“Dream Interpretation of standing in Water dreamed of why you dream of standing in Water in a dream”

standing in the water brings pleasure, especially when it is clear and not cold. but, at the same time, in night dreams you can sometimes dream of polluted water under your feet. and this carries an unfavorable meaning, the dream book warns. what events to expect in reality, how to predict misfortune, or not miss success. It is worth looking into this issue in more detail.

Reflections of Miller's dream book

Do you dream that you are standing in clean, transparent water? Rejoice! The prospect of enrichment and joyful emotions awaits you. But beware, if you wander into a muddy body of water - danger will follow on your heels, joy will leave, despondency will come.

Slipping in a muddy puddle and falling - you are not immune to mistakes, but try to avoid them. The events of the next day will also upset you; if at night you dreamed that you were standing in a swampy spring and drinking from it, your health will fail.

Interpretation of the meaning of a dream depending on its details

You dreamed of walking on water - what does this dream mean? What does the subconscious tell you in this case? Walking on water in a dream is generally a favorable sign. This emphasizes the lightness of the soul and body of the sleeper. To accurately understand the meaning of a dream, you need to remember the details and details, and then interpret them according to the dream book.

Who saw the dream: woman, man, girl, child

Walking in a dream: along a river, along a lake, along the sea

If the river was calm in a dream, the dream promises you the benefits of life and peace of mind. Achieving your plans will bring you great pleasure. A happy and positive period of life awaits you. Your life will gain stability and peace. It is possible to make a profit or get promoted. If there is a rippling river under you, then your life will be filled with difficulties, and events will change dramatically. If you felt bad, then the difficulties you will face will be difficult to resolve.

Clean Pond as a symbol of good luck

Standing in knee-deep water and seeing the bottom of the reservoir means a joyful mood given by good luck in family affairs.

But if you dreamed that the water was only ankle-deep, do you know what this means? Tsvetkov’s dream book will tell you: you will take successful steps in a new business or hobby.

The interpretation of a dream in which you are walking along the edge of the shore is as follows: the joy of meeting awaits you ahead.

The successful completion of an unfinished business is promised by a dream in which you are standing in the water on a huge boulder, the dream books of Nostradamus and the White Magician prophesy.

Interpretation of sleep in various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

Dream Interpretation: what does it mean to walk along a river, on a lake, on the sea.

Rely on your feelings, and your subconscious will tell you the correct interpretation of the dream, because you cannot deceive it. In this article we will analyze in detail what dream books interpret about such a dream in different situations. It is possible that you will take some interpretations as a basis and be able to apply them in your life. Or maybe you can come up with your own.

Miller's Dream Book - small joys

There is a series of small but joyful events ahead. This dream means peace and stability in life. Peace will bring satisfaction. You should enjoy this period and not burden yourself with unbearable hardships. If in a dream you happened to walk through muddy water, some kind of disappointment or illness awaits you. If you see a lot of water, you have a lot of empty and unnecessary things in your life that you need to get rid of. If there is ice water under you, then in some situation you need to act soberly and loyally.

Vanga's dream book - changes in life

Walking on water in a dream means change and resolution of contradictions, washing away sins and oblivion. If you feel cold water, then in reality you will experience a renewal of your inner world, a rethinking of values ​​and beliefs.

Freud's Dream Book - your selfishness

Walking on water means a favorable period for conception. If you walk and look into the water, then you attach great importance to your appearance and your health. This emphasizes your selfishness, which may offend your sexual partner.

Modern dream book - spiritual growth

Get stuck in standing water - beware of conflicts and troubles

Wandering in a muddy stream means a large-scale conflict in which a huge crowd will take part. If you were unable to maintain your balance in the flow and fell, you will become the instigator of a quarrel.

Do you want to know why you dream that you happen to stand in swampy water with a muddy bottom? The Small Velesov dream book will answer this question for you this way: what you have in mind is unlikely to come true. And only because you do nothing to fulfill your desires.

Someone whose thoughts are dishonest and whose intentions are vile dreams that, having fallen into muddy water, he cannot stretch his leg - the quagmire does not let him go.

Standing ankle-deep in dirty and stagnant water means minor troubles; knee-deep - the problems will be more serious.

It would be happiness...

The dreamer always wants to attract favorable events into his life, ignoring everything bad, but how to achieve this? The task at hand is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

To be in clean water in a dream

It’s better to start with the thoughts of one of the best dream interpreters - Gustav Miller. If you had to be in water, then pay attention to its condition:

  • pure - to receive joyful emotions and speedy enrichment;
  • muddy - to despondency and sadness, which will begin to haunt in all endeavors.

The dreamer could not stand in a muddy puddle and fell - no one is immune from mistakes, but it is better to think several times before making any decision. The main thing is not to become a hostage to your thoughts, as they can stop you from doing interesting things.

Being in a dirty and swampy body of water means possible health problems. Miller warns the sleeper about diseases that may appear as a result of a negligent attitude towards oneself.

Pure water

The water level in the dream reached the knees

Finding yourself in clear water is an interesting symbol, but to decipher it you will have to remember the depth of the dive.


Being in knee-deep water, trying to find something at the bottom, means finding a good mood. Dream interpreters suggest that success in family affairs will have a beneficial effect on various aspects.


Being in cold but clean water up to your ankles means taking successful steps in a new project. However, to do this you will have to muster a certain amount of courage and follow every point of the plan. A similar plot is described in detail in Tsvetkov’s dream book.

