I dreamed of white teeth - interpretation of sleep according to dream books

Why do you dream about a white tooth falling out - Vanga’s Dream Book

When a white tooth falls out in a dream, this is an unfavorable sign that foreshadows difficulties in realizing some important goal, mainly at work. This symbol may mean that in reality you are having a crisis of faith or that what was previously believed in made sense. This could also be encouragement from your subconscious to ask you to think about your faith and ask yourself whether it is making a difference in your life.

When you dream of false white teeth, this is an announcement of an improvement in the general situation in the family and well-being at work. It could also mean that someone who has been trying to develop a closer relationship with You for a long time will eventually become very close to You.

Drilling teeth in a dream

Interpreted as the beginning of change. Soon a person will appear who will help solve all the difficulties that have arisen. A new addition to the family or an urgent move is also expected.

Sometimes it can mean a deterioration in health. Seeing a dentist drilling your tooth is a sign of worry, but it will be in vain.

If you see yourself in the role of a dentist, you will worry about your loved ones. Or the sleeper will become an involuntary witness of someone else's secret, which will need to be preserved to prevent a quarrel.

Feeling pain means you feel worse. Treat painlessly - vain fears. Blood – a legal matter requires a written decision. Feeling of discomfort - the problem that has arisen must be solved without delay.

Why do you dream about straight white teeth - Hasse's Dream Interpretation

If you dream of straight white teeth, the dream book interprets such a dream as a warning that some bad people will have a great influence on you, and you must be careful not to do something under their pressure that you will later regret. If you simply see this symbol in a dream, this is a favorable sign, because it foretells that you will be able to find something that you lost some time ago and did not come to terms with this loss, since it was very valuable to you.

And if a child dreams of white teeth, this is not a good sign, as it foretells that you will soon experience a great loss.

This motive can also mean that you will have a long life, or it can also be a signal that in reality you have many loyal and completely devoted friends whom you must take care of and show that you value them. In total, this dream may mean that you will soon find yourself in some difficult situation from which you will not be able to extricate yourself and a friend will help you. This may also portend a separation from someone close and important to you.

Filling teeth in a dream

Healed teeth indicate imminent changes and a readiness to complete what has been started.

If a pregnant woman dreams of cured teeth, then she will give birth to a healthy baby who will be a successful and good person in the future. They put a filling - an easy and safe birth.

Cure caries in dentistry - things will improve, and any misunderstandings that have arisen will disappear. Seeing the whole process with your own eyes means that the way out of the most difficult situation is close.

This dream also indicates the right path to your goals. You need to work a lot: this will have a beneficial effect on the result.

To fill a filling with your own hands - in real life, a person relies only on himself. There is no confidence in the support of loved ones and friends, the burden of difficulties has to be borne alone. Or, on the contrary, the sleeper is self-sufficient and confident in his own abilities.

To insert dental crowns - new appointments are expected within six months. The strength of the relationship depends on the appearance of the tooth:

  • golden - rich bride or groom;
  • silver – reliable partner;
  • white color - harmony in relationships.

If a dentist examines the oral cavity with a probe and a mirror, this means naivety towards others. Openness can lead to trouble, you need to be careful. This is especially true for strangers and unfamiliar people; they may turn out to be scammers and take advantage of gullibility.

Additional actions

It is important to take into account what happened in night dreams in addition to the main action, since this also affects the interpretation of the symbol.

Admiring your snow-white smile means in reality living in abundance and having great success in love affairs.

Watching your teeth fall out and having crooked and unsightly chewing organs is a bad sign. Soon a person will face many failures. Possible health problems. In order to prevent the negative consequences themselves, the best solution would be to consult a doctor soon after receiving such a sign from the subconscious and undergo a full examination.

Bloody teeth remind the sleeping person that she needs to complete important legal matters that require written confirmation.

The most negative meaning is assigned to dreams in which teeth are very loose: such a vision is a sign of death.

Dreams in which a person brushed his teeth promise work for others.

