Why do you dream that your ex-boyfriend is cheating? “Dream Interpretation of a Boyfriend’s Betrayal I dreamed about what it means to dream of a Boyfriend’s Cheating. Why dream of confessing to Treason in a dream according to the dream book

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Every girl dreams of a faithful and loving young man. And thoughts of betrayal torment a girl’s heart, sometimes turning into a real mania. And it is not surprising that the betrayal of a lover can be dreamed of in a dream and exhaust one’s strength even more. So let's figure out why a guy dreams of cheating, and should we be wary of it in real life?

Dream Interpretation: why do you dream of Treason, to see Treason in a dream what does it mean

Dream book of S. Karatov
Why do you dream about Treason according to the dream book:

Cheating, cheating - Seeing that they are cheating on you is a sign of loyalty to you.

Seeing that you have changed is a loss.

See also: why do you dream about a wife, why do you dream about a husband, why do you dream about infidelity.

Pocket dream book by T. Lagutina

Why do you dream of Treason, how to understand the dream:

Treason - If you see that you are cheating, then you will be accused of committing illegal actions.

Why do you dream about the betrayal of a loved one? If a woman dreams of her husband or boyfriend cheating on her, this means that her intolerable character will eventually force her husband to seek affection on the side.

Cheating on your husband - Cheating on your husband with his friend in a dream means that you will experience cooling on the part of your husband. Cheating on your husband with a very young man in a dream means you will face a divorce as a result of frivolous behavior.

If you see that you are cheating on your wife with a woman of easy virtue, then you will become a target for the ridicule of others.

Cheating in a dream out of revenge means you will have mutual understanding in your family. Why do you dream that a guy is cheating? - If they cheat on you in a dream, then you will abuse their trust.

To see that you regret the betrayal means that you will be dissatisfied with life and desire to change the existing order of affairs.

Why do you dream about betrayal?

Treason, change - Dreamed of betrayal - this means unsatisfied desires.

Why do you dream of Treason - dream analysis:

To cheat - To see that someone has been cheated on - something similar has happened to you or is about to happen. At least you are already seriously thinking about it. Maybe you want to change only so that you can openly declare it to your other half. Well, after this your relationship will clearly not improve.

Cheating on your husband, cheating on your loved one - To see that your loved one has cheated on you - then you are concerned about this possibility. Don’t be tormented by groundless suspicions, don’t suffer, but rather, talk frankly with the person.

Dream Interpretation of D. Mendeleev

If you dream about Treason, what does it mean:

Cheating on your husband, cheating on your loved one - If you committed cheating on your loved one and now regret it, it means that in reality your relationship will be long and strong, and its climax will be a happy marriage, which will truly be made in heaven.

Cheating on a guy, cheating on a loved one - If you were cheated on in a dream, and your significant other did it, this means that in real life, peace, harmony, comfort and harmony will reign in your family, where the third extra stranger will never invade, lover or mistress. And children born in such a marriage will make your hearth indestructible, because... mean a lot to both of you.

I dreamed of moral betrayal, this is a signal of the need to reconsider the manner of behavior and communication with others, because... Recently, you have become too arrogant, arrogant and arrogant, which is why even your closest friends and acquaintances are gradually turning away from you. After all, no one wants to listen to unfounded claims.

A dream of betrayal of the Motherland, committed by some other person and condemned by you in a dream, foreshadows a long journey, which, most likely, will end for you in a change of place of residence. It is most likely that you will move to another state or country for permanent residence, completely forgetting to think about your roots.

Treason in the dream book:

Treason - to unsatisfied desires.

Seeing betrayal in a dream:

Change - Brief interpretation: lust; re-build relationships; jealousy.

Popular expression: matters of the heart; What goes around comes around.

Guilt goes hand in hand with betrayal - they are inseparable, like beer and a hangover.

If you have a regular partner and in a dream you cheat on him, this may indicate your secret desires. Why do you dream about your loved one’s betrayal? - If your partner is unfaithful in a dream, this means that you are faced with a trust problem. If you are not in a serious relationship, but in your dream you become intimate with someone who has a regular partner, it may mean that you find a close relationship with someone who has a regular partner exciting. If you and your partner are in an open relationship, your dream may indicate that you are comfortable in that relationship. It may also be that your behavior in the dream is an expression of pure passion and excitement.

