Why do you dream about your ex-wife and threaten you in your sleep? Interpretation of dreams with ex-wife.

The past remains with us forever in the form of memories. It often happens that during dreams we see people with whom in the present we have already lost connections and ended relationships.

It is quite natural that after such a dream the question arises: what is the interpretation of this dream, why was it possible to see this particular person?

One of the most controversial figures from the past seen during sleep is the figure of the ex-wife.

In various dream books, such a dream is given different interpretations, from alarming and warning to neutral and positive.

My husband's ex-wife

If you saw your ex-wife in a dream, then this dream is evidence of your anxiety, rivalry , albeit not obvious, but which is still present in your real life. The details of this dream play a significant role. If you dreamed of your ex-wife in a disturbing dream, then in reality you should be prepared for family troubles. Problems in the family will not necessarily arise because of your husband’s ex-wife, but you will have to worry. If the dream involving your husband’s ex-wife is neutral, does not upset or disturb you much, then in reality you should work on letting go of the past , closing all unfinished business and focusing on the present.

What is our dream?

Night dreams are the work of the subconscious, freed in a dream from strict conventions and frameworks set by the will and mind of a person while awake.
Secret desires and unspoken thoughts, unrecognized during the day, come into dreams and force the awakened person to reflect on a certain topic, seek explanations for what he dreamed, comprehend and detail the images he saw. Soothsayers and magicians have long been involved in the interpretation of dreams, evaluating what they dreamed in dream books. Great psychologists try to explain the work of the subconscious in terms of science and logical conclusions. And a person can listen to both, and, based on his own analysis and intuition, choose a suitable explanation for himself.

The interpretation of a dream often depends on the circumstances and actions seen in the dream, the smallest details, so in order to figure it out and correctly understand the clues of the subconscious, you need to try and remember the night vision in all details.

Why do you dream about an ex-girlfriend with whom you no longer communicate?

Ex-wife with child

Dream interpreters advise giving special importance to dreams in which you see children, because a child has a pure soul and a dream with his participation is prophetic. A child is a symbol of the future , a harbinger of events that will happen to you in reality in the near future.

If in reality your husband has a child from a previous marriage, then this dream indicates unresolved issues from the past.

If in reality there is no child from a previous marriage, but in a dream he is present, then the dream is a harbinger that the relationship between the former spouses may resume. This will not necessarily be a love affair , but common interests, joint affairs and plans may emerge.

Chance meeting

Seeing your ex in a dream on the street or in a public place is news. Such a vision predicts a surprise for you.

Pay attention to how the girl was dressed and how she behaved.

Seeing her beautiful, well-dressed and expensively dressed is a sign that at the moment everything is fine with her or she pretends to be happy with her fate.

If the lady was dressed loudly, vulgarly and defiantly, think about whether she was wearing rich clothes or not. Chic and stylish clothes indicate independence, distance from your husband and a new reality that was happier than the previous one.

Poor but provocative outfits indicate an unhappy person, desperate attempts to arrange his destiny. The dream book prophesies that this vision foreshadows scandals and quarrels.

If your wife greeted you and walked past, the lady does not regret anything. Probably, old grievances are still preventing you from communicating. If you dreamed that she smokes, swears, or is nervous, then not everything is calm for her. Most likely, she is unhappy with you.

A vision in which a woman did not say hello, passed by, and you could not do anything, expresses either a strong resentment that she did not forgive, or arrogance and contempt.

Seeing that she is drunk or sick is sad news. Most likely, everything in her life is not going well, or she is in love, but at the same time she herself suffers from her frivolity.

If she cried in a dream, in reality she wants to return. However, in some cases, the vision means that she has not forgiven you.

The interpretation of dreams about meetings with ex-wives depends on whose initiative you separated, and how painful the separation was.

If your spouse has left your husband, then meeting her does not necessarily predict repentance. The dreams of a husband who dreams that she will ask for forgiveness and return to him may turn out to be empty fantasies that do not bode well in reality.

They aggravate the pain and lead to suffering and worry. In an indirect form, dreams in which you meet your once wife and see her crying, sick, cold and contemptuous indicate that you will no longer be together.

The only signs of reconciliation can be those dreams in which you hug or see her in the dress she wore when you met.

If in reality you abandoned her and now don’t want to see or hear, the appearance of your hearth keeper in a dream means scandals and troubles.

Most likely, she will try to return and remind herself again. But if you dreamed that she had a boyfriend or another man, you will soon not communicate at all. She will take care of herself and stop bothering the dreamer.

Pregnant ex-wife

Such a dream, which a man had, is evidence that his ex-wife still has some questions, complaints, and unspoken grievances .

