Why do you dream of a sick cat, what does a sick kitten mean in a dream?

Such a dream usually shows a woman, her experiences and shocks, her state of mind. The dream book writes that a sick cat means a mental crisis, illness of the woman herself, or the fact that she will soon give birth if a pregnant person sees such a dream.

There are many interpretations of what a sick cat dreams about, but the dream book writes that they all require a careful approach. After all, cat diseases can also be different. A wounded cat in a dream, pregnant or with newborn kittens, scratched and beaten, also deserves special consideration. This is what most people dream of about a wounded cat.

Why do you dream of treating a cat?

When a person meets a sick cat in a dream, but does not drive it away, but treats and cares for it, this is a very good sign:

  • The vision foreshadows recovery in reality. If someone close to you is sick, you can count on a successful outcome.
  • There is a high probability of getting back the money you once lent; property.
  • If a conflict drags on in a family, among friends, or in a team, the warring parties will soon make peace.
  • The cat has recovered - fears and groundless fears will disappear from life.

But treating your eyes in a dream can mean betrayal of a loved one.

Help your family

The dream book of Nostradamus calls in reality to provide assistance to those who are in dire need of it. The soothsayer highly appreciates people who in a dream were engaged in treatment, bathing and feeding pets.

It turns out that your career, victory in competitions, competitions of some close people will depend on you. Try to help not only by financing smart projects, but also by your own actions.

Sick kitten in a dream

A sick kitten in a dream is always associated with small children or younger relatives:

  • Suffering kittens hint at a possible illness in the child - dream books recommend monitoring the condition more closely.
  • If in a dream one of the family members or the dreamer himself played with a sick kitten, the whole family is under threat. It is worth remembering where the events took place in the dream and whether the dreamed animal is familiar in reality. The owner of this house or this kitten may be in trouble.

There is another interpretation of why a sick kitten dreams if there are no children.

The animal caresses and meows - for the girl this is a reminder of old mental torments that do not let go of the dreamer. For a man, such a dream suggests that someone needs his help.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

You should definitely pay attention to the small details of the dream.

You should first pay attention to the color of the animal. Thus, black cats promise danger and possible diseases. Red pets are a symbol of envy and impending betrayal. A white animal usually promises favorable news, but if it is ill, the dream message usually shifts to the negative side - the news will be depressing, perhaps shocking.

Everyone knows that the meaning of a dream can change dramatically depending on the day of the week, so this is an important point when interpreting it. According to the dream book, a sick cat appearing in a dream means:

  • From Monday to Tuesday - you should be more careful about your actions. Fate asks a person to protect himself from rashness and thoughtlessness in his actions.
  • From Tuesday to Wednesday - it is important to reconsider your social circle. Most likely, one of the people close to the person is plotting against him and spreading false gossip.
  • From Wednesday to Thursday - possible problems in work or relationships with colleagues and superiors. It is necessary to complete the accumulated huge number of unfinished projects.
  • From Thursday to Friday - emotional turmoil. There is a huge chance of receiving shocking news or experiencing a conflict with your lover, which will most likely end in a breakup.
  • From Friday to Saturday is one of the most favorable variants of this symbol. The dreamer will unexpectedly receive significant funds in the near future.
  • From Saturday to Sunday - problems with relatives, family and children. Family quarrels or illness of one of the household members are possible.
  • From Sunday to Monday there is a painful number of small problems that can seriously ruin your mood. Don't talk about your plans and goals.

Often, it is in minor details that the answer that interests a person lies. For example, it makes a huge difference whether the dreamer saw a cat, a female cat, or a small kitten in a dream. It is worth paying attention to the number of animals seen; often an increase in numbers enhances the informational message of dreams. It is also not uncommon to have dreams in which a pregnant cat gets sick and dies.

I dreamed of a sick cat

According to the dream book, a sick domestic cat lying quietly on the rug indicates that ill-wishers are currently making plans regarding the dreamer. They are waiting for the most opportune moment to strike with all available forces.

Playing with your cat in a dream is a sign that there are some problems in the dreamer’s house. Perhaps it is worth resolving long-standing family conflicts. Another interpretation could be possible problems at work - from small quarrels with colleagues to dismissal.

It is also worth paying attention to the behavior of the sick animal. If you dreamed that a sick cat was lying down and purring affectionately, the dreamer will soon be given a tempting offer. You should not take it seriously, most likely it will be a trick and deception. A sick, heart-rendingly meowing and howling cat in a dream means that the dreamer will soon turn to him for help. Despite the difficulties, such a request must be fulfilled in order to get rid of a bad streak in life.

Dreaming of sick cats and kittens

Dreaming of a sick cat meowing outside the door is a sign of deception. Someone from a close circle openly lies to a person. If an animal scratches or bites its owner, it’s worth looking around, someone wishes the dreamer harm and will try in every possible way to offend him.

