Why do you dream of a cat that scratches and bites?

A dream with a pet is often dreamed by both those who have one and those who do not, and it is not interpreted unambiguously - it all depends on the plot. For example, dream books explain a vision of a cat biting as impending troubles associated with other people - competitors, enemies, family.

Depending on the specific details, the interpretation can be very different and even have opposite meanings depending on the specific nuance.

Be careful!

Why do you dream that a cat scratched you? The dream book suspects that you will do things that will cause you to suffer. The same plot promises a quarrel with friends, colleagues or loved ones, up to a complete break.

Did you dream of a biting, scratching and extremely aggressive kitten? Your chosen one is clearly a very harmful and nasty person. Think: is it worth connecting your future fate with him?

If the kitten slightly scratched you in a dream, then get ready for minor troubles and worries.

Why do you dream of a cat that scratches - interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of this dream depends on its color and who it belonged to. Remember where she showed aggressiveness and whether this place exists in reality - it is there that an unpleasant meeting or a conflict situation with some woman is possible. The dream book writes that if a cat scratches you, you should pay attention to its color and who this representative of the cat family belonged to.

  • Has your pet not shown its best side? Expect unexpected aggressiveness from a person you trust and know well. Such a dream for a man foreshadows a conflict with his wife or adult daughter, or intrigue in the house. Perhaps his wife will suspect him of cheating. A girl dreams of a similar plot about a quarrel with her mother and younger sisters.
  • Did a street stranger become aggressive and attack you in broad daylight? Beware of conflicts with neighbors. The dream book writes that if a cat scratches you in the courtyard of an apartment building, expect aggressiveness from the neighbors. A sudden accusation or scandal is possible. A night attack portends danger in the dark or secret revenge.
  • Why do you dream of someone else’s aggressive cat that scratches you and you know whose it is? This dream often foreshadows a conflict with her owner or a sudden illness. Remember the place where she hurt you with her claws.

Does the color of an animal matter? Of course, especially if we are talking about an unfamiliar street cat. If a representative of the cat family was white and fluffy, then a conflict with a blonde or a meek and timid person from whom you did not expect anything bad is possible. Pay attention to the location of the attack. The street, yard, entrance indicate that there may be quarrels with neighbors, the appearance of a job or institute, school - with teachers, classmates, colleagues and classmates. Perhaps the cause of the quarrel will be someone's pent-up aggressiveness or jealousy.

A black animal indicates a vicious person or a secret enemy. His sudden attack foreshadows a conflict with a brunette, an insidious and cruel girl or woman. If a cat that scratches you in a dream appears suddenly, trouble will not take long to arrive. This could be not only a sudden attack by bandits, revenge, especially in the dark, but also an illness or injury that will not be easy to get rid of. If you are scratched by a red cat, beware of the treachery of your enemies. An unpleasant meeting with a jealous, hot-tempered, defiant and scandalous woman is possible. The same thing means a dream in which a black and white cat began to chase you. This animal indicates aggressiveness on the part of people who are two-faced and changeable in mood.

Feeling aggression from a simple gray cat is a bad sign. You can infuriate a calm and balanced person. Why do you dream of a purebred cat scratching? You will anger a rich and powerful man or his wife. Intrigue and gossip are possible, especially if the cat was Siamese - such animals symbolize wealthy, wayward and narcissistic people.

Attention! If the cat showed a friendly interest in you and simply scratched you while playing, don’t expect anything bad. Such a dream does not foretell many troubles for you, but an aggressive feline always dreams of scandals, especially if she attacks first.

Dreaming of a cat or kitten scratching itself

These animals are less dangerous in sleep than cats. If you were scratched by an ordinary yard cat in a dream, beware of intrigues in which some man will take part. This could be an envious person, a rejected lover, someone's husband or fiancé, embroiled in some kind of litigation. The dream book writes that if a cat scratches a man, then some woman can take revenge on him through her friend or lover. For a girl, a similar dream foreshadows revenge on the part of a rejected boyfriend or another enemy, but it will not be dangerous unless the animal is thrown in the face.

