Dream Interpretation - betrayal: why dream of seeing your husband or wife cheating before your eyes? Why do you dream of cheating on your mother, father, ex-boyfriend, or your own betrayal?

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Betrayal by a loved one in real life is a depressing incident that leaves a deep mark on the soul. It is akin to betrayal, is not forgotten and is forgiven in quite rare cases. But why dream of betrayal in a dream? You can find the answer to this question in the current article.

Why do you dream about betrayal? The meaning of a dream with betrayal

Cheating often accompanies any intimate and marital relationship. There are even cases in life when even an extremely faithful and devoted partner is capable of betrayal. Particularly common are dreams where one lover cheats on another. Surprisingly, such a dream may not cause any attacks of conscience, or torment, or jealousy.

It is worth noting that a dream with betrayal has a rather contradictory meaning and most likely, if in a dream you cheated on your loved one, this will mean your long and happy life together in real life.

What does a dream with betrayal portend?
Often, a dream about betrayal has other meanings:

  • Cheating on your loved one, in which you do not feel your own pricks of conscience, also means financial problems that you are currently experiencing or that you will encounter in the future.
  • Such a dream can actually “scream” to you that problems and literally a “dark streak” may occur in your personal relationships. Be attentive to your partner and try not to look for quarrels with him.
  • If in a dream you clearly saw pictures that revealed scenes of a loved one’s betrayal for you, most likely they subconsciously convey to you your experiences. Thus, you are very worried that you might lose your loved one or break up with him.
  • If your loved one is cheating on you in a dream, you should pay attention to the state of his health in real life. It is quite possible that such a dream foreshadows imminent illness for the “cheater.”
  • If in a dream you clearly feel that in a dream they are trying to seduce you in all sorts of ways, this is a sign that in real life you may experience some difficulties in relations with your superiors or people of senior status and position.

If you feel a pang of jealousy after sleeping with cheating, you should not make all the claims against your loved one in order to avoid possible groundless quarrels and discord. You should pay attention to your partner, try to devote time to him and just have a good time.

Who exactly dreamed of female infidelity

An important clarification is the fact which spouse dreamed of his wife’s infidelity:

  1. To my husband. In such cases, experts advise a man to pay attention to his self-esteem. It is possible that the young man is experiencing self-doubt. Another possible option is the desire for intimacy in a threesome.
  2. Woman. If a spouse saw a dream about her betrayal, then this could be a warning about the machinations and gossip of enemies. Freud gave a slightly different interpretation of such dreams. He believed that the woman had already experienced tender feelings for another man, but suppressed them.

Why do you dream about your own betrayal?

It is worth more carefully understanding the meaning of the dream in which you clearly saw your betrayal of your loved one:

  • First of all, it is worth noting that such a dream has a hidden psychological interpretation of a sexual nature. That is, it only means that in real life your actions or thoughts are not too “pure” and you have one “sin”.
  • If in a dream you saw pictures not of sexual intercourse itself, but rather of the sensations that are present at the moment of exposure, this dream may hint to you in real life about problems in your relationship with your partner. Most often, such dreams indicate that there is some deception and infidelity in the relationship. Don’t rush to arrange a “debriefing” in real life; find the strength and courage to discuss all the issues of concern with your loved one.
  • Often, one dreams of one’s own betrayal who is not confident in the purity and strength of his personal relationships or doubts that his partner has the most “pure” intentions and attitudes towards him. Dreams about cheating happen when you need to sort out your life with a lot of doubts and thoughts.
  • Dreams about cheating can also have a deep meaning of the presence of sexual problems in a couple. That is, if you have sex in a dream, it means that in real life you are not satisfied with sex with your partner.
  • If you clearly see in a dream a situation where you are cheating on your loved one, this means the presence of problems in your relationship. Most likely, a chill ran between the previously ardent lovers and you repeatedly thought that the time would soon come to break up the relationship.

a dream in which you cheated

Sleep as a reflection of mental state

The authors of the “Family Dream Book” also consider the question of why one dreams that a girl cheated on her boyfriend not with a man, but with one of her friends. In our “advanced” century, such relationships are by no means uncommon and have long ceased to cause universal condemnation. So in this case, the dreamer is recommended to understand her sexual inclinations in more detail, and build her future life in accordance with them.

