envious friend or colleague who will try in every possible way to cause harm.

Why does an adult married woman dream about a snake?

In general, sleep is not very good. Carries a warning about danger from different sides. No wonder the snake is a symbol of wisdom and deceit.

For a married woman, this may be a sign of an imminent meeting with ill-wishers - perhaps with relatives from her husband's side who are hostile against her.

In addition, the reptile is a sign of temptation that may await the sleeping woman in the near future.

Or perhaps this is a sign of change and imminent transformation. In a word, the explanations differ greatly in different sources. The true meaning of a dream depends on the circumstances and details.

A snake that attacks and bites

According to some sources, this is a bad sign. The dream suggests that intrigues are being weaved against you and gossip is being spread. It is possible that in the near future you will have to experience deception or betrayal by a person close to you. Also, a reptile bite implies health problems. Be careful and consult a doctor in time.

But there is also an opinion that a bite is a harbinger of an imminent pregnancy if you are married. If becoming a mother is not in your plans in the near future, pay due attention to contraception.

Attacks but doesn't bite

A snake attack in a dream suggests that in reality you are tormented by your conscience for some action.

If a reptile does not bite, but threatens life by wrapping itself around your neck, this promises you envious people. Someone will stubbornly prevent you from implementing your plans, “cut off your oxygen” and prevent you from reaching your goal. Ill-wishers are determined to ruin your life. Beware.

Biting your hand

A harbinger of bad influence from outside. Be aware of your surroundings. You should not make new acquaintances or important meetings in the near future. It is also worth refusing financial negotiations.

Dead snake bites

Take a closer look at your immediate surroundings. For a married young lady, the bite of a dead reptile is a harbinger of cruel betrayal by a close friend. Think a hundred times before you trust someone with your deepest secrets.

Woman running away from a snake

Fleeing from an amphibian encourages you to be extremely vigilant and cautious about upcoming events. Over time, you yourself will understand which ones.

Crawling around the house

Theft sign. Ill-wishers have crossed your threshold. Material losses or major thefts are possible. Pay attention to everyday issues.

The dream also talks about disagreements with your husband and problems in your personal life. Stop the conflict in order to preserve the family hearth.

If you see snakes crawling into your home, someone close to you is jealous of your family happiness.

Lots of snakes

If you dream of snake balls, this is news of an upcoming event. You will be the center of attention. There will be many ill-wishers around you, be careful.

Seeing a snake ball in the water means a change of habitat, in the house - to various guests in the home, in a purse - you will fall under bad influence. Don't trust everyone.

A pregnant woman had a dream

The dream is significant. If the expectant mother dreams of a snake that she had to step over, this is bad. Such a dream promises deterioration in health. It is worth seeing a doctor and getting examined, at least to prevent complications.

If a pregnant woman happens to hold a reptile in her hand, this is a positive sign. He talks about victory over envious people and malicious ill-wishers. You will soon get rid of the enemies in your surroundings.

If in a dream a snake wrapped itself around your head, this indicates your suspiciousness. You take all new information too seriously, which has a detrimental effect on your well-being.

Reptile size

The snake is a sign of problems and powerful enemies. The larger the reptile you see, the more serious the trouble the dream brings.

Seeing a lot of snakes means a series of difficult events in real life. You have to go through many tests and cope with the hypocrisy of the envious people around you.

However, if you dream of white snakes, this is a very positive sign. They, like white birds, symbolize good news. Soon life will change for the better.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

Little snake bit

A bite from a small snake precedes small quarrels and squabbles.

Advice! Be prepared that there are people around you who are ready to betray for the sake of their own interests. Moreover, these people will be from your close circle, and even those whom you yourself once helped.

Also, such a dream gives you a hint that you should not trust every person, because there is not only good in the world.

The viper bit

The viper itself is not poisonous. Therefore, if in a dream it was she who bit you, then this means that some small misfortune will happen . If the viper has bitten your friends or relatives, then soon you will hear sad news from them.

And seeing a viper bite a stranger means unexpected troubles. Be prepared that disaster can happen at any moment.

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The snake bit the child

If in your dream you are trying to protect a child from the bite of a nasty reptile, then this means that you need to be attentive to your partners . Perhaps they are trying to outwit you and profit from your simplicity.

Also, such a dream could mean betrayal from a work partner.

Bitten by a big snake

But a big snake means serious troubles . Such a snake brings great trouble and colossal problems for humans. How you solve these problems depends on whether you can defeat such a large snake.

Important! If this big viper managed to bite you, then problems cannot be avoided. If you managed to escape from a large snake, then you are very lucky and in reality you will be able to get out of the current problems.

Green snake bite

Green has always been a symbol of something new and useful. Green snakes are a good sign . If you are bitten by such a snake, then this is good news.

This color of a snake in a dream promises you a transition to a new level of life, everything old and unnecessary will fade into the background, and your life will sparkle with happy moments .

If the green snake just curls around you and doesn’t bite, then something in life is preventing you from fulfilling your old dream. Remember that there is a way out of any situation and you need to solve it properly as soon as possible.

The snake bit another person

If in a dream you only watched a snake bite another person, then in reality someone will suffer from your words. Be careful with your statements .


The bite of a poisonous snake means that you will be struck by enemies and everything that was planned against you will come true .

Why does a young or unmarried girl dream of a snake?

