Why do you dream about your ex-mother-in-law’s house, dream about your ex-mother-in-law’s house in a dream

The appearance of this woman in a dream predicts both good events and troubles for you. It all depends on your relationship with her and communication with her son.

If a daughter-in-law dreamed of her ex-mother-in-law, she may get into trouble with her husband’s relatives. But if you had a negative relationship with your husband’s mother, her appearance in a dream does not bode well for you.

To understand the meaning of the dream, remember what she looked like, whether she was the same as in life or not, what she said and what she took in her hands. This is how the dream book interprets her appearance in a dream, depending on the circumstances.

What world is she in?

Explaining what the ex-mother-in-law symbolizes, dream books clarify whether she was alive on the day when she happened to see her.

  • If you dreamed of a deceased person, it’s time to let go of the past and build new relationships;
  • If a living ex-mother-in-law died in a dream, there is a high risk of creating problems in reality;
  • When a now-living ex-mother-in-law dies in her sleep, she has many years of health ahead of her;
  • If you had to see the deceased speak to you, listen to what was said;
  • The deceased mother-in-law symbolizes the misconceptions and false guidelines of the sleeping woman.

Alive and dead

Seeing your previous mother-in-law in a dream, if she is alive and well in life, is an unfavorable sign.
Especially when the daughter-in-law had a conflict with her or the mother had a bad influence on her son. Vanga writes that the dreamer may experience a repeat of the situation that took place when she lived with her husband’s mother or husband. If in a dream your mother-in-law treated you kindly, rejoiced or asked for forgiveness, which was unlikely to happen in life, then this is a dream of troubles and scandals.

Such a dream rarely means that you will make peace with her. Most likely, she blames you for her son's troubles. If you dream that a woman screams at you, throws things, and you quarrel with her, expect unpleasant news or scandals with relatives.

The dream book says that you will unexpectedly meet your mother-in-law or learn news about her. These stories may frighten daughters-in-law who are on good terms with their mother-in-law, but there is an explanation for them.

Miller writes that this woman could negatively influence your husband or spoil the relationship with him, but in a veiled form. Perhaps your separation from your husband is also her fault.

But since many daughters-in-law are trying to improve relations with their mother-in-law, she may show her true nature in a dream, or a negative influence that is associated with her in life or with her loss will appear in the image of her husband’s scandalous mother.

If this woman is dead, then she should be remembered in the temple. To see her alive and friendly in a dream, even if she did not have good feelings for her daughter-in-law during her life, means problems and troubles in the family.

If the deceased prepares food, especially meat or fish, beware of poisoning. Some women dream of such a dream to foresee an early pregnancy and complications.

A sick mother-in-law on your bed predicts troubles and illnesses.
For the dreamer, this vision foreshadows complications and difficulties. Seeing her rummaging through your things is a sign of her husband’s infidelity. If the dreamer is not married, then the mother-in-law will try to find out about her. This is a sign that if she is alive, then the woman is gossiping about you.

When your husband's deceased mother begins to scold you or takes over your house without asking, expect a family scandal. The exact interpretation of the dream depends on how your personal life is going now.

If the dreamer is married or is going to get married after a divorce, she may experience a repeat of the negative situation with her mother-in-law.

If your spouse’s ex-mother warns you about something, remember her words and try to follow them in reality. Perhaps the deceased is trying to warn you about a wrong decision or a mistake in life.

If your late mother-in-law began to kick you out of your own home, expect changes in your life. If you are married and your spouse’s mother has died, then beware of betrayal or the bad influence of one of your neighbors and relatives. Most likely, your spouse is gossiping about you or trying to ruin your reputation.

If the mother-in-law is alive, then a dream with such a plot promises a quarrel with her husband. Single and divorced women dream of such a picture as a sign of changing weather and failure to fulfill their desires.

If you dreamed of a father-in-law who began to scold you, then beware of troubles with a man. Some people have such a dream to symbolize diseases of the vascular system.

But if the deceased person is indignant at your poverty, the disorder of your life, or demands that you rearrange the furniture differently or clean the apartment, then expect significant changes in your life. If your deceased father-in-law asks for forgiveness, then expect your life to improve for the better.

The fight continues

In dream books there are many different explanations for why I had to quarrel with my ex-mother-in-law. Often such a plot is a reflection of past events and old grievances. In this case, most dream books recommend not wasting your emotional strength and trying to let go of negative memories.

The esoteric dream book offers a slightly different meaning. Serious disagreements will arise between the sleeping woman and the people dear to her. If you dreamed of not only swearing, but also a fight, contradictions threaten material well-being. A compromise has to be found.

If in the past you actually happened to swear, the plot of the dream foreshadows a conflict with someone you often see at the present time.

Miller's Dream Book

The appearance of a living mother-in-law hints at weak protection from enemies and envious people. Once you see the story, you don’t need to concentrate on the negative. Excessive attention to other people's anger spoils health.

A vision of a husband's mother means strong influence and dominance over a girl. A lady getting ready to travel promises belated and exciting news for her daughter-in-law. If she died before our eyes, then we need to remember the forgotten important event.

The black hair of the woman in the dream symbolizes enhanced intuition. The mother-in-law gave birth - the grandmother will take responsibility for raising her grandson. Holding a shovel means a rich treat. Calling - you need to be more careful when choosing your environment.

Steps towards

Why did you dream about your ex-mother-in-law hugging you? Her mood will help explain such an unexpected manifestation of feelings. When this woman hugs joyfully, unpleasant incidents are actually coming. If you are brought together by grief, in reality inspiration, delight, and falling in love await.

If you dream of a conversation, try to remember its content. In the context of real events, practical advice can be obtained.

A future relative of an unmarried girl dreamed

The prospective mother-in-law foreshadows spontaneous acquaintances. Watch your words and actions. Carelessness will lead to disruption of the wedding.

The future mother gives water - reality requires that the dreamer pay attention to the necessary information from passers-by among a random stream of words.

Meeting a prospective mother-in-law promises an inevitable meeting with an important person. This personality will influence later life.

A failed mother-in-law is interpreted negatively. The lady is angry and considers the dreamer to be the source of her son’s troubles.

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