A child in the water: why do you dream of a drowning or swimming baby?

Dreams are not always joyful and pleasant. Often people see nightmares, unpleasant and frightening things. Feelings of fear from what he saw often haunt a person for the rest of the day or even stay with him for many years. Numerous dream books are ready to understand and solve dreams. Often terrible things in the kingdom of Morpheus have a positive interpretation and promise the beginning of a bright streak. Let's consider why a drowned child dreams of a drowned child and whether it is worth worrying about the child in real life after what he saw.

Miller's interpretation

a child choking in a dream predicts ending up in an unfortunate situation. If your own child drowns, the likelihood of an accident increases many times over.

Did your niece or nephew almost die? a biased attitude towards relatives will cause quarrels and conflicts between you.

trying to revive a drowned child in a dream means finding happiness in reality. no need to be modest, you are completely worthy of it. In addition, Miller predicts the provision of assistance to those in need.

Many children: what does it mean?

Seeing many children drowning in water in a dream indicates that a person has complexes and severely low self-esteem. Because of this, he experiences considerable problems in communicating with others, especially when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex.

In addition, seeing drowning children foreshadows a large number of small problems and everyday troubles, the solution of which will take a long time. For people who already have children, the vision indicates their improper upbringing, too much parental care.

Seeing little girls drowning indicates that the dreamer needs moral support and approval from the people around him. For women, such a dream is a reflection of their childhood impressions and hidden fear of water.

Seeing boys drowning indicates financial losses, damage to property, material disputes with loved ones or relatives.

think about your soul

if the child from the vision does not exist in reality, the dream book indicates subconscious desires and aspirations. reconsider your life beliefs. Perhaps, by following the wrong path, you do not notice how you are destroying your soul.

Another interpretation of what this plot means in a dream: the image symbolizes a cause to which you devote all your strength and resources. but now the project is under threat.

What did you do in a dream with a drowning child?

Rescue a drowning child

Saving a drowning child in a dream is a good sign. It promises increased prosperity, respect among colleagues and friends, and the opportunity to retire. Unexpected cash flows from old projects or an unplanned vacation will help you sort out problems that you haven’t gotten around to. Be consistent and pedantic. If you take on two things at once, you may quit halfway through.

Get the baby out of the water

Dreaming of getting a child out of the water means unexpected luck. You will soon have great luck. Maybe you will win a large sum of money, or receive an inheritance from a distant relative. Don't lose your head, stay reasonable.

Get a child out of the water by the hair

According to the dream book, pulling a child out of the water by the hair means opening a business. You will probably soon open your own business, which will be successful and will bring in a good income. Don't be afraid to try your hand at business, you have good prospects.

Pump out the baby

Pumping out a child dreams of the death of a loved one. Probably, a person dear to your heart will pass away suddenly. You shouldn’t blame anyone for this, it’s not the fault of others. Don't isolate yourself, you will need friendly support.

Run to the aid of a drowning child and not have time

Running to the aid of a drowning child and not making it in time in the plot seen in a dream means going to your rivals. Someone is jealous of you, and for this reason puts a spoke in your wheels. The enemy is trying to take your place. Don’t relax, be attentive and careful, and exercise discretion.

Removing a child from a drowned car

Taking a child out of a drowned car in a scene seen in a dream means failure of plans. Your wishes will not come true in the near future. You will put in a lot of effort, but your expectations will not be met. Learn to act gradually, beware of risky situations.

get ready

a child choked in the bathtub - a close friend or relative will unexpectedly set you up in the name of his interests. There is another interpretation of this plot. the dream book recommends clearing yourself of bad intentions - in the near future they will try to drag you into a dubious business.

did a child drown in a bathtub appear in a dream? you are an overly impressionable person. any negative event unsettles you for a long time.

What kind of dream did you have about a drowning child?

Adult drowning child

An adult drowning child in a dream is a sign of a new hobby. You will try yourself in a new business and realize that you are good at it, and then you will get involved in the process. Once you develop a skill, you can benefit financially from your hobby.

Little drowning child

According to the dream book, a small drowning child means changes. One event will change your life forever. Trust your intuition, and fate itself will bring you together with the right people. The rest is in your hands.

