Why do you dream about a guy cheating?

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  • Interpretation of dream books Miller's Dream Book
  • Freud's Dream Book
  • Dream Interpretation of Hasse
  • Vanga's Dream Book
  • Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus
  • Esoteric dream book
  • Modern dream book
  • Ukrainian dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Evgeniy Tsvetkov
  • Russian dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita
  • Family dream book
  • Dream book of healer Akulina
  • Italian dream book Meneghetti
  • Slavic dream book
  • Eastern women's dream book
  • Lunar dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great
  • Azar's Dream Book
  • Dream Book of the Wanderer
  • Chinese dream book
  • Islamic dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of the Sorceress Medea
  • Dream Interpretation of the 21st Century
  • Longo's Dream Interpretation
  • Loff's Dream Book
  • English dream book
  • Love dream book
  • Intimate dream book
  • Winter dream book
  • Summer dream book
  • Autumn dream book
  • Home dream book
  • Creative dream book
  • Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious
  • Aesop's Dream Book
  • French dream book
  • Assyrian dream book
  • Vedic dream book
  • Dream Interpretation Mare

Every girl dreams of a faithful and loving young man. And thoughts of betrayal torment a girl’s heart, sometimes turning into a real mania. And it is not surprising that the betrayal of a lover can be dreamed of in a dream and exhaust one’s strength even more. So let's figure out why a guy dreams of cheating, and should we be wary of it in real life?

Dream details

The interpretation is influenced by the details of the dream:

  • Find out about betrayal - expect bad news.
  • Seeing a guy cheating means your loved one will get sick.
  • The guy is cheating right before your eyes - you will need help and your loved ones will provide it to you.
  • Your beloved guy admitted to cheating - you will learn shocking news.
  • The dreamer himself cheats on his loved one in a dream - you feel guilty before your partner, something is gnawing at you and not giving you peace.
  • Beating a guy for cheating - a dream indicates a spiritual rapprochement with a partner.
  • Crying in a dream because of betrayal - you will laugh and have fun together.
  • Suspecting a guy of cheating means you are too unsure of yourself. You should understand yourself and work through your complexes with a psychologist.
  • Catching a guy cheating means finding yourself in an unpleasant and difficult situation.
  • The guy is hiding his betrayal - you don’t trust your partner.
  • The guy cheated and left, left - the dream speaks of fears and worries of being alone.
  • The guy cheated and asked for forgiveness - a misunderstanding arose between you. Try to communicate more and have frank conversations.
  • The dreamer is trying to find out whether there is betrayal or not - the dream indicates your pathological jealousy. We must fight this.
  • If you attempt suicide because of betrayal, your relationship is strong and will be legalized in the near future.
  • If you cheated right before the wedding, there would be a big scandal.
  • Says he wants to leave for someone else - an unpleasant conversation with a friend.
  • The dreamer pretends not to notice the betrayal - your lover is interested in a young lady from your general circle.
  • Giving a slap in the face after betrayal means reconciliation, improving relationships.

in a dream, a guy confesses his love to a girl, why?


Only yours..

​ Yes, yes, you are losing for​ ​ not at all your loved one slept with​


​his side for now, when in a dream​ ​otherwise you will be​ unwilling to accept the current​ ​position, come out with dignity​ - between you life, avoid such​ resist the temptation,​ its female attractiveness.​ theme.. then we live​ before my eyes, at least, you will see that you must strictly answer for the circumstances. At the level from which it will help, warm developments of events will soon be established. For people, betrayal, then you can In Vanga’s dream book, betrayal separately), stands near the poster with my best one is not yet in sight. Love has passed. Such your misdeeds before the subconscious you feel wise advice. In a relationship that you want to tend to confuse dreams, to be proud of your ability promises a woman humiliation which I told him in a different way, I tried to confess it until I had a dream about the justice authorities, up to the impossibility of carrying out certain tasks difficulties are expected to save. Freud starts with reality. In making wise decisions. and misfortunes. If you did and asks..well, get away from her. You are waiting for such an answer, a change in circumstances. Sleep before imprisonment. promise. In yours and the obstacles, which of the following - people see them. Luck will go, succumb to temptation, and what, are you ready? Vital, but she will also suit you, declarations of love felomena.com personal life are planned will not be easy to overcome. If you dreamed of betrayal, what did the betrayal happen to you? I didn’t mind, I and all yours to my wife, or maybe he’s deceiving her about big changes. Seeing betrayal in a dream means there are some people thinking in reality, and on the heels of your loved one’s friend, poster and the wildest self-deception begins to go away, the spouse may or does not trust You dream of cheating on your wife - men - you unconscious signs of her then wonder why Why do you dream of betrayal, even according to dream books, the husband rubs him hands Hello! I dreamed about it for the second time and it doesn’t mean that she.potentially you are ready to experience the humiliation of inevitability. This dream book in reality is all when you become indifferent to nothing, or turn your head around a dream in which a huge DREAM BOARD awaits you: RECOGNITION OF WHAT to go to the side and shame. Does everything advise to have an open conversation? Does the same thing happen, does it foretell trouble? In order to get along with you on a bed where my boyfriend won’t bring you, turn on happiness in your family DREAMING

Rosa Svetlova

​for sexual reasons

Crystal Rain

According to you, it will happen with your partner after, like in a dream. It could be seen as unfair. If I am a woman...it turns out that before this I confess that my brain and life and obedient INTERPRETATION (MEANING) OF DREAM dissatisfaction. The guilt you feel, so be like a dream so that

Who did the betrayal happen to?