Of course, all of the above applies primarily to girls who have reassured their boyfriend in reality with a promise of marriage. These interpretations have no relation to all other persons not bound by vows of love. The only exceptions are those who often have visions of lesbian love. The authors strongly recommend that they consult a psychotherapist, since such dreams may indicate a certain pathology, which is very difficult to cope with without the help of a specialist.

Cheating in a dream, why do you dream about your father cheating?

If your parents appear in a dream, this is a sign that some difficulties are arising in your real life and you require some help. If you dream about your father, this is a sign of strength and wisdom, which is dreamed of in order to warn you of foreshadowing events.

Depending on how exactly you dreamed about your father, there are several quite understandable interpretations:

  • Seeing a strictly father in a dream means education. Perhaps in real life you had the opportunity to behave “not quite well.” If the meaning is intimate, then most likely you were not faithful to your loved one or spouse.
  • If in a dream you saw your father who cheated on your mother, this dream has a very serious meaning and, as it were, warns you that in real life you may encounter the betrayal of a loved one (in this case we are talking only about men).
  • If in a dream your father cheated on his wife , this has a very serious omen for you. Perhaps you often think about how you want to “get away” or you are experiencing difficulties in the relationship you are in at the moment in your life.

In any case, a father in a dream is a symbol of wisdom, loyalty and self-confidence. If you see in a dream pictures of obvious betrayal by the person whom you have respected throughout your life, this only means that in reality there are difficulties of an intimate nature in your relationship.

dream in which my husband cheated

A girl cheating on her lover - what does it mean?

A dreamed betrayal characterizes a person:

  1. Willful and independent. It is difficult to put up with other people's opinions. Even feelings do not make you softer and more compliant. Work on these qualities so as not to lose your soul mate.
  2. Ready for changes in fate. Hint to your partner that it's time to move on.
  3. Presence of complexes. Constant negative analysis of appearance and behavior pushes to obtain evidence of indispensable attractiveness. In reality, misconduct is impossible, which is why “pampering” happens in the plot.

To be with another in the presence of the present is to experience a constant lack of attention, tenderness, and affection. Think about whether this object was preferred? Is he able to meet your needs?

Cheating in a dream, why do you dream about cheating on your mother?

A dream in which your parents come to you represents you or events in your life that require either help or permission.

A dream in which a mother cheats on her father has several serious interpretations:

  • First of all, such a dream hints to you that in the depths of your thoughts there are some doubts towards your loved one. The mother embodies in a dream the woman who had this dream, and if you experience remorse during sleep, you should carefully consider your actions in real life.
  • Such a dream may foretell possible problems for you in your professional activities: quarrels and scandals at work, with your bosses and colleagues. Try to correctly interpret the meaning of sleep to avoid unpleasant consequences.
  • If in a dream you clearly see feelings about your mother’s betrayal of your father, then in real life you most likely experience some remorse that concerns your relationship with your family and loved ones. Reconsider your attitude towards all family members and try to improve relationships with everyone.

dreamed of betrayal

General interpretation

They decipher the most complex plot from two different sides: esoteric and psychological. Experts explain adultery this way:

  1. Unpleasant news is coming regarding any area. For example, troubles are brewing at work.
  2. Your own fornication is a reflection of the pangs of conscience. You didn't deliver on what you promised someone. The subconscious interprets the circumstance as betrayal.
  3. You anticipate accusations. They will really follow. They will be convicted of breaking the law and failing to fulfill their duties. The basis of the claims is banal slander. Think about your line of defense in advance.
  4. Your “marital infidelity” is widely discussed by idle gossips. Having learned the essence of the gossip, you will scold yourself for being gullible. They revealed the details to an unworthy friend.

Attention: one of the popular interpretations states that the spouse walks to the left. It is advisable to analyze the events of recent days to rule out this option.