If the dentist has pulled out the chewing organs, you should take care of your health. Now it is better not to expose him to any risks.

If teeth were knocked out during the fight, then it’s time to fight in reality. Competitors have already made insidious plans to harm the sleeping person.

Seeing your teeth crumble means experiencing extreme stress. It is necessary to take measures soon to prevent further development of neurosis.

If you can’t clear plaque from your teeth, then it’s better to take a closer look at your surroundings. Those whom a person trusted will abandon him at the decisive moment.

Meanings and interpretations of dreams about dental prostheses

Such dreams symbolize the environment. The loss or sudden appearance of an implant can be interpreted as impending negative events in the future.

Why do you dream about false teeth?

  1. The appearance of one in your mouth indicates problems with an acquaintance or friend, possible gossip and slander behind the dreamer’s back.
  2. When not one, but a whole false jaw is discovered, it means social difficulties, loneliness and alienation. The appearance of a complete jaw prosthesis in your mouth is an undetected disease, a hidden ailment that will manifest itself with age.
  3. If you see false teeth in another person, such a person has selfish intentions towards the dreamer, impure motives. The subject lies and communicates for his own benefit.
  4. Artificial, white and bright teeth are false gains and unfulfilled opportunities. Behind false external beauty lies imaginary well-being, which will end in life's troubles.
  5. In a dream vision, teeth fall out without pain and blood after prosthetics, which means in reality there will be a loss of a friend, a cessation of contacts and communication. In the case of dreams with anterior implants, it means loss of trust in a friend.

The dream book defines false teeth as unresolved psychological problems. Seeing beautiful but fake incisors in a dream means encountering unresolved discord in your work and family environment.

When a woman happens to see a man with false teeth, the dream foreshadows betrayal, deceit and insincerity in relationships. When false molars collapsed and crumbled in a dream, it means that impossible obligations were made, and you will have to suffer reputational losses. If the prosthetic fangs fall out without bleeding, it is worth reconsidering your attitude towards loved ones, becoming softer and making concessions. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing the person’s trust and attitude.

To assess why false teeth are dreamed of, the dreamer must comprehend the general mood or aftertaste after waking up.

Anxiety indicates unfavorable consequences of the current state of affairs. If the vision turned out to be a nightmare and you had to wake up in fear, it means that you dream of false teeth for something inevitable. When your mood has not changed in the morning, there is no reason to worry.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first and third phases of the lunar cycle have the highest percentage of such dreams coming true. This high probability continues for all days of the full moon. At the same time, the chance of inserting teeth in other phases is much lower. This period is also not considered favorable for planning your future.

The lunar interpreter has quite serious differences with ordinary dream books. It contains information about the favorable time for various dreams to come true. A great contribution to its development was made by research on the influence of the lunar cycle on the course of dreams. And to work with it correctly, you also need to use the lunar calendar.

Dream interpretation

Interpreting symbols seen in a dream is sometimes a very difficult task when you look at the definitions given in a regular dream interpreter. This kind of dream interpretation guide is intended to give each person general knowledge and direction.

Unlike ready-made descriptions of dreams or predictions that psychologists, astrologers or clairvoyants offer in their works, the interpretation of dreams according to individual concepts depends on your active participation. If you interpret your dreams yourself, you become an expert on your own dreams. Who better than you can understand the meaning of a dream coming from the depths of your subconscious? This approach to dream interpretation does not require you to be a clairvoyant or an experienced psychologist. To interpret night dreams, you need to use your intellect, as well as your imagination and intuition.

Tsvetkov's edition - expanded version

Inserting teeth in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, means a new romantic acquaintance, finding a sensitive love partner, brightening up life events. There will be many warm hours and wonderful moments in your future together. And after itself it will leave only the best memories. A good and successful opportunity to find personal happiness.

Is there a way to make teeth from a dream come true positively? The researcher recommended staying focused on goals, thoughts and dreams. Your unconscious part of the mind is looking for ways and opportunities to achieve them. And if necessary, you will make the right choice, make the right decision.