Frightened drowning child

According to the dream book, a frightened drowning child is a sign of flirting. In the near future you will attract the attention of the opposite sex. You will be showered with gifts and compliments. Treat the situation calmly, do not show excessive emotions.

Native drowning child

According to the dream book, a native drowning child dreams of overcoming difficulties. Soon you will be able to solve the problem that prevented you from achieving what you want. Analyze the situation, reconsider your strategy, and you will find a way out.

Alien drowning child

According to the dream book, someone else’s drowning child means a revival of relationships. The feelings in your couple will soon flare up with renewed vigor, and you will feel like a happy person. Take the initiative and arrange a romantic evening for your partner.

The neighbor's drowning child

According to the dream book, a neighbor's drowning child dreams of buying jewelry. You will soon acquire a very valuable item. There will be an interesting story associated with it. Keep it and pass it on from generation to generation as a family heirloom.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on what type of drowning child you dreamed about:

  • Chest - to a series of failures at work.
  • Newborn - to receive an unpleasant gift.
  • A one-year-old - to a loss in a complex case and unplanned losses.
  • A baby means a long struggle with enemies and victory over them.
  • Tolstoy - to the realization of creative potential.

who did you see in your dream

the dream book states that the interpretation is significantly influenced by who the drowned person was.

  • your own child in a dream portends problems.
  • but someone else's child pays attention to the danger threatening you.
  • acquaintance in reality - trouble will arise.
  • if a boy drowned, the dream book foretells the emergence of new responsibilities.
  • girl - surprise.
  • your own child in a dream portends problems.
  • but someone else's child pays attention to the danger threatening you.
  • acquaintance in reality - trouble will arise.
  • if a boy drowned, the dream book foretells the emergence of new responsibilities.
  • girl - surprise.

What did a drowning child do in a dream?

Drowning child waving his arms

A drowning child waving his arms is a sign of good news in the dream book. You will receive good news that will bring you joy. Probably, thanks to the events that have occurred, you will fulfill your dream. Wait a little, soon life will change for the better.

A drowning child is shaking

A drowning child trembling dreams of a pleasant pastime. Soon you will have a great day in the company of friends or a loved one. Plan your affairs in advance and make time for rest, it will be useful to you.

Drowning child turned blue

According to the dream book, a drowning child turned blue in the dream indicates a discussion with a friend. Tomorrow you will have a difficult conversation, as you will disagree. There is nothing wrong with this; truth is born in dispute. The main thing is to stop in time, even if everyone has to remain with their own opinion.

The drowning child came to his senses

The drowning child came to his senses in a dream - to the move. A change of residence awaits you. Try to carefully choose your new home; your comfort and peace of mind in your new apartment depends on your choice.

The child drowned

If you dreamed that a child drowned, in reality he was in danger. He risks getting seriously ill, getting hurt in an accident, becoming a victim of a robber, or getting into a fight. You can prevent adverse events if you pay attention to his life. Don't shield yourself from your child's problems and worries. Now more than ever, he needs your kind words.


Why do you dream if a drowned child suddenly began to come to life? you will need to return to a long-abandoned project.

trying to revive a choking child - the dream book foretells a cooling of feelings between spouses. marriage and obligations, literally, will begin to weigh down.

Did you manage to pump out the baby in a dream? There will be a meeting soon that will bring a lot of positive emotions. there is a high probability of marriage. in some cases, the dream book interprets this scenario as helping a good friend.

but if a stranger drowns in the mud, problems will arise due to your fault. To keep the peace, watch what you say. if your child gets sucked into a swamp, he has health problems.

Where did you see a drowning child in a dream?

Drowning child in the bath

According to the dream book, a drowning child in the bathtub is a sign of meeting love. Soon you will meet your destiny, with which you will find true happiness. Your union will be strong, faithful and loving. Take care of your feelings, appreciate your soul mate.

Drowning child in the pool

According to the dream book, a drowning child in a pool means wealth. Your financial situation will soon change dramatically. Maybe you will receive an unexpected inheritance, or maybe you will win the lottery. Be patient, everything will become clear to you soon.