Psychologists' opinion

The nightmare is caused by childhood experiences or adult emotions. Specifics:

  1. A friend constantly talks about her adventures. Against your will, you get carried away by interesting stories from her tangled romantic life.
  2. One of the parents had affairs, and the other suffered. This is etched in my memory. Now the images return as fears.
  3. Get angry at your loved one whose behavior does not stand up to criticism. The idea of ​​changing your spouse arises.
  4. My husband's friend suffered from his cheating wife. Vash, knowing about this fact, was tormented by suspicions and could not sleep. The experiences were passed on.
  5. We experienced a sudden interest in a stranger. The fleeting feeling surfaced like a lascivious picture.
  6. Your spouse stole you from your ex or vice versa. Previous experience haunts me.

Treason is identical to perfidy, betrayal. This is exactly how our subconscious perceives adultery. Pictures of infidelity precede a serious mistake in professional activity. The consequences will affect your reputation and wallet.

Why do you dream about your wife cheating on you before your eyes?

A dream in which a man sees his wife cheating is very common among the stronger half of humanity only because men are more jealous and sensitive than women. Such dreams can have different meanings depending on how exactly he dreamed of his wife or beloved woman.

A dream in which a man dreams of his wife cheating has several interpretations:

  • If in a dream a man saw pictures of his woman’s betrayal and felt pangs of jealousy, then most likely in real life the woman’s behavior in some way influences him subconsciously. In this case, you should find the strength in yourself to discuss all the problems in the relationship and come to a solution to all unclear situations.
  • Perhaps such a dream has an intimate meaning and tells a man that in real life he has problems in his sexual relationship with his wife: misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, moral dissatisfaction, suppression of a partner. In this case, you should completely reconsider your attitude towards sex and make it one that suits both women and men.
  • Such a dream can also be a kind of “warning” for a man, which warns him against possible dangers in real life. You should give your woman enough attention and affection so that the woman does not “lead to the side.”
  • If, during the betrayal of his wife, the husband was able to clearly see the person with whom the betrayal occurred and recognized him as a loved one, it is worth thinking about what kind of relationship you have with this person in real life. Perhaps it does not pose any threat to your intimate life, but it can have an impact on your professional activities.

Why do you dream about betrayal?

A dream in which a woman cheats on her husband is always warning in nature and can prompt both spouses to somehow change their lives and attitudes towards each other.

It often happens that a man who values ​​family life and his loved one has a dream about his wife cheating on him. Most likely, such a man is simply afraid of being alone and being abandoned by his wife.

What can such a dream tell a man:

  • Such a dream tells a man that perhaps he is a little unfair towards his woman and he should slightly change his behavior towards his wife: be more affectionate, sensitive, attentive and gentle. Perhaps the man is too strict, and in this case you should slightly change the expression of violent emotions to calmness and learn to give in to the woman you love.
  • On the other hand, such a sign foreshadows for a man the “threat” of a breakup and separation. Perhaps soon the opportunity will come to test and test your relationship for strength and fidelity. The outcome of such “tests” cannot be known in advance and it is possible that the woman will show herself on the good side, or perhaps be very disappointed.
  • It is also worth paying attention to what feelings a man experiences in a dream when he observes the betrayal of his woman. If he is jealous and acute, this will force him in real life to reconsider his attitude towards his wife, and if calmly, perhaps such an event has the character of an omen of “coldness” in family relationships.

the meaning of betrayal in a dream

Who did you cheat with in your dream?

The personality of the virtual lover is of decisive importance for the forecast. Whose friend was it, yours or your boyfriend's? I dreamed of sex with an acquaintance or with an unknown person. Every subtlety changes the essence.

With ex

An ambiguous scene. You can't brush it off. Details:

  1. You are afraid of losing your current one. Afraid of being abandoned again.
  2. The internal connection with the young man from the past has not yet been broken. There are unfinished issues between you.
  3. She's confused, she doesn't know what exactly she wants.
  4. At home you fornicated with the same person - communication with your inner circle is stressful. No habit of trusting.
  5. In the ex's apartment - to the inability to resolve accumulated issues. Trying to hide behind someone's back.