Seeing a pregnant, sick cat in a dream suggests that the dreamer should take a closer look at his surroundings. Perhaps one of your friends is plotting and spreading rumors in the hope of ruining your reputation. Often such a dream warns that among friends there is a person for whom, under ordinary circumstances, no one would be able to think anything like that.

Dreaming of a dirty, sick kitten

A sick kitten in a dream most often speaks of the need to pay attention to your children. If kittens are inactive in a dream and look sickly, then most likely the dreamer’s children do not have enough attention. It's worth spending more time with your family.

Dream books claim that if the kittens are seriously ill, the dreamer’s child will fall ill in the near future, and this disease can cause serious harm to his health. In any case, seeing a kitten indicates the need to pay attention to the health of your loved ones. Perhaps a timely medical examination will help avoid big problems in the future.

If a kitten is dirty in a dream, then the dreamer is insincere in communicating with his family and this causes serious problems. Under no circumstances should you deprive your children of attention. It is worth establishing contact and trusting relationships, getting rid of affairs on the side.

A dream in which a sick kitten dies of exhaustion is an omen of the most serious test in life. Often, this vision symbolizes the possible death of one of your close relatives or friends. In other cases, there may be a rift with a loved one due to unforeseen circumstances.

I dreamed of a lot of sick cats

An increase in the number of sick animals in a dream most often aggravates the meaning of the interpretation. If instead of one cat the dreamer sees two, then, depending on the circumstances of the dream, its effect will double. The most frightening option in this case is a flock of dying black cats - it is worth preparing in advance for the worst in order to try to reliably endure the blows of fate.

Several sick kittens in a dream mean multiple problems in your relationship with your loved one. If they are calm, there is a chance to resolve all misunderstandings and return to a calm life. If the kittens try to fight, then the conflict will turn out to be insoluble and will lead to serious worries.

Wounded cat

A wounded animal can portend positive changes. If you dreamed of your own sick cat that lives in the house:

  • the owner is worried about her health;
  • for a pregnant woman - a successful birth.

But if a married lady dreamed of someone else’s animal, then she will soon have to console someone. More accurate information can be obtained if you remember the details of the dream:

  • A cat wounded in the heart or head portends separation from a loved one, treason, betrayal.
  • If an animal has more than one wound, it is clear that it had a fight with other animals, and someone’s revenge is possible. The dreamer runs the risk of making someone very angry and incurring anger.
  • An animal with broken paws - you will have to fulfill someone else's duties.

If in a dream a person himself wounds an animal, his conscience is not clear. The evil caused in the past prevents you from living peacefully and lies like a stone on your soul.

Why does an older woman dream about a sick cat?

Miller in his dream book gives a positive forecast of why a woman dreams of a sick cat:

  • If the animal is at home, good luck will accompany you in the professional sphere. Income growth and improvement in financial situation are expected.
  • Someone planned evil against the dreamer, but the sick cat prevented the enemies from harming her.

Some dream books connect a cat that a woman dreams about with the dreamer’s soul.

If an adult lady sees an ugly, unkempt, sick pet, someone close to her also needs help. Since the animal symbolizes the female soul, you will have to save your friend, mother, daughter.

Seeing a black sick cat in a dream

Black color is associated with something bad, evil. You need to pay attention to the details of the dream:

  • I dreamed of a sick black kitten - bad news will come soon;
  • the pet is trying to get into the house, they take it into the home - one of the relatives may have health problems;
  • managed to drive away a sick black cat - adversity will pass by;
  • a sick cat with black fur approached and the dreamer decided to pet him - the person will not achieve what he had in mind in real life.

The dreamer's dream is realized by one of his current acquaintances.

Prophecies of a Sick Animal

The dream book about Catherine the Great’s sick cat interprets the meanings very well.

The authors have compiled a whole list of interpretations:

  • seeing a sick animal in a dream means suffering failures and preparing to meet enemies. When an animal attacks a person, the dream prophesies a special treachery of ill-wishers to whom the concept of honor is alien;
  • if a cat with shabby fur meows pitifully - there will be bad news related to the health of the sleeping person;
  • a dream where a young lady takes an unhealthy animal in her arms predicts troubles from people she knows;
  • treating an animal means making a profit, which will have to be shared with enemies;
  • contemplation of a white cat means the onset of a black streak, bringing financial losses and disappointments;
  • chasing away an unhealthy cat is considered a good omen, meaning getting rid of troubles and empty troubles;
  • a black cat warns the dreamer about the appearance of an evil and envious person in the environment who can plot intrigues.

What does it mean if a sick cat dies in a dream?

One of the traditional meanings of the symbol is strong emotions, love:

  • If a cat dies at night even after treatment, this may symbolize imminent disappointment in love.
  • For a woman, the death of a pet predicts separation and long loneliness.

For men, a dying cat means deception of a loved one.

Why does a lonely person dream of a sick cat - to unexpected blows of fate. The dream book gives advice: in order for everything to work out, you need to be patient and courageous. Get through the tough times. Very little time will pass - and the opponents who want trouble for a person will calm down.

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