Flattery and promises

In a dream, did you visit a dentist, have your teeth treated or perform various types of manipulations (cleaning, whitening, etc.) and even praised the work of a professional, but after some time you noticed shortcomings? Have your teeth turned yellow, a filling has fallen out, etc.? The dream books say that you trust the protection of your interests to unreliable people prone to corruption. They are unable to resist the flattering promises of some clever deceiver.

Additional characters

When determining why you dreamed of inserting teeth, dream books recommend taking into account exactly which chewing organs the operation was performed on. The nuances associated with this conceal valuable clues that greatly influence the interpretation:

  • If a person has seen incisors being implanted, he experiences a lack of communication with friends in his life.
  • Watch the implantation of fangs - the time has come to control your emotions, not allowing them to destroy your life.
  • Seeing the installation of molars means that wisdom and prudence will be urgently needed in the near future.
  • If you undergo surgery on your molars, your trust in the person will be justified. He will lend his shoulder in difficult times.

Removing teeth in a dream

Removing rotten teeth in one case indicates dissatisfaction and irritation towards your significant other. Another interpretation indicates the end of a dark period in life and the onset of peace and prosperity.

Removing all teeth and seeing a toothless jaw is a sign of upcoming diseases. This can affect both the person himself and his loved ones.

You dream of blood and pain - illness and death of dear people, in the absence of blood - distant relatives.

Pulling out an aching molar means getting rid of a state of hopelessness.

Who had this dream

In the general interpretation of sleep, a child with growing new teeth predicts surprises and new troubles. If a woman sees such a dream, then this indicates the implementation of her plan, pregnancy or an obstacle on the way to it.

For teenagers, a baby promises worries and troubles, restrictions on their personal freedom . Most likely, his parents will entrust him with some task that is unpleasant or beyond his strength, or he will soon find out about the pregnancy of his mother or a female relative.

For children, a dream involving newborns who are teething predicts some pleasant surprise or the receipt of a gift, the fulfillment of a wish. If the child is already going to school, this is an indication that he can put his offenders in their place.

For a young girl, such a night vision predicts some surprise. For example, this could be an unwanted pregnancy, troubles and quarrels in the family. But when she dreams of a child, a toothy newborn indicates a successful conception and an easy course of pregnancy and childbirth.

For a man, such a vision predicts receiving unpleasant news, a scandal with his chosen one. Often this vision indicates the pregnancy of his partner and blackmail with an unborn child - you should be careful in choosing your soulmate.

Whether it's a boy or a girl having a baby - gender matters

If mothers who actually have babies see their teeth cutting in a dream, this means receiving news; less often, it is an indication of the intolerable character of her child.

Freud's Dream Book

Implantation of crowns promises a quick acquaintance with a face that will be charming. His personality characteristics and behavior will drive the sleeping person crazy. She will fall victim to the charm of this seductive personality.

The implantation of gold teeth is considered a harbinger of bad events that will happen in the near future. For example, a serious illness may begin. The forecast will also affect those who are dear to the person.

If rotten teeth were inserted, then in reality the sleeping person has a warm relationship in a couple. But this symbol serves as a warning: a large number of envious people and enemies have gathered around. Soon the fairy tale will end and separation is coming.


According to all interpreters, dentures are far from a rosy harbinger. The dreamer will have to overcome many severe trials, during which he will need to show an unbending will and strong character.

The dream book reminds: the more aggressive and militant a person’s attitude will be, the more difficult it will be to cope with.

In night dreams, implanting dentures on your entire jaw at once means influencing a situation that has not turned out in the best way, by attracting others to your side. At the same time, there will be practically no hope for a positive outcome of this struggle.

These difficulties will be an excellent lesson for the sleeping person. She will understand that no one can help her except herself. This conclusion will lead to the fact that she will subsequently overcome the test on her own. And this will strengthen her character, giving her extraordinary endurance and strength. Subsequently, such a person will be able to lead others, having become accustomed to relying only on himself.

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