Why do you dream of an evil attacking cat, what does such an attack in a dream mean according to dream books?

A cat is an animal that has adapted to a comfortable life next to a person, but at the same time retained its independence. In addition to their independent nature, domestic felines are distinguished by their unpredictability and even mystery. Due to this feature of cats, dreams with fluffy purrs in the main role are interpreted ambiguously by dream books.

Is it attacked by a familiar or unknown cat?

What to do if you dreamed that your beloved pet attacked and scratched its owner? The dream book advises the dreamer to be very careful. This dream does not bode well - it is possible that soon someone in your family and friends will deceive you. Did your domestic cat scratch your sleeping person's arm or leg? There is a risk of losing large sums of money or losing valuable property. If you managed to drive away an angry and aggressive cat in a dream, this is a good sign that foretells a successful solution to problems.

If an unfamiliar cat attacks your dream, this could mean an unexpected deterioration in your finances. Beware of the machinations of enemies and envious people, which can harm the dreamer’s reputation and career. When attacked by a rabid cat, you should pay attention to your health; the sleeper interprets this as a possible signal of problems with the heart, blood vessels and other organs.

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  • 5-May-2021 Ekaterina I dreamed that 2 cats ran out of the house, my daughter and I tried to catch them, and my daughter caught them, and the guy caught the little one, who would be a year old, but I couldn’t see her face in the dream.
  • 30-Dec-2020 Lina Today I dreamed that my cat opened the door with his paw on his own and ran into the basement, which I had never been to and I don’t know what was there, but everything was believable. I ran after the cat for a very long time, many turns and rooms. I saw someone else’s cat, it was black, but I didn’t attach any importance to it. In the end, my cat scratched me, but after picking him up, he calmed down and we went home. What could this dream mean?
  • 28-Jun-2020 Julia Today I dreamed of 2 black cats, they jumped out of some hole and ran away, to what?
  • 24-Mar-2020 Renata A domestic cat ran away and I couldn’t find it. What is this for?

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What color is the four-legged aggressor?

The color of an aggressive predator attacking a person in a dream is important. Seeing a black cat means big financial or health problems. This is the most unfavorable sign. If you dream that an attacking black predator has caused serious injuries to a sleeping person, there is a high probability that a serious illness, the loss of a loved one, or bankruptcy is looming.

Seeing how to attack a white animal is a sign of bad machinations and tricks of envious people. Such a dream may foreshadow a robbery, attempted fraud, or bullying. Particular attention should be paid to colleagues - most likely, you should expect to get caught from someone at work. Also, a dream about a white cat indicates a hidden enemy who is working behind one’s back and about which the dreamer is unaware.

Being bitten or scratched by a ginger cat is a failed romance. If a spotted kitten attacks in a dream, it means bad thoughts and actions towards the sleeping person from an influential person you know.

Why do you dream of an attacking gray kitten? Sudden troubles or minor quarrels should be expected. The gray color of an animal can indicate despondency and depression, a lack of joy in life.

I dreamed of a colored cat

Sometimes you dream about a cat of a certain color. A black cat is magical; it is dreamed of in the context of events that are perceived as something sacred or related to magic. Perhaps a secret power protecting you will appear in your life. A white cat symbolizes home comfort and warmth.

Redhead independence and temperament. Striped - unity with nature. If you dreamed of a cat of an unnatural blue, red, yellow or green color, you are a happy person who is able to see colorful dreams.

Multicolored cats

What part of the body does the animal lunge at?

If we imagine an attacking predator, remember which part of the body was damaged. If a cat bites your hand in a dream, it means that in real life, intrigues are being woven at work in front of the dream book. A bite on the leg indicates discord and problems in your personal life.

If in a dream a cat tries to scratch out a person’s eyes, this is a bad omen, foreshadowing a serious threat to one’s reputation, large financial losses, dismissal, or loss of real estate. Such a dream can foreshadow problems in life, the solution of which will require a lot of time, nerves and effort. If the attack is stopped or repelled, all problems will be finally resolved.