  1. If your pet cat scratches you, beware of a family quarrel. If he gets scratched while playing, then don’t expect trouble - this dream foretells you joyful and very pleasant news. If the kitten began to tear up the carpet or climb the curtains, you reprimanded him, and he responded with aggressiveness, then expect revenge from a family member for some minor offense. Sometimes such a dream comes true literally.
  2. A scratching street cat predicts injuries and troubles that will not be serious and will not cause much harm. Sometimes such a dream symbolizes a minor dispute or an unpleasant conversation, a quarrel on the street, for example, with a driver over parking a car incorrectly or inconveniently for other people.
  3. Picking up a cat that has suddenly shown aggressiveness is a bad omen. This is often a sign that the person you helped will betray or show their true colors. For a woman, such a dream foreshadows the betrayal of a lover, the betrayal or cunning of a loved one.
  4. If someone else's cat has shown aggressiveness towards you and began to attack, beware of a quarrel with the man, his owner or a person similar to him.

When interpreting dreams about cats and kittens, it is important to understand whether the animal is showing aggressiveness or is simply flirting with you. A harmless game does not bode well for you, unless you anger the animal or accidentally hurt it. The dream book writes that a kitten that scratches while being pampered often means a child, a toddler, or a harmless person who is unable to do anything bad. Therefore, do not expect bad things, unless his play caused you great trauma.

If you are scratched by a frightened kitten on the street and not at all during play, beware of an unpleasant surprise. Such a dream often foreshadows scandals, discontent, touchiness and aggressiveness, which is not capable of causing much harm to the dreamer. If the owner dreamed that her pet was rushing at others, scratching and biting, she does not need to restrain her aggressiveness. In this case, the frightened and angry kitten symbolizes the unexpressed negative emotions of a woman, which she does not give any way out and subconsciously suppresses.

Important! Playing with a cat or kitten is often dreamed of before flirting or romantic relationships, but if it bites you hard or scratches you until you bleed, it can become very dangerous for you.


Why do you dream about being scratched by a cat? A scandal is coming, in which you will persist to the last literally out of principle. The dream book advises you to give in to your opponent, otherwise you will quarrel forever.

In a dream, did you happen to see scratches on the bodies of others? This means that you personally will behave very ugly (even to the point of betrayal), which will cause a serious mental wound to a good person.

Of course, you will quickly realize your own stupidity, but restoring the relationship will not be easy or even impossible.

Interpretation according to Miller's dream book

American psychologist Gustav Miller also paid attention to this interesting plot in his dream book:

  • If you happened to see a cat scratching you in a dream, be careful with your business partners or competitors, because due to their intrigues you can make a profit in a much smaller amount than you actually expected.
  • If you see this furry animal attacking you, this is also a signal to always be on guard, as your enemies and ill-wishers will take steps to harm your reputation. You had the courage to drive him away - in reality, you will cope with all obstacles and strengthen your position.

Good luck or bad luck?

Why do you dream if a white cat unexpectedly scratched you? The dream book believes that they will try to drag you into a scam or a bad story. But you will not agree, because you will show intuitive caution and common sense.

Did you dream about a black kitty in a similar plot? Beware: you may be betrayed, deceived or set up.

In general, if a black cat left marks on its body in a dream, then this can be interpreted in two ways: great success or equally great misfortune awaits you.

Hold on!

Why do you dream if a cat scratched your hand deeply? Be prepared for a lot of irritation and dissatisfaction.

The dream book insists: most likely, these emotions will be caused by communication with an overly talkative person.

Seeing your own scratched hand in a dream means that you are in danger due to an unusual incident.

The kitten scratched until it bled

Dream Interpretation Kitten scratched until it bled dreamed of why in a dream the Kitten scratched until it bled? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a Kitten scratched until it bleeds in a dream by reading below for free interpretations of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun!