A smiling guy during sex is a sign of gossip. A friend discusses your personal sphere, embellishing and supplementing it with non-existent details. Ideas fall on the head of the dumbfounded present.

With his brother

Children of the same parents often compete from an early age. Competition for mom and dad's affections turns suspicious when the boys begin to create their own space. Bed pleasures with the boyfriend's brother are a subconscious reflection of his jealousy. Against his will, he compares himself to his bloodline, usually inadequately.

Forecast: partnership quarrels due to mistrust. Other options: unreasonable spending, vanity, wrong decisions.

With a younger brother - you underestimate your abilities; the elder reflects a persistent desire to succeed. Achievements are very likely if you have the courage to stand up to your rivals.

Romantic setting, beautiful nature - perfect for relaxation. Travel away from the city with your loved one.

With his friend

Disappointment. The undertaking will fail. And minor troubles will ruin your nerves. Clothes detailing during betrayal:

  • black - unfortunately;
  • white - to reciprocity;
  • red - for an affair;
  • blue - to hope;
  • green - for a good change.

If he plunges into sin in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth, his plan will result in major troubles. Gossip, condemnation, and reproaches from loved ones will be added to the painful failure.

With my friend

It's time to be wary. Take a closer look at this man. Is he really trustworthy? Can you rely on him? You will come to sad conclusions. Other interpretations:

  1. Deep inside you know that you are dating an indifferent young man. He is only interested in himself.
  2. Envy will cover you with a black wave of gossip. The friends with whom you share the details of what is happening will be not indifferent to your successes.

We didn’t want to end up in the arms of a friend, but we couldn’t resist - sort out your feelings. This is a sign of nascent passion for the dreamer.

With a stranger

Betrayal is not a good signal. You misjudge your own emotions. It just seems like they're in love. But in fact, the heart wants real passion. Prepare to end your existing romantic relationship and find a new one.

Surrendered yourself with great desire to a stranger - the ability to act rashly often fails you. Learn to restrain your first impulse. Then there will be much less trouble and disappointment. Rationality of thinking contributes to maintaining business reputation and the respect of others.

A young stranger in your bed means your relationship with your partner has reached a dead end. We stopped feeling comfortable and joyful in the presence of our loved one. Every day is similar to the previous one, and this series brings boredom. We had fun with a man much older in age - we were tired of the current excessive guardianship. A desire for liberation is brewing latently. If you don't release the steam, an explosion will follow.

With a colleague, classmate

A lovely prophetic picture that opens your eyes to the love of this particular person. The guy is getting ready to confess his feelings and fight for your favor. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it. The plot only suggests that his love is sincere.

You saw a former classmate in a virtual novel - meet. The man gets bored, remembering the old days. Great conversation.

With teacher

Mutual love for a teacher—something is missing. The spirit strives for something new, but logic is not yet able to catch the message. Calm down, sit in silence. The answer will come.

If you are just planning adultery with your teacher, you will soon part with yours. Another meeting will turn out to be fateful, turning life upside down.

Seeing the fact of your own betrayal from the outside leads to slander, threats, and showdowns. Asking for forgiveness for treachery is fortunate.

Why do you dream about your husband cheating before your eyes?

Very often, women, due to their sensitivity, have dreams in which their husbands cheat on them for various reasons. Depending on what day of the week the dream occurs and what feelings the woman experiences, the dream should be interpreted.

You should know important information about when you had a dream about cheating. If he appeared to you in the first half of the week, this is a sign that has the significance of future events, that is, it warns you about the dangers of the future.