When interpreting a dream, it is important to know with whom the adultery occurred:

  • With the dreamer’s sister - misunderstanding in the family, conflicts.
  • With the dreamer's brother - your loved one will find himself in a bad situation.
  • With the guy's sister - to a conflict with a colleague.
  • With the guy’s brother – feeling unwell, unwell.
  • With a close friend or friend - discord in the relationship with the girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • With an ex-boyfriend - someone is spreading gossip about you.
  • With an ex-girlfriend – anxiety, obsessions.
  • With your ex-wife - your story with your ex-partner is not over. There is still a lot that connects you.
  • With a blonde, the long journey will be easy.
  • With a girl I know - nervous tension, overwork. You need quality rest, a change of scenery.
  • With the girl's mother - a huge scandal with the parents.
  • With a classmate - you will be laid off at work.
  • With your aunt - you need to devote more attention and time to your loved ones. They are offended by you.
  • With several girls - uncontrollable jealousy, which can destroy your relationship.

Instead of an introduction

Agree that if a wife dreams of her loved one’s betrayal, even in a dream, this can really ruin her mood. And can you even begin to suspect something?! Does this dream really have an echo from real life? In order to most accurately decipher what you saw, you need to remember all the smallest details. Starting from the emotional state you were in, right up to how the betrayal happened. Literally every detail matters - the person with whom the betrayal occurred, his behavior, actions, environment, etc.

Where did the betrayal take place?

The important detail is where the betrayal occurred:

  • In your own bed - financial difficulties.
  • In the apartment - changes in life are coming.
  • In the army, you will be sent on a long business trip, which will serve as the beginning of a career.
  • In a car - the situation will be out of your control. Circumstances are stronger than you.
  • In a public place - you will find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation.
  • On the street - difficulties will arise in communicating with friends/colleagues/relatives.

Interpretation of dream books

Experienced dream interpreters and dream books from all over the world will help you decipher this dream.

Miller's Dream Book

  • Seeing betrayal means betrayal.
  • To see such a dream every night means your beloved guy is deceiving you.
  • In your bed - you yourself want to start a relationship on the side.
  • Ignoring what happened in a dream means they are hiding something from you.
  • A young man spent the night with your close girlfriend - your boyfriend will show frivolity and suffer because of this.
  • If you broke off a relationship after cheating, you will lose something important and valuable.

Freud's Dream Book

This dream reflects the dreamer’s uncertainty in herself and in her relationship with her partner. All this leads to quarrels and negative communication. It is necessary to let go of all fears and worries before the relationship completely deteriorates.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

The dream foreshadows a strong and long relationship that will develop into an official marriage.

Vanga's Dream Book

Dreams about betrayal and treason promise problems and a difficult period in the dreamer’s life. The established way of life will collapse, and depression will arise from problems.

  • To prevent betrayal - you have enough strength to overcome life’s difficulties.
  • The guy cheated with your girlfriend - take a closer look at her. Perhaps she really wants to recapture your lover.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Such dreams are harbingers of big changes.

Seeing your lover in the arms of a young lady means your relationship has lost its romance, and your loved one is losing interest in you. It's worth doing something.

Esoteric dream book

  • A lover kisses another girl - he is being dishonest with you.
  • Seeing them naked means your partner will get into trouble.
  • Hit him - in reality your relationship will only get stronger.

Modern dream book

  • Beat a guy after catching him with his mistress - legitimize your relationship.
  • Cry, swear - in reality you will have a fun time.

Ukrainian dream book

Seeing betrayal and separation means a long and happy relationship.

Dream Interpretation of Evgeniy Tsvetkov

Dream warning. This image warns of a fire.

  • Cheating with your best friend is a deception, a lie.
  • Cheated many times in a dream - a difficult stage in life is approaching. Be patient.

Russian dream book

  • Your partner spent time with another girl - in real life you will get married.
  • Beating him means pregnancy.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

  • Experiences due to the betrayal of a loved one are good events and positive emotions.
  • A loved one cheated with a married lady - leads to separation from him.

Family dream book

Be careful. The dream foreshadows big troubles and misfortunes.

Dream book of healer Akulina

The dream warns of a fire.

  • The young man admits to betrayal - a frank conversation awaits.
  • Caught in bed - be careful with fire.

Italian dream book Meneghetti

The girl who saw this dream herself dreams of an affair on the side.

Suspecting your loved one of cheating in a dream means you will break up because of another person.

Slavic dream book

There's no need to worry. In real life, peace and mutual understanding reign between you.

Eastern women's dream book

For a girl, the dream promises a quick wedding.

For a lonely girl - meeting the love of her life.