If the kittens are dirty or colorful and skinny, then in reality she, blinded by shiny tinsel, will become a victim of someone’s unseemly act.

Seeing kittens means minor troubles and irritations that will haunt you until you kill a kitten in a dream, and only after that your misadventures will stop.

Kitten - they will try to deceive and outwit you, but common sense and caution will help you avoid trouble.

Dirty, skinny kitten - your ill-wishers want to use you in a dirty and dishonest game.

If in a dream you play with a kitten and it scratches and bites you, this indicates that your beloved will have a petty soul, an evil, unkind character.

If you marry her, you will be unhappy and will regret your single life more than once.

If a woman dreams of a small fluffy snow-white kitten, this means that she will become a victim of a clever deception that will lead her into a trap.

Prudence and common sense will help her get out of trouble.

In general, kittens dream of trouble, and for lovers such a dream promises quarrels and disagreements.

Dreams about beds express our hopes for the best, our desire for a prosperous and dignified life, the desire for a good arrangement of our home. Sometimes such dreams predict changes in health or illness.

Buying it or seeing it brought into the house is a sign of imminent marriage and starting your own household.

Important Features

You can make the general interpretation more specific by recalling some features and explaining them.

This will allow you to understand the nuances of the message, make it more accessible and clearer.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to interpret all the nuances, but only those that caught the eye and were remembered best - they are the main ones.

Depending on the color of the cat, the interpretation will be as follows:

  1. White cat - you should be wary of a contender for the dreamer's place.
  2. Redhead - a loved one is hiding something.
  3. Black - you should be careful when traveling at night.
  4. Black and white color - luck is extremely contradictory; it will either be on the side of the dreamer or on the side of his enemies.
  5. Tricolor - when communicating with strangers you should be vigilant.

It is worth noting that most people dream about pets.

If in a dream a serval or a manul, that is, a predator, showed aggression, you should try to remember whether it was domestic at all. If so, you should prepare for the betrayal of a loved one; if the cat was wild in its natural habitat, soon an enemy with no moral principles will appear in the dreamer’s life.

No less important is the place where the animal bit:

  1. A cat bites your hand in a dream - warns: you should expect a colleague-competitor to appear. The second meaning is material problems: the more painful the bite, the more serious they will be.
  2. If it is mainly the fingers and not the palm that are injured, you should be vigilant in communicating with others; betrayal may be hidden behind a smile.
  3. The animal rushes to its feet - a warning: you should be careful when carrying out instructions from your superiors or when traveling long distances. If the predator bites through the shoe, then changes will soon come in life.
  4. If you scratch your face, you will soon be ashamed.
  5. Bitten on the neck - to illness.
  6. An injured back means difficulties at work.

If a kitten attacks a child, the dream has 2 interpretations : if the bites were playful, the dream foretells good news and good luck, but if the animal was angry and scratched until it bled, the baby faces misfortune.

If the dreamer himself was a child, the vision warns: the sleeper may have to find himself in a difficult situation where he will harm himself.

Is it being attacked by a cat, cat or kitten?

To understand why you have a dream in which a representative of the cat family bites, you need to remember who exactly is doing it: a kitten, a cat or a she-cat. A dream, the main character of which is an angry young animal, warns the dreamer that quarrels and squabbles with a friend or girlfriend will soon await him.

There are several more interpretations of this dream:

Cats or cats biting in a dream mean slander or insult. In this case, your closest friends or relatives will become the source of gossip and insults.

Specific Details

The interpretation of a dream will not be final if you do not take into account the breed or at least the color of the animal that injured you in the night.

  • A cat with large spots, a brindle cat, is dangerous.
  • Striped, sprat - a disagreement with a friend.
  • Red - difficulties with money, love.
  • Siamese – connection with a selfish person, a lover.
  • Homeless - major showdown, possibly over children.
  • Domestic - cheating spouse.
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