Drowning child on the beach

A drowning child on the beach in a dream - To an invitation. You may be invited to a wedding or some other celebration. Soon you should think about a suitable outfit and gift.

Drowning child in the river

According to the dream book, a drowning child in a river symbolizes a romantic date. Soon, the person you care about will invite you to spend a romantic evening. Don't miss your chance, you can become a great couple.

Drowning child in the sea

A drowning child in the sea in a scene seen in a dream means loneliness. You are too categorical and emotional. This can cause friends and family to turn away from you. Learn to control yourself, respect the opinions of others.

Drowning child in the lake

A drowning child in a lake in a scene seen in a dream is a sign of luck. In the near future, your business will go well. Achievements will exceed all expectations. Take fate into your own hands and start acting while luck favors you.

Other meanings

The interpretation of the dream depends on where the drowning child was seen in the dream:

  • In a swamp - to troubles in your personal life.
  • In the mud - to a long-awaited vacation and achieving your goals without outside help.
  • In dirty water - to disappointment in friendship and quarrel.
  • In clear water - to gossip at work.
  • In the sewer - to conflicts with colleagues at work.
  • In the well - to the need to resolve a serious issue concerning a close relative.
  • In icy water - to an unexpected solution to a complex problem in the near future.
  • In a puddle - to difficulties due to rash actions.
  • In troubled waters - to passionate feelings.
  • In the ice hole - to bright positive emotions.
  • In a pond - to poisoning and/or infectious disease.
  • Under the ice - to inherit a large sum of money.
  • When fishing - for help from relatives or friends.

I saved the neighbor boys in my yard, they were drowning.

I had a dream that my daughter was drowning in the river and I jumped into the water after her and saved her.

I dreamed that I was saving children in a well, and I pulled out three children from there.

I dreamed that I was walking past a lake and saw a man who saved a drowning boy, the dream scared me very much, because... I have a son and daughter.

I saw in a dream how I was with Leonardo DiCaprio, I had someone’s baby in my hands and we were in some big basement, and there was water almost up to the ceiling and we couldn’t get out. As a result, he and I showed perseverance and saved ourselves and saved the child, although sometimes I thought that we would die.

I had a dream about how one guy (whom I know) and I would save children from the sea. He wanted to save me, but I said that there was no need - “save that child!” and she also began to save other children.

Fighting a rival, caring for relatives

Did a woman dream that she pulled someone’s baby out of the water? In reality, she will fight with her rival for her lover, and will succeed.

Saving him in clean water in a dream means that all the enterprises that you will soon begin will end successfully and bring good results.

Saving a drowning child from a muddy, dirty pond foretells: thanks to dedication, the dreamer will ensure the safety of his loved ones.

Did you dream of saving your own child? In reality, your son or daughter may become seriously ill and you will have trouble caring for him.

Astromeridian Directory

The plot with a drowning child speaks of a person’s responsiveness and his desire to help others in every way. But this vision can also indicate unfulfilled goals and dreams. Perhaps the dreamer buried his abilities on his own.

Saving a baby from the river portends overcoming many problems, and speaks of the determination of the sleeper and his ability to quickly find a way out of difficult situations. Looking from afar at a drowning child means that a loved one will soon need the dreamer’s help.

If you dreamed that the baby could not be pulled out and he died, then this promises the failure of any enterprise, a complete collapse of hopes and disappointment in one’s own goals. Perhaps this dream means that a person feels powerless in the face of current circumstances and is unable to help not only relatives, but even himself.

Family dream book

I dreamed of a small child drowning in a ravine filled with water - what does the dream book say about this? A drowning baby, desperately trying to escape, here symbolizes the sleeper himself, his childish beginning. The dream reflects the internal struggle of an adult with his own “I”. If the dreamer does not stop suppressing the “child” within himself, then he will be overtaken by a depressive state.

Did you dream that your relatives’ child was drowning in the lake? What does such a dream warn about? A child familiar to the sleeping person is drowning - to the loss of a close friend. The separation will occur through the fault of the dreamer, since he has recently begun to devote little time to communicating with his friend.

A dream in which the sleeper comes to the aid of a drowning baby promises the achievement of peace and happiness. However, the path to this will be thorny and long. Don't neglect the help of loved ones.

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