The interpretation of sleep for unmarried girls is not very different. It, as before, warns of danger.


A hissing snake indicates the presence of an envious person in your environment. She is unlikely to take decisive action, but she can weave intrigues and spread rumors endlessly.

However, this does not pose a threat to you.

Unmarried woman petting a snake

Contact with an amphibian indicates that you are ready for action. Perhaps rivals or enemies await you, but you will easily resolve all conflicts.

How does the Russian collection interpret it?

This dream book pays great attention to actions in a person’s dreams. The snake itself represents danger, enemies, and illness. The dream is deciphered based on the person’s behavior within the dream.

For example, if the dreamer fights with a snake and defeats it, then the dream is considered a good, good sign. Such a dream promises successful overcoming of all difficulties and victory over enemies. But if a woman tries to run away and a snake catches her, this is a bad sign. Such a dream promises that it will not be possible to avoid problems; moreover, it reports that the dreamer’s first reaction to the appearance of difficulties will be to try to ignore them.

Interpretations in various dream books

Since biblical legends, the snake has been a sign of temptation, betrayal and depravity. It rarely heralds good news. However, each of the seers had their own idea and interpretation of this dream. The most popular of them are listed below.

According to Vanga

The seer considered the snake a symbol of wisdom. Having seen such a plot, you can be sure that you will soon learn information that will help you manipulate the behavior of your ill-wishers.

A reptile has bitten - disappointment in loved ones is coming. Wrapped around the neck - to the illness of a close relative. You will be the first to know about it.

According to Miller

According to Miller, a snake in a dream carries a bad omen. You should expect a trick from your surroundings.

An attack from different sides speaks of remorse for one’s actions in the past. The dream also speaks of the girl’s internal uncertainty about the correctness of her decisions.

Killing a reptile according to Miller speaks of the cruelty of the sleeping one. She is self-centered and does not take into account the opinions of others.

Passing through a kublo means living in apprehension and fear.

A snake bite is deceit from close friends. Hold it in your hands - there is a liar in your environment.

Snakes obey - you are a very powerful person, excessively cruel to your subordinates. It is worth reconsidering your life positions.

According to Nostradamus

The astrologer is sure that snakes come in dreams to the fall. They symbolize the vices and dark thoughts of the sleeper:

Are there other meanings?

A snake is a dream, the meaning of which can be both bad and good. If a woman in reality is not afraid of snakes, they do not cause disgust or other negative emotions in her, then the symbolism of the dream also does not carry anything bad in itself.

Do not forget that snakes also symbolize wisdom, life experience, and in addition, they are one of the emblems of healing. A snake can act as a guard; for example, they catch mice just as well as cats. Accordingly, the meaning of the symbol itself directly depends on the perception of the snake by a pregnant woman in reality, on the associations of her consciousness. After all, a person’s subconscious, which forms images and symbols in his dreams, comes from life experience and specific stereotypes of thinking and perception.

For example, what a pregnant woman dreams of about snakes could be financial self-sufficiency. A snake, according to many dream books, dreamed of by heads of families, merchants, or men with other occupations, promises success in endeavors, prosperity in business, and increased income. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that a dream with such a symbol visiting a young man predicted his immediate independence and the emergence of an income independent of his family, a source of funds. Students believed that a snake in a dream was a sign of successfully passing exams.

Accordingly, taking into account modern realities, namely that women are not only homemakers, but are also quite capable of studying, working and even supporting a family alone, the meaning of the dream may not be entirely feminine. For example, if the dream is seen by a woman who has gone on maternity leave from a beloved and well-paid job, and most of her thoughts revolve around how soon she will be able to return to work duties, then the dream reports success in business and endeavors, and not about rivals or the machinations of the mother-in-law.

If a student is pregnant and does not intend to forget about her studies, but has not decided whether to take an academic leave or not, the dream suggests that there is no need to interrupt classes. The snake in this case is a symbol of successfully passing exams and overcoming other difficulties in the educational process.

For a woman whose social status is not entirely clear, that is, not officially married, a dream with the image of a snake can bode more than just bad things. Such a dream may well indicate that, having shown wisdom, the pregnant woman will extract the maximum benefit for herself and the baby in the situation that has arisen in life.

Miller's Dream Book

In Gustav Miller’s dream book, a snake almost always promises unpleasant incidents:

  • The girl dreamed that a dead snake was biting her - a hypocritical friend would bring a lot of trouble.
  • Have you seen wriggling snakes falling on someone? You will soon experience remorse.
  • Killed snakes - you will do anything to achieve your goals. You will be able to defeat the spiteful critics.
  • If you walked near a snake, you will experience a constant fear of disease.
  • Bitten by a snake - enemies are plotting and interfering with work.
  • Did you dream that a reptile wraps rings around your body and bites? You will get sick or be powerless against ill-wishers.
  • If you held a snake in your hands, you will be able to deal with enemies in a sophisticated way.
  • Hair turned into snakes - events that seem insignificant will cause a lot of problems.
  • Children playing with snakes - for a long time you will not be able to understand where are friends and where are enemies.

There are several more life-affirming and favorable interpretations of this symbol:

  • The reptiles took on bizarre shapes - life will be filled with troubles that you can cope with if you don’t give up.
  • Did you dream of a snake in the water? Anxiety will be replaced by joy.
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