A woman's dream about her ex-pregnant wife indicates impending changes in the family. What kind of changes these are - positive or not - are evidenced by the details of the dream and your general feeling from the dream. If a dream involving your ex-pregnant wife did not alarm you, then in reality you should expect changes for the better . An anxious dream predicts troubles, including those related to finances.

Why do you dream about your ex-wife - 56 options

The main thing about sleep

An ex-wife may appear in a dream both before problems at work and losses, and before great success or profit.

Features of interpretation

You can often dream about your ex-wife if the separation happened not so long ago, left a deep mark on the soul, or there are some obligations to her, the child. If there is hope in the soul for the resumption of relationships, then positive dreams with the participation of the ex are projections and there is no point in interpreting them.

In addition, there remains a connection with the ex-wife for a long time, if there are children together, common friends, views on life. In this case, the ex-wife may appear in a dream not only before some events, but also to transfer energy, information about herself or other people.

By the appearance and behavior of your ex-wife, you can determine her real attitude towards you, as well as find out the situation in which she is now. The interpretation also depends on past relationships - if they were good, the meaning of the dream is positive and vice versa.

Best and worst meaning

Best meaning: good time to implement plans, profit.

Worst meaning: illness, unhappiness, inadequacy, general decline.

Why do you dream about your ex-wife?

By time of separation

  • Recently/after a divorce – the breakup is being worked through, especially if it was severe and painful;
  • It’s been a long time since it was necessary to reconsider life values, to find a new guideline;
  • If the ex-wife died, the spiritual connection remains, which means that the deceased can warn about future events.

By emotions and current relationships

  • If you remember/still love your ex-wife - projection, the need to work through feelings, expected events;
  • If you don’t remember - collapse of plans, surprise, worries;
  • Communicating - a characteristic of the current situation, just a character;
  • If you don’t communicate – troubles, worries, fears.

According to state and mood

  • Pregnant ex-wife - profit, good timing, quick result of exerting effort;
  • Sick - unexpected problems, someone needs support, for her - illness, trouble;
  • Drunk ex-wife - inadequacy, illness, shame;
  • Evil - great luck, profit, success;
  • Satisfied - deterioration of affairs, losses, failure;
  • Smiling - deception, losses, cunning, deception, joy;
  • Indifferent - stagnation in business, farewell, insignificant event;
  • Ex-wife with mother-in-law - confusion, failure of plans, hitches in business, quarrels.

By appearance

  • The ex-wife is bald - loss of money, authority, a streak of bad luck;
  • Without teeth - security, protection, powerlessness;
  • Without a face - dissatisfaction with oneself, unknown danger;
  • Ex-wife in black - illness, misfortune, loss, regret, joy, fun;
  • In red - danger, attention, passion, emotionality, health, anger;
  • In white - good news, sadness, mourning, great luck;
  • In the blood - a mortal threat, illness, accident, stress;
  • In the coffin there are changes, a final break.

By behavior

  • The ex-wife is crying - happiness, joy, fun, failure, trouble;
  • Returned - forgiveness, atonement, well-being;
  • Calls back - risk, deprivation, losses, consent, reconciliation;
  • Asks for forgiveness - betrayal, improvement of affairs, solution to a problem;
  • The ex-wife is fighting - disappointment, confusion, emotional conflict, guests;
  • Climbs to kiss - alienation, quarrel, catch;
  • Dancing - spiritual harmony, luck, deterioration of affairs, interference;
  • Gives money - prosperity, help, profit, catch, danger;
  • Gives the keys - big changes, new love, a fateful decision;
  • The ex-wife gives birth to a child - profit, including intangible, troubles;
  • Swears - wrong move, troubles, disappointments, losses, promotion;
  • Jealous - quarrels, confidence, well-being, influx of work;
  • The ex-wife leaves/dies - deliverance, the final break, even at the information level, her marriage.

For joint actions

  • Lying in bed with your ex-wife - memories, regrets, jealousy;
  • Kissing/hugging – spiritual harmony, reconciliation with circumstances, exchange of information, loneliness;
  • Having sex - exchange of energy, information, unity of views, aspirations, dissatisfaction;
  • Eating at the same table means profit, success, information, unsatisfied desires;
  • Talking with your ex-wife - exchange of information on a subtle level, necessary knowledge, warning;
  • Scandal - release of tension, improvement of the situation, internal problems.

Why does a woman dream about her ex-wife?
You can dream about the ex-wife of your husband/loved one/lover if there is a subconscious feeling of jealousy, self-doubt, doubts about the strength and transparency of the relationship.