Other sleep meanings by day of the week:

  • Monday - often a dream on Monday turns out to be prophetic and foreshadows only possible betrayals of your spouse in the future, or these are memories of the past (that is, just recently your husband cheated on you).
  • Tuesday - the meaning of such a dream is often similar to the previous one, but most likely it is simply in the nature of long-standing events. You should take a little break from such a dream and make every effort to improve family relationships.
  • Wednesday - often characterizes the spouse as a regular cheater. In this case, you need to find the strength within yourself for a serious conversation in order to dot the i’s and avoid difficulties in the relationship.
  • Thursday - on such a day you often have a “prophetic dream”, that is, one that is designed to warn you of possible difficulties. You should pay close attention to all difficulties in relationships and try to avoid problems. Perhaps in the future your spouse will be overtaken by a holiday romance or a fleeting romance at work.
  • Friday - such a dream has a rather “sad” character and most often indicates that your spouse had connections “on the side.” Talk to your loved one, find solutions to problems and ways to restore family relationships.
  • Saturday or Sunday is of a frivolous nature and is most likely dreamed of in order for you to slightly change your attitude towards your husband: to become kinder, more gentle and more attentive. Such a dream should not be taken to heart.

when did you have a dream about cheating?
Interpretation of a dream in which a woman dreams of her husband cheating:

  • First of all, if you see betrayal in a dream, this is an alarming “bell” for you in real life. It does not necessarily mean problems for you in your intimate life with your spouse and can mean betrayal from any other side: from colleagues, children, relatives and friends.
  • Often such a dream occurs before a person is going to deceive you and lie to you. Therefore, you should pay attention to what kind of relationship you have with your friends, whether there are enemies and those people from whom you can expect a dirty trick.
  • Well, the most important meaning of the dream is that you should reconsider the sensitivity and frankness of your relationship with your partner. Perhaps a chill ran between the spouses and they lost their former sensuality. This can invariably lead to problems with loyalty and betrayal of one of them.

In any case, if a woman had a dream in which a man cheats on her, she should not transfer it into real life, because this is only your subconscious. It is necessary to reconsider your personal doubts and thoughts, find answers to troubling questions and try to restore the ardor of romantic feelings.

There is a third wheel in a relationship


Even if your partner doesn't have a romantic interest, you may feel like someone or something is standing between you. "It could be a friend, a job, a child, or anything else that makes you feel betrayed," Loewenberg explains.

Dreams help your brain make sense of everything. Even if you have the slightest thought about betrayal, the corresponding dream is just around the corner.

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Why do you dream about your ex-boyfriend cheating?

Former relationships in the life of every person leave an imprint on their entire future existence. In any case, this is an experience that should be analyzed and a kind of “work on mistakes” done in order to build ideal relationships in the future.

How to interpret a dream in which you dreamed about your ex-boyfriend cheating on you:

  • First of all, it may be in the nature of “memories” for you. Most likely, you once experienced such a relationship and the feelings that you felt at that moment haunt you to this day.
  • If you had such a dream in your married life, then most likely you are experiencing the same feelings and are afraid of losing your husband for the same reason as in previous unsuccessful relationships.
  • If you received unpleasant emotions from a dream, then most likely this tells you that you attach a lot of importance to other men: you often communicate with the opposite sex and accept their signs of attention. You should completely reconsider your attitude towards your real spouse and be more attentive only to him.

dreamed of an ex's betrayal


The setting also influences the interpretation. Sometimes it changes it completely:

  1. Indulging in fornication in the bedroom means a huge scandal, including divorce.
  2. At a resort, in an exotic setting - to an unpleasant, difficult business trip.
  3. At the dacha, in the village, in the forest - to losses.
  4. In an elevator, on the roof - to an unexpected elevation. Don't miss the chance!
  5. In someone else's apartment - to real adultery.
  6. On a business trip, commit the sin of having a party, for which you will receive a beating from half of it.
  7. At a holiday, wedding - for a mourning event.

The hostess took you by surprise naked - prepare yourself internally for divorce. The reason for this decision is the most ordinary: the wife does not have enough money. If you have kept the secret of your adventures, you will get out of the water unscathed in a slippery situation.

Why do you dream about your husband cheating on you with a man?

Often the dream is quite metaphorical in nature. No person is immune from the fact that a developed imagination will be able to show him completely contradictory pictures or scenes of a dubious nature.