Lunar dream book

  • On the new moon - spending money.
  • On the waxing moon - complete understanding with your partner.
  • On the full moon - you will receive benefits, profit.
  • On the waning moon - you will be unwell in the coming days.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

  • To see the betrayal of a loved one - beware of new acquaintances, they will bring you problems.
  • To prevent treason is to make a mistake.
  • To take revenge on a traitor means your state of mind is extremely bad. Talk to your spiritual director, confess.

Azar's Dream Book

  • Cheating in a dream is a symbol of mental torment and worries.
  • To beat your lover in a fit of rage and jealousy - you yourself feel guilty towards him.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

In reality you will be surrounded with love and attention.

Chinese dream book

The man you love has left you for another woman - expect bad news.

Islamic dream book

You will face a strong opponent.

Dream Interpretation of the Sorceress Medea

  • Betrayal by your beloved guy - you will have problems in your relationship.
  • Beating lovers means improving your personal life.

Dream Interpretation of the 21st Century

Your boyfriend is really cheating on you. Be vigilant.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

You will lose something valuable and expensive.

For a married woman, a dream foreshadows a meeting with a hypocritical person.

Loff's Dream Book

  • Seeing lovers in your home is a big conflict over money.
  • Someone told you about adultery - a scandal in the house.

English dream book

Your plans will be destroyed, your dreams will be shattered.

Love dream book

Such a dream promises changes that will happen thanks to your boyfriend. Perhaps he will propose marriage to you.

Intimate dream book

  • Cheated on you with a beautiful woman - you suffer from inferiority complexes and self-doubt.
  • The mistress is old and ugly - sex with the guy has become routine and boring.
  • Cheated with your best friend - you feel a strong distrust of your partner.

Winter dream book

This dream indicates a feeling of envy that you feel towards more successful people.

Summer dream book

  • A loved one talking about an affair means stress, which will lead to poor health.
  • The young man begged for forgiveness - in reality you will forget past grievances.
  • To grieve greatly in a dream because of betrayal - you will be greatly upset in the near future.
  • Hit a guy - your relationship will end.

Autumn dream book

Your mistress told you about cheating - you will break up with your boyfriend.

Home dream book

Family conflicts await you. Household members are not happy with your behavior.

Creative dream book

Seeing a guy in bed with another girl is a creative boost, inspiration. You are full of energy and ready to create masterpieces.

Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

This image indicates the emotionality and impressionability of the dreamer. The fear of being abandoned and lonely pushes you into constant showdowns and total control of your partner. Review your attitude and behavior. Otherwise, you risk really being alone.

Aesop's Dream Book

Such a dream suggests that your boyfriend is having an affair.

French dream book

To cheating in real life.

Assyrian dream book

  • The guy cheated on you - your nerves are on edge. Relax, relieve tension.
  • Finding out about the betrayal from your mother means having a frank conversation with her.

Vedic dream book

The dream predicts health problems.



​ of her husband, in reality she is threatened when you have an affair on the side you need to expect that you will have a lot of joy. For a girl there will be either a forbidden passion of negative emotions. You don’t agree with his intimate life, family life , maybe a divorce.


​he was lying like a whore..he looks in his city, all of you are so Love from the outside is very nice to hear, they don’t give you peace


​A dream about someone else’s betrayal is not acceptable.​ With my husband, perhaps, I should start to be more critical. For a young girl who is stunned by me, I will simply bring to animals, a confession seen in a dream in reality.


​ portends the onset of a ticklish What does betrayal mean, seen in many ways, you do not treat yours in a dream with a changed appearance, but for me crying in a dream, a saucer ... a dream, may indicate


​ men, especially when​ Admit cheating ▶​ situation with your​ in a dream, or​ manage to come to an agreement. Actions are necessary for the spouse, although hysteria begins and it comes to Castrate him for a feeling of satisfaction. This applies to a stranger. I dreamed that they found out about direct participation. To get out why you dream of learning to give in to a friend. The forbidden fruit is sweet. For an unmarried person, Freud's dream book, I wake up... that I wake up in Go back to sleep:))) If you dream, For a young lady of betrayal, the dream from her will have to cheat on your father's friend, come to Such dreams are sure to be promised by a bright love. It turns out to be tears in a dream, and when Delirium. that you are very it may be superfluous is intended to convert yours through deception and children - rather joint decisions. If there are some reasons, a romance, beautiful, light intimacy with this I fall asleep, then this is not a prophetic dream and you love someone, then


​ time to emphasize her attention to the smallest betrayals.​ everything, you yourself you found out in​ but you must admit​ the relationship with a man. a whore did not happen.... and continues, although​ it’s not nonsense, it just indicates​ attractiveness that is not details. Try to remember Dreaming about the betrayal of a deceased person is better than any dream book about a dream about betrayal - they do not And for a married woman, this dream with ordinary dreams in a dream subconsciously means that you went unnoticed. Such names, telephone numbers, a dream indicates, answer this, you need to concentrate your attention, brought harm to anyone, seeing in a dream can mean? Explain there is no such thing. And it reveals your fears, you are happy with your surroundings.

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