If you are a religious person and follow the Ten Commandments, such a dream is a sign of the need for freedom. Do you feel guilty when you think about what happened in your dream? Or did this dream relieve your tension and, when you woke up, you felt cheerful?

Who is your dream partner? If this is a stranger, a celebrity or your colleague, then such a dream means lust or reveals that side of your personality that the subconscious hides. For example, if you dreamed of George Clooney or Madonna, you may want to be a more open and confident person.

If your partner in a dream is your married or married relative, this means that you want to communicate more closely with this person.

Perhaps, if in real life you are not satisfied with your relationship, then such a dream may be an expression of your desires - after all, it is always better where we are not.

Why do you dream of Treason, what does it mean:

Cheating - It is always good to dream that you are successfully resisting the temptations associated with the possibility of adultery.

Cheating - For women only - Dreaming about cheating means that your bad character can play a bad joke on you and scare away your loved one.

Love interpretation

Here the interpretation from dream books from the side of love relationships will be indicated. If a girl dreamed of her boyfriend cheating, then this means the following:

  • In the near future, you may have a serious showdown. Because of mistrust and excessive jealousy towards each other.
  • You have fallen in love with another guy or you already really like another young man. You are trying in every possible way to refute this fact. Not wanting to ruin my relationship with my current boyfriend.
  • You have a rival on the love front. It is likely that she managed to tip the scales in her favor. You should take a closer look at the female sex surrounding your boyfriend.
  • The guy is preparing to cheat on you in reality or has already cheated on you. (This is just a guess, don’t panic ahead of time) It’s best to spend the near future together in a trusting and warm environment. Perhaps you put a lot of moral pressure on your lover.
  • The guy you consider your friend has started to develop feelings for you. In the near future, he will try to show his feelings towards you. It may be that he will hide them and fall into friendly apathy. Constantly being in a depressed, low mood.
  • The dream may carry a warning for the girl. That they are trying to seduce her boyfriend and drag her into bed. It is worth being wary and taking a closer look at the new environment among his friends.

Seeing this kind of betrayal in a dream is unbearably unpleasant, I would even say it hurts. Even though this didn't happen in reality. The sediment on the heart still remains, and our mood goes away for the whole day. It is for this situation that I wrote this article. So that you can prepare in advance for the correct reaction to the dream. I hope your relationship will be strong and happy.

Girls, share your opinion on the interpretation of this dream. If anyone has anything that matches, maybe someone can write their interpretation in the comments? I think many of us will be interested in reading it.

Why do you dream about Treason according to the dream book?

September 6, 2022 at 06:26 pm © Dream book authors

Dream book of the 21st century

Why do you dream of Treason and what does it mean:

Betrayal - If in a dream you find out that you have been cheated on or betrayed, such a dream may be a harbinger of great obstacles and difficulties that you can only overcome with the help of true friends.

To be a traitor yourself in a dream means that in reality you will find yourself in a situation in which you will be forced to deceive a loved one.

Why do you dream about Treason in a dream?

Treason - To dream that you have committed treason foretells that you will be brought to court for committing illegal acts. For a woman, such a dream means that she will lose her husband’s favor due to the fact that she will be unable to restrain her harsh temper, allowing irritation to take over her at the slightest opportunity. If you dreamed of your wife cheating on her husband with his friend, the husband will undeservedly ignore her, cruelly trampling on her rights. If she dreamed that she was inducing a young man to cheat, she would be in danger of being abandoned by her husband.

For a young girl, such a dream about betrayal foreshadows a fall and base desires, the satisfaction of which she will seek in dubious pleasures. To dream that you are resisting the temptation to commit infidelity is always a good sign. Giving in to the temptation of cheating is bad. If a person has chosen low ideals, negative energy is concentrated around him, which awakens base desires in him. Such dreams of betrayal are most often the result of the corrupting influence of our passions. If a person adheres to high ideals, his soul is illuminated by high, divine principles, which protect him from lustful dreams. A person who denies the existence and power of evil spirits does not possess secret, occult knowledge. Did not the dark magicians, contemporaries of the pharaohs, or Simon the Magician, also known as Simon the Medicine Man, oppose the righteous? A person who dreams of infidelity should be wary of a scandal.

Why did you dream about Betrayal?