Up to the heel

In my dreams I had to walk along the coastline, and the water barely touched my toes - a sign of future joy. The dream interpreter does not advise relying on random events in everything, since they are extremely changeable. Standing on some surface, barely touching the surface of the water, means the successful completion of unfinished business. Nostradamus believes that constantly postponing things for later will lead to a disappointing result.

Walking along the coastline in a dream

Muddy water

Being in stagnant and dirty water means possible conflicts and troubles that can be easily avoided. The main thing is to learn to control your emotions. What happened in the muddy stream? If you have taken any actions, do not forget to compare them with information from dream books.


Wandering in an endless muddy stream means the beginning of a conflict that will begin to worsen every day. If they couldn’t resist and fell into the stream, they would end up initiating a quarrel.


Finding yourself in water with a muddy and swampy bottom is a pipe dream. Everything that we have been striving for for so long will turn out to be an illusion. The Small Velesov dream book believes that you are not taking any significant actions to achieve your goal. You need to understand that water does not flow under a lying stone.

Standing in the water with a man and trying to help is a sign that reflects the dreamer’s dishonest intentions. The quagmire will not allow such offenses to be committed, and therefore it is better to prepare in advance for a fair fight.

If you dreamed of dirty and stagnant water, from which it is impossible to stretch your leg, try to recall the depth of the dive in your memory:

I dreamed of a cloudy liquid reaching my ankle

  • ankle - to minor troubles;
  • knee - to problems of a different order.

Home Adventures

Water has appeared in your house, absorbing acquired goods - a contradictory symbol that several dream books were able to interpret.

Vanga's opinion

There are dreams in which the house is filled with water - a symbol reflecting weaknesses and human vices that are carefully hidden from others. Vanga believes that there is nothing wrong with such behavior, but the person does not make any attempts to improve the current situation.

Hasse's opinion

I dream about the house being flooded

Turning to Hasse for help, you can see a completely opposite interpretation. The house contained all the most valuable things, but the sleeping person is unable to influence the current situation - to a successful purchase or improvement of material well-being.

Hasse writes that the most powerful dream is the one that occurs on the night of the 18th.

Flooding in the house, or both happiness and sadness await you

Vanga’s dream book upsets a man who had a dream that his house was flooded with water. You will succumb to weaknesses and vices, the clairvoyant prophesies.

The famous medium Miss Hasse does not agree with her. Her dream book gives completely opposite interpretations to a dream in which the dreamer is forced to stand in the water in his own house. It promises material benefits and successful acquisitions, especially if you dreamed about it on the 18th lunar day.

Seeing yourself slipping in a stream of water rushing down the steps of your own house means losing something valuable or being robbed. Be careful.

But wandering knee-deep in water that has flooded the apartment means the arrival of numerous guests.

“Dream Interpretation of standing in Water dreamed of why you dream of standing in Water in a dream”


Hello Tatiana. I would not contact you if I had not recently had strong experiences in my life. This is primarily about family relationships. I rarely have colorful dreams. Usually some kind of dark, with muted colors. That was what this dream was like. Quite unpleasant. As if it was evening or night. I saw large piles of empty plastic bottles. There is dirt all around, as if it had rained. Somewhere it's all on the street. There was a wooden toilet there, as usual in the village. For some reason I went in and sat in it, and saw that I had sat in the water. There was water all around. I immediately left. And then I walked among these bottles. Someone, like the foreman, said to remove them properly. I thought: what kind of bottles are these and why are there so many of them... then I went into some room. It was like a feast there, but also not in color. It was a little more fun there. I think I was taking pictures there... I was surprised by these bottles and water in the toilet, as if it was flooded. I want to explain in more detail... I am opening my own business as a photographer. But there are practically no clients. My wife is leaving for another city with three children. The eldest of them wants to study there. But I don’t want to go there for three reasons: 1. there are people who help me with opening a business 2. My parents live here in this city 3. I really fell in love with one woman who could understand me and just listen. But she's married. I looked in the dream book and read about bottles - problems... and today I had a small quarrel with the one I loved. But they parted seemingly peacefully. I want to meet her every day, but it bothers her. This has been going on for six months now. I first shared this with my wife. I thought she was a dear person and could understand these feelings. But she took it as a betrayal and started scandals over trifles. I love my wife and persuade her not to leave. I want to stay here so that at least sometimes I can meet someone who has become close to my heart. Let me note that this is not a passing hobby. I even started writing love poems after many years. The first was at 17 years old. If I don’t consult with anyone, then it’s my fault, then it’s my wife’s fault, then it’s this woman’s fault. This is also worry about the matter... More of my problems... 11 years ago I lost part of my leg below the knee, at work, in an accident. The bucket from the excavator fell. Now I walk on a prosthesis. But I love an active life. I go in for sports, strength training. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, only occasionally, and then I only have a couple of drinks and I don’t get drunk. I went to church, but lately I’ve been very disappointed in believers in general, there’s a lot of falsehood... let everyone believe as they want... I really want to be with the one I fell in love with. I love my children and don’t want to part with them. …. Also, in my youth I had a girl whom I fell in love with very much, and who had the same name as this one. We were going to get married. But a guy much smarter than me appeared and captured her heart. I couldn’t find peace for myself... Therefore, I’m afraid that this one will “leave”... although she has a husband and a daughter. These are the experiences...


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