Why do you dream of an evil attacking cat, what does such an attack in a dream mean according to dream books?

Is it attacked by a familiar or unknown cat?

What to do if you dreamed that your beloved pet attacked and scratched its owner? The dream book advises the dreamer to be very careful. This dream does not bode well - it is possible that soon someone in your family and friends will deceive you. Did your domestic cat scratch your sleeping person's arm or leg? There is a risk of losing large sums of money or losing valuable property. If you managed to drive away an angry and aggressive cat in a dream, this is a good sign that foretells a successful solution to problems.

If an unfamiliar cat attacks your dream, this could mean an unexpected deterioration in your finances. Beware of the machinations of enemies and envious people, which can harm the dreamer’s reputation and career. When attacked by a rabid cat, you should pay attention to your health; the sleeper interprets this as a possible signal of problems with the heart, blood vessels and other organs.

What if you dream about a mad cat?

If a person sees a cat or cat in a dream, then he should pay attention to his surroundings. Most likely, there is an enemy hiding somewhere who is weaving intrigues. A mad cat in a dream is a harbinger of deception and flattery from an imaginary friend. If a cat rushes at a person, then one should expect betrayal or even a direct attack from enemies.

To dream that a mad cat is leaving a person means victory over the enemy. All difficulties will be resolved by themselves, and the enemies will be defeated. Such a dream can be called favorable. If a person drives away a cat, then he will soon recognize his hidden enemy and defeat him. And all the plans of envious people will turn against themselves.

It is very important to try to shoo the cat away. If the mad cat does not retreat, then you should prepare for the destruction of your plans and hopes. Such a dream does not bring anything good. Gossip, intrigue and trouble await those who see him. It's worth taking this seriously.

At all times, the appearance of a cat in a dream meant deceit and deceit. Just seeing a cat in a dream is already a bad sign, but what can you expect from a mad cat? A mad cat is unpredictability, anger, envy or even jealousy. Girls should take a closer look at their chosen ones, perhaps they are being deceived. It is worth making sure of the good intentions of the chosen one and checking if he has a mistress. If a mad cat dreams of a person who has his own business, competitors are planning something evil. If a mad cat appears in a young man’s dream, his chosen one is using him.

What color is the four-legged aggressor?

The color of an aggressive predator attacking a person in a dream is important. Seeing a black cat means big financial or health problems. This is the most unfavorable sign. If you dream that an attacking black predator has caused serious injuries to a sleeping person, there is a high probability that a serious illness, the loss of a loved one, or bankruptcy is looming.

Seeing how to attack a white animal is a sign of bad machinations and tricks of envious people. Such a dream may foreshadow a robbery, attempted fraud, or bullying. Particular attention should be paid to colleagues - most likely, you should expect to get caught from someone at work. Also, a dream about a white cat indicates a hidden enemy who is working behind one’s back and about which the dreamer is unaware.

Being bitten or scratched by a ginger cat is a failed romance. If a spotted kitten attacks in a dream, it means bad thoughts and actions towards the sleeping person from an influential person you know.

Why do you dream of an attacking gray kitten? Sudden troubles or minor quarrels should be expected. The gray color of an animal can indicate despondency and depression, a lack of joy in life.

What does it portend?

The color of a cat is also of great importance. It will help to recognize whether the enemy is operating openly. The black cat represents that the enemy acts openly and does not hide his motives. A ginger cat is a sign of a cunning enemy; you should take a closer look at your suddenly appearing friends. Among them there may be a person who does not wish happiness to the person who saw the dream. A white mad cat means the enemy is hiding his thoughts. Most likely, this is a person who was considered a friend. Usually a mad cat personifies an active, aggressive person who seeks to harm.

It became known why a mad cat dreams and how its color affects the meaning of the dream. A cat, despite the fact that in reality it is a cute, affectionate animal, in a dream means opposite feelings. A person who sees a cat in a dream should prepare himself for failure.

Even if a cat scratches a person in a dream, this does not mean that everything will be bad. And the meowing of a cat does not mean a quick deception. It is important to maintain composure and simply take a closer look at your surroundings. It is necessary to act carefully and thoughtfully so as not to give some people a reason to act.

What part of the body does the animal lunge at?

If we imagine an attacking predator, remember which part of the body was damaged. If a cat bites your hand in a dream, it means that in real life, intrigues are being woven at work in front of the dream book. A bite on the leg indicates discord and problems in your personal life.

If in a dream a cat tries to scratch out a person’s eyes, this is a bad omen, foreshadowing a serious threat to one’s reputation, large financial losses, dismissal, or loss of real estate. Such a dream can foreshadow problems in life, the solution of which will require a lot of time, nerves and effort. If the attack is stopped or repelled, all problems will be finally resolved.

Why do you dream about a red cat?

A large sign indicates that someone has a strong influence on the sleeping person.

Red Cat. If the subordinate position does not suit you, it is time to make an attempt to free yourself.

Caught little one

a red cat in a dream can foretell an early and unexpected pregnancy for girls. For men, such a dream plot signals a meeting with an authoritarian and powerful lady.

For sleeping people with children, if the ginger cat meows

in a dream, it’s time to get serious about raising your offspring. Otherwise, problems will turn into an insurmountable abyss.

In reality you will experience sadness if a ginger cat bites your hand


Is it one cat attacking or several?

How to correctly interpret a dream in which there are several mad cats? Such a dream may indicate that the dreamer has many ill-wishers or enemies. The more animals attack a person and the more upset they become, the worse it gets. Dream that you will have to rely only on yourself in work, business or other activities. This dream suggests that the dreamer will have to rely only on himself in work and business.