Dream about betrayal - Cheating on a girl in a dream - in reality the dream is interpreted exactly the opposite. You and your girlfriend will have a wonderful relationship, enjoy it. In fact, you are very much afraid that the girl will cheat on you, and you think about it even in your sleep. Maybe you should start trusting your loved one and showing her more attention? Even if you don’t feel it, the fear of losing your beloved girl is growing in your subconscious. You need to change your behavior, otherwise you risk losing your loved one.

Seeing a girl betraying you in a dream if you had a quarrel with her the day before means that a quick and successful reconciliation awaits you. For a girl, a dream about her own betrayal means the same fear of losing her beloved guy. In reality, you should reduce your ambitions and treat your partner with tenderness, otherwise you will lose his affection.

Maly Velesov dream book

Why do you dream about betrayal?

Treason - Seeing your betrayal in a dream - Fire.

The ABC of Dream Interpretation

To have a dream about Treason, what does it mean?

Dream about infidelity - Adultery can relate not only to family matters. She may report betrayal or conspiracy directed against you. To resist adultery and temptation in a dream means success in business and fulfillment of desires. To commit treason is to face life's difficulties.

Betrayal - Seeing a loved one cheating with someone you know in a dream means the collapse of hopes and expectations. However, we do not recommend getting too upset, because your sexual ambitions were too high. Be more modest and also more attentive to your partner. Only in this case will you truly understand what the joy of love is. Your own betrayal means that you want a thrill. But it is very likely that you will find a lot of trouble instead.

Dream about betrayal - If you dream about betrayal, this is a bad sign. In reality, you will not have enough inner strength, perseverance and zeal to cope with the problems that appear with a certain frequency. Refusing a seducer in a dream and avoiding betrayal is a sign of a strong personality and strong-willed character.

Dream Interpretation of the White Magician Yuri Longo

If the dreamer dreamed of Treason

Treason - If you dreamed of betrayal, perhaps in reality you have such a sin. Maybe it's not the fact of cheating yet, but the intention that you are considering. If you dreamed that someone cheated on you, it means that in reality you are very worried about this possibility, and you are tormented by groundless suspicions. Instead of suffering in silence, talk openly with your loved one. Sometimes a direct question, asked, as they say, head-on, can clarify the real state of affairs.

Miss Hasse's Dream Interpretation

Treason - Commit treason - your worries will increase; to be betrayed is the end of all sorrows.

Betrayal - You dreamed of betrayal of your husband or wife - do not doubt their fidelity, do not be jealous. Your betrayal means remorse, not necessarily due to adultery. Other types of betrayal (in war, friend) - are you not sure about someone? Your intuition is not deceiving you.

Who did the betrayal happen to?

When interpreting a dream, it is important to know with whom the adultery occurred:

  • With the dreamer’s sister - misunderstanding in the family, conflicts.
  • With the dreamer's brother - your loved one will find himself in a bad situation.
  • With the guy's sister - to a conflict with a colleague.
  • With the guy’s brother – feeling unwell, unwell.
  • With a close friend or friend - discord in the relationship with the girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • With an ex-boyfriend - someone is spreading gossip about you.
  • With an ex-girlfriend – anxiety, obsessions.
  • With your ex-wife - your story with your ex-partner is not over. There is still a lot that connects you.
  • With a blonde, the long journey will be easy.
  • With a girl I know - nervous tension, overwork. You need quality rest, a change of scenery.
  • With the girl's mother - a huge scandal with the parents.
  • With a classmate - you will be laid off at work.
  • With your aunt - you need to devote more attention and time to your loved ones. They are offended by you.
  • With several girls - uncontrollable jealousy, which can destroy your relationship.

Ex-boyfriend cheating

Dream Interpretation Cheating on an ex-boyfriend dreamed of why in a dream you dream about Cheating on an ex-boyfriend? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see your ex-boyfriend cheating in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

Practical guidelines for interpretation

Next, we will give some tips on interpreting a dream about a loved one’s betrayal. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the Moon.

Estimated sleep sales as of November 2, 2022, according to the Gadalkin House website. Today is the fourth quarter of waning Tuesday from October 28 at 23:06, the night sun entered the fifteenth house. If you had a dream on another day, you can see the tips in this table. Now let's look at today's main indicators that, according to astrologers, influence interpretation.