In this case, such a dream can be interpreted very differently:

  • Your husband pays little attention to you and you often worry that you can easily lose him at one point.
  • Your husband withdraws from you in your intimate life and you do not experience sufficient satisfaction from your sexual relationship.
  • You would like to experience more vivid emotions from sex and therefore want to bring variety of an intimate nature into your life: threesome, same-sex sex, and so on.

In any case, seeing your spouse in an intimate relationship with a person not of the opposite sex is a sign of sexual disorders. It is worth reconsidering your attitude towards your spouse and trying to change something in your relationship for the better.

dream with scenes of betrayal

Cheating with a kiss

Ambiguous dream. Kissing someone else means infidelity in reality. Only the one you love will go to the left. But there are alternative interpretations:

  • a quick pleasant meeting with friends;
  • a cheerful party where no one thinks about decency;
  • job change;
  • dreams come true.

An unpleasant passionate kiss prophesies a clever trap. An unkind girlfriend will try to put you in unbearable, discrediting conditions.

Why do you dream about admitting treason?

such a dream can be quite clearly interpreted, because it always has a personal meaning:

  • You have secrets that you are afraid and do not want to hide. In this case, you need to try to find a common language with your soulmate and talk to him about your secrets.
  • In real life, you have had the experience of “relations on the side” and the subconscious in a dream does not try to hide this fact of betrayal from your spouse.
  • If in a dream you confess to your loved one that you are cheating, this is not always of a negative nature and most often such a confession is comparable to a declaration of love.

interpretation of dreams about treason

Interpretation of dreams about betrayal according to various dream books

The interpretation of dreams about betrayal can be found in almost every dream book. However, there are interpretations that contradict each other. This phenomenon is explained by the difference in points of view of somnologists. As mentioned above, some of them give preference to psychoanalysis, others to esotericism.

For the most accurate interpretation of the image of betrayal in a dream, one should study the interpretations of both psychoanalytic and esoteric dream books.

Recommended publications from the point of view of psychoanalysis are:

  • Dream book of Sigmund Freud. The famous psychotherapist is of the opinion that betrayal in a dream personifies the dreamer’s hidden sexual aspirations or is a symptom of his pathological jealousy;
  • Dream book of David Loff . The psychoanalyst views such dreams as a projection of a person’s real fears;
  • Dream book of Gustav Miller. A somnologist and psychoanalyst is of the opinion that in a person’s sleep, intuition is actively working. Therefore, dreams can talk about the future.

Recommended esoteric publications include:

  • Vanga's dream book, according to which such dreams are often positive;
  • Dream book of the magician Yuri Longo , who considers betrayal in a dream as an inverted image;
  • Dream book of the 21st century, the latest edition, giving the most detailed interpretation of the image of betrayal in a dream.

To determine the interpretation of your own dream about betrayal, in addition to the meaning of the image, take into account your physical and emotional state on the eve of the dream. This will help you choose the appropriate interpretation.

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Why do I constantly dream about betrayal?

Cheating is a human act that often brings negative consequences. She can completely change the attitude towards you and put an end to even the most romantic relationships.

If betrayal often comes in dreams:

  • You should reconsider your relationship with your spouse or loved one. This must be done because a loving heart is not capable of constantly seeing such dreams and worrying about them. Most likely, you are experiencing some kind of intimate or sexual difficulties.
  • Treason is a harbinger of bad deeds and therefore you should reconsider the attitude of the people around you towards you. This is necessary in order to avoid betrayal and deception.
  • Cheating in a dream often indicates that in real life you feel dissatisfied. This can be both sexual and psychological in nature. You may be constantly suppressed by your partner, boss, colleagues or parents. Cheating is an escape from problems that your subconscious draws for you.

dreams about cheating

According to Freud

The psychoanalyst goes deeper into the plot. Infidelity is a reflection of inner aspiration. Detail:

  1. Losing a loved one is scary. You don’t consider yourself worthy of your current partnership (ugly, awkward, incapable, unaffectionate, uninteresting).
  2. You suffer from your hubby's character. There is a lack of affection, care, and attentiveness. Sex also seems dull and dull. All this creates the impression that they are unable to truly light up a lover.

