Why dream of washing a window? What does a dream say about future prospects?

  • February 6, 2019
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Many night dreams are common occurrences - not prophetic dreams. Someone who spends the whole day thinking about this or that problem and at night is exposed to scenarios related to it. Therefore, if in a dream the housewife dreamed that she was starting a general cleaning with washing the windows of her house (or apartment), such a story is not considered a warning. Most likely, it lies in the subconscious: the windows should be washed. But when a dreamer (or dreamer) takes up such a difficult task in his dream, but in reality he does not understand all the intricacies of how to wash windows, the dream most likely needs to be carefully analyzed. Let's tackle this difficult but exciting process. Let's find out the meaning inherent in the night message from the Higher Powers.

What do nobles think about the scenario: washing windows in a dream

With pleasure, wash cloudy glass, turning it into crystal clear - the expectation of safety, a prosperous course of life.

In a dream, washing windows with bars, looking through these bars onto the street - in reality you will have to be separated from a loved one. It is unknown whether they will be able to be together again someday.

Start cleaning the dormer window - the sleeper (sleeping) harbors some hopes for improvement.

In a dream, washing a window and seeing that it is night and darkness outside - in real life, the hostess (owner) of such a scenario has a secret hobby. A person is afraid to even admit it to himself.

When did you wash the windows?

Depending on the time of day, the dream may have a different interpretation.

  • washing the windows and at the same time watching the dawn - soon a white streak will come in the dreamer’s life, filled with joy and happiness.
  • see a window in the daytime - it’s time to act, right now your future life depends on your actions.
  • watching the sunset through the window - in the near future a person will have a chance, which must be taken advantage of within a month. If the dreamer does not do this, he will greatly regret it in the future.
  • washing windows at night - a period of peace will come in life, stressful days will finally end.

Reading the meaning from Miller

You often dream about washing glass in windows - the dream speaks of your temporary indecision. The subconscious has already begun work aimed at expanding the established framework. You are on the path to success. The sooner you begin to act, pushing aside the foundations contrived and imposed by someone, the sooner your plans will come true.

Why dream of washing windows in a dream, effortlessly ridding them of traces of paint? The vision hints: accept a certain offer, it will soon come to you. Probably, in the light of recent events, it will seem hopeless and stupid, but these are all deceptive impressions. You can't go wrong - you'll enjoy stunning success.


If the windows are stained with lime or paint, then you need to wait for an interesting offer to arrive that will open up new prospects, the main thing is not to mistake it for empty troubles and refuse. Subsequently, all the hassle associated with this proposal will bring substantial profits.

If the windows that you have to wash in a dream are very dirty, then success is not far off, but you will have to work hard to achieve it. Washing windows with broken glass promises major troubles in the near future. If the windows are tightly closed, then you should expect obstacles on the way to an important goal.

Russian folk collection of interpretations

Why wash windows in a dream in someone else’s home? When you wake up, you will argue with someone, defending your position.

Did you quarrel with your husband and in the middle of the night began to wash the window frames and glass? Great sleep! You are already on the verge of reconciliation. The conflict situation was difficult for both of you, but such moments even strengthen the family, to some extent.

According to the dream book, washing windows and suddenly discovering a fantasy world on the other side of the transparent glass may mean that you lack freedom. Also, a night dream may hint at obstacles that have arisen between the sleeping person and something that interests him.

Interpretations of sleep according to the dream books of Vanga and Miller

Dreams in which window cleaning appears are ambiguous - they can be interpreted in different ways. For example, according to Vanga’s dream book, washing windows in a dream means the end of a boring period in your life. Then everything will be much more interesting. When clearing the window opening from the accumulated cobwebs, you will most likely have to extricate yourself from a difficult situation into which a loved one will be drawn. Washing window frames indicates that your family relationships have cracked.

Miller's dream book foretells trouble for those who dream about washing windows. It may be possible to prevent them if you overcome significant difficulties. If you dream that you are washing windows in someone else's home, its owner can have a great influence on your life. When the owner of the home is a stranger, in real life you will quickly meet a person who will help you overcome difficulties. You will be able to take a new look at the world around you.

The meaning of sleep is described somewhat differently in Longo’s interpretations. Any type of cleaning, in his opinion, is dreamed only by those who in reality have accumulated a lot of problems and worries. A person, cleaning in a dream, unconsciously tries to restore order in his own life. By washing a window from accumulated dirt in a dream, we subconsciously try to get rid of what does not suit us in our current life.

Washing window glass is, first of all, a difficult process. Anyone who has such a dream may have various problems in life areas. To interpret your dream, remember exactly where you did the cleaning. For example, washing windows in a dream at your workplace may mean prospects for you regarding employment and earnings. Wiping dirt from your own windows means quick changes in life, new significant acquaintances.

Predictions from Akulina

Cleaning and polishing a window that turns out to be blind and facing the wall - the dream warns the dreamer against useless troubles. There is no need to waste effort on dubious enterprises, so as not to be upset by what happens later.