Many wild cats pouring out on the feral foretell a circle of evil gossips. In addition, the dreamer needs to be more attentive to his health - some interpret such a dream as an opportunity to see a doctor for research.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a cat in a dream

Miller's Dream Book

interprets purring as an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances. It’s good if you managed to drive the animal away.


warns that the cat symbolizes a meeting with a selfish person. This won’t cause any major problems, but it will ruin your mood.

If you dream that a cat has caught a mouse or a rat, in reality you will have to witness a fierce quarrel.

Russian dream book

interprets an independent pet as a tendency of the head of the family to go to the left. If an unfamiliar purr is caressed, this reflects the desire of others to take advantage of the kindness of the sleeping person.

Cats predict a meeting with a proud and independent lady for a man.

Ukrainian version

interprets mustachioed animals as the treachery of enemies.

Dream Interpretation of Veles

suggests that many cats in the house are a symbol of communication with insincere people. False friends can cause damage.

Family dream book

pays special attention to the color of the animal. When you dream of a white cat, it foretells shopping. Black, warns of financial losses.

Two cats warn that the deception of hypocrites will lead to the sleeper losing his peace of mind.

According to the modern dream book

your own cat tells you to give up your idle lifestyle. In reality, this is not the time to relax - rivals are just waiting for the sleeper to make a mistake.

Women's dream book

suggests that a cat in your arms signals an attempt to be involved in a dishonorable act. You should avoid participating in scams to avoid becoming a victim.

What should you prepare for if you become a victim of a cat attack in a dream?

To summarize, a dream in which one or more cats are attacked by a dream book does not bode well. According to Wang’s dream, an attack by representatives of the cat family may indicate impending trouble, unjustified jealousy on the part of a loved one and serious troubles.

Was your cat bitten or scratched in a dream? This sign can be interpreted in different ways:

  • Someone is trying to slander or slander the dreamer;
  • It is likely that he unwittingly participates in gossip and intrigue;
  • In the near future, a liar or a jealous person will appear in a close circle;
  • you may be suffering from a serious illness;
  • there is a risk of being associated with unscrupulous business partners;
  • a quarrel will arise with a loved one or a true friend.
  • Be more careful when choosing friends and business partners;
  • undergo annual preventive examinations at a medical institution;
  • insure your movable and immovable property;
  • avoid gossip in your work and do not get involved in scandals;
  • Be considerate and considerate of your loved ones.

Dream Books of Miller and Vanga

The cat represents an aggressive negative sign. The only exceptions are those dreams where the cat can be driven away or put in a cage. Such dreams say that in reality you will be able to avoid losses and even increase your fortune.

If a cat screams and scratches various objects, then it is possible that your plans are in jeopardy, and this also promises loss of property and various losses .

An attacking cat also does not bode well; such a dream warns of the imminent appearance of enemies, both hidden and obvious.

Their goal is to defame you or take over your property. Try not to make mistakes with documents, they can cost you dearly.

If a cat appears in a dream, then this is a negative sign, promising quarrels, swearing, and even a quarrel due to jealousy. If a cat bites or scratches, then in reality a scandal cannot be avoided. And when you dream about many cats at once, your secrets may very soon come to light, because of which you will experience a feeling of shame .

A black cat is a harbinger of trouble or severe shock. A white cat means meeting a cunning man; he cleverly pretends to be a well-wisher, but in his heart he has other plans. An old or sick animal means the appearance of a cunning and dangerous rival.

Maly Velesov dream book and Freud's dream book

The appearance of such an animal indicates the dreamer’s desire for a sexual relationship with a younger person. Hitting or strangling a cat indicates a tendency towards sadism. A cat scratches and screams - to masochism.

Seeing an animal in your dreams is a harbinger that a bad person with bad intentions towards you will come across your path.

A black cat portends serious danger or an accident. To drive away or kill an animal means successfully overcoming life's obstacles, and perhaps even compensation for previously incurred losses. If you have sick relatives or friends, then this dream promises them a speedy recovery .

What does the wanderer's dream book say?

Seeing an angry cat means worries about a relationship with a loved one. An animal with black fur means big troubles and sorrows in your life.

White and fluffy dreams mean the collapse of all bright intentions. If she holds a mouse in her teeth, then all your troubles will end well, and you will survive them with minimal damage.

If in a dream she bites or scratches furniture , this foreshadows the illness or death of a close friend, and it also means financial losses.

What do the Assyrian and Esoteric interpreters say?

If a big black cat appears, it foretells bad news. An aggressive and rabid animal means frustration or postponement of the wedding due to illness and slander from ill-wishers. White and fluffy - to the illness or death of someone close.

A gray cat denotes long-term sadness from wasted years, and great thoughts.

An old sick cat foretells that in reality you will meet a woman who is capable and willing to harm you, and little will stop her.

An animal with white fur tells us that we need to pay attention to our loved ones, they now need your attention and support.

An attacking cat has bitten or scratched you - this is a signal that your family will face large unforeseen expenses, illness, and you should beware of robbers , thieves and scammers.

Decoding dreams in Aesop's dream book

A vision of a cat is a sign foreshadowing troubles and adversity. If an animal meows, bites or scratches a person, then you or your loved ones are in danger.

You should be especially attentive to sleep where a sick, mangy cat comes to you and caresses you.

This dream warns that among your immediate circle there is a person who wants to use you for his own purposes.

A dead cat in dreams reports illness of loved ones. But if you dreamed that your boyfriend was stroking and caressing a cat , don’t worry, he loves you very much and all his thoughts about you are absolutely pure.

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