Ex-wife in a dream according to dream books

Miller's Dream Book

If you dreamed about your ex-wife, in reality get ready for troubles at work and financial losses.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

An ex-wife symbolizes intrigue; arguing with her means that in reality you will be outwitted or your plans will be upset.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

The ex-wife marks a return to old affairs, forgotten connections, and the experience of familiar feelings.

Sleep by day of the week

  • Concerns work and finances - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday;
  • Family, personal relationships – Sunday, Wednesday;
  • Important information – Friday, Saturday.

Lunar dream book
Will come true within a week - 11, 7, 17

Will be completed within the next month - 1, 16, 18, 24, 26, 28

Forecast for the future – 2, 23 25, 27

Contains valuable tips – 2. 8, 9, 13, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 29, 30

Doesn't make much sense - 4, 5, 10, 14, 19

Dream Expert


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Tell your dream

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When do prophetic dreams occur?

A prophetic dream can occur at any time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Most often, prophetic dreams occur on the eve of major holidays - New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc., as well as for several days before and after a birthday.

When will my dream come true?

The timing of dreams is very individual, as it depends on the information contained in it. Therefore, a dream can come true the very next day or many years later.

Why do you have nightmares?

Nightmares are the result of subconscious fears and unprocessed emotions received during real events. The deeper the fear or emotion lies in the subconscious, the more often and worse the nightmares appear.

What to do to prevent the dream from coming true?

There are special rituals and words for these purposes. However, it is important to understand that they simply help to forget the dream, but do not cancel its implementation. If you really need to change bad sleep, you need to analyze the situation and take real measures to eliminate it.

What to do to make the dream come true?

In order for the dream to come true, the most important thing is not to tell it to anyone. The fact is that a good prediction can cause too strong unconscious emotions in others, for example, envy, which can sometimes disrupt the chain of events.

What does a recurring dream mean?

Recurring dreams are the subconscious’s way of drawing the dreamer’s attention to particularly important information that can seriously affect the life of a person or his environment.

What are dream dreams and inversion?

Inversion in dreams is a mechanism that reverses meaning. Changeling dreams can be recognized by excessively vivid emotions. That is, if you laugh hard in a dream, you will cry in reality.

What is dream projection?

If the dreamer has planned something, dreams about something, or really wants something in reality, the subconscious can show a plot that exactly matches what he wants. This is a dream projection.

Ex-wife with another man

A dream in which you happened to see your ex-wife in the company of another man has two meanings:

  • you are ready to part with the past , complete all things from the past;
  • You should expect troubles from your immediate circle, from those people whom you have known for a long time, but are not related to them by blood.

Which interpretation is closer to you can be understood by analyzing the details of the dream.

Intuition warns you of impending troubles if the sensations after sleep remain alarming and vague.

Actions of a person in a dream involving an ex-girlfriend

Often a dream is filled with actions performed by the dreamer; it’s worth trying to figure out why you dreamed about such a plot and why your ex-beloved girl is dreaming

  • Why do you dream of a wedding with your ex-girlfriend
    ? The past has finally become the past, there is no way back and there never will be. There are new turns and life circumstances ahead in which there is no place for the past.
  • Why do you have a dream that your ex-girlfriend is crying
    ? Troubles and surprise from an unexpected surprise await ahead. Many people will try to help and this help will come in time.
  • When you kiss your ex-girlfriend, your face becomes unfamiliar
    - you will have to make a difficult and difficult choice, work a lot, and this work will not bring satisfaction.
  • Dreaming of kissing an ex-girlfriend
    , what does such a dream lead to? New relationships are under serious threat. The new companion lacks care, warmth and attention. The dream warns that if nothing changes, the romance will soon end.
  • If you were hysterical
    , life will soon get better, difficulties will subside, doubts will be resolved.
  • Why do you dream that your ex-girlfriend is pregnant
    ? A new life and relationships await the one who sees such a dream; the romance will be successful and end in a happy marriage and the birth of children.
  • Quarrel and scandal with your ex in a dream
    - fear of changing your life for the better. Uncertainty and lack of independence in decision-making, depression and fabricated grievances.
  • The ex laughs at the dreamer
    - everything in life will work out, perhaps a lucrative offer will come, your career will go uphill and new relationships will delight you.
  • The ex laughs with the dreamer
    - problems and worries about family and friends. Diseases and misfortunes. The breakup of a new relationship, the departure of a new lover.


Night visions about past relationships may indicate an unwillingness to enter into a new reality of life, torment due to habit, the temptation to revive the past and understatement, the inability to accept the realities of a new life. The person who has such a dream may need to meet with his ex-lover and try to understand what actually went wrong in order to prevent mistakes in the future.