Wash a window from the street in a dream, trying to see who (or what) is in the room - there will be a certain period of so-called soul-searching. You will think about the meaning of life and about justice in the Universe. The dream book advises not to immerse yourself too much in this dangerous state.

Get rid of your complexes

Wash them in a dream and wipe them with newspaper or paper - the sleeper will commit an act that is unexpected even for himself.

Among other things, washing window glass means successfully getting rid of the complexes that interfere with your life.

Did you dream of washing windows and doors? There is a beginning of a new stage in life, the end of adversity, and perhaps even a move to a new place.

Interpretation from Hasse

Did you scrub the glass so hard that under your confident, firm hand, the transparent substance began to crack? Failures befall the sleeping person. However, there is no way to retreat from them if you need a noticeable result.

To wash cobwebs from window frames in a dream means that in reality a person is besieged by a feeling of uselessness. Isolation does not contribute to the emergence of new acquaintances. If you dream of something like this, take measures aimed at increasing your socialization.

Washing the windows outside during snow and blizzards is a dream warning of the beginning of stormy, unpleasant events in the life of the one who had such a dream.

And what can a window that cannot be washed promise the dreamer? In the night story, the owner of the dream carefully cleans and rinses the frame and glass, but the eyes of the house remain dirty and very cloudy. It is impossible to see what is there behind the thin glass. Such a nightmare appears before those who will soon have to experience pangs of conscience and reproach themselves for their rashness.

Other details

  • washing the windows and at the same time clearing the frames of cobwebs - a close friend will try to involve the dreamer in a dubious matter. Under no circumstances should you agree, otherwise you will not be able to regain your good name.
  • Soapy water flows down the glass - in reality, the dreamer is in for a surprise that will make him feel joy and happiness.
  • wiping the glass with a dry cloth - in reality the sleeper carefully keeps one secret that he wants to tell his friends about. You should not do this, otherwise you will lose their trust.
  • washing windows with a hose - lately you have often been overcome by negative emotions. The reason for this is the unpleasant situations that arise every day.
  • wiping the glass with a newspaper - in real life the dreamer will suddenly want to do something crazy.
  • watching someone wash the windows - soon the sleeper will have to make a difficult choice.

According to the collection of Veles

Wash an open window and admire the transparency of the glass and the freshness of the frame in a night illusion - to bright and lucky times.

Wash and decorate the open window - you will receive an expensive and useful present.

But if you wash damaged glass, the dream warns of poverty. To avoid this, pay attention to where your finances are going. Perhaps, by “plugging the gap” in time, you will be able to save the situation.

Looking out of a washed window in a midnight illusion - a dream promises pleasant expected news.

While working to clean a window, did you barely stop yourself from falling out of it? Don't let a scandal develop. It doesn’t matter what triggers the proceedings, the main thing is that your wisdom will save the situation.

Pocket Night Vision Interpreter

Dirty windows signify the dreamer's anger and bad mood. To wash such windows is to make attempts in reality to correct these unpleasant emotions.

You wash the frame while sitting on the windowsill, being so high that it takes your breath away. This development of the scenario indicates the reckless behavior of the owner of the dream or his mistress.

If you enjoy the process while washing the windows, fate will reward the dreamer for her (his) patience, perseverance and hard work.

You feel an irresistible desire to wash the glass until it squeaks, wiping the window again and again. Such a dream is a typical message from the subconscious about the desire to consider a certain problem and receive support from someone, getting rid of trouble.

What does the plot symbolize?

Aesop's Dream Book

Washing a dirty window is a symbol of the dreamer’s hard work and his desire to follow only the path of greatest resistance . If the glass became cleaner in a dream, your efforts will soon be rewarded. However, if washing did not give anything, your persistence will lead to nothing.

A barely dirty window that you washed in a dream is a harbinger of a new life stage that you will soon enter - just wait a little. The books of dreams emphasize: this will be the time when fortune itself will turn to face you, and all the blessings will fall into your hands.

Washing a clean and transparent window is a hint that the sleeper demands too much from himself and suffers from perfectionism . To enjoy life, the dreamer should lower the bar and become simpler.

Dream Interpretation of Yuri Longo

A white magician from Russia believed that washing windows in an apartment is a warning from higher powers. Having seen such a dream, try to take a better look at your surroundings - it seems that an insidious enemy has appeared there who is posing as a friend. At the moment, he is waiting for the right moment to harm you more.

Vanga's Dream Book

The famous sorceress considered such dreams extremely unfavorable. In this case, the room symbolizes a certain vacuum of life in which the dreamer finds himself, and washing the window symbolizes his desire to break free and see the light of real life.

It is important to know that Vanga advised those who see such dreams to become simpler and turn to people with their soul and heart . In her opinion, only the warmth of communication can destroy the gloomy prison of loneliness.

Modern dream book

Unlike its “colleagues”, this book of dreams considers washing windows in a dream an extremely favorable sign, foreshadowing a person’s quick time spent in pleasant company.

It’s especially good if the sun was shining outside the window you were washing - in this case, in reality, a bright and carefree future awaits you, which will help you forget all your past troubles.

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