Prediction: You will meet someone else. But don’t decide to break with your current one right away. The twofold situation will drag on. The deception will hurt even more. It is better to avoid dishonesty and solve everything at once.

Why do you dream about your late husband cheating?

The dream in which you saw your deceased husband can have several meanings, depending on the nature of the dream:

  • your deceased husband before any financial difficulties are about to befall you. If your late husband is cheating on you and you see clear pictures of the betrayal, then perhaps this indicates that future spending will not be too global and significant for the budget.
  • deceased husband in order to warn her about the possibility of deception. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to who, besides him, you dreamed about.
  • The dream can also be of a restless nature, in which both you and your ex-deceased husband may worry. In this case, you need to analyze the situation and if there are no problems in your life, simply remember the deceased so that his soul finds peace.

meanings of dreams with pictures of a loved one cheating

The actions of the sleeper and their decoding

When interpreting a dream, not only the fact of betrayal is important, but also the actions of the sleeper. If the husband:

  • shot his wife - there will be legal proceedings and big troubles;
  • beat your spouse - you should be careful in your actions, rash decisions can lead to imprisonment;
  • got into a fight with a lover - an unpleasant situation that will cause stress, nervous tension, breakdown;
  • is silent and hides that he knows about the betrayal - ill-wishers can reveal to everyone some secret of the sleeping person;
  • cried - a difficult situation, a depressive state;
  • forgave - a happy life and harmony await the spouses;
  • decided to get a divorce - receiving a bonus or inheritance, winnings, financial enrichment;
  • hired a detective - a long-awaited vacation, a trip to the sea, pleasant leisure time;
  • looks at a photo of his wife and another man - to buy furniture or equipment for the house;
  • has come to terms with betrayal, tolerates the presence of a lover - rapid advancement up the career ladder;
  • tells someone about what his wife did - unexpected monetary gain;
  • finds a lover in the closet - troubles in the workplace, conflicts.

Why do you dream about finding out about your husband’s cheating?

Women often have such a dream and most often have a warning character:

  • Be attentive to the health status of both yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps the dream foretells you an illness.
  • Perhaps someone in your family is hiding a secret. This secret can be destructive for one family member or for all.
  • The dream often suggests that one of the spouses does not behave quite decently, and even if he has not cheated on his other half, his thoughts are not entirely “pure” - it is worth checking his contacts and circle of communication in order to avoid betrayal.

betrayal of a loved one, dream

Why do you dream about your husband cheating on your sister?

First of all, if a woman sees such a dream very clearly and clearly, she should reconsider her attitude towards these two important people and only then interpret its meaning:

  • Often a dream arises out of jealousy because your man had the opportunity to let slip or compliment your sister.
  • On the other hand, such a dream has a meaning that completely speaks of your dissatisfaction with yourself - you consider your shortcomings too obvious, and you consider yourself ugly and unattractive.
  • Another meaning of sleep is quarrels in the family, which may be present soon, or already exist. You should talk to a loved one and solve all the problems.

Why dream of beating your husband for cheating?

A dream in which a wife punishes her husband for cheating has a completely understandable interpretation:

  • The woman suffered an insult from her man and her insult is so great that it requires punishment. Often such a dream is dreamed by insecure women in real life, who are unable to object to their husbands.
  • Perhaps this event took place in real life and left an imprint on the subconscious. The woman could not forgive the betrayal, although she does not show it in real life. The subconscious expresses her real feelings.
  • Such a dream can also foreshadow future quarrels in a married couple and a showdown over any wrong action that the husband commits towards his wife.

how to understand a dream about betrayal?

Direct predictions

Everything is simple here. The subconscious demonstrates the coming betrayal in all its glory. A lover sees her partner caressing her rival. Similarly, a guy dreams of his adored girlfriend in someone else’s arms. Characteristics of the hint:

  1. The traitor does not show displeasure from the caresses of his mistress.
  2. The presence of the deceived person in the plot does not change the events in any way.
  3. Lovers in a dream are so passionate about each other that they do not notice anything around them.
  4. Their poses are extremely frank, their movements are full of passion.