Attribution in psychology

Freud's Dream Book

For men to see in a dream their ex-wife, with whom they once had an intimate relationship, such a dream serves as evidence of certain problems in the intimate sphere in the present. There is dissatisfaction in the present , although this was not a problem in the past.

A woman who saw her husband’s ex-passion in a dream is puzzled by her attractiveness , there is some doubt about her feminine charm, and these doubts leave an imprint on your intimate life.

What does it portend?

A conversation with your loved one will not be in vain; it is always better to resolve all issues “tepidly”. It is the arrangement of all the points that can calm the running fantasy. As a rule, it is fantasy that accounts for most of the suspicions that suddenly arise. Although sometimes such fantasies bring movement to a relationship. They force a man to become more active, and for him this is a reason to once again prove how much he loves his wife.

A woman deserves to live as if behind a stone wall, without fear of being rejected and unwanted. To do this, you should say goodbye to your fears, believe in yourself, believe in your spouse and try to always adhere to this position. There is no need to drag the past with you, there is a big and bright future ahead, you need to make room for it in your head.

It is important to be able to unravel your dreams; they can carry a lot of useful information that will warn, advise, and help in certain life situations. Not a single phenomenon in nature happens just like that; everything has an explanation.

Therefore, interpreting dreams correctly will only benefit, and not harm. And you shouldn’t be afraid of any fatal predictions and interpretations; only the person himself is capable of changing the course of events through his actions. It's never too late to make changes in your life.

Seeing your ex-wife in a wedding dress in your night dreams

A former passion in a wedding dress, as a rule, is seen by those representatives of the stronger sex who still cannot come to terms with divorce. This is a bad sign and your subconscious is hinting at the need to let go of your past, stop tormenting your soul and start living a full, new life.

For women, these same night dreams promise changes in family relationships. It’s not necessary that they will be bad; most likely, your relationship with your other half will reach a new level, where everything will be different.

Advice! If in a dream you saw your spouse’s former passion crying, then you should pay attention to the people with whom you often communicate. Some of them will soon need help and it must be provided.

Famous soothsayers about such a dream

Famous interpreters of past years agree that dreams with former lovers are more likely to carry a psycho-emotional overtones rather than notify about the future and events in it:

  • Vanga
    said that former love in a dream notifies the dreamer that feelings continue to haunt the person. Nothing is finished, and a quiet life will not be possible.

    A distant first love, reminiscent of itself in dreams, predicts pleasant and good news from good friends and distant relatives. Or maybe a promotion, long deserved and yet unexpected.

  • Freud
    sees negative symbolism in what happened, difficulties and obstacles in a new romance, a repetition of past mistakes and disagreements with a new partner.

    Intimate relationships indicate that the dreamer is lonely, even if he is in a relationship. Sexual dissatisfaction will lead to a new breakup and collapse of the relationship.

  • Miller
    predicts the complete completion of the relationship for someone who sees his beloved leaving him in his night dreams; it will not be possible to return the past no matter how hard you try.

    Kissing an ex-girlfriend, rushing to go on a date with her - the dreamer, deep down in his soul, hopes for a renewal of the relationship, but this is not destined to come true. Swearing and fighting in a dream with exes is a return to the past, giving a chance to fix everything, everything may turn out in a more successful way.

Emotions are important

It will be easier for a woman to understand the meaning of a dream if she remembers the emotions experienced during it. If your mood was neutral or good, you should not rush to declare these dreams prophetic. It is possible that the dream merely reflects the internal experiences of the sleeping woman. Including those that have nothing to do with the ex-wife of the other half. It's time to put an end to unfinished business and allow yourself to enjoy a quiet life.

What to do if, while watching a dream, its owner experienced anxiety, fear, what could this mean? In this case, in real life, a woman may face problems in the family. The atmosphere in the house will deteriorate for some time, family members will become mired in conflicts. It is advisable to try to prevent this, otherwise the relationship between household members will deteriorate for a long time. It is interesting that the husband’s ex-wife in a dream may have absolutely nothing to do with these problems.

So is it a prediction or a longing for the past?

The question of why an ex-girlfriend dreams remains open and unknown; everyone is free to interpret and explain it to themselves, in accordance with their own feelings and relying on intuition.
Someone sees in such a dream a good prediction for the future, while others see a bitter regret about the lost past.

Perhaps one of the readers would like to share in the comments their observations or conclusions in connection with such dreams, the sensations of what they saw and the consequences of such a dream.

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