Probability that the dream will come true: no more than 50%
IndexInterpretation Guidelines
Day of week: TuesdaySleep from Monday to Tuesday is often colorful, interesting and calm. Its interpretation will most likely have to do with your relatives or friends, their actions or words. If in a dream you see some changes in your life, and the dream itself was vivid and seemed like a reality, get ready for new interesting acquaintances and pleasant meetings.
Lunar day: 2727th lunar day. This is a very interesting day, when dreams and the events occurring in them are very symbolic. For example, if you assume that a person is cheating on you and takes you out of the fire in a dream, your suspicions are in vain.
Moon in sign: Libra (18°18'23");Libra - in the case of a dream, it implies company, business negotiations or the purchase of something. In any case, you need to weigh everything well and try to make the right decision.
Phase: 4th quarter descendingFalling moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, keep in mind that this period is characterized by a loss of strength and energy. The person becomes more passive and tired. If any global projects are planned or active actions are required from you, postpone them until the period of the waxing moon.

Dream Interpretation - Ex-boyfriend, husband

An ex-boyfriend or ex-husband who appears in a dream symbolizes your excessive preoccupation with the past.

This is what prevents you from moving forward and developing as an individual; your ex-love doesn't want to give up your present love's place in your heart.

The dream in which you parted with this person suggests that the time is coming for a change of priorities, the collapse of previous ideals.

After this internal audit, things will go much better for you, in all areas of your life.

Dream Interpretation - Ex-girlfriend, wife

A dream in which your ex-lover appeared suggests that the past still lives in your heart, although you may be studiously avoiding memories of it.

You wait for something to change for the better in your life, secretly dreaming of the return of bygone bright, joyful days and doing nothing.

The dream tells you: stop waiting for the weather from the sea, be more active, and luck will certainly smile on you.

If you dreamed that your ex died, this means that a new period will begin in your life very soon.

It is difficult to say how favorable it will be.

However, it is absolutely certain that you will not be bored; you will simply have no time to indulge in memories, no matter how pleasant they may be or vice versa.

General value

According to psychologists, a dream about an ex-man with another woman means that the sleeping woman is still worried about the breakup. But if the breakup happened a long time ago, and the visions are repeated, it’s worth analyzing your life. Receiving an invitation to your ex's wedding with another woman in a dream is a good sign. The dreamer is ready for decisive actions. Soon she will have to make an important decision, which may concern relationships with relatives, changing jobs, or moving.

In such a situation, you need to listen to your intuition . If the dreamer is not mistaken, she will soon rejoice at the results of her choice. An alternative meaning is forgiveness. Someone offended the sleeping woman, and she is ready to forgive this person. Thus, in reality it is worth showing gentleness and compliance, even if for this you have to step over your pride.

A good dream about an ex-boyfriend with another girl - if the sleeping woman saw herself in their company, for example, at a table in a restaurant. This means that she will continue to have a good relationship with this guy. In difficult times, she can count on his support.

A dream has a different meaning, where another girl and the dreamer’s ex-fiancé quarreled. In reality, they may break up, and then the guy will try to return the heroine of the dream.

But before you reunite, you should think carefully: it is not a fact that the dreamer will be able to forgive the betrayal. If she constantly reproaches the guy, they will soon break up again.

Dream Interpretation - Treason

Cheating - If you dreamed that you cheated, it means that something similar happened to you in real life. It is possible that this is not yet the fact of betrayal, but an intention that you are carefully considering. What good can cheating bring you? After all, living with the idea that you cheated and not being able to say it directly is not at all stimulating.

If you want to change only so that later you can openly declare this to your other half, we doubt that your future life will be friendly.

If you suddenly dreamed that your loved one cheated on you, this indicates that in reality you are worried about this possibility and are tormented by groundless suspicions.

Don’t suffer and don’t wet your pillow with tears, but talk frankly with the person.


If you cheated

If you had a night vision in which you yourself committed a similar offense with another man, according to the interpretation of the dream book of the famous American psychologist Miller, such a plot foreshadows a deterioration in the relationship with her husband, and the reason for this will be anger and incontinence.

Who was the lover

For a girl, her own betrayal with her husband’s friend means that your spouse will not support you at the right time.

With a stranger - to divorce in real life.

A man dreamed that he was cheating on his wife with a friend of easy virtue - to shame.

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