Many authorities interpret adultery in Dreamland differently. It is generally accepted that this nightmare foreshadows fidelity. Only partly true. Symbolic fornication promises the devotion of the adored character. And direct is a passion for another object.

What does it mean to have a dream in which a woman cheats on her loved one?

  • Often such a dream comes into a woman’s subconscious only because her real intimate life does not bring her pleasure: there are no vivid experiences, interest in a regular partner, or even warm feelings.
  • Another explanation is that a woman strives for the vivid emotions that she experienced before regular intimate relationships with one person happened in her life.
  • On the other hand, such a dream foreshadows the presence of another man in a woman’s life who will show her signs of attention and confess his love.

In this case, it is not the dream itself and its events that is of great importance, but the woman’s attitude towards betrayal and her experiences. If she experiences joy, this is a sure sign that sooner or later her serious relationship will come to an end.

Types of dreams predicting infidelity

Before turning to authoritative interpreters, you need to analyze the script. The symbolism of night visions is interpreted. Kinds:

  1. Straight . You see the betrayal happening at the moment.
  2. Symbolic. Encrypted prediction.

Both varieties are prophetic. And there are also empty pictures. There is no point in interpreting them. You will only become even more nervous and push your significant other away.

The action plan to identify a real or potential traitor is as follows:

  1. Find out whether the scenario that aroused suspicion is prophetic.
  2. Decipher carefully and thoughtfully.
  3. Make a decision to continue the relationship (this is a different topic).

Definition: prophetic is a dream characterized by vivid images that are etched into memory. It is almost impossible to get rid of the painting. It swirls around in your head against your will, brings up unpleasant thoughts, and evokes negative emotions. The last points apply only to plots prophesying treason.

Why does a pregnant woman dream about her husband cheating?

Often pregnant women have dreams in which their lovers cheat on them with other women. In this case, dreams are of a deep psychological nature and can be quite realistically interpreted:

  • A woman worries about her unattractiveness and considers herself not beautiful while she is getting better and carrying a child.
  • A woman lacks intimate life, which is limited during the period of bearing a child.
  • A woman feels little attention from her beloved man and therefore the subconscious draws her greatest fears.

dreams of betrayal and treason

Seduction or accident


  1. If you seduce another, it’s time to embrace feminine power. Down with complexes and uncertainty.
  2. Accidentally ended up in bed with someone else - a turning point is ahead. Possible unplanned pregnancy. We'll have to decide what to do. Trust the father of the unborn child, share responsibility.
  3. A stranger seduces - a moment of decisive action. You have been hatching some plans for a long time. The right moment is coming to implement them.

It is favorable to resist temptation. If you managed to overcome temptation, you deserve great happiness. It's already on the doorstep.

What is the meaning of the dream that you have on Thursday and Friday about your husband cheating on you?

There is an opinion that a dream that occurs from Thursday to Friday is prophetic, and this is true. However, it is worth understanding that sexual betrayal does not always have a direct meaning and most often such a dream tries to warn a person about a possible betrayal in the future.

Therefore, you should be extremely careful about your relationships with loved ones and friends, colleagues and bosses in order to avoid unpleasant quarrels and showdowns. Be honest and try not to plot against others.

Tips for the days of the week

Prophetic forecasts do not happen every night. The images are influenced by the regular and lunar calendar. On nights of the week the adjustments are as follows:

  1. For Monday, he sets priorities. If a love scene constantly appears, it means that you will soon change your attitude towards your sweetheart.
  2. For Tuesday. The visions are inspired by the wounds of past years. Adultery is dreamed of as protection against the alleged betrayal of a loved one.
  3. For Wednesday. Prophetic image of the presence or appearance of extramarital relationships.
  4. For Thursday - about the financial sector.
  5. On Friday - comes true during the week.
  6. On Saturday - they warn. You are afraid of a treacherous stab in the back.
  7. On Sunday - a harbinger of an annoying misfortune (deception, illness, misunderstanding).
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