Why do you dream of missing and diseased teeth, healthy and white, false jaws in a dream?

According to dream books, a jaw in a dream symbolizes fortitude, sociability, and characterizes the “toothiness” of the sleeper. Often, the predictions of interpreters explaining such dreams concern the home, familiar objects and household members located in it. Some problems indicate impending danger or forced departure. Details of the plot will help you recognize in advance and, if possible, correct the change of scenery.

Miller's Dream Book will replace the mirror

Gustav Miller's interpretation will tell you why his friend's chin has changed for the worse. Sudden deformity warns that it will become difficult to communicate with this person.

The inability to open your own mouth promises a loss of trust as a result of a bad deed. Painful sensations make it known that the climate is unfavorable for health; increased weather dependence has a negative impact on one’s financial situation.

Who is guilty?

Dream interpreters contain many different assumptions about why you dream of parting with your teeth. Often the symbol foreshadows a streak of bad luck in the reality of the sleeper himself or those who are dear to him.

If you didn’t have a chance to see why your jaw and teeth fell out, the reasons for the adversity will be unclear. When in a dream it is possible to discern how this happened, the birthday book promises that those born in the spring will easily figure out the source of the misfortune and proceed to respond.

An ancient oracle warns that completely saying goodbye to your teeth in a dream happens on the eve of a huge loss.

Cute and not so cute

Remember what kind of jaw you saw in your dream:

  • Square personifies strength, inflexibility;
  • Minor - hide the bad news so as not to upset your loved ones;
  • A deliberately elongated one appears in a dream among inveterate gossips;
  • Triangular promises spending time in unpleasant company;
  • Massive indicates determination, unprincipledness;
  • The curve warns against impulsive spending;
  • A cute appearance portends friendship.

Not simple ones, but golden ones

When interpreting why you dreamed that your jaw fell out, predictors pay attention to its appearance.

  • The loss of a prosthesis made of pure gold in a dream promises valuable acquisitions in reality;
  • Strong or milk teeth symbolize younger relatives;
  • To publicly drop an imitation of a natural smile can expose the enemy;
  • To see this happen to someone is to witness the misfortunes of others;
  • If you dreamed that your teeth were suspiciously loose, beware of accidents;
  • When in a dream you are glad to get rid of an inconvenient object, failures will soon recede.

Predators, evil spirits and other critters

Did you dream of a non-human part of the face? Land predators in a dream represent the readiness of ill-wishers to strike. Fish and reptiles mean a risk of disease in the family; treatment will take a lot of effort and money.

Two open rows of teeth symbolize the transition to another world. When the skeleton makes a grinding and clattering sound, retribution for what was done in the past is approaching. A vampire bite is fraught with problems in love. Often nightmares are inspired by an excessively rich dinner.

Ways to stay toothless

You should know why you dream of deliberately breaking your own fangs. In the Esoteric interpretation, this means difficult times on the brink of survival. If you happen to see blood, trouble will fall on the whole family.

When a similar plot occurred in a dentist’s office, the Universal Dream Book offers the following interpretation of the dream: the situation is under control, but not under yours.

If you dreamed that your jaw fell out because your mouth felt tight, Hasse’s dream book predicts a move to distant lands or a radical change in lifestyle.

I dreamed that I was left without a jaw

When your jaw drops off in your night dreams, modern interpreters offer an idiomatic interpretation, according to which you will be surprised a lot. Traditional explanations boil down to a feeling of loneliness, misunderstanding, and indifference.

Sometimes you may dream that you are getting rid of an organ voluntarily. Such a plot speaks of a desire to change circumstances, to free oneself from burdensome factors at any cost.

Natural, yet ugly

A facial bone falling off from a blow portends severe moral trauma. A relative or close friend will do something unforgivable to you. There may be other causes of stress and nervous shock. A turning point is identified with manifestations of ingratitude.

If the jaw remains in place, but the joints are damaged, beware of conflict situations, especially in love and business. A crack indicates excessive suspiciousness.

The prosthesis is your dark side

Did you dream that your artificial jaw fell off? The Esoteric Dream Book considers this item to be the embodiment of weakness and negative consequences of this quality. Shyness, laziness, sluggishness of thinking will prevent you from behaving with dignity and will push you to commit a low act.

An attempt to solve the problem through slander or slander will be shamefully exposed. There are many other ways to fall into a hole you dug yourself.

Interpretation today

Today, a beautiful smile is a symbol of success and prosperity. The teeth themselves can now be easily restored, so their loss in a dream is not perceived as something irrevocable. And all negative interpretations of dreams can be interpreted in a softer version. The exception here is dreams with the presence of blood; such dreams have always had a negative connotation.

For atheists, such dreams are, first of all, games of the subconscious, indicating that some kind of malfunction has occurred in the human body. People working in the medical field may view them as insinuations from a brain that is tired of real work.

But for people who believe in mysticism, a dream about teeth can mean that not all is well with their family. Dreamers related to any religion can use their dogmas in interpretation.

Writers have a saying: a person can write only as long as all his teeth are in place. Therefore, dreams about their loss are taken extremely seriously, as an indication of an impending professional fiasco.

But history also knows the fact that Hans Christian Andersen wrote the most terrible fairy tales during attacks of toothache. Nightmarish images tormented him so much in his dreams that he decided to transfer them to paper. This is how the fairy tales were born: “The Girl Who Stepped on Bread” and “The Red Shoes.”

Of course, deciphering a dream largely depends on how a person felt in this dream. If the negative images were not associated with pain, then the dream does not foretell big troubles.

When a person has problems with the oral cavity in real time, then dreams about it are only a reflection of the discomfort it brings - nothing more.

Removing obstacles from the bottom up

If you dreamed about the lower jaw, some interpreters consider this nuance to be key. Any female representative threatens to cause a lot of trouble to a male dreamer. The other half will behave unpredictably, a relative will start a quarrel, it is better to give in to a colleague.

A sign of the symbol is also sudden ideas and rash actions. To achieve success, it is recommended to make only informed decisions that have been thought out in advance.

Counting losses

The Wanderer's Dream Book explains why you dream that your upper or lower jaw has fallen out. If you dreamed that the top one fell off, production difficulties are possible. The interpreter considers the bottom one a signal to start. Active actions will lead to success.

Meneghetti's dream book believes that the upper row of teeth represents significant male representatives, and the lower row represents familiar women. The plot associated with the symbol indicates upcoming events in the lives of both.

If you manage to lose some of these and other teeth, there is one more hint. In Grandma’s dream book, the incisors symbolize the closest relationship, and the indigenous ones symbolize the rest of the relatives.

If you discover in a dream that the floor of the bite is not in its usual place, in reality be more careful in your statements.

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