Dream Interpretation – seeing eyes in a dream: the meaning of the dream. Why do you dream about the eyes of a person, an animal, dream about betrayal before your eyes, murder, a plane crash, barley, worms, tears, blood, lenses, pain, eyesores, arrows, eyesight

In the dream book, blood from the eyes means missing family and friends, a symbol of inner melancholy. Also - receive news from friends and acquaintances, favorable news. But it’s also common to feel anxious and worried, and to feel self-doubt.

This dream is quite rare, and such symbols can be interpreted with certain discrepancies. For the most correct and comprehensive answer to the question of why you dream of blood from the eyes, we have extracted information for you from the most reliable and modern publications. The sources were taken from the publications of Miller and Vanga, as the most famous and reliable, as well as the lunar and modern dream books.

Dreams about children

In the dream book you can find out why you dream of blood from the eyes of a child you know well. If the bleeding is caused by injury, there will be a heavy price to pay for carelessness.

An image in a dream means the risk of becoming an involuntary witness; the incident will make you worry. As a rule, the baby who dreamed is not in danger in reality.

If you happen to see an unfamiliar child in this state, it is possible to meet relatives whose existence the dreamer did not suspect.

Why do you dream about a plane crashing before your eyes?

  • If you manage to take control of the situation, you can expect positive changes in life, solutions to problems that have been haunting you. At the same time, it’s worth taking care of your health if in a dream, right before your eyes, a plane crash happened .
  • If your own plane crashed , you will not be able to avoid financial difficulties in reality.
  • The crash of a large, powerful modern aircraft in front of your eyes means the collapse of your hopes in reality. The plan will not be realized.

A plane crash before your eyes in a dream means the collapse of hopes, disruption of plans, and troubles.

Who bled

To understand why you dream of blood from the eyes, you should clarify who it belonged to:

  • If you dreamed of blood streams on your mother’s face, a mistake could lead to loss of health;
  • Feeling something flowing down your cheeks happens on the eve of a family drama;
  • Blood flowing from under a stranger’s eyelids promises a break in relationships due to one’s own stupidity;
  • When you happen to see a friend’s injury in a dream, you have to sacrifice something;
  • The brother’s bloody eye whites indicate that the sleeper has recently been vilely deceived;
  • If you had to see a bloody face, you have to learn the bitter truth about your loved ones.

Why do you dream of brown, black, white, blue, blue, red, green eyes?

  • Brown eyes in a dream warn of intrigue around the dreamer; someone is trying to outwit him.
  • Black eyes warn against friends who are not really such, but are only waiting for the right moment to “trip the bandwagon.”
  • White eyes in a dream reflect the callous behavior of the dreamer, who himself understands this.
  • Blue eyes encourage determination and perseverance. Only these qualities will help you turn the situation in your favor and avoid failures.
  • Blue eyes in a dream - you need to be prepared for failure in reality.
  • Red eyes indicate chronic fatigue and overwork.
  • Green eyes in a dream are a warning against rash actions and spending; do not give in to temptations.

Brown eyes in a dream are a symbol of intrigue and deception.

Beware of illness and depression

Explanations of why you dream that blood is coming from your eyes often relate to physical and mental health. The dream book warns of an increased risk of injury as a result of an accident or negligence.

When you dreamed about blood coming from your eyes, the risk of mental illness and psychological trauma increases. They can be provoked by unhappy love or an impressive bloody spectacle, perhaps on a TV screen.

If a person suffering from an illness saw bloody eye sockets in a dream, the dream book claims that the person sleeping is on the right path to healing.

Why do you dream about closed eyes?

The dream is of a romantic nature; the relationship, seemingly promising, will not develop and will end on its own.

unsuccessful attempts were made to open closed eyes in a dream , the dream changes its meaning, warning about the accumulation of fatigue and the development of depression against this background.

Closed eyes in a dream warn of the rapid development of a short-term romantic relationship.

Dreams on the topic

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