Dream Interpretation: big cats

Big cats are usually wild. But a domestic cat of incredibly large sizes can also appear in a dream. The size of the animal symbolizes the strength and weight of the image. If a huge cat behaves friendly, this is a good sign; you have patronage and protection.

But if the cat is aggressive and attacks, you are in danger. Perhaps your fears experienced in real life simply resulted in nightmares and this aggression is already a thing of the past? It happens that dreams do not predict the future, but are an echo of the past.

Big cats

Is it one cat attacking or several?

How to correctly interpret a dream in which there are several mad cats? Such a dream may indicate that the dreamer has many ill-wishers or enemies. The more animals attack a person and the more upset they become, the worse it gets. Dream that you will have to rely only on yourself in work, business or other activities. This dream suggests that the dreamer will have to rely only on himself in work and business.

Many wild cats pouring out on the feral foretell a circle of evil gossips. In addition, the dreamer needs to be more attentive to his health - some interpret such a dream as an opportunity to see a doctor for research.

What does it portend?

The fact that an animal appears wet in a dream can be regarded as a very good and promising harbinger. Most likely, nothing will work out for the sleeping rival and her plans will never come true. It is difficult to say what will prevent her insidious thoughts and actions, but in any case, everything will end in loud publicity and shame, so the dreamer will have to first be seriously frightened, and then rejoice and breathe a sigh of relief, while experiencing a whole range of the most contradictory emotions.

Unfortunately, not all authors of dream interpreters agree with this interpretation, having their own opinion about this image. And a good example is Magini’s dream book, in which a wet, mangy cat is described as a harbinger of fierce anger. It is noteworthy that it is not the dreamer who will have to experience this feeling, because his fate after such a dream is that of a righteous victim who will fall into someone’s disfavor and will suffer greatly from this. The danger of this image also lies in its irreversibility.

This means that a wet cat seen in a dream predicts events that will be almost impossible to change. If the dreamer happens to drown an unfortunate animal in a dream, then in reality his conscience will be forever poisoned by some vile, dishonest offense.

What should you prepare for if you become a victim of a cat attack in a dream?

To summarize, a dream in which one or more cats are attacked by a dream book does not bode well. According to Wang’s dream, an attack by representatives of the cat family may indicate impending trouble, unjustified jealousy on the part of a loved one and serious troubles.

Was your cat bitten or scratched in a dream? This sign can be interpreted in different ways:

  • Someone is trying to slander or slander the dreamer;
  • It is likely that he unwittingly participates in gossip and intrigue;
  • In the near future, a liar or a jealous person will appear in a close circle;
  • you may be suffering from a serious illness;
  • there is a risk of being associated with unscrupulous business partners;
  • a quarrel will arise with a loved one or a true friend.
  • Be more careful when choosing friends and business partners;
  • undergo annual preventive examinations at a medical institution;
  • insure your movable and immovable property;
  • avoid gossip in your work and do not get involved in scandals;
  • Be considerate and considerate of your loved ones.

Interpretation of a dream by the appearance of a cat

When I dreamed of an evil one

cat, you should be careful. The machinations of ill-wishers are possible.


the cat symbolizes that their sophisticated blows aimed at the sleeping person will be very heavy. It is advisable to enlist the support of like-minded people to overcome unpleasant situations.


the cat symbolizes inevitable losses. Not only the financial sphere, but also the reputation may suffer.

Also aggressive

cat means envious people. With their attacks, ill-wishers will try to complicate the life of the sleeping person.

A more favorable symbol is the sick one

cat. This dream plot promises recovery for the sick and strengthening of their position in society.


a cat means that an unpleasant period in life is coming to an end. You will be able to overcome all obstacles.

However, if you dream of a cat covered in blood

, in reality one of the relatives will receive a blow from ill-wishers. A loved one will need help.


a cat means difficulties in business. There will be no serious problems, and they just need to be taken for granted.

Dreamed dead

a cat is a wonderful sign. All troubles will be resolved almost without the dreamer’s participation.

A wet animal means a situation in reality, as a result of which the sleeper will experience strong negative emotions and anger.


the cat symbolizes unrealized plans. Someone interfered with their implementation, and now regrets it.


the cat is a sign of approaching troubles. It will be very difficult to avoid them.


the cat warns of unpleasant gossip that discredits one’s reputation. For family dreamers, the dream also predicts a deterioration in relationships due to the slander of evil tongues.

Dreamed home

the cat often warns about the unreliability of the other half. A serious quarrel may arise due to jealousy.


the cat symbolizes the insincere person in the environment. However, if a purring animal laps up milk with pleasure, it means that it will meet a pleasant interlocutor.

Business rivals are becoming stronger. fluffy is interpreted

a cat dreamed by an entrepreneur.

A meeting with an important and significant person means striped

cat. His influence will be even greater than it seemed at the very beginning of our acquaintance.

Too beautiful

A cat in a dream means an unpleasant situation. Because of the gullibility of the sleeping person, insidious enemies will try to make him guilty of the failure of the project.


the cat is interpreted as increasing the authority of ill-wishers. It becomes more difficult to resist their tricks every day, although in appearance they do not pose a particular danger.


the cat calls for perseverance in the fight. Only then will it be possible to win, because underestimating the strength of your enemies is a serious tactical miscalculation.

Unusual abilities and appearance

If the cat was wet

When you have dreams with talking animals, this vision can be remembered for a long time. As a rule, such dreams are bright, colorful and firmly etched in the memory. If you dreamed of something similar, the hand itself searches for the dream book. Many interpreters posted online also provide comprehensive and accessible explanations.

  • Dreaming of a talking cat is a very alarming sign. Perhaps in the guise of a cat you are given important information that you definitely need to remember. If it is in an allegorical form, it is most difficult. You will have to use your intuition and memories of past events as much as possible. If a cat talks in its sleep, you should be alarmed if you don’t let it talk and start hitting it. This means a reluctance to hear and adequately respond to a sudden change in the situation in reality.
  • Crying, the cat’s head is filled with tears - an amazing symbol that can be interpreted as “crocodile tears.” Your enemy is ready to play you almost any play of your choice, just to tarnish your good name in front of your friends, says the Muslim dream book.
  • Walking on two legs or ruling your bedroom - fierce competition with a rival. For a woman, this is one of the most disturbing dreams - a partner has a mistress who satisfies all his desires and has an ideal set of qualities for him. It will be almost impossible to compete with her. The only way... is to let the man go. And then he will definitely return.
  • A wet cat means complete submission to a man. To see such an animal in the arms of your own husband in a dream means conflicts are inevitable in the family due to the fact that the man will become too zealous a patron of the arts for a certain young lady.
  • Lives in a golden cage - your rival is showing her financial advantage and trying to take away what you love. If she can gain the affection of the person dear to you with imaginary affection, you have lost.

Men's dreams

Dream books interpret the dreams of the strong half of humanity with a special meaning:

  • If a sleeping person dreams of a cat with wet fur from which water flows, then a meeting with an influential woman lies ahead.
  • A man dreams of an unreal red or bright red animal to signify a meeting with a girl from whom he will lose his head, a sign of fatal passion.
  • If a person sleeping pets an animal in a dream, then a date with a woman of easy virtue will soon occur.
  • If you dreamed of a cat without a tail, it means a crushing victory will be won over your opponent.
  • For a man, strangling an animal in a dream means breaking up with his beloved.
  • If a businessman dreams of a very large cat (it could be a tiger, lion, puma), then success in business in the near future will be fantastic. It all depends on the size of the animal.
  • For a farmer, such a dream means a good harvest or